My hot wife

My wife Anju is about 50 years old. She looks awesome. She has got 36-34-38 figure. Mast boobs. Black colour nipples. She does not wear bra. She looks hot in red coloured sleeveless blouse. Her deep navel is visible always. I can fuck her only once in a month due to my old age. My lund is only 3″ long.My fucking lasts only for 2 minutes.

So my wife is not sexually satisfied. Always she seems to be angry. How to sexually satisfy Anju is a real problem for me. At last I chalked out a plan. ” I can arrange a fucker for you “, I told Anju. Anju was so happy. Please arrange a thick lund for my cunt dear….Anju told…I have been hungry for sex for years together, she added. But…you have to do as I say. I have to arrange a nude photo session for you, I said. I have to click your sexy pics in mobile and upload in facebook to search a fucker for you, I added. Anju agreed to my proposal.First I told her to kneel down and lift her sarees. I clicked her gand.

Then I clicked her vagina, clitoris with her fingering act,inserting cucumber in her cunt pics,hot boobs, erect nipples,hairy armpits,ass hole etc. I uploaded in my facebook page. One person named kartik was impressed and asked whose pics are this. I told it belongs to my wife Anju. Ohhh..what a sexy wife you have, he replied. I asked if he is interested to fuck her. He nodded instantly. I told him to upload a pic of his lund for my wife’s approval. Kartik posted pic of his lund. It was 7″ long and about 2” diameter in fully erect condition. I showed it to Anju. She was overjoyed and asked me to get his mobile no so that she can directly contact him. I got the no. Anju talked to Kartik and told him you have such a masculine lund. ‘ My cunt is waiting for you dear..please fuck me right now. “,Anju told her. ‘ I am staying at Vizag, tonight I will start and reach your home tomorrow morning’ , Kartik told.

Anju was so happy. I was also happy as my wife is happy. Tomorrow morning at about 8am, Kartik reached and knocked our door. Anju has already taken bath and we had our breakfast. Anju was wearing a white saree without any blouse and pettycoat. Her black hairy armpits were visible.Her 36″ size large boobs with black nipples were visible from the white saree. Her navel was seen. Anju opened the door, Kartik was amazed to see her beauty. Anju hugged him and kissed him.

After Kartik took bath and had breakfast, I told him to fuck Anju in front of me. I want to enjoy the fucking act. Now I made Anju fully naked and sent to my bed room. Kartik entered. ohhh..what mast boobs u have…he told and grabbed Anju’s boobs with both hands. He squeezed for 10 minutes and chewed her nipples.Anju’s eyes were getting closed. Then he licked her hairy cunt and made it wet. Show me your lund, Anju cried. Kartik became naked and his 7” lund was visible.

My wife was overjoyed and sucked it like a hungry person. She sucked it up and down in her mouth for 10 minutes. It was becoming stout. Now it looked like a steel shaft. Anju was lying in her bed and Kartik put his lund inside her cunt and started fucking. In one shot, it entered deep. In and out….Anju screamed with pleasure…..fuck me….whole day fuck me…..ram me…screw me….meri pyaas bhujao…chodo mujhe…jor se pahar do…uhhhhh..ohhh…..hmmmm..

Kartik was fucking like a horse. I was making the video with my mobile. ohh What a lovely scene….. Kartik had taken viagra and so he fucked for 30 minutes non-stop. In various poses, he fucked. Sidewise and then doggy style. He was fucking with full force in doggy pose. After 30 minutes, he discharged. Gulp my sperm, Kartik shouted. Anju swallowed his cock like an ice-cream. You have really satisfied me Kartik, Anju said. Then lunch was arranged from a hotel.

After lunch, we took rest for a while. Again the fucking session started. This time Kartik fucked her ass slapping her bums. His lund was entering her gand….up and down..ohhh Kartik was rotating his lund and fucking Anju’s gand. Eventhough, Anju was crying with pain, I put a handkerchief inside her mouth. Fuch…puch….thitch….khuch…sound was coming. jor jor se chodo…meri gand ko phatado….drill my ass….fuck…Anju was crying.

After 15 minutes, Kartik discharged in Anju’s gand and withdrew his shaft. The entire scene was videographed by me. Kartik stayed at our house for two days and fucked my wife non-stop in morning,afternoon,and night. After he went, he came once in a month to satisfy my wife’s sexual thirst.

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