One Dollar White Spaghetti Strap Teaser

“Check it out!” I said, my eyes beaming with satisfaction. “We went thrifting today, and it only cost me one dollar!” I twirled around, smiling as I showed off the dainty little piece. A white spaghetti strap, little teaser shirt that rode halfway up exposing my tan, flat, belly and delicate little navel. The shirt was a size too small, and made my grapefruit sized, firm teenage breasts really pop!

My mischievous smile may really have betrayed me in the end. The truth was, I really was happy about the find. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The little shirt hadn’t cost me much, and that alone was enough to have me giddy. But my intentions, had another persuasion. What I really wanted, was to give my daddy an eye full! And boy did he ever get one! I’m sure that he noticed my nipples hardening, through the thin fabric, of the used white T.

“There’s really not much to that thing!,” my mother retorted, interrupting my dads penetrating gaze. He looked nervously away and kinda rolled his eyes a bit, while my mom lectured me on modesty. She a had a way of ruining everything, and had been particularly bitchy during the weekend as we rolled into summer vacations.

“Geeze Mom!” I barked back. “It’s really more of a nite shirt and for around the house,” I said impetuously.

“You dress like a slut, well then, people are going to say you’re a slut!” she snapped back rudely.

I grabbed my things angrily, and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind me. God I hated that fucking woman! Honestly I don’t know how my dad could stand to be around her! That stupid fat cow, was just full of piss and vinegar! My dad on the other hand, was the sweetest man in my life. He went out of his way, to tell me how beautiful I looked, even going so far as to say, that if he wasn’t my daddy, he would really have his eyes on on me! Now I am may be a lot of things, but I am not naïve. I could tell for sometime now, that he did have his eyes on me. Even just now, as I was dancing around for him, wearing barely nothing, I could see something perking up just beneath his silky pajama bottoms.

The truth was, I really didn’t mind it. It kind of made me feel sexy, thinking that I could make my daddy feel that way. And I had known for some time, that he would come into my room late at night, and just watch me. Sometimes, while I was pretending to be asleep, I could see him pulling out his thing, and really going to work on it. I would carefully and quietly run my little hand underneath my panties, moving one finger, softly and slowly in and out of my tiny, wet, pussy. I could hear him moaning my name softly, pleasuring himself to completion as he stood, careful not to wake me, just looking at my scantily clad young body. It was so incredibly hot for me, as a young girl, and when he left my room, I would play with myself, softly moaning with pleasure.

We had done this for several months now, just following my  birthday, both without touching each other. Knowing what he wanted was very alluring for me, but I’ll have to admit that I was super nervous about letting daddy know, that I aware of his fantasy. But it’s really the reason, that I got that one dollar thrift store T-shirt. I hoped, that would be enough to push him over the edge. To tempt him, to do more than look. It was just the kind of T-shirt, that would probably ride up while I was sleeping, just enough to let him see my young teenage breasts. And I was going to make sure, that he got the show that he came to see.

I could hear them arguing, and I was pretty sure that it was over me again. Dad was always coming to my defense. I don’t know what my bitch of a mother had against me.  Was it because I was thin?Certainly it wasn’t my problem, that she had totally let go of taking care of herself, and probably wasn’t getting the attention, that a girl like me would get. For my young age, my body had really filled out. Maybe she had noticed my dad’s wondering eyes. He had always been a sucker for brunettes. It’s one of the reasons he was first attracted to my mom. But now my long legs, and my fat little ass, was getting all the attention! Maybe if she didn’t treat him like shit, he wouldn’t be looking in the first place. I can’t say that I could complain about the attention. For a man in his early thirties, daddy was quite a hunk.

I drifted off to sleep, with visions of daddies strong hands, caressing my bare skin. I had just enough of my wits about me, to carefully push up the bottom hem of my tight fitting, white spaghetti strap T-shirt, exposing the white flesh of my young tits.

It didn’t seem like long, and then I heard my bedroom door give a little squeak. I had kicked off the sheets, to take advantage, of the cool summer night air against the near nakedness of my body. The little thing that I was wearing must have hiked up even further, I could feel a cool breeze as the door opened, and my nipple hardened, exposed now for him to take a peek. I heard him breathing, and could smell his intoxicating scent as he crept closer. He was fidgeting around, I’m sure, making himself available, then there was an almost audible gasp. and then silence.

I smiled quietly to myself, in anticipation of what I hoped might be our first encounter. It seemed like almost an hour had passed, with not so much as even a twitch of a muscle. Heaving my chest upwards, I breathed deeply, and then sighing, I murmured, feigning sleep and hoping for more. Now carefully, he collected himself, moving with stealth, I could just feel the heat from his large hands as he hovered above me, tempted, seemingly deliberating his next decision.

Peeking carefully, I could see that he had already began stroking his manhood. It wasn’t too large by anyone’s standards, But I marveled at how such a thing could ever fit inside of me. A shiver tracked down my spine and goosebumps covered my fair skin as I felt the flat of his thumb scrape my nipple. I was thorough distracted, mesmerized really, by the long strokes of his hand firmly grasping the thickness of his cock. But still I managed to keep my composure, to stay silent. Moving his hand, he twirled his index finger around the ends with my wavy, sandy brown hair. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself for much longer, and his pace seemed to increase with frantic abandon. I saw my opportunity, as he pitched his head up and backwards, then moving my mouth and tongue, I caught hold of my daddy’s long finger, and began sucking gently, I fidgeted restlessly with wanton desire.

