Seduced By Hot Aunt

This is a story about how my Hot aunt seduced the hell out of me.

First, let me tell you about myself, I am 23 yrs old and recently started working after graduation, I was working from home due to the pandemic. I regularly go to gym in order to stay fit and am in a pretty good shape.
My aunt is a 35 yrs old beautiful lady, she lives with her husband (my uncle) and 10 yrs old daughter. She has decent height and is in a good shape, she has good firm boobs and a bubbly round ass.

I have been attracted to her since a long time, but never thought of something like seeing her naked or having sex. She’s pretty casual and frank with me, doesn’t mind me being around and we share a good connection. She hugs me whenever I meet her and sometimes even gives me a kiss on the cheek.

This story happened in the summer of 2020 when the lockdown was just being lifted after 3 long months. My parents had to go out of town for 10 days due to some work and I was supposed to be alone at home, when my aunt came to know about it she immediately asked my parents to send me at their house, so that I can stay there as they have an extra guest bedroom and also she can prepare food for me. So the day came, my parents dropped me at my aunt’s house and left.

I went to her house, she opened the door. She was wearing a thin gown which wrapped around her body showing off her figure and a bit of a cleavage. She was happy to see me and gave me a big hug and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I got a bit shy as I am older now, but she didn’t mind anything and held my hand took me inside and showed my room. Her husband had just left for work and her daughter was sleeping in her room (it was 8 in morning). I could notice that she wasn’t wearing anything inside the gown and it was slightly see through. Didnt stare much as don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.

She went to kitchen for prepering breakfast and I joined her there, I helped her prepare breakfast and her daughter woke up as well after sometime, we had breakfast and talked for an hour. Her daughter’s school teacher lived nearby so she used to go to her house for tuition as schools were closed. My Aunt dropped her to the teacher’s house. It was just me and her at the house, her daughter comes home after 3 hrs and her husband is generally out till evening. We talked for sometime she asked me about my girlfriend and I told as usual that I don’t have any.

Then she started asking whether I had even kissed a girl or made out atleast. I said no. She said, no worries hope you will get someone soon (these are general conversations between us as she is very open minded and very frank with me). She then went for a shower, called me in the middle of shower asking if I could get her the shampoo, I searched where she told me but couldn’t find it, she then came out completely wet and with just a towel wrapped around and serached for shampoo with me. She had placed it somewhere else so she found it there, she was so casually roaming around in front of me all wet just wrapped in a towel and I was surprised, even got a bit of hard on seeing her sexy body. Half of the boobs were already visible and the towel barely covered her nipples. She even almost dropped the towel once but grabbed it as it went down till her waist exposing her boobs completely. But unlucky me I was behind her so all I got to see was her back. Still she was so casual about that as if nothing happened and even if I was in front of her during that she wouldn’t have mind that a bit. Nothing much happened that day, her daughter came after sometime and husband came in evening we had dinner together.

Next day I woke up around 8 AM, her husband had already left for office and her daughter was sleeping, I freshened up and went to kitchen to help her with breakfast, today she was wearing an even shorter gown (not sure what that’s called), that ended way above her knees and showed a lot more cleavage, seeing me she covered herself with a robe. I didn’t think much and just helped her with breakfast, it was same routine as yesterday till she dropped her daughter to teacher’s house and came back. I opened the door.

It was very hot outside so she was covered in sweat, she removed the robe as soon as she came in and just threw it in laundry bag. The gown was wet with sweat and it completely hugged her body showing off her sexy figure. Even a small part of her nipple was visible, she stood near the fan in order to dry herself off, by her hand gestures I can say that she was almost about to take that gown off, but realised I was there so didn’t do it. She asked me “Aren’t you feeling hot, wearing that big shirt” (I generally wear an oversized shirt at home). I said yes it’s pretty hot today. She told me “You can take it off, it’s just me here and look at me, this gown is barely covering my body.” Before I could say anything she came near me and took off my shirt and said “You will feel better now, trust me”. She looked at my physique for a second and said “You have a pretty nice body” and touched my chest with her hand. Then asked me to turn around for seeing my back. “Nice back” she said. “You are in a pretty good shape too” I replied. She giggled and said “Thanks. Btw you got an amazing ass, it’s better than mine” and stretched the pants from top and took a sneek inside and then just slightly smacked me on the ass and jokingly saying she would love to see it someday. I shyly laughed as I had no idea what to say here. She then just changed the topic and said “I really need a good massage but all the spas are closed, do you mind giving me a shoulder massage?”.

I said yes in an instant. I sat on the sofa and she sat below in front of me, she just casually took off her shoulder straps and then asked me to start, taking off the straps loosened her gown a bit and it revealed even more part of her boobs and in couple of minutes one of her nipples was clearly visible.

She was soo relaxed that she didn’t even notice and I was getting turned on. After sometime she lied down on her belly and asked me to massage her entire back, I sat beside her and started massaging her. She said ” You can sit on me keeping one leg a side and then massage, it will be comfortable for you”. I quickly adjusted my boner and sat on her ass. As I started massaging and as I went lower down her back she said you can pull down the gown, by the time I came down till her lower back, the gown was just covering her ass and she was in was lying topless in front of me. She’s said that’s it and thanked me for massage as she felt very relaxed.

