Seduced my mom :part-03

In continuation to earlier story of physical love and sex between me (Rohan) and my mom Julie (Read prev story Seduced my mom part 2) ,I am continuing the incidence happened after a physical love session in day light.I am Rohan ,a 19 years guy with height of 6’0 feet ,fair complexion as well as penis lengths 7-8 inches when fully aroused as its 2 inches thick.

I am new in physical relation but it’s happened between me and my mom ,is also my dirty mind have imagined her (Julie) as my sex partner ,she is a lady of 36 years as her lovely face with white complexion makes her nice.she put her hairs small as it’s her arm pits been clean shaved ,I have always imagined her sexy ass as well as boobs but I got it to love also.julie’s sexy boobs is medium in size as her brassiere on it is of 34C size and I have licked her long aerola ,it’s browenish as her thighs are strong and vagina glitters like a thinking about my mom is easy as I have seen her nude on bed and made love with him also.its a nice evening as I have planned to enjoy night with my mom Julie ,as my dad is out of station and my younger sister Renu sleeps on I left my home as I am on a lonely path for evening walk ,I reached marketing complex and bought a chilled beer as I moved towards a deserted park and there ,I have beer with cigarette.after that ,I returned home as I can see my mom Julie sitting in terrace and looking to me ,she smiled………

“Rohan ,sit here
(Rohan on chair)yes mom
(Julie)I got news that you smoke cigarettes as well as drink beer
(Rohan)I am sorry mom ,I will not do it again
(Julie)go and have bath .”

As I walked to my bedroom and changed my dress ,I am thinking about my mom’s I frisked inside washroom as I have a nice bath and than I walked to dinning space as I can see Renu in her bedroom ,I moved towards terrace as I can see my mom Julie sitting there.looking at me ,she asked…….

“sit here Rohan ,where is Renu?
(Rohan)in her bedroom .”

As I am eyeing her nude thighs to cleavage of her boobs in her tops as well as bermuda.after some time ,Julie left me as I am sitting alone ,now my dirty mind is on her lovely body but her anger on my smoking as well as drinking have made me afraid of asking her for a sexy and hot I am feeling bored as I walked to my room and slept on bed .It’s 09:20 pm as I can see my sister Renu having dinner alone ,so I walked to him as I asked her………

“you are alone in having dinner
(Renu)yes bhaiya ,mom is in her room so I am alone ,have your meals with me
(Roshan)after an hour.”

As Renu washed her hand and moved in her bedroom ,I walked to my mom’s bedroom as I pushed the door ,it’s I knocked the door as Julie opened it ,looking at me ,she asked me to come inside as she put the door closed.I can see him in drunkun State as I can see a glass full of wine on a table,looking at me ,she asked………

“Rohan will you drink wine ?
(Rohan) if you wish .”

And I took a glass full of wine as I have drunk beer 2 hours before ,now drinking wine in my mom’s room ,I can see her changed behaviour .now she moved in her attached washroom as I have my drink and now I slept on bed.after a while,mom Julie came in room but her dressing sense made me horny,Julie have removed her Bermuda as well as you can imagine a lady of 5’5 feet with her physical measurement of 34-28-36 ,just wearing a black brassiere on her boobs and a panty covering her pelvic zone.julie sits infront of me as I put my hand on her back and she slowly sits on my lap with her legs wrapped on my waist.a nice feeling of her sexy ass on my thighs is making me hot as Julie put her hand on my neck and kissed my lips.she is kissing my face as her boobs are on my chest,her lips started loving my lips and slowely she started sucking my lips.we both are in drunkun State as Julie is dominating me on bed and later on ,she pushed her long tongue in my mouth as I started sucking it.we both are in closest position as our eyes are closed and we are breathing fastly,my penis started erecting in my Bermuda and after 2-3 minutes of suck,Julie pushed my face as she pushed me lying on bed with my legs straight Julie is on my top but she have knelt herself,I put my hand on her nude back as I am rubbing my palm on it and than while Julie is kissing my face to neck ,she removed my best as I opened her two big sized boobs are on my chest as she smiled and than put her boobs on my mouth ,I opened my mouth like a baby as she pushed her breast in my mouth to feed me .I am sucking my mom’s breast as my hand is on her sexy ass ,her half of portion of breast is in my mouth as I sucked it and she is screaming……..

“oohh aahh suck your mom’s boobs you baby drink my milk .”

As I changed her breast and my penis is in full erection inside my bermuda.after sucking Julie’s boobs ,she is now kissing my tummy to waist as my body is in sensation and she pulled down my Bermuda to legs .my penis is straight as she is sitting near my waist ,now removed it’s skin as her lips are kissing it but she took my cock in her mouth as she is sucking it a whore ,her mouth is giving my cock a nice jerk and I wake up on bed as I put my hand on her hairs,she is moving her face fast as my hand is pressing her breast Julie took out my penis from her mouth as her tongue started licking it and I am screaming in pleasure………

“oohh aahh lick it fast you bitch.” And she left my cock .
We both are nude on bed as I put a pillow under her sexy ass as she is lying on bed .now her legs are wide as I can see her glittering vagina ,now I put my face inbetween her thighs as my lips are on her labias and she is shouting……

“ooh aahh you are too good in oral sex.”

As her fingers widend its hole ,my tongue is licking my mom’s cunt.she is in joy as my tongue is fucking her glory hole as I know my mom ,she is in extramarital relations with too many guys and men.she is enjoying her life as her hubby can’t make him satisfy on bed and she is a lady of modern era ,loves to enjoy late night party , wears dress full of vulgarity and drinks my tongue is fast in her cunt as she have hold my hairs tightly and I left her vagina as I sucked it for a we both walked to washroom as we took refreshment and coming back on bed,Julie put herself like a bitch ,her body is on her knees as well as elbows ,as she asked me……..

“now Rohan fuck me like a whore .”

As I am behind her ass ,I put my glans in her vagina and than my cock is going inside as I hold her waist and fucked her hard,she shouted…….

“ooh Rohan it’s too hard love your cock my son
(Rohan)you whore I am not your son but your lover and fuck partner.”

As my penis is moving fast in her cunt ,she started swinging her ass and our sexual organs are meeting as my hand is on her boobs ,my hard penis is fucking her vagina with speed and power.I have lost my virginity with my mom Julie as I have masturbated a lot while thinking about my mom’s nude body but lastly got it to love.after 6-7 minutes of deep penetration ,she is screaming………

“oohh aahh Rohan I will cum soon ,fuck me hard
(Rohan)sorry Julie I will also cum soon.”

And my penis ejaculated sperms in her vagina as her cunt also become juicy.julie sucked my cock as she tasted my cum.

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