Secret love with Juhi

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I am in Ujjain in my sister’s home as we have nice sex in the morning ,after lunch we both slept on bed as a hot couple till evening.we both are exhausted as our journey includes a hot night and than a morning sex made us tired.we slept till evening as I left bed and after refreshment ,I have a cup of coffee with my brother-in-law and sister.

We three are sitting in balcony as my sister Juhi is still eyeing my bulge of penis ,will she choose me for hot night or will enjoy with her hubby after a week ,I don’t I walked to a lonely path in Ujjain as I can see some shops near appartment’s gate but I am looking for a wine shop as I need a beer to drink.after waking for 500 metres ,I can see a wine shop there as I bought a cane of beer and than put it in my pocket as I am looking for a lonely place but lastly ,I came inside appartment’s gate and moved to car parking as I can see no one there ,I started drinking beer fastly and after a while walked back to my sister’s home.I moved inside my room as I pulled down my jeans and removed my shirt ,now going to pull down my undies as Juhi came inside my room…..

“oh sorry for it
(Rohan)ok ,I need a cup of coffee .”

As she took me by surprise while putting her hand on my bulge of penis,he hold it hard on my undies as I “ooh leave it” screamed and she smiled……

“I need this at midnight.”

My penis is semi erected as I pulled my undies down and put towel on my waist to walk inside washroom.I took a nice bath as I put Bermuda and vest and came inside dinning hall,now while sitting on sofa I am watching t.v with my brother-in-law as Juhi came to me and put two cups on table and we started drinking coffee ,later on Juhi also joined us.we three have it as Juhi walked towards kitchen and I left for bedroom,now I slept on bed as I am giving my body complete rest before midnight.its 10:00 pm as we three are having dinner together and than I left them ,now I put my door closed as it’s not closed from inside.I am on bed as red night bulb is making some light in my room.I am waiting for my elder sister Juhi as she is married for last 3 years ,her sexual organs have got a shinning look as her physical measurement is 34-26-36 and her lovely face with squared dome shaped ass makes her hot as her complexion is white with height of 5’5 feet.I am an year younger to him as I am of 25 years and we both have enjoyed sex together.

It’s 11:25 pm as I can hear footsteps behind my door and after a while,Juhi came inside my room as she is looking too hot in her dress,she have put a brassier on her chest as her lower parts is covered with a G string and her semi nude body is glittering like diamonds.I am surprised to see Juhi in her undergarments only as her hubby is in home,now I woke up as she came on bed.we both are sitting on bed as Juhi sits on my lap with her legs wrapped on my waist.I hold her in my arms as we both are kissing eachother,her boobs are pressing on my chest as my lips are on her lips…..

“you are looking like a porn actress, but if your hubby have seen you
(Juhi)never,he will sleep for 6-7 hours as I have put a sleeping pill in his glass full of milk
(Rohan)you are nice,cow milk for your hubby and yours milk for me.”

As he hold my ear to pinch and we both are on bed as I took her rossy lips in my mouth to suck and Juhi is pressing her breasts hard on my chest as my hand is rubbing her nude back.slowely she pushed her tongue in my mouth as I am sucking it while my cock is gaining strength in my Bermuda.I sucked her tongue till she pushed my head back and now she is kissing my lips as well as face as her soft boobs are brushing on my chest,now I unhooked her brassier as I pushed him on bed and took out her brassiere from her chest and her boobs are full of milk as it’s inciting me for suck .now I put my face on her chest and took her breast in my mouth to suck as I am pressing her other breast.juhi is holding my hairs tightly as she is screaming……

“ooh uumm suck my boobs hard .’

And I sucked her both going down toward her flat tummy ,I am kissing it as her legs are brushing eachother as it’s well crossed and now ,I am on my sister’s waist as I am loving her hot lips are on her thigh as I am kissing it while my hand is rubbing her vagina and I kissed my sister’s legs .now I took a pillow and put it under her sexy ass as her legs are wide open and I removed her G string as Juhi put her palm on it to lips are on her palm as I am rubbing her strong thighs and now I can see her nude vagina as it’s clean shaved .my lips are on her labias as my hand have hold her waist ,while kissing her labias ,I put my finger to widened its hole and pushed my tongue in her vagina to lick.she is screaming in joy…..

“oohh aahh uumm Rohan lick it fast aahh it’s in fire.” And my tongue is licking her cunt as I have hold her boobs to massage.juhi is too hot as she is moving her ass up and I left her cunt.

Juhi is nude as I walked to washroom to urinate and later my hot sister came inside as she is urinating while stretching her legs as she is sitting on toilet she washed her vagina as we both are on bed ,now I am lying on it as Juhi is sitting near my waist.she hold my cock as she is kissing it ,she started rubbing its glans on her face as well as lips and looking at me,she took my long cock in her mouth to suck.juhi is sucking my penis hard as her mouth is swinging and she is giving me a nice blowjob as my hand have hold her breast to press it she took out my dick as her tongue is rolling on my penis ,she is a nice cock sucker and now my penis is eager to move inside her vagina.she left my cock as we both are sleeping on bed and Juhi kissed my lips ,while my hand is rubbing her soft ass.after a while ,Juhi said…..”Rohan I want to sit on your face
(Rohan)oh want to urinate in my mouth
(Juhi)I will try for it but washroom will be best for it.” And we both are in washroom as Juhi is standing nude like a pro ,I knelt in front of him ,now she put her legs wide as I kissed her vagina but took it in my mouth as she is shouting……”oohh aahh I will cum soon than I will pee.” And after a while ,I got the taste of her cum as I left her vagina and put my tongue in her vagina to lick the cum ,she hold my hairs as she want to urinate in my mouth but I am bit hesitant in doing we both are back on bed as Juhi is like a bitch on bed and while sitting on her back,I hold my cock and pushed it in her cunt ,slowely my 2/3 Rd penis is in her wet vagina as I hold her waist tightly and fucked her whole cock is in her cunt as she screamed……

“oohh it’s too hot and hard.”

But my penis is fucking her with speed as well as power.looking at me ,Juhi started swinging her ass fast as my penis is hitting her vaginal walls.she is moving her bum fast as my hand have hold her breast to my sister’s cunt is in fire as my penis is moving hard in her glory hole and after a nice fuck for 10 minutes ,I shouted…….

“ooh it’s in your vagina have my semens you bitch.” And Juhi vagina is full of sperms as our hot night ends .

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