Stimulating sessions

She was the poster girl for stunning physical beauty and bombshell of sexual attraction.

She was 19, tall toned blonde with magnificent firm round 32G sized breasts. Tiny waist. Toned, sculpted arms, round buttocks. Soft smooth skin, full plush pillowy lips that look very silky and comfortable. High cheekbones, almond shaped deep brown eyes, long blonde hair, and caramel soft skin. I was 43, her psychiatrist. Sometimes it happens.

Clients who never received love develop what is called in my practice as transference. I have zero issues turning unattractive women away when they get too personal, never affected my marriage. Then I met

My most attractive client. Nicole. I became obsessed with her. She is so pretty, so sexy, I couldnt take my eyes off her. She is a model on only fans. I admit, I checked her videos out. Saw her without clothing. She was even hotter that I thought. We had a session the next morning and I was severely fatigued by my jerk off sessions to her late the night before. I came twice. My cock stayed rock hard after I came hard. Now I am in my office waiting for her, hard as a rock just thinking about her. She comes in and sits down. I lightly moan and fake a cough. Usually I am able to control myself but this woman was as the kids say: “fire”. A major hottie and my raging cock needs a fire extinguisher.

She was wearing a white lacy top and I could see her nipple pasties. I got flashbacks about the videos and I tried so hard to picture my last patient, a very unattractive woman. It was almost working, my cock stopped throbbing. Until she dropped her pen and went sailing head first near my crotch. I gasped.

“I am sorry!” She said and I told her not to be, I don’t bite while fantasizing about her pillowy lips gripping my hard rock cock. I realized she might have thought that was inappropriate and I was about to apologize and then she started to chuckle deeply while looking straight at the bulge between my legs. I tried to apologize and she told me not to and that it is a daily occurance, she is used to giving multiple men boners every day.

Of course she does, she is a very attractive woman. But I am a doctor who has no cum left over for his wife because my hot patient drains me and yet I have never touched her. All of a sudden she saunters over to me and gets on her knees. I try so hard to not explode in my pants because the visual was heaven. She smiled and said she doesn’t want me to have blue balls. What an empathic young woman. I love her. In that moment I decided to leave my wife for her. I undid my pants and the beauty grips my hard cock tightly and starts deepthroating me vigorously. I lose my load in a matter of 7 seconds. My cum was dripping down her face. It was a huge load. She looked even hotter covered in my cum.she licked it off her lips. I stared at her blowjob lips. I never been sucked that deep before.

My cock was still hard. She took off her top and put my cock in between her massive tits. We tittyfucked. I came again. and this time she wanted me to fuck her tight pussy. I lost control quickly again.

That night I filed for divorce and my beautiful hottie is now my physical assistant between sessions.

She keeps me more than satisfied and I am stimulated the whole day.

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