“Let me give you a massage now” she said. She got up and pulled up her gown, giving a glimpse of those amazing boobs. I quickly lied down in order to hide my boner. She started massaging me and the sensation of her hands on my back was soo soothing, I was on cloud 9. “We should do this more often” she said. I totally agreed with her. As she came down massaging till my lower back, she told let me massage your thighs as well, and she took of my pants, I was lying down in front of her just in an underwear, she massaged my thighs and then her hands went to my lower back again, she put a finger just inside my underwear strap and started massaging, and pulled down my underwear a bit revealing the top of my ass crack. I was shocked, but she calmed me down saying it’s just her and she has seen me naked a lot of times when I was young. “Anyways I wanted to see that amazing ass” she said and pulled down my underwear exposing my ass and then started laughing, I felt very shy but then seeing her laugh even I calmed down a bit and started laughing with her.

“Soo you finally saw it, how’s it. You can touch it if you want” I said naughtily. She jiggled my butt cheeks a few times, ran her finger through my crack, slowly spanked me and pulled up the underwear. She then left for shower and nothing much happened that day. Next day we had a similar fun massage session, I really wanted to see her ass just like she saw mine the previous day, but didn’t do it as I was scared how she might react. She had already showered today, I went for a shower in the guest bedroom and forgot to take the towel. As I realised the towel was outside on the bed and I was naked inside, I opened up the door a bit and checked whether she was around, and quickly went for the towel, she just came at that moment in the room and there I was completely naked going to grab the towel. She stared at my dick for a second and said “Oh… My. You have grown a lot” and started laughing. “Don’t worry it’s just me”. I quickly grabbed the towel and went in the bathroom. My face had became completely red as I got soo shy. I dried myself, put on some clothes and went to the living room where she was sitting. She started teasing me saying “Someone is wearing clothes today”. We both shared a laugh.

Nothing much happened the next few days as her daughter was home the entire day.

After a few days her daughter went for tuition again, and it was just the two of us. She went for a shower and called me in between, she opened the door pulled her face out and said “Don’t know why I didn’t ask you earlier but can you please do me a favour”. I said sure no problem. “Could you please help me rub my back, as I haven’t rubbed my back properly since a long time”. I said sure (I was soo happy and excited inside that I was already getting turned on). She said “Take off your clothes and come in or else the clothes will get wet”. I took off my shirt and pants, and was ready to go inside wearing an underwear and knocked on the door. She opened, looked at me and said “You can take that underwear off my boy, don’t feel shy, I just saw you naked a few days back. Plus I am completely naked in here.”

I took off the underwear, threw it away and went in. I gained some kind of confidence now. She was standing there naked, with her back towards me and asked me to put the soap on her back. It was the first time I saw her ass and I was frozen for a second, I grabbed the soap and started applying on her back, went down on her ass, slowly applied it there rubbing that bubbly ass with my hands and then the legs. I can feel she was enjoying it. I asked “Let me put soap on your entire body now that I have started applying”. She said sure and turned around, I was amazed to she her naked body and for a few seconds was just admiring her beauty. My dick was rock hard and I could notice that she was constantly staring at it, she was casually standing there completely naked in shower with me as if she doesn’t mind me seeing her naked at all, not even shy. I slowly rubbed soap on her entire body specially focusing on her boobs and pussy. The I slowly rubbed the soap from her body rubbing my fingers on her nipples, running my finger down her ass crack and wiping my hand across her pussy. She then said “Let me return you the favour now”. She took the soap strated applying on my body, went down to my dick and started applying there, she then turned my around started applying soap on my ass rinsed it off and said “You ass is soo nice I feel like kissing it” and kissed my cheeks and even ran her tongue through my crack. I felt tingling sensation all over my body. I said “Well, thanks for the compliment, but your ass is better than mine”. We then spent the next 5 min comparing out butts in front of a mirror while being completely naked.

She then looked at me and said well you haven’t experienced it yet so let me be your first, jumped on me and started kissing me. I was stunned for a second, came back to my senses and lifted her up wrapped her legs around my waist took her to the shower as we kept kissing. She put her tongue in mine, went down kissing my neck and licked my nipples, grabbed my dick and slowly licked it teasing the hell out of me, she then grabbed my balls and started sucking my dick, went down and even licked my butt put her tongue in my crack and even bit my butt cheeks. I then grabbed her, licked and sucked her nipples, literally ate her boobs, went down and put my tongue deep in her pussy and started licking it, she was moaning in pleasure. I turned her around ran my tongue down her back and licked the hell out of her butt crack, kissed her butt cheeks even spanked them slowly and said “You have a better ass than mine”. She giggled and said “Then eat it”. Yes, Mam I said and did just that. She then lied down, spead her legs, grabbed a condom, held me by my dick, covered it with the condom and put it inside her pussy. I started thrusting in and out, Harder… Harder she moaned. I kept doing it for sometime then pulled my dick out and just laid down beside her, she got up sat on my dick and we kept on with it. She then got up, grabbed me by the dick and took me to her bedroom and we did a doggy style on her bed. I then cummed and we just laid there on the bed relaxing.

Her daughter was about to come back after sometime, so we got up put on some clothes. Nothing much happened for the next couple of days as her daughter was home, but we did pull pranks on each other. Like she asked me to do the dishes and pulled my pants down and licked my ass when my hands were covered with soap or I slowly walked behind her when she was cooking and pull her gown up and even took it off once and ran away when her daughter was sleeping.

I then left as my parents had come back from the trip. We did meet a few times after that but situation were different so we just had casual talks. She still is soo casual with me as if nothing has happened, and I love that attitude of hers, need to learn that.

Hope you liked this story, you can contact me at [email protected]

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