Sex with wife and her sister

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Hai I am nithin… This is my second incident happened in my life…. first incident with my wife paru was posted before.. coming to the incident….

After I did sharing my wife with my friend, she is interested to do such type sex. So that somany my friends fucked my wife paru… two days before her sister lechu came to our home for staying… lechu is little bit tall and have good figure.. breast size is 34.. as she is pretty, I loved her for fuck… but the thing is she is paru’s sister… so I didnt expose my fantasy to anyone…

After food in the night while we watching tv paru kept her head on my lap.. at that time lechu also come their and asked can I give some space to keep my head also? I am shocked!! But paru said its ok…. There is nothing to worry… so lechu keep her head on one side of leg and paru on another side…

This time my dick is satrt to bulging… probably both of them can understand it is bulging…. paru just touch my dick and give a smile… I wake up and went to bed becoz of shy… paru came behind of me and asked what happened? Are you want sex with my sister? I didnt told anything.. but she understood my silence.. paru told me that if you want to fuck her you can.. i dont have any problem.. becz you are helping me to enjoy with multiple mens.. so I know the feelings.. why dont you try this? I will make arrangement.. she went out of room… later she came with lechu… I am afraid what she will think… but lechu told me that brother I am very happy to do sex with you as you are my sister husband and i know you very much… hearing this i am very much excited… Suddenly i hugged her and give a kiss infront of my wife… she also hugged me…

Then i start to smooching… she is moaning……. hmmmm……. then i removed her top and shots…. she is now in bra and panty…. i kissed her face and coming down like neck, chest etc… i enter my tongue inbetween both breast… i told to paru that join with us… paru removed lechus bra and i start to suck boobs… lechu is moaning like anything and she grabbing my dick also… paru drop of her dress and fully naked, also she made me to nude.. i kissed lechus umbilical and later her clitoris… while that time paru start to sucking breast of lechu… then i give my dick to lechu for sucking…. she starts to suck my dick better than paaru… later they both together sucked my dick and ball… lechu take her bra and give me a smell to stimulate me… also she make me to wear her bra…

Then they both did leabian actions for a while When i entered my dick to vagina.. last I give my sperm to lechu mouth and she take it completely… we did like this 2 days continuesly…

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