My hubby sold me for night

It’s a nice evening as I am in balcony waiting for my hubby to come ,my eyes are on appartment’s main gate.while sitting on chair ,I have a cup of coffee to drink as I heard my mobile ringing ,so I put cup on ground as I walked to dinning space to pick up my mobile ,it’s my hubby Anish calling me……

“Hi , waiting for you darling
(Anish)sorry for late ,I will come after an hour as my college friend is with me
(Bina)oh he is posted in Noida
(Anish)no he is here for his official work ,Karan will be in our home for night
(Bina)ok I have no problem ,I will order to a local food plaza for our dinner
(Anish)sure but are you going to enjoy with Karan
(Bina) no way Anish ,I am not a whore and I have never seen him before
(Anish)He is a smart guy in his early thirties
(Bina)oh you have proposed me for your friend Karan ,but what’s the reason ?
(Anish)He will pay money for it ,25000 RS.
(Bina)oh I see ,love your money making effort Anish.”

As I put my mobile on table and started thinking about it ,it’s my destiny to have too many guys to please me ,either my younger brother Jeet ,his friend Sunny ,my hubby Anish,his boss Nishant and Jai ,guard Ishan , neighbourhood guy Raj and a client also… like a paid prostitute ,I have to spent a night with my hubby’s so called friend Karan.He is just a client for me or he is my hubby’s friend ,I can’t say with trust but I know change in taste is important to me as I will get a new cock to love for a feeling bit horny ,I walked to my bedroom as I opened the wardrobe and took out my dress to wear.It’s a blue colour miniskirt with a crop-tops as I removed my saree ,peticote and blouse to have a nice bath ,walking nudely inside washroom as I opened the tap of cascade and started making my body my body is wet as I closed the tap and put gels on my boobs to waist ,I leaned to put it on my thighs as well as legs ,my vagina got little hairs on it but my armpits have been shaved two days I have my bath as I rubbed my wet body with a towel and came inside my bedroom ,now standing infront of a large mirror ,I can see my hot body as my lovely boobs are big ,it’s too tight also ,I can see my vaginal labias distracted as I have got penis for 4-5 I put a pink coloured brassier on my boobs as I put a G string on my waist ,than crop-tops with miniskirt to cover my body as my thighs are nude ,skirt can cover half of my thighs only and my clevage can be seen easily as it’s sleeveless and deep I walked to dinning space as I put everything in place and than glasses on table ,after a while ,Anish called me again………

“Hi Anish
(Anish)we will be in home after 10 minutes
(Bina) ok have some Contraceptive pills also .” As I walked to my kitchen and have bottles of water as well as soda ,put it on sitting alone there thinking about my sexual love with a stranger ,Karan and than door bell started ringing as I walked to door and opened hubby Anish with a stranger came inside as I locked the door and they sits on sofa as Karan I’d eyeing my body……..”hi ,I am anish’s wife bina
(Karan)nice meeting you ,I am his college mate Karan ,still single and came here for official work
(Bina)nice to meet you ,will you stay here for night
(Karan looking at Anish)yes ,he have asked me to stay here for a night
(Bina)sure .”

As I sits opposite to them ,Anish opened his bag as he took out a bottle of he walked away leaving us alone as Karan started putting wine and soda in all three glasses , sitting with my legs crossed ,my upper parts of thighs are also visible as I know I have to be nude with Karan.after a while ,Anish came back as we three started drinking wine.looking at me ,Anish smiled…..”I am well exhausted ,so take care of my friend
(Bina)sure and what’s about dinner
(Anish)I will call for it to a local food plaza.”

As Karan lit the cigarette ,he is drinking wine while smoking cigarette,after two large packs of wine ,my body is semi unconscious as I can see my hubby Anish walking towards bedroom.I took a cigarette from its packet as I lit it and started smoking as my drinks is over ,looking at Karan ,a guy of 28-29 years with his slim figure ,I smiled……….

“you are still unmarried Karan
(Karan unbuttoning his shirt)yes will marry soon.”

As I can see him eyeing my boobs on tops ,I walked to him and sits on his thigh while putting my arms on his shoulder ,Karan put his hand on my back as he is rubbing it and I put my lips on his lips to left breast is touching his chest as I took his lips in my mouth to suck ,now ribbon have been cut for grand opening of the sexual function ,as I hold his neck and pushed my tongue in his mouth .Karan is sucking my tongue hardly as I am pressing my breast on his chest ,my miniskirt is up-to my pelvic zone as Karan is moving his palm on my thigh.He left my tongue as I put my head on his shoulder……..

“Karan ,you are unmarried ,so you are like a trainee hubby for now
(Karan pinched my ass)sure darling but this trainee will make you cry
(Bina kissed his face)love your determination .”

