My hubby’s sexual desires

Hi everyone,
Bina Mishra is enjoying her life with her hubby Anish as she have extramarital relations also ,as I need change in taste always.its shocking but true that each and every guy as well as gal need physical love after completing their teens and after marriage they want sex outside married life.I have a great sexual relation with a neighbourhood young guy Raj as my hubby got promoted after I fulfilled his boss sexual desires and now it’s time to say my evening as I was sitting in balcony with my eyes on appartment’s gate waiting for my hubby to come ,my mobile started ringing as I walked to dinning hall to have my mobile ,I can see Anish no.flashing on its screen and I received the call…….

“hi Anish I am waiting for you my darling
(Anish)I will come soon with my one friend Vivek
(Bina)ok I will prepare cups of coffee for both of you
(Anish)no ,he will spend a night with us
(Bina)why ? He lives in other city
(Anish) no Bina ,he wants to enjoy with you
(Bina)no no not at all ,I am not a whore
(Anish)oh darling I know you need change in taste and Vivek will give you immense pleasure
(Bina)ok as you wish.”

and now my dirty mind is on his friend Vivek as I walked to my washroom and took refreshment,coming back to my room I removed my clothes as I choose a yellow colour gawn and it’s transparent as well as upto my knees I am standing infront of a large mirror as I can see my nude boobs and stretched my legs to see my I put night gawn on my body as I closed it lashes having a front faced opening ,but I am without undergarments as I can see in mirror that my boobs imagination on gawn as it’s nipple are clearly visible.I walked to dining hall as I have prepared myself for a new cock as my hubby will bring some changes in our sexual life.I am in dinning hall as I am sitting on sofa and after a while door bell started ringing as I walked to door and opened hubby Anish is there with his friend Vivek and looking at my hot body ,they moved inside as hubby and Vivek sits on sofa ,I walked to kitchen as I came back with glasses full of water and put it on table as I can see Vivek eyeing at my body ,like a hungry fox and Vivek smiled…….

“bhabhi jee put more glasses on table as we have brought wine for you .” And I walked to my kitchen as I came back with glasses and soda ,now I can see my hubby waking to his bedroom as I stand near Vivek ,he asked……..”please sit down ,I am Vivek
(I shake hand with him)myself Bina ,Anish wife .”

As I sit near him ,he started putting wine in glasses and I am putting soda in it ,looking at me ,he smiled……..

“you are a nice lady with hot appearances
(Bina )thanks Vivek for your compliment .”

As my hubby Anish came there and he is sitting near me as I am sitting in between we three have our glasses in hand as I started drinking wine and Vivek lit a cigarette as I also have one from its we three are drinking wine as Vivek is moving closer to me and lastly ,his hand is on my thigh as he started rubbing my thigh with his my hubby Anish have kissed my face as he smiled………

“Bina darling you are looking like a porn queen
(Vivek)but Anish you are a spectator only as we both have to enjoy a lot
(Bina)oh I see means Anish have to masturbate his cock looking at his wife
(Anish)will join both of you if you permits.”

And second drinks have made me some how unconscious as I put my empty glass on table and stand infront of them .now I put my hand on my gawn lashes as I opened it and than both parts of gawn are distracted,I put my one leg on Vivek’s thigh as he put his glass on table and started kissing my legs to sexual organs are nude as Vivek is kissing my thighs to legs and I put my hand on his Vivek is standing infront of me as he put his lips on my face and my hand is unbuttoning his shirt.I have removed his shirt as my hand is removing his trouser and I pulled it to his legs as Vivek is standing in his vest and undies he hold me in his arms as his hand is rubbing my back and he put his lips on my lips as I pushed my tongue in his mouth.vivek is sucking my tongue wildly as he have hold me in his arms ,my boobs are pressing hard on his my hand is moving on his back as I pulled down his undies and it’s on his legs ,he is sucking my tongue and I put my hand on his cock as I am masturbating it slowly.after a while ,Vivek left my tongue as he is kissing my neck to chest and I am fast in masturbating his penis as I can see my hubby drinking wine.

I ask Vivek to sit on sofa as I am on his legs and now I took out my long tongue from my mouth as I started rubbing it’s glans on my tongue.viveks cock is semi erected as it’s longer and thicker than Anish ,Nishant ,Raj,Jeet and sunny but not so long and thick like Russel’s penis.after a while ,I took his penis in my mouth as I am sucking it hard and he is pressing my breast hardly .my mouth is giving his cock a nice jerk as he put his hand on my hair and started fucking my mouth with his dick,my throat gets it glans as I am enjoying nice blow I took out his wet penis as my tongue is rolling on it and he is screaming in joy………

“oohh aahh you are a nice cock sucker Bina
(Anish)she is nice on bed Vivek ,let him make cry while fucking her vagina .”

As I licked his penis for a while ,both started drinking again and now I am sitting on sofa as my gawn is covering my back and Vivek took it out from my shoulder as we both are nude.while drinking third pack of wine ,I have hold theirs cock and started masturbating it as Vivek is pressing my boobs and my hubby have pulled down his Bermuda.

I put my glass on table as I stand infront of them ,Vivek stand infront of me as I put my one leg on a chair and other on ground ,my legs are stretched and now I hold his cock and started pushing it in my vagina.vivek’s 1/2 of penis is in my vagina as he have hold my waist tightly ,he fucked me hard as I shouted……..”oohh Vivek it’s too hard and hot.” But he again pounded my vagina hard with his penis and now he is fucking me from below as I can see my hubby masturbating his long cock I put my hand on his back as we both have hold eachother and Vivek is going hard in my cunt as his cock is moving fast in my vaginal my boobs are brushing on his chest as I have put my head on his shoulder ,my hand is moving on his ass ,his cock is fucking me with speed as well as power and I am screaming in joy……..”oohh aahh Vivek fuck me hard aahh.” As his penis is moving fast in my dry and hot vagina ,I am expecting my vagina to cum soon.after a while ,my vagina poured cum inside it as it’s wet now and Vivek took out his cock from my cunt as we both walked nudely to washroom.we both urinated there and after refreshment both came there.

Vivek ask me to be a like a four legged animal ,as my legs are wide spread ,my upper parts are leaned as my arms is on table and my back is straight to Vivek’s penis .now Vivek asked……..”Anish don’t hesitate to join us .” As my hubby Anish came infront of me and I put my hand on his waist as I can see Vivek standing in my I took my hubby’s penis as I am sucking it and I can feel Vivek’s cock coming inside my vagina ,he have put his 2/3 Rd cock in my wet cunt as he fucked hard and he is fucking my vagina with his hand on my breast as my hubby is fucking my mouth fastly while holding my hairs ,now I am feeling like a whore as two cocks are doing their job and now I started swinging my ass fast as Vivek is giving me hard my hubby pushed his long cock in my mouth as it’s glans is in my throat and his penis ejaculated sperms in my mouth and he walked away but Vivek is fucking it hard as I am moving my bum fast and now I screamed……..

“Vivek my vagina is in fire will you rain your cum
(Vivek)sure darling wait for some time.”

And his penis poured sperms in my vagina as my cunt also released cum inside.our sexual organs have last laugh for now.we three have enjoyed a nice bath together.

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