Seducing Namrata Aunty in Bangalore

Hi this is Achyuth, and I live in Bangalore . im 26 years old . Bangalore girls and auntys contact me
it’s my long-time dream story with my aunty. I’m narrating this story based on how I masturbate. I lived in a rented home we were staying in the same house for long time & I m doing my studies & my neighborhood lived nearby a couple with no child.

Namrata (33 Age) her name looks fair complexion & very calm & uncle always busy with work. I never saw her in bad thought, she is gorgeous but never exposed her beauty until one day. I used go to their home sometime one day when I went into her house to give her a dish prepared by me, I called Namrata aunty a voice came from backside of Namrata home I went & I saw her washing clothes……….with a beautiful white saree/black blouse for the first time her big boobs were clearly visible to my eyes & boobs were dancing……….. aunty asked me what? I could not reply her for a minute & then I told her I brought her some dish to eat……. I started chatting with her I could not leave that place as I could see her nipples in that blouse & my dick raised trying to penetrate my trousers…i was thinking in my mind to fuck her hard licking her body ………. I kept talking until she finished washing……….i thought to leave but when she turned around to put the wet clothes in the rope hah hah those butts made me wait for sometime… oh beauty aunty I want to have those………. after all that I went home I dreamed of her entire sexy body grabbing with my hands & I masturbated.

From that day onwards I saw Namrata aunty in sexy mood………i started talking with Namrata aunty daily that I could get a chance to see her damn hot boooobs & her body………. one day when we are chatting Namrata aunty asked for a favour……… the dish which I gave her on that day is very good aunty asked me cook one more time for her in her kitchen………i said ok immediately & asked her when? she said on saturday eve… I went to her house with all stuff required to cook it was 7 in the eve……..i knocked the door Namrata aunty opened the door………..

oh my goodness she is hot in saree with red blouse I had a look from top to bottom but I could not see any cleavage..

she asked me what happened? nothing….once I went in I asked aunty where is uncle? she replied: hmm he will be back anytime….at first I thought it could be the day. I started preparing for dinner in the kitchen with frustration…. she accompanied me to help & started chatting irrelevant talks…… one point she asked me do u have any girl friend? I m unlucky to have a girl……….. she smiled & said so u r a virgin boy….. I was stunned to hear from Namrata aunty……… I kept working & I saw some crazy moves from aunty…..she came near wanted to taste the food but her boobs were touching me I enjoyed it I was tempted to grab her boobs & lick her all the way from top……….time went on but uncle did not turn up until 9 pm I asked aunty once again where is uncle y don’t u call……k we will take dinner let him come every time she moved I saw her hot booooobs & asses closely oh uncle y do u want stay outside for longtime when u have sexy wife like her………

After dinner we sat in sofa watching tv her shoulder were touching me I stood up immediately I asked 4 wash room she guided me to washroom which is attached to her bedroom….when I came back I saw Namrata aunty closing the bedroom door she came nearby asked me would u like to have me for the night…..i hugged her with my first lip kiss I tasted her saliva for 15 mints my hands grabbed her assess—-she was strong too holding tightly. I removed her pallu with one boob in my palm other with my mouth at first it was soft later it’s getting harder I felt like n heaven……… I came down to taste her hips with hands being with her boobs………she sounded like more more hmmmmmmm I came down bit kissed her vegiiiii I removed her blouse. I pushed her in the bed with only bra & panty oh man my dick came out my pant she undressed me take the dick in her hand kissed it she started playing with my dick in her mouth

I teared her bra & removed her panty to get my dick in her vegiiiiiiii she was enjoying to most I felt her body so smooth & fleshy wanted to have her all the time I inserted my dick slowly & enjoyed for some time I asked to turn around to see her asses I fucked her all the pose… shes enjoying the pleasure and moaning loudly and telling achyuthhhh….fuck me hard and make you whore, it give more energy to fuck her hard………… cant stop at any time her sound & beauty made me mad for sex with her…..that’s an awesome night with my aunty…………in the morning I came to know she planned everything for this beautiful night……………… the morning I fucked her one more time licking her body massaging her body.

She started moaning in pleasure. it was bit hard but we still managed as she was experienced then she started moving up and down, she started riding me, she was sitting on top of my dick and started rocking back and forth and up and down, wow what a scene, her melons were jumping right in front of my eyes and I had both my hands free to feel them, I did pressed them squeezed them and did everything to the beautiful boobs in front of my eyes I was holding her from her boobs she was moaning and I was also enjoying a lot as it was my first ever experience. She loved it and so did I, We both were breathing in like crazy. She kept on moving up and down on my lund and after some time both of us got exhausted. We started fondling and feeling again to each other, it took little longer this time for me to get back to life again, being the third time it took 10 minutes or so, by this time I was really tired, my dick came back to life again after ten minutes, she made me go between her legs and spread her legs as wide as possible, she then put her feet on my shoulders and her thunder thies were close to my chest, I really like the thunder thies, I was feeling her thies all over, She guided my missile to the pocket (pussy) and put the head of my dick on the opening of her pussy. I pushed, it did not take very much of pressure for it to go in, she was already wet and slippery. I started rocking back and forth, I was in heaven as I never felt before anything even close to this.I started pumping and she was really enjoying the act.

If you like my story write me. Share your feedback to write more experiences.

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