As I sits on sofa ,now my hand goes on his jeans and I started removing it ,later on Karan’s jeans is out of his legs and I started rubbing my hand on his strong hairy thighs.karan have put his hand on my back as he is rubbing my soft body with a hand pressing my breast on tops ,I have pulled the strips of crop-tops down to make my breast I removed his vest as I started kissing his wider chest while my hand is on his bulge of penis and Karan removed my crop-tops ,making my boobs semi nude as I am in unconscious state ,my act is like a prostitute.while kissing Karan’s chest to tummy ,I hold his undies and pulled it down to legs as he retaliated in same manner ,unhooked my shirt and pulled it down to my legs.

Karan is complete nude as I am in my undergarments only ,his long thick cock is in my hand as I knelt infront of him.
Karan is sitting on sofa as I put his legs on it ,bent his knees and now like a indian lady ,who put their legs spread to get fucked ,Karan is there.I can see his anus hole as I started masturbating his cock with my lips on his ass ,kissing it wildely ,I am making his cock hard as Karan moved forward on sofa ,now I can lick his ass hole.while masturbating his cock fastly ,my tongue is licking his ass hole as I know my hubby Anish have earned money while selling me for a night ,I am tasting his ass his cock got erected as I removed it’s skin and now my lips are kissing his penis base to shaft ,his soft reddish glans is inciting me for suck as I hold his penis and started moving his glans on my face to looking at him ,I opened my mouth as I took his 1/2 of cock to suck,my face is moving as I opened my whole mouth and took his 2/3 Rd cock in my mouth to a matured lady ,my face is moving fast as I am sucking a new cock as it’s taste breast is nude as Karan put his hand on my back ,opening its strings ,he is massaging me softer breast while holding it ,as my mouth is full of penis ,sexy voice

“oohh uumm ” is coming out of it .after sucking his cock for sometime ,I took out his long wet cock as my tongue started licking it ,he is screaming in pleasure….

“oohh aahh I have spent times with lots of prostitute ,never got sexy blonde like you .”

As I felt horny and took his cock again in my mouth to suck ,Karan have hold my hairs as he is pulling it to fuck my mouth with his long penis.after a while ,I left his penis as I stand infront of him and looking at him ,I unhooked my G strings as I pulled it down to make my vagina my legs are stretched as I have put a leg on his thigh ,he is moving his hand on my thigh and now he hold my waist as he moved me he put his face inbetween my thighs and started smelling my vagina as his nose is moving on my vaginal hole ,oh will he fuck me with his nose ? ,No no no….he started licking my vagina as his tongue is fucking my glory hole ,like a prostitute ,I have put my legs wider as I have hold his hairs also…..”oohh aahh lick my cunt fast” and he is tasting my vagina for a he hold my labias in between his fingers as he is pinching it hardly and my mouth sounds well”oohh aahh Karan don’t make it a hot boiler ,lick it I will cum ” but no mercy from him as he is pinching my labias and after a while ,my vagina is wet as it’s full of juice and now Karan walked to washroom.I am bit exhausted as my drunkun State have made me more wild and horny,I am still waiting for Karan .later on ,he is back as he is nude and now he put my one leg on chair as he is making space to put his long cock in my I hold his cock as I started rubbing it’s glans on my vaginal hole , slowly glans and some parts of penis is inside my vagina ,as Karan hold my waist ,he is pushing his cock in my wet cunt and than ,he fucked me hard as I hold him in my arms , screaming louder “oohh aahh it’s a rock hard penis ,fuck me fast.” And he is penetrating his penis from below as my boobs are brushing his chest ,we both are standing like a hot couple and his penis is moving fast in my smooth my lips started kissing his neck as my nails are moving on his back,he is pounding his cock as my vaginal parts are dry and I am screaming in joy

“oohh uumm fuck me hard you dog ” and after a while ,he took out his cock from my we both are sitting on sofa as he asked me for a piece of butter.walking nudely towards refrigerator ,I took out a small piece of butter and he made me a four legged animal as my legs are wider ,my one leg is on chair as he is going to penetrate his cock in deep vagina.looking back at him ,he is rubbing butter on my vagina as he pushed it inside with help of his finger and now he is fingering my vagina as he is making it wet to fuck my hubby Anish came there ,he pulled down his Bermuda and now standing infront of my face ,I hold his penis as I took it inside my mouth and Anish hold my hairs as I hold his he is pulling my hairs towards his waist as my mouth is getting the fuck of his penis and I can feel Karan’s 1/2 of penis in my vagina as he hold my waist and fucked me hard ,I shouted”uumm don’t fuck me too hard ” but Anish is fucking my mouth fastly as Karan is enjoying my vagina as his long thick penis is giving me a hard I started swinging my ass as his cock friction is making my vagina little dry ,path is smoother as butter have been put inside and my hubby have hold my one breast as other is in Karan’s vagina is getting the fuck it deserves as I am swinging my ass fastly ,but it’s natural that guy have to ejaculate sperms in vagina as gals or ladies don’t surrender easily and after 12-14 minutes of fuck ,both guys screamed “oohh aahh you bitch have my sperms inside ……have my cum in your mouth.”

And Karan poured cum in my cunt as my hubby Anish ejaculated sperms in my mouth.lastly I sucked Karan’s cock also and tasted it’s cum.feeling like a dirty whore ,I walked to Washroom.

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