Sex with chachi

Hi everyone this is Ramesh am from HYDERABAD and am a regular reader of sex stories and milf section was always my favourite I rather fall for milf than young girl.

Am 24 year old muscular and have 6 inch tool and coming to heroin who is my Chachi Bharti she is 40 and has two kids she is fair as milk and fat at right place and a figure of 36 30 38 she is so beautiful her figure can be seen when se wears tight clothes and when she wears saree than she is on fire. Where ever she goes everyone check her out.

And am fapping for her since I was 13.
Usually she stays in the same apartment on 1st floor and I stay at 2nd floor I keep visiting her to get a glimpse of her cleavage . We use to talk about our wild experiences and she asked me about my Goa tour and we started taking about bikini body and sex . So that was casual now between us.

One day I have to take her to some function so I got ready and went to her flat she was doing last touchups and was wearing saree . Then we thought to take a selfie while taking selfies I kept my hand on her kamar what a feeling that was she has a beautiful skin and started moving my hand on her kamar she did not restisted I thought it was a signal and in that I also pinched her she moaned out I said her u have a soft skin I want to feel more and kept my other hand on the stomach and also she was enjoying now from behind I was massaging her stomach… And while that I started kissing her neck and she got aroused she turned around and hugged me tight my hand on her hips we were in the moment and I kissed her on cheeks and we went with the flow and started smooching each other we done it for 5 mins .

Then I came to neck removed her blouse and started kissing shoulder now she was in red bra and then I started cmg down kissing all over her her boobs over the bra then her stomach then saree I made saree upwards and started kissing thighs she was pulling bedsheet as I was teasing her I removed her panty and started licking her beautiful pussy ohh man what a pussy it was I started pushing my tounge in her pussy and fucking her with tounge then she had an orgasm..

She then shouted fuck me fuck me with Ur tool and then I removed my pants and my underwear she was surprised to see my tool and said I want inside me right now and she directed me to the right hole and with one push it all went in she shouted slowly but I didn’t care and I started humping she was maoning ohhh ahahhhh oowwwww aa that made me more wild and I started fucking more harder she said in sweet voice am cumming and asked me to cumm inside her as she will take care of .

We completed our session and Wer lying on bed in each other arms and then we had to go to function we got ready and left and after returning form there I hope u know what might happened.

Write me on [email protected] any women looking for fun in Hyderabad can mail me without hasitation.

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