Teenager’s Journey to Eternal Love – Part1

Hello everyone!!! I came across many story recently and though I didnt read many stories; I was deeply encouraged to narrate my journey through the ‘hormonal locha’ years of my teenage life. And I straightaway started with my narration.

The start of this story, or rather call it a journey as all the incidents are pure and true as they happened without any alteration, dates back to 2017! My fresh admission into a plush, reputed, high profile Engineering college in a posh locality of Hyderabad, my native city! Let me name myself Praveen , a 22 year old bubbly, cheerful, ambitious, modest, caring, soft-hearted girl, favorite of her parents and family, born and brought up in a very comfortable and luxurious atmosphere by doting parents and 2 big brothers. My Dad and eldest bro work in Qatar and I who just got admission into college stay with my second elder bro who is in final year engineering in my college itself and my paternal grandmother, just we three in a big house with servants in a posh area of Hyderabad.

My height is 5.10″and my skin tone is very fair and flawless, long and silky dense black hair, I have 90% similarity to Ishita Sharma TV actress in terms of features! That’s quite acceptable I think 😉 And my stats are 34C – 26 – 36, I have treadmill, cycle and a mini gym set at home as my Dad and Bros are fitness freaks and I too indulge in it sometimes and it reflected in my figure, my arms and legs were slender but had enough mass at right places to amuse any eye watching me 😉

As the college was new and there was no one whom I knew, apart from my bro who was my senior. My first friend was the girl with her roll no beside me. Her name is Neha. We both immediately hit off nicely as our mentalities matched and we both had similar sense of fashion and were always updated in all girly things which were hard to find in my batch. She was very fair, height 5.4” quite slim, 32B-24-32. But she carried herself amazingly, her dressing sense and self-grooming made her look very attractive. She was in affair with her cousin Fardin, who sometimes dropped her or picked her up from college, was a good looking and sincere guy, was done with Engineering and was looking for job.

First days in new college passed away nicely with meeting new people daily, assignments, internals etc etc and when the first year was about to end we had a fest, and my bro was the host, during that time I and Neha were enjoying so much as if the campus belongs to us, we were very casual and busy in having fun. We dressed in Tshirts, tunic tops and Jeans, chinos and stuff like that and got noticed by almost every guy in the college and many were making a bee-line to ask us out but the moment they came to know about my bro they backed out as my bro was quite an influential personality in college!

Just before our first year exams, we were made into lab groups of 6 each, and in my group it was me, Neha and 4 other boys, who form the rest of the characters of this story. Let me name them Arman, Sameer, Zahid and Faiz. Arman was a very handsome and cool guy who was an NRI and quite rich and very shy, he had only one and best friend who was Sameer quite handsome too and was outgoing, was in sports, anchoring events and stuff, Zahid and Faiz were Sameers classmates from his school, they 4 formed a very cool group.

As me and Neha joined these 4 guys in labs, our first mingling with guys started in college and we hit off quite well, firstly it was limited to studies but gradually it became nice friendship, going for treats if any guy had birthday and stuff like that. Sameer had a crush on Neha, and he eventually proposed her, and she after throwing some tantrums ultimately accepted him. This came as a shock for me as she was already committed to her cousin Fardin, but she covered that up smartly by telling Sameer that Fardin was her bro and that’s all. When I confronted her, she said that Fardin was busy with his job and stuff and couldn’t give her much time so just for time pass she’s keeping Sameer as it would be fun coz he’s rich too. That showed her cheapness, I came to know that all was just show off for her, her fashion etc. everything was given by Fardin and she herself was cheap and shallow. I tried to keep all such things out of our friendship and tried to get along well with her.

Meanwhile, as Neha and Sameer were going on quite well, dating, movies etc. etc., he used to give her many gifts which she used to boast about. She later told me that Arman has a huge crush on me and he wanted Neha to help him, I was very happy and afraid at the same time, happy coz I too had a crush on him and was freaking coz my bro was my senior. So I let it be as it is and it was time for our final exams and we were completely engrossed in it.

Then when exams were done and colleges reopened, it was like a new and lovely begining. It was like college for me was just we 6 people and nobody else. And meanwhile my senior bro completed his Engineering and immediately was called over to Qatar by my eldest bro and he left and I stayed now with just my Granny! And I loved the independence 😉 After vacations I noticed Neha and Sameer being very close, they openly held hands and even hugged each other in our presence. And one day Neha spoke to me about Arman and he wanted to propose me, I told her that it won’t be fun if the match is already fixed; let him do it without your help.
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