Play with Silky Girl

Its a fantastic moment where it’s a chance to remember my silky hair queen. Its fantastic experience to remember silky hairplay and braid play. Some years ago I have my friend who have sexy hairs and beautiful shining braid. Its always flaunting till her bumps. Braid is also moving on her boobs when she take it on her front.

Once a day we have decided to play some group games and we have gathered in room and started a game. During interval she came across me and sat besides me. Where she slept on my thighs and she spread her hair on my thighs and obviously on my Junior 😉. It was classic experience to touch her hairs and experience the same. I have started to run my fingers through her hairs. She liked the same. After some hours I have hold her hairs on my Hand where she has got idea where I am enjoying the same.

Same day evening we have travelled through car and she sat besides me almost on my thighs same thing has happened where her sexy braid were touched to Junior for almost 1 hour during travel. I have tried to touch my cheek, lips on the same and I have succeeded in the same. I thought she is not aware but she had knew everything.

After reaching to her home she has forced me to stay with her for some time. Other friends had left us to her house then we entered in her house and due to Curiosity I have asked the reason to stop me at her house. Then she said wait for some minutes. I will come back and tell you the reason. I have settled on sofa and she went for changing her dress. I have used that time for some time pass and suddenly I have got a lovely smell. I have looked for the same n it was coming from her room ahe called me inside with glasses of milkshake. I have entered and saw beautiful n gorgeous angel who have weared maroon one piece and flaunted her hairs till waist. She smiled with cute look and i have attracted towards that angel.

Then she came to me and hugged me and whispered in my ears that , hey handsome I know you loved my hairs you like it always. I have noticed you many a times while playing UNO n travelling through car as well. So today I have invited to give you a wonderful journey through my hairs….Then I was really felt fantastic.

I have said yes baby I love your hairs so I am playing with it. Suddenly I have grab her towards me and kissed her passionately. During the same time I have enjoying that hairs touch and smell.Then we have soaked to each other she slept on my stomach with that silky forest and kissed me passionately.

I have sat her on my Junior and enjoying hair play. After some time she said hey You can to whatever you want with my hairs. So I have started to make a beautiful braid and completed the same. She likes it very much and again attacks on me.

Then I loose my control and I have started passionate kissing on her braid and then I have removed her one-piece and grab her towards me with tight hold. I have got classic feel where her braid was touched my jounir and she also wanted the same then she has removed my pant and maked me naked. It was fantastic moment of life. She tooked her braid on boobs and started passionate kissing, pressing with me.then i have hold that silky braid and moved my junior from tip of the head to last end of silky tale. I have covered my junior in that forest and she was enjoying allot by smootching me and playing with my junior we slept on each other in same position and take a great experience with her silky forest…..

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