“What the… I I I!… Holy shit! I I didn’t mean for you to wake up!” He stammered.

“It’s ok daddy.” I said smiling up at him, and then gagging a bit as I suckled his finger, started to choke. Reaching over, across my body, I grabbed hold of his stiff cock and started tugging awkwardly pulling it towards my body. My little hand quickly became slick with the small amount of pre cum leaking from his member. He just stood there, his mouth open, and his eyes wide with disbelief. I was eager, but inexperienced, as continued to move up and down his length.

“My God! Lindsey! No!” He chastised, now collecting himself. “We can’t do this! I’m your dad! It’s just not right!” He said now pulling away.

“Oh come on daddy!” I barked back, over my pouty lips, “It certainly didn’t stop you, from getting yourself off, all these past months. You know you want it.” I added.

“Your mom will fucking kill me!” He said, “You’re so young, and you’re my daughter! God help me!” He cried, “What have I done! If she finds out, I will go to prison for the rest of my life. My life will be over!” He continued.

“I’m so sick of that stupid bitch!” I screamed silently. “You can’t tell me, that you’re not just done with the way she treats you! She won’t find out!” I protested, “I want you daddy! And I’m sure not going to let her stop us, from doing what we want!
Please daddy…,” I pleaded, “Don’t let her win.”

I had dragged myself from my bed, and was on my knees, in front of him. A wicked lust gleamed in my eyes, and grabbing hold of the base of his prick, I took him into my mouth. He groaned, as he relented. I moved him in and out, of my mouth, taking as much of his meaty cock as I was able. Even though he wasn’t extremely large, I spluttered, and choked as I continued with my first sexual experience with a man. And this man was…, my daddy! And I loved it!

“Oh God Lindsey! Yes baby!” he wheezed, “That’s my sweet baby, girl! Take your daddy’s cock! My God! Your mouth! This is incredible!” He continued on.

“Slow down sweetie,” he instructed, “You’re going to make me cum too fast! I want this to be special for you too. I want to make you feel good.” he said.

Then he pulled me gently, off his throbbing manhood. And lifted me carefully back onto the bed. I propped myself up on my elbows, and while I was sitting up, he pulled my white panties away from my sopping wet pussy. Excitedly, I move my arms up, pulling that white, spaghetti strap T-shirt over my head. My breasts fell out, standing firm, protruding our slightly, aching for attention.

“Jesus Lindsey!” Daddy exclaimed. “You’re so beautiful! You are absolutely breathtaking!”

His eyes, told a different story then that of a father and a daughter. There was no stopping him now. He didn’t care that I was the fruit of his loins. He didn’t care that I was barely thirteen. It was the look of passion, of a man, who had been restrained. A man, that had needs, that weren’t being met. He was my father, but then he wasn’t.

“Is this your first time?” He asked. I nodded my head, biting my lip nervously. “I’ll be gentle,” he said. But I could see in his eyes, that he didn’t mean what he said, And I… Didn’t care. I was dripping, and my eyes were begging.

I opened my legs, as he crawled up to meet me. His cock it was still wet from my saliva, and he pushed the head of it slowly into my welcoming cunt. I was tight, it felt like my flesh was tearing. My eyes watered, and I took a deep breath, relaxing as I exhaled and giving way to this invader.

My God, it hurt so bad, as daddy began pushing himself deeper into my body. It stung, as pistoned his way past my virginity, pumping his cock in and out of me like a machine, but again, I didn’t protest. I needed him to make me a woman, to make me his woman!

It didn’t take long for my body to adjust, and soon I was feeling the rapture of his sexual prowess. Panting, and grunting, he continued to assault my young body. I moaned uncontrollably now, experiencing new sensations, writhing under the deep penetration of his force.

“Oh God daddy!” I wailed, “Oh my God! Your cock is too big for me! You’re going to break me!” I Gnashed my teeth in his ears, as he continued to pummel my young pussy. “Somethings happening to me,” I cried out! I could feel my body tensing up, in anticipation and then I was hit by a wave of pleasure, as the throes of my first orgasm tore through my body.

“Oh! Fuck me!” I screeched, “That was amazing!” I chattered, as pleasure rippled through me. “Oh my God daddy!”  I squealed, “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

He didn’t need me to say more, and he continued to ravish me, now plowing his way, with more force and gusto.

I squirmed through yet another devastating orgasm, still not completely done with the other, my body felt numb and my limbs went limp, as my eyes peeled back into my skull. Electricity, dashed through my little frame, and I screamed into my daddy shoulder, sinking my teeth into his flesh.

He yelped, as I pulled my mouth off his shoulder. And then smiling whispered, “Bite me again.” I sank my teeth into him again, whimpering, as he increased his pace, I was exhausted, and he tossed my body with every thrust like a toy doll. I could sense that he was close, so I held on, wrapping my legs tightly around his back just above his buttocks.

He didn’t ask, he didn’t even tell me, his body just stiffened up, giving one last lunge, he pumped all of his seed, deep into my womb, And then collapsed on top of me. We lay together, his prick, spent, deflated, he had emptied himself into me, I lay there, whispering into his ear, nibbling delicately, babbling my delight.

Things would never be the same. Yes he was still my daddy, but now I was his woman.

And the little white, spaghetti strap T-shirt, lay crumpled on the floor.

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