My reportee Arthi…

Hi All , My name is Harish and I am a midlevel manager working in an Indian MNC . Average looking and decent build . This story is about an encounter between me and my hot reportee Arthi who came to onsite .

For the past few years I have been working from Stockholm in Sweden and Arthi used to work from our offshore office . We used to interact day to day on official matters but never anything personal for many months . Once I went to India for family visit and also went to the offshore office and saw Arthi for the first time .
To describe her ,She is 28 years old and was wearing a tight chudi and I noticed her assets . I estimated that her melons would be 36 which proved to be right later ..Her hair was upto her melons and she had a broad shoulder . She was conservative tamil girl from a small city and did not speak much . During our one to one she said she will be happy if she gets an onsite role .

After few months there was an opening and she came to onsite and got accomadation few houses away from mine . Due to the manager reportee relationship we didnt discuss anything personal . She had a room mate who had to travel to India due to marriage . One day Arthi messaged asking if I was busy . It was unusual to get a ping from her at that time so i called and asked what was the matter . She told that she was afraid to stay alone that day as she had watched a horror movie . I told her I can come but I am about to have wine and asked if I can have at her house and she said ok . I told her she can rest well in her room and I will finish my wine in hall and sleep . She came and sat in hall saying she is still uneasy and I asked her to have a glass of wine . Being an occasional drinker she also had a glass . During the conversation we were discussing what we like in opposite sex . I told I like it when girls wear simple home dress & free hair makes it very sexy for me .She asked what kind of dress and I told like how you are wearing . She was wearing a shirt and a pyjama but her hair was not loose .I asked if its ok for her to leave her hair loose and she didnt mind and was about to open it . I said but I need to free the hair .. she was bit surprised but said ok ..
She stood up to close a window and I went behind her slowly . She realised and just closed the window and stood there . I said Arthi .. can I ? She just was silent and before she could say no touched her hair and made it free and played with the strands of hair . I moved the hair to front and blew some air in to her neck . She didnt resist and i moved my hand which was over her shirt . I moved my hands over the curves of her breast and just felt them .. She was breathing heavy and so was I . I rested my face on her neck and moved my face on her neck from back .. This time when I moved the hand over her breast I pressed it a little bit more but softly . I started nibbling her neck and ears and cupped her breast on one hand and the other hand was on her hip .
Arthi now had closed the eyes and I knew she was not got to resist more . I turned her and kissed her forehead , closed eyes and cheeks . Parted her small lips and kissed her . She didnt open her mouth but when my hand was deep in her hair she opened slowly and we kissed for a real long time . I moved my hands along the hair and cupped her breasts . At the same time slowly unbuttoned her red shirt and her black bra was visible . Removed her shirt fully and pushed her to the bed room with lips locked .
I was squeezing her breasts and kissing her by pushing her against the wall . My shaft was ready to tear my pants and was poking her pyjama in the right place .i made her stand and kissed her breast cleavage and her nipple over her bra. Her navel was super sexy and i licked it as deep as I can . When I pulled her pant down she said podhum — enough but i kissed her lower tummy and started licking it she stopped resisting . I bite her cunt over her panty and could sense it was hairy… Pulled it down too and I could see she was dripping wet . Kissed her thighs and teased by kissing around the cunt . Went deep insider her cunt and started pressing her ass . She had a great ass due to gym . She came and i licked all her salty juice .
I took her hand and kept it in my shaft and she started slowly stroking it … I said I want more and made her take it in her mouth and mouth fucked her until I was about to come . Then made her bend on the bed and inserted from back . Her cunt was slippery but tight and she started saying podum vitrunga . I was pinching her nipple from back and tearing her breasts .. I was about to come so made her lie down and kept a pillow below her ass. After I inserted kept her legs on my shoulders and I went maximum inside .She started moaning and saying my name …valikuthu … I asked should I take it out she said emm hmm . I said open your mouth and say you want more . She didnt .. I pushed my shaft hard inside and said i will stop now if you dont ask for more .. She slowly said … venum innum nalla venum .. I inserted as hard as I could in and out . We both were moaning and I could sense she was ready for second cummin .. I asked if she is ready and she said amaa.. I thrust as hard as I could lifting both her legs and spreading her cunt …. My hands kneaded her breasts on one side and the other side I was sucking her hard nipple . She started to build up and I knew she was about to cumm…
I smooched her and kept pounding her cunt and and she told my name and started making noise like aah aaah and finally I could sense that her juices were flowing …She gained her senses and asked neenga ? I said I am waiting for her to finish and started stroking her cunt with my shaft … We didnt plan it and so we had no condom .. and I didnt want to risk it … i stroked as much as i can and when i knew I was about to come I told Arthi .. kanna moodu… close ur eyes … I took my shaft near her face and exploded on her face and her amazing soft breasts … She realised what I had done and was about to say some thing and I opened her mouth and kept my penis on my mouth which was little hard still …. She understood that i wanted her to lick mine and started sucking and licking my shaft …till my last drop ..I lied next to her and gave her a smooch with our naked bodies together and my hand on her super sexy ass … We slept naked for some time …
What happened after this will come in next story ….

Added by Harish

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