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This had happened few years back when I got my first job in Bangalore I was travelling in train .

i was 24 years with good body and fair skin.i met I guy who was about 45 years old he was from Bangalore. We had talk in train .I told him I am going for job .my company was near his home so he requested to stay with him till you get the house.

He forced me to stay with him. I went to his house .he had a beautiful wife about 35 years age .I asked him about kids he said he had no kid yet.I was in guest room after the dinner he came to me and asked me .tell me why i am tot able to make baby afer 12 years of marriage..

He asked me to see his cock and he showed his cock wbich was bigger than mine.I said your cock is o k .and quite big also .he asked me please help me my wife is demanding baby and does not allow me to fuck her .

I said how can I help you .he told me clearly you fuck my wife for baby I will fuck you.. He pleaded me so I agreed. .I had anal sex with somany boys so I agreed ..then he went to his room and told everything to his wife and made her agree..he took me to his bedroom his wife was in sexy gown.her body was so sexy my cock started to grow. I removed my clothes .I removed her gown she had sexy body with good beasts.

I started to play with her breasts and sucked them .she held my cock in her hand and guided to her wet cunt.I gave a push it went all the way in one stroke. Meanwhile her husband also removed his cloths and he put some oil on my ass hole and kept his cock on my ass and gave a push his half cock was in me causing pain .noe he was fucking me and I was fucking his wife with every stroke .his cock was fully in me and fucking in speed.

After ,10 minutes I ejaculated in her and remained in that position but her husband kept on fucking me for 20 minutes and came in me . that fucked her three times .and got ass fuck ,4 times..

I stayed there for two days .and shifted to my house .. After ,three months he rang me and said thsmkd my wife I’d now pregnant.

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