My GF Discover’s Mike’s Huge Dick

This story revolves around cuckolding, both non-consensual and consensual, with a little bit of humiliation. If these are not your kinks, do not read this story and do not bother commenting.

I was in my dorm room with my girlfriend, Natalie, and things were getting frisky between us as we lied underneath my bedsheets. My dorm room was extremely small and had two beds parallel to each other that were only about 5 feet apart — the other bed was empty since my roommate was currently out drinking at the bars. This gave my girlfriend and I some much needed alone time since she lived with her parents and they were strict about having boys over.

We were making out as things got hot and heavy between us. My dick was hard as a rock as I started to slip her blouse down, when, suddenly, my roommate stumbled through the door —

“Logan! Jesus, learn to knock!” I annoyingly snapped at him as I quickly threw my bedsheet over my girlfriend who had her blouse partially pulled down. She embarrassingly pulled them back up under the sheets as I readjusted my positioning so I was no longer on top of her but lying next to her instead.

“Oh, shit… my bad, dude…” he blithered as he stumbled towards his bed that was across from mine — it was clear he had drank way too much, probably getting himself kicked out of the bar.

My girlfriend giggled and looked at me with a ‘what-are-we-going-to-do-now’ expression on her face. I was so ridiculously horny after having made out with her for the past ten minutes that I whispered to her suggesting we should continue discreetly under the bedsheets.

“… Logan will notice though…” she hesitantly whispered back.

I looked over at him.

“He looks pretty drunk, he might not. And even if he does — ” I grabbed a handful of her ass under the sheets — “why don’t we give him a bit of a show?”

Natalie looked at me surprised. “Are you… are you serious…?”

The thing is, Natalie, my girlfriend of three months now, was incredibly hot and a lot of my friends complimented me on scoring her, Logan especially. I knew Logan always hits on her when I’m not around and I thought what better way to show him she’s mine than to fuck Natalie right in-front of him.

That’s when Logan piped up, probably thinking that we were whispering to each other about how to get rid of him — “If you guys wanna mess around, I’ll go crash on the couch in the dorm hall or somethin…” he said blearily.

“Nah, it’s okay… stay… maybe you’ll enjoy the show…” I snickered as I started running my hands over Natalie’s body.

I caught Logan squinting over at us, trying to fight off the effects of the booze he drank, as I started kissing Natalie again. She was hesitant in reciprocating at first but I started rubbing her clit underneath the bedsheets, getting her in the mood again. With only a short few caresses of my finger over the top of her panties, she started kissing me back, eventually transitioning to full-on making out. Soon, her blouse came off and I snapped off her bra. I expected her to pull the bedsheets over us to prevent Logan getting a peak at her naked tits… but she didn’t — instead, she kissed me back even harder.

Her perfect 32E tits were basking in the moonlight shining through our dorm room window and I snuck a glance over at Logan to see if he was watching — he was lying down, eyes fixed on Natalie’s rack just as I imagined he would be. I immediately took one of her tits in my mouth and groped the other while looking at him. Natalie moaned and ran her hand through my hair as I suckled on her nipple, squeezing and mauling her other tit in my other hand.

I looked up at her and noticed she briefly looked over at Logan and then looked back down at me. I sucked on her other nipple and started undressing her pants, pulling them down along with her panties too. Natalie was completely naked now and she had pushed the bedsheets over to the side, making sure every inch of her exquisite body was visible to Logan. I was revelling in the fact that all Logan could do was stare at how hot she was while knowing he would never be able to touch her the way I was touching her…

“Goddamn…” I heard Logan exhale. I looked over at him and grinned, catching the look of disbelief on his face at how sexy Natalie looked while naked. Natalie giggled and playfully asked “like what you see?”

“Hell yes I do…” he murmured.

My ego took a huge boost after hearing him say that and I started kissing Natalie’s slender stomach all the way down to her dripping pussy. I was just about to go down on her when Logan asked,

“You don’t mind if I… uh… jerk off… do you?… I mean, you are giving me a show…”.

At first, I was weirded out at the request but then had to suppress a laugh — I thought it was hilarious that Logan, who kept teasing me that Natalie was out of my league, was going to jerk off to her getting fucked by me.

“Uh… sure bud, do what you gotta do…” I said, stifling a giggle. I started going to town on Natalie’s pussy — I ran my tongue in circles around her tiny clit and gently sucked on it while inserting two fingers in her. I made my tongue as flat as possible and ran it side-to-side across the hood of her clit while I pressed my inserted fingers up against her g-spot. Once my fingers were in position, I synced up the pace of my licking with the strokes of my fingers rubbing against her g-spot and looked up to Natalie, expecting to see her face scrunched up in ecstasy from my maneuvers.

However, Natalie was not looking down at me at all…

Instead, she was looking over at Logan when I saw her eyes get big all of a sudden…

I resurfaced from Natalie’s pussy to see what she was looking at… when I saw it.

The lights were off in our dorm room and was only lit by the moonlight coming in from the window but it was enough for me to see what she was staring at — a huge, long silhouette of what looked like Logan’s cock…

I froze what I was doing as I stared in disbelief at how massive it was, half-convinced the dim lighting was playing tricks on my eyes. Logan slowly stroked it with one hand and it felt like it took forever for his hand to travel from the base of his cock to the tip of his head…

That’s when I noticed Natalie had moved her hand to her clit and started slowly rubbing it while she was staring at Logan’s dick.

“What, my tongue wasn’t good enough?” I annoyingly asked her. She snapped out of her gaze and looked down at me, almost as if she suddenly remembered I was there