My whole life I thought I was straight never even second guessed myself. Last night I found out thats not thats not the case at all when I lost my virginity to a girl.

My best friend calls me up she tells me she is lonely and asked me to sleepover. I obviously agreed and hurried over to her place. When I got there she had a bottle of vodka sitting on the counter. I just turned 18 so I never even drank before but I was down to try it. She pulled out two glasses and we started drinking I started feeling tipsy and she led me to her bedroom. She sat me on her bed and said have you ever done it with a girl. She was standing over me now looking into my eyes. I told her im a virgin but she was making me horny. She pushed me down on her bed and sat on top of me her boobs almost busting out of her button up shirt.

She ripped her shirt off revealing how she didn’t have a bra on at all her nipples were so hard. She stuck her fingers into my mouth and started rubbing her nipples with my spit. She leaned over me and put her nipple in my mouth telling me to bite it.

I listened and bit it but when I did she grabbed my wrist and pinned me down and started passionately kissing me biting my lip as spit was dripping down our chins. She took her pants off and ripped my dress off and started grinding me over my underwear.

I could feel my self getting so wet my body was begging for her. She noticed and took my underwear off with her teeth she put her started sucking the skin above my pussy and biting down hard I begged her to move down and she turned me around pushed my head into the bed she pushed my back arch down and was on her knees behind me my ass was up in the air she spread it open and started licking my pussy she started licking it so hard I was so wet I was dripping my legs were quivering and she held my head down on the bed and began using her fingers rubbing me and sticking two fingers in me I begged her to put three in and she pulled my hair grabbed my ass and stuck four in going so fast I felt like I was going to explode.

I shook and orgasmed while her fingers were still inside me. She flipped me over on my back again and dragged her wet pussy down my body sitting on my tummy she grabbed my boob pinching my nipple super hard I was already getting wet and swollen again. I pushed two fingers in her she grabbed my hand and shoved all five of them up her she started moaning on top of me dripping all over my tummy. My hand was soaked and dripping. She then stopped me and told me she wanted to orgasm on my face and sat on my face. My head was between her warm legs. She was dripping on my face and I stuck my tongue out and she started rubbing her clit on my tongue. While she rubbed her clit on my tongue I put my hand behind her ass and started putting three fingers in her going really fast. I grabbed the dildo she kept in her bedside and while she still rubbed her clit on my tongue at this point my face was covered I put the giant dildo up her and started pounding her hard with it. This only made her grind her clit on my tongue faster. I had her wetness dripping down my chest as she squirted all over my mouth. I felt her vibrate and start having an orgasm on my tongue.

I now know Im not straight.

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