Office Friends with Benefits

Hi all, I am aravind and this is my second story here. This is about an incident at my workplace when I was in Bombay. I am currently staying in Bangalore and would love some feedback on my stories both via comments or via meetups too.

So, getting to my story – this is about an office friend with whom I had joined together. Her name was Tanisha. She was a boisterous and friendly Punjabi girl who was friendly with most people in the office. She had a nice toned body with great boobs and a huge ass.

About me, I have an athletic body with a decent cute looking face and height measuring 6 feet.

We had our induction session together with a few more friends and we got along quite well. We were put into the same division but had different teams, although we just sat across each other.

Since we were new to the office, we did not have a lot of work. So, we used to just spend time having fun and gossiping and joking around. We used to touch each other playfully and sometimes, I used to brush against her boobs or ass mistakenly and she did not mind it.

After a few days, we exchanged numbers and even started texting. Initially, it was a normal conversation and then we got more comfortable with talking about past relationships and stuff. At that time, both of us were single and weren’t looking for anything serious.

Once, we were walking along outside the office and suddenly, it started pouring (Mumbai rains come pretty randomly). Since we weren’t in the office premises, we sought shelter under a tree. As the tree was covering only a very small area, we were standing very close.

This was the first time my Punjabi colleague was standing this close to me and I could smell her! Damn, I was turned on and this was the first time I was thinking about her sexually. She had worn a white top which had been slightly drenched which made me get hotter for her.

Tanisha’s ass was touching my hand as she was standing next to me, and I started to get a boner. I wasn’t sure if she noticed it or not, but I was trying to hide it.

It started to pour more and she got closer to me, now touching her ass to my boner. I was sure she must have felt my boner but she did not say anything. I could smell her neck and I was mesmerized.

I did not realize when Tanisha was calling out to me and said, “Let’s make a run for it”. She grabbed my hand and we dashed in the rain towards the office and got drenched.

She looked hot with her wet hair and white rain-drenched shirt. She went to the washroom and I went too to the men’s room to take care of my boner, which I was sure she must have noticed.

A few days later, we had an office party in which we both had to go since we were part of the same division. We decided to stick to each other as we did not know a lot of people.

After the rain incident, I now looked at my colleague Tanisha as more than a friend and was sexually attracted to her. I did not know if she felt the same way about me. Since it was an office party, there were free drinks and there was a dance floor.

I wasn’t too keen on dancing, but Tanisha was a live-wire. She loved rocking the dance floor and I could sense a lot of men ogling at her.

We both had quite a few drinks and we had lost our inhibitions. She came and dragged me to the dance floor, probably to ward off the other men around her. I didn’t stop her from pulling me cause I had a few drinks in me and I was cool with dancing now.

We were dancing pretty close to each other. She had worn a one-piece dress which accentuated her ass and boobs.

At one point, Tanisha faced away from me and her ass was near my crotch. I wanted to make the most of the opportunity and brought my crotch to her ass. She brought it closer and I felt that this was the green signal and grabbed her hips and started dancing with her.

I could feel the eyes of the public on us but I did not care. After a little while, I grabbed her hand and took her to a corner and we drank a few more drinks.

Since we were in the corner and no one was looking at us, I held her hand and brought her close to me. Then I planted a kiss on her lips. Initially, Tanisha was a bit stunned but then started to respond. We had a full on make-out session before we decided to go back to my place.

Soon, we booked an Uber and were off to my place. I lived alone and away from my family so privacy was not an issue. In the Uber, we had another make-out session, and I could feel the eyes of the Uber driver on us via the rear-view mirror. I tipped him a bit more for not making any issue.

As soon as we entered the house, Tanisha pounced on me and pinned me against the wall. We made out with our tongues inside each other’s mouths and I started caressing her ass over the dress. She started to rub my cock over my pants. I started biting her neck and she was moaning.

I picked her up and took her to the bedroom where I threw her on the bed. She got on her stomach and came crawling near the edge of the bed and opened my pant. She removed my underwear with her mouth and gasped at my 7-inch dick in front of her face. She kissed it and started to lick the tip.

I grabbed her head and pushed my dick in her mouth. Tanisha gagged initially and then started taking my dick in and out of her mouth.

I was fucking her mouth and then I removed my shirt. While fucking her mouth, I was playing with her hair and caressing her ass. I was about to cum and moved her away. I then laid her out and tore her dress from her body.

I removed her bra and then started licking her ample breasts. I was licking it from the nipple to the base of the breasts. I kissed her neck and then brought my tongue down her breasts, kissing and biting the nipples and then bringing my tongue down to her navel.

All this while, I was rubbing her pussy over her pantie. I then brought my mouth closer to her pussy and removed her pantie using my mouth. She was already wet with all the action.

I then licked her thighs and slowly brought my tongue to her pussy. I started fingering her and putting my tongue inside at the same time. Tanisha started moaning loudly and soon, she started to cum. She cummed all over my face and I drank her juices.

I was still hard and Tanisha was eyeing my dick. She wanted my dick inside her pussy and brought it close to the pussy entrance. In one shot, I was inside her pussy and she let out a loud shriek.

I stayed there and then started pumping her gradually. Tanisha started to enjoy sex and then started to moan loudly. This turned me on and I increased my pace.

I was biting her boobs while fucking her in missionary and increased my pace. She started to moan louder and I kissed her to quieten her down a bit. Soon, I was about to cum and I increased the pace.

Tanisha sensed this and was about to cum herself. She held me tight with her hands and hugged me while I increased the pace. She cummed all over my dick, making it wet and sloppy. As I was about to cum, I removed my dick at positioned it at her face. I cummed all over her boobs and face and she drank the whole thing.

Tanisha was one big sloppy mess but had a huge grin on her. After resting for a bit, we were again at it the whole night trying different positions.

We thus became a casual couple, fucking around whenever we wanted to, even in the office sometimes when it was late or during the day in the washroom. This went on for a good few months before she moved to a new city.

I hope you all enjoyed the story. Feedback is highly appreciated.

I am currently living in Bangalore and if any females of any age want to get in touch please feel free to do so , I would be happy to have a chat and see where it goes.

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