Sex hunger

My name is lata 40 years old lady .marred to a MNC employee .I was innocent before marriage .my husband was very sexy and he taught me every thing in sex .he showed me blue films .many times of black people with long cocks .and animal porn also with dogs horses and pigs.that way I became very sex hungry.I need daily sex ..

Have one son he is in boarding school..I stay alone .my husband is very busy .for 15 days he is out of town every I am not getting sex .do I decided to to have sex by any means.I tried sex toys.vegetables. but not satisfied. One day I was going. To market I found one beggar .he came near me asking for money said I am hungry.I noticed he is around 50 years old .and tall..having torn cloths.his cock was bulging from lungi .looked big .so I asked him come to my house you will get food and some cloths too.

I oped the door .he came in .I took him to my house .I asked him to have bath and I am bringing food for you .he went to the bathroom took bath .and I gave him new shirt and lungi. He was looking smart now he ate food .he said bibiji nw I wants to go I said stay here for some days .I am alone .he agreed .and said OK .now I became restless do I came to him and called him in to my bedroom..I undressed my self he said what are you doing I said fuck me .I am hungry.

I removed his shirt and lungi his cock was already erect about 8 inches .he held me and starred sucking my breasts .I started playing with his cock . now I said fuck me he asked me to become bitch I will fuck you like dog so I became bitch he put his cock in my cunt .it was paining as his cock was big .but he hold me tight and .started fucking he pushed his whole cock in me I cried ..he said you demanded this so enjoy he fucked me for 30 minute .I came twice ..he e Came in me.

Then in night he said I want to fuck your ass .I refused But he fucked me in was painful but I liked .that night he fucked me four times.

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