Senior Citizen’s Gay affair

60 Years Old : My First Experience With Gay Sex

It was a hot and humid afternoon in Mumbai when I took my car to the garage for servicing at Colaba. The service station would now deliver the car only after two days. So I decided to take the local train to my house at Ville Parle. I somehow managed to board a local train from Churchgate at 7 p.m., which was packed to the brim, as usual. I caught the overhead railing to balance myself and was standing.
I was recently retired from active Govt service. I had lost my wife some 10 years before. My only son was married and well settled in the USA. I was living in a two bedroom flat in Ville Parle.

Just before me , was a 20-year-old boy standing in front with his backpack. He was a fair guy, with slight hair of moustache just beginning to grow. From the look of him, he had slight Mongolian features and presumed he was from North-East. He turned, gave me a broad smile and placed his backpack down. In the jostling crowd, this boy managed to push his buttocks towards my crotch. I had not noticed his intentions, but the boy kept pushing his butts and surprisingly I found myself having a hard – on. Maybe the boy also felt me and my bulge. He turned and smiled at me again.

By this time, I had a full hard-on and the darkness inside the compartment, gave the boy some boldness to let his hand flow back and he started to fiddle and caress my hard-on. I was surprised at his confidence and started the conversation. “ Hi – looks like you have developed some affection towards my hard-on… “ The boy nodded in assent and smiled sheepishly. So I also held his navel and pulled him towards me. I asked him, “ where are you going ?” He said – Malad uncle. I said, “ OK… Since you are interested in playing games, let us get down at Ville Parle and you can come to my house”. He agreed.
I was 60 years old and never had any experience of gay sex. Because I was devoid of any sexual activity ever since I lost my wife, I was feeling titillated and excited.

We alighted from the train at around 8 p.m. I held his hand and we caught an auto-rickshaw to my flat. On the way he mentioned his name was Arun and that he was studying for his BCom-Ist year and was from Meghalaya, living in a paying-guest accommodation at Malad. Gradually he started to place his hands on my thighs and move towards my crotch. I said, “ Have patience, dear. Let us reach home at least.”
Once inside the flat, he started to embrace me. He was 5 ft 4 inches tall whereas I was standing tall at 6 feet. I pulled his cheeks towards me and placed a soft kiss on his full lips and he darted his tongue into my mouth. I was also having a full hard-on and could also feel him growing. We were both drenched in perspiration in the humid weather of Mumbai and I suggested that we both have a bath first and feel fresh. He agreed and said, “ Uncle, I do not have any clothes with me”. I chuckled and winked at him “ After what we are going to engage ourselves, I do not think we will be requiring any clothes.”

We both got rid of our clothes. His Mongolian eyes widened when he saw my erect 7 inches, peeping out of my pubic hairs and said: “Uncle you have a majestic cock.” I could see he had a thin 4-inch uncut cock, with almost negligible pubic hair. He had small nipples and a full round ass, with soft cheeks. I replied, “ My cock is all for you to play around.just as I will also play with you and your assets.” .
We got under the shower and I started to soap him and on his part, he was also applying soap all over me. I washed his cock and balls and cleaned up his round and fair ass completely. I pushed a lot of soap between his ass cheeks and anus. He kept on applying soap on my cock and balls and was literally masturbating me with soap. After washing ourselves, we dried and came out.

I lay on the sprawling bed and pulled Arun on top of me. His small cock and ass were now in front of my eyes and mouth. Arun lost no time in taking my huge stiff cock into his mouth and started to lick and suck my cock and balls. For some time even I was sucking his erect cock and Arun started to moan “ oooh uncle…. Faster. I will not be able to hold it longer” . I asked, “ Is this your first time Arun ?”
He replied, “ No uncle, some six months before , I lost my virginity to one auto rickshaw man.” Well, this was the first time for me and I was thoroughly enjoying . Little had I known that gay sex could also be a pleasurable and exhilarating act. Arun’s puckered ass-hole was in front of my nose and despite a good cleaning, the odour was intoxicating. I started to lick his anus with my tongue. Arun started to moan again.
He was wetting my cock fully with his saliva and which was driving me mad. His ass hole was now soft and his hole began to expand. I darted my tongue inside his ass and made it wet and pushed my finger inside. Arun gave a gasp of pain. “ Slowly Uncle…” . I reached out and took some Vaseline on my finger and pushed my finger inside his ass. My finger had slid in quite easily.
I began to rotate my finger inside his ass. The pleasure was mounting as was evident from the moans of Arun. I thought that there was sufficient lubrication and so I got out from below Arun and made him go on all fours.
I pulled his ass towards the edge of the bed and I stood on the ground. I lifted my cock and placed it on his puckered ass-hole and gave it a gentle but firm push. Barely 2 inches of my cock including my mushroom sized cock head had gone inside. Arun clenched his teeth. I asked, “ Is it paining you Arun ?” He said, “ Slightly, Uncle”

And so I pulled my cock outside, applied Vaseline on the full length of my cock and again pushed. My cock had easily slid inside his soft ass. I now started to push in and out gradually. He was beginning to enjoy the act and said, “ fuck me, uncle, fuck my ass… let your cock go in deeper,” I started to pump faster. I now held Arun like a dog and took his cock into my hands. I was now ramming myself hard and fast.
After some time, I started to experience a heavenly pleasure and I was nearing my climax. I told Arun, “ My dear, I love your ass and I will fuck you like a bitch. “ Arun responded, “ Yes my dear uncle…. Please fuck me , I need a good fuck. I love your cock deep inside me. “ I could hold it no longer and I held Arun hard and pushed my cock fully inside. All my semen started to pour inside his ass.
I had cum for over 20-30 seconds and my cum was spurting in shorter bursts now. Loads of semen started to flow out of his ass and onto the bed. It was over and I pulled my cock which came out with a “Plop” sound.

We had a good dinner and I asked Arun to stay overnight with me. He said that he had college the next morning and agreed to stay with me overnight.
After dinner, we came back to the bedroom. This time, I made him sit on my lap facing me and pushed my cock deep inside his ass. We were kissing each other like honeymoon couples and fucking. We went to sleep in each other’s arms.
Early next morning, I woke up at 4 a.m. and fucked Arun again inside the bathroom. I gave Rs.3000/= to Arun and before he left, I told him that whenever he felt the need of money and a good fuck he could ring me up and come over.

The affair continues.

Any young boy below 21 years may get in touch with me. Money, Secrecy and pleasure guaranteed.
[email protected]

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