Punjabi married girl and Mumbai’s bachelor boy (Part 1)

“wait…wait…are you confident about ourselves?” She asked.

“Of course I am” I said.

Then she spread her legs, I slided the panty from her hole and inserted my cock in her pussy, which was waiting for her approval.
She betrayed her husband and was not at all feeling guilty. She was satisfied by me and fucked whole night up and down.
All the time when I was fucking her , lost in the thoughts how does it really started.

I’m Onkar (25y, Single) from Mumbai, doing a job in MNC. I’ll explain how did she betray her husband by getting fucked by me, when she visited to Mumbai. Her name is Komal and she is from Punjab. Really hot, little chubby, fair af, around 6ft hight and sexy eyes. Yes, she married (unhappily). She joined in my company as a intern for somedays. Being an introvert I didn’t talked with her firstly. but used to help her whenever she needed. We didn’t talk much with her in her internship. After 2 month when her internship over, she went back to Punjab. Afrer somedays she sent me frnd request on FB. we became friends on FB. We used to chat daily. Initially it was normal chatting, afterwards we became friends, best friends and then close friends. Fb chatting turned to whatsapp chatting which later ended up with late night calls and video calls. She was not happy with her husband with some reasons (Not explaining…not at all important) Conversation used to be like normal. No vulgarity, no sexting. Just praising and impressing her was my intention. Both of us were waiting for meeting eachother in personal but couldn’t get chance to meet. As she was in Punjab and I was in Mumbai.

But destiny had planned something else. She again assigned to go to Mumbai for her company work and we became upmost happy. The date was confirmed, tickets were booked. She started her journey to Mumbai again. Whatever we planned in our conversation was going to happen in reality soon. She came to Mumbai at morning and stayed at one of the Oyo lodge. I was at my office and planned to meet her at night. We planned for outing at night. At 7 o’clock at night, I went to her location. She came down to parking to meet me. I surprised to see her, she was looking damn sexy with her shorts and tight tshirt. We greeted eachother by shaking hands. She called me to her room in which she was staying. I was following her and was watching her heart shaped ass. I wanted to slap it and tear it down. We went inside the room, the atmosphere was damn hot. I wanted to spread her legs right there at that moment, but i controlled. We talked for some time and I asked her to go for long ride. She agreed. I purposely kept my bag at the room so that at late night when we came back… she will ask me to come upstairs again. We started our long ride, we stopped at Domino’s, had our dinner and again started to fo longdrive.

The road was not crowded, only few people were present. While talking, she was coming close to my ears and her boobs were touching me. I was getting uncomfortable.

After sometime, she hugged me from behind and said thank you for making her night long drive dream true. I asked her to drive the scooty, she agreed and start to drive. It was cold weather, she said if u want to hug…you can. I hugged her tightly and wrapped my hands just below her boobs so I can feel them slowly. We reached at her lodge’s location. She invited me and said you can stay at my place for a night. we will chit-chat. I readily accepted. We went inside, she said I will come by changing the clothes. She came from washroom and I was astonished by looking at her. She wore sleeveless nighty which was just knee length. Her fair and toned legs were inviting me to make them apart. She stand in front of me and started to make her hairs neat by lifting her hands. It made her nighty lifting up by which her healthy thighs got exposed. I got erected in my pant and maybe she observed it.

Then she came on bed and started to discuss her life with me. She was not happily married. It doesn’t mean she was sex starving. She just had to experience all the best moments once in her life. With explaining such things, we came close to eachother by placing hand in hand. We were in the blanket playing with eachother legs. I finally put a kiss near to her lips not on lips. I licked her near the lips. She got charged and hugged me tightly. I was on her body. I started to kiss her wildly. She spread her legs. I pulled out her nighty she was co operating me. I removed my pant upto my knees. My cock was rock hard. It was touching to her pussy over her panty. I was about her insert to her glory hole, she stopped me and asked “wait…wait…are you confident about ourselves?” She asked.

“Of course I am” I said.

Then she spread her legs wider, I slided the panty from her hole and inserted my cock in her pussy, which was waiting for her approval.

” Aaahhhh…..” the sound of her moaning made me more horney. I was kissing her, was literally exploring her mouth. One hand was on her boobs and her legs were on my shoulders. Since I was not prepared for fucking that night, I didn’t carry condoms. I was fucking her in missionary pose. Her milky body was tempting me so much that I couldn’t hold my cum for longer time and ejaculated in her pussy. She was also done that time. I was tired and she was satisfied. We both slept naked by hugging eachother. Now she was a lady fucked by other man other than her husband. On next day she took contraceptive pills and saved me from becoming father.

How i fucked her by exploring Mumbai will be narrated in coming parts. Stay tuned.

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