Tenants daughter

We use to rent a part of our house to a family, say a family the farther worked far way and would only come over once at week ends loust of the time it just the mother and doughtier by them self’s.

Any way they had a guest come over at the week end and had no room so they suggested if their daughter could sleep in my room which had two beds in it and we agreed, I never realy looked at her in a sexual way and never thought that she did to to me ether. Night come and she want before me to my room. I soon also want in my room and we both lay in our beds talking she suddenly said if she could lay with me as she could not hear properly and did not want her mumm knowing that we were not at sleep yet. I jumped at the chance and said yes. she was 18 and I was 34 and single there is no way I was going to turn down a chance like this. We started chatting again but I noticed she was know rubbing my cock with out saying any thing and I did not know how to react.

Then I asked her eventually what she was doing” the last place we lived at the landlord use to make me do this to him when mummy was not at home ” and know I have a habit ,you don’t mind do you”

”No I said” .

I to started rubbing her pussy and she was moaning ” Fuck no one has done this to me for a long time” she said ,which made me really horny.
We then both started undressing one another ,then there was a knock on the door it was her mumm ” can you go to sleep please it is late” fuck her mumm must have heard her moaning but nothing was going to stop me from fucking her daughter so we just continued.
there she lay all naked in my bed on her back i wanted it to be some thing spacial for her not just a bang bang job ,so I started by kissing her on her lips then gently on her neck and working my way on to her breasts which were so round and full of lust. sucked on her nipples taking her to heaven she was now fully lost and I was in control of her 18 year old body.

kissed her on her bully slim flat bully and then opened her legs to see her gleaming white shaven pussy. open ed the lips of her pussy and started to lick her pussy pushing my tang deep inside playing with every part of her hungry pussy with my tang. I was a experienced lover and knew exactly how I was going to fuck her and be in full control to.

she was now moaning and enjoying having her pussy licked and I was sure that her mother would be able to hear her which in a kinky way turned me on.Her pussy was leaking so must pre- cum I could feel it all over the cheeks of my face and knew she was ready to take my cock . As I lifted my self up and put my cok on her pussy she said ” I,am still a virgin” did the last landlord not fuck you” ”no”.

I pushed my cock in gently and she was only able to take about half and from her face I could see she was feeling the pain of taking such a large cock , but that did not stop me I kept on pushing more and more each time puting it in deeper and deeper until she took it all ” baby you have taken all my cock inside you I told her and there was a look of satisfaction and proudness of taking cock in her pussy for the first time and that from a fully grown man.

Know I was fully enjoying fucking her pussy while sucking on her tits also we must have fucked for about one hour then we both lay down for a while. After a little while we both decide to have a bath know so no one suspect we fucked in the night and as we were both coming out of the bathroom her mother also pops out of her room seeing as both she asked why we was coming out of the bathroom, we both did not reply. there was green on my face to say YES I FUCKED YOUR DOUGHTIER.

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