My hubby’s boss:part-9

Hello everyone,
It’s my destiny that I always get what I want,my hubby’s boss Nishant have enjoyed me a lot as we both were in physical relationship for last 3 months (Read story My hubby’s boss part 8) and he have given me immense pleasure on married life is satisfactory as my hubby Anish as well as me ,both love eachother and enjoy lot on or off evening ,Anish came back home as we both were having cup of tea ,he smiled…….

“Bina a good news for you
(Bina laughed)oh I see and that good news will be a bad news for you
(Anish)no but my boss Nishant got transferred to Mysore and my new boss JAI RAJ have joined the office
(Bina)oh I see but I am neither excited in your new boss Anish
(Anish)tomorrow we have to participate in a welcome party for new boss
(Bina)I will not be there ,who knows your new boss starts flirting me
(Anish)come on darling ,it’s your nice body as well as impressive attitude that makes them crazy .”

As next day …………party is in evening and my hubby Anish came back home and than he took a nice bath as I am in washroom having bath and than put a red 34C size brassier on my boobs ,a G string with a crop tops and mini skirt covering upto my semi I put a sandals on my legs as I put purse on shoulder and I walked with my hubby Anish to parking Anish opened the gate of car as I sits on front seat and he is driving car smoothly on a busy path.we both are going to company’s guest house as we have to enjoy party for his boss to give him a warm welcome.looking at me ,Anish said…..

“you are looking beautiful my lovely wife
(Bina)thanks but If your boss express his desire than think what will happen?
(Anish)than I will leave you with him and will be back home .”

we both reached in guest house as Anish parked the car and we both moved to party hall on second floor of we both reached there as we can see too many couples there and I can recognise Kirti and her wife Sonal as well as Vivek ,as I started talking with Sonal ,my hubby is busy with his colleagues.later on hubby’s boss Jai Raj walked to each couples as he is getting introduction with them.lastly ,he came to us as Anish Shaked hand with him……..

“Hi jai sir,meet my wife Bina
(As he Shaked hand with me ,Bina)I am anish’s wife and sir where is your wife ?
(Jai)will come in a week ,enjoy party .”

As service guy is moving with a trolly to serve glasses full of wine and beer ,I took a glass full of wine as I started drinking it ,Vivek offered me cigarette as I am sitting in between Vivek and Kirti ,drinking wine while smoking legs are crossed as I can see them eyeing my nude tummy to deep belly as their eyes are on my nude thighs to legs also.after a while,Anish walked to me as he ask me to follow ,now moving towards hall’s corner ,he said……..

“after my meals I will leave the place
(Bina)ok I will also have dinner with you
(Anish)after your drinks ,leavr the hall and move to boss room as he will give you company in dinner
(Bina)oh but how will reach home ?
(Anish)company’s car will drop you .”

As I can understand my hubby’s language ,I put empty glass on table and walked away from party hall as I took lift to reach seventh floor of I am in corridor as I am looking after room 707 and I stand there as I knocked the I got sounds……..

“come inside door is open.”

And I pushed the door to enter inside room as I can see hubby’s boss jai drinking wine alone.looking at me ,he stand and walked to me as I put the door closed.Jai took me in his arms as I got nervous on his kiss ,I made up my mind to enjoy with him as I have hunger for sex with jai took me on sofa as he is sitting near me in a he put wine and soda in other glass as he offered me to drink……….

“have it you beautiful lady
(Bina)thanks for your compliment sir
(Jai)say me Jai not sir .”

As I took my glass and started drinking wine ,he put his hand on my thigh as he is rubbing it with his I took a cigarette from a packet as I lit it and while drinking wine ,I am smoking cigarette,I am in drunkun State as I can feel his hand moving on my thigh and going inside my miniskirt.looking at him ,I smiled……..

“jai ,have you preferred me instead of dozens of lady
(Jai)yes you are beautiful ,bold and your dressing makes me bit eager to meet you alone
(Bina)oh thanks for it but
(Jai)I offered your hubby indirectly as he accepts my proposal ,will you be with me for night
(Looking at him)sure it will be my pleasure.” As I put my empty glass on table and put my hand on his bulge of penis on while holding it ,I put my lips on his face as I am kissing him ,jai is rubbing my thighs as his hand is making me hot ,it’s near my pelvic I put my
lips on his lips as jai hold my waist and make me sit on his thigh,as our lips are locked ,he is sucking it as my sexy ass is on her left breast is touching his chest as I pushed my tongue in his mouth and jai have put his hand on my neck as she is sucking my long tongue.we both are in drunkun State as I am enjoying with a stranger and jai is good in sucking my tongue as his hand is rubbing my back.after a while ,I pushed his face as I took out my tongue and he is smiling ………

“you are sexy and young also .”

as I left his thigh and stand infront of him ,now pulled down my skirt to legs as I put my hand on my tops to remove I am standing as my body have undergarments only ,my boobs are caged in red brassier as my G string is making an imagination of it’s like a bold lady ,I put my one leg on his thigh as he is rubbing it and now while holding my waist ,he moved me closer to my waist is infront of Jai’s mouth as he is kissing it with his palm rubbing my sexy round bum,his lips are on my thighs as he is kissing my smooth thighs to legs.

Jai is pouring wine on my thigh as I unhooked my G string as it fells on ground ,my vaginal zone is nude as he is putting wine on my thighs and licking it with his tongue .my legs are wide apart as jai put my other leg on thigh and I put it my one leg on ground ,now he is pouring wine on my thigh to legs as his long tongue is rolling on my smooth and strong my legs are shivering as jai pushed his long finger in my vagina and while licking my thighs ,he is fingering my I am too horny as I put my hand on back and removed its strings to open the brassiere,I am nude in front of my hubby’s boss as he is licking my legs to thighs.after a while ,he put his tongue in my vagina as he is licking it while I have opened its vaginal hand is on Jai’s hairs as he is rubbing my back and while licking my cunt ,his finger is going inside my ass I am a horny lady as I can’t see his cock nude as his undies have covered it and I am screaming………..

“oohh aahh jai you are nice in licking ,lick my cunt fast.”

As his tongue is fucking my glory hole and after a while ,jai left me as he walked to Washroom while I am standing near its door.I moved inside as I took refreshment and coming back ,I can see jai sitting on sofa as I sits on his looking at him ,I pulled down his Bermuda as his long thick cock is in my hand and I removed it’s skin as my lips are loving I can see jai drinking wine as he is pressing my breast hard and I am licking his penis with my tongue and than I took his penis in my mouth as I started sucking hard ,he is screaming in pleasure……..”oohh aahh Bina you are a nice cock sucker .”

As I am sucking his penis hard and fast ,jai is massaging my boobs and after some time ,I put my tongue on his cock as it’s 09-10 inches long and 3 inches thick ,my dirty mind is thinking of it in my cunt for 20-25 minutes.after licking his penis ,I sit on his strong thighs as I am bit unconscious due to wine ,he put his lips on my face …….”Bina I think we should call for meals and than we will have bath and a nice fuck session
(Bina)as you wish .” And he started ringing to guest house kitchen and ordered for it as I am sitting on sofa ,he took me on his lap as I put my legs wide ,my ass is above his penis but no fuck ……..he is going to suck my boobs as my lovely breasts are on his face ,he opened his mouth and I put it inside his jai is sucking my boobs as he is rubbing my sexy ass ,his long erected penis is making me horny as I hold it and slowly pushed it in my vagina ,he is pushing his cock from below and I am pressing my heavy ass down to swallow his jai took my other breast in his mouth as he is pressing his long hit cock in my vagina and lastly ,he fucked me hard from below as his penis is in my vagina and I shouted………”oohh no it’s too hard darling don’t fuck me hard ,it’s tearing .” And he is sucking my boobs as I am jumping on his cock wildly ,his penis is going inside smoothly as I am feeling it’s glans hitting my vaginal depth and now he left my boobs ……….

“you are so sexy ,have not given me chance of thinking that you are going to be on my penis top
(As my ass is moving fastly )I love it jai ,surprising move on bed is my ability.”

And I am getting the fuck on his penis as he is now fucking me from below as I have put my arms on his shoulders ,my ass is swinging as his long cock is also moving fast ,after 5 minutes of fuck ,I started shouting………

“oohh aahh uumm jai fuck me hard ,I will cum soon.”

As he is giving me a hard fuck and my vagina become wet as it’s pouring juice from I left his penis as he is kissing my vagina ,while standing infront of him ,my legs are wide as his tongue is tasting it’s cum .now we both are in short break as his long cock is reddish ,looking like a iron rod.after a while ,door bell started ringing and I walked nudely to washroom but put my removed clothes in I am too hot as I am under cascade and now having bath alone ,I am waiting for Jai’s arrival and his fuck.after a while ,door getting the knock as I opened it and jai came we both are having bath as I have hold him tightly ,he hold his penis and pushed it in my cunt from front as his 2/3 Rd cock is in my wet cunt .now jai hold my one leg in air and fucked me hard from below as I put my lips on his jai is fucking me fastly as his penis have made my pussy wet and now it’s going faster inside deep valley and a nice party is going to end vagina is hot as jai is fucking me with speed and power and I am kissing his face as my boobs are pressing hard on his chest.after 5 minutes of deep penetration ,I started shouting……..

“it’s in fire ,rain your cum soon.” And he is fucking me wildely but poured his sperms in my vagina as I put my leg on ground and took out his penis from my vagina ,I knelt infront of him as I took his cock in my mouth to taste it’s cum.our session one ends ………….

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