My honeymoon trip :part-03

Rima as well as Ankit have enjoyed sex in an early morning as we both slept on bed like a newly wed couple nudely.It’s 09:20 am as my eyes opened and I left the bed with my I am in Washroom as I took refreshment and have a nice bath under cascade ,used body gels to clean my body and than rubbed my wet body with a towel as I put a long skirt with tops on my body and now in bedroom ,I called room service for two cup of coffee as my hubby Ankit is on bed ,I started waking him and he opened his eyes and walked to washroom.ankit came to room after bath as we are having cup of coffee together ,looking at me ,he asked……..

“are you fine for visit to some historical places here
(Rima)sure after breakfast we will enjoy a day.”

And we ordered breakfast as I choose my dress for visit and took out a brown leggings as well as white tops ,now I am dressing myself behind a curtain to keep my hot body invisible from my hubby as I put a white 32C size brassier with a G string and than leggings to infront of my hubby Ankit as he is putting jeans with t’shirt and after a while we both are having breakfast.It’s 10:10 am as booked cab came there and I put my high heel sandals on legs with a purse in shoulder as we both walked out of hotel.we both are in cab as we have to visit Hawa Mahal ,Amber fort ,jantar mantar, jal Mahal and driver is driving the car smoothly as we both are talking while sitting on back we are at Hawa Mahal as Ankit have hold my wrist and we both walked towards it after having entry a newly married couple ,we both entered inside as we can see too many couples there ,as we both have spent 3-4 hours to see some historical place,we both are in our room at 01:35 afternoon as my hubby ordered room service for chilled beer with lunch.I moved inside washroom as I removed my leggings and tops,now put a long gawn on my body to cover my sexual organs.after a while ,service guy came there with booties of chilled beer and walked away.

Ankit closed the door as he put Bermuda on his waist ,now we both are on sofa as he is pouring beer in two glasses and I lit a cigarette to smoke.We both started drinking beer as I am smoking cigarette and after a full glass of beer ,I am in drunkun State as I put my hand on hubby’s thigh ,just rubbing my palm on Ankit hold my breast on my gawn ,he pressed it hard “oohh aauucchh ” and he kissed my face

“two line security for your lovely tits ” as I felt bit shy ,he is pressing my breast hard and my hand is getting the touch of his bulge of penis on Ankit put beer in glasses as I took it to drink ,while he is lifting my gawn upto my waist ,I pulled down his Bermuda and his semi erected cock is nude.Its mine only as I have hold it and started masturbating it slowly while Ankit have lifted my gawn upto my waist,he pulled down my panty and started fingering my vagina.we both are semi nude as I put my lips on his lips and kissing it wildly ,I put my tongue on his lips to lick it but Ankit opened his mouth as he took my tongue to suck.I am feeling horny as my vagina is fingered by him and I have my drinks over as I left my place and stand infront of I took out my gawn as I am in brassiere and only ,now while sitting on his legs ,I hold his cock as my lips are kissing it.ankit is enjoying drinks with his hand on my boobs as I started moving his glans on my lips ,he unhooked my brassiere ,now I am completely nude as I opened my mouth to swallow his long thick my hubby Ankit is pressing my breast hard as I am sucking his dick with my face moving fast,Ankit is screaming……

“oooh aahh suck my cock hard my darling .”

And I sucked it till it’s become fully erected,now licking my hubby’s penis with my long tongue ,my fingers is in his pubic hair as he is pressing my shaky breast hard ,we both are too hot as I took his dick again in my mouth to mouth have hold it tightly as I am giving him a nice jerk but left it to have his cock in my cunt,now I walked towards washroom as door bell started ringing ,as I can see my hubby putting his Bermuda on his waist in hurry and putting all my removed clothes inside wardrobe as I moved inside washroom and closed the doors to urinate.after a while ,Ankit is knocking the door as I opened it and I can see him nude with two glass in his hand full of door of Washroom is opened as he have me a glass and I said……

“Ankit if I will drink it I will be unconscious
(Ankit),oh darling ,I am with you have it.”

As we both are in washroom ,I knelt in front of Ankit and now glass is on hand as I put his long dick in my glass full of beer for a while ,how it will taste ?, Just do it to know it’s taste as I took out his wet cock and started licking it with my tongue for a while ,now I am drinking beer as I am standing while my hubby is on my legs with his glass .I stretched my legs as he put beer on my vagina and while licking it with his tongue ,he is rubbing my back ,now his finger have widend the hole as his long tongue is fucking my cunt like a dog and I am screaming in pleasure……

“oohh aahh Ankit I will cum soon ,lick it fast.”

As my legs are shivering ,he took my labias in his mouth as my cunt become juicy and he tasted my under cascade we both have bath together as he rubbed my wet body with towel ,I rubbed my hubby’s wet body ,walked nudely to we both are on bed as I slept ,he put his glans on my vagina and started pushing it hardly ,my wet cunt have swallowed his 1/2 of cock as he fucked hard “ooh Ankit ,it’s a hot rod in my vagina ” and he fucked my vagina again and his whole penis is in my deep he is fucking me with speed as well as power as I am enjoying his penis in missionary position ,my cunt is getting the brushes of thick cock as my pain is little incomparision to hubby is giving me a hard fuck as he is massaging my breast also.I am sleeping on bed as Ankit is fucking my cunt hard and I started moving my ass up as well as Ankit came on my top as he is fucking me wildely and while holding him tightly ,I started bouncing my sexy ass to enhance our sexual pleasure.our honeymoon trip is going well as it’s round three in 24 hours ,now my lips are kissing ankit’s lips to face as my soft boobs is pressing hard on his chest.our sexual organs are hot as my vagina is like a hot boiler and I am screaming

“oohh aahh Ankit need your cum in my hot vagina” as he is fucking me hard ,his body weight have made my body pressurized and after 9-10 minutes of fuck ,Ankit shouted “oohh aahh my cum is in your vagina ” and my firesh cunt got the sperms in we both are too tired ,we cleaned and washed our sexual organs and have lunch together ,than have a rest till 07:20 pm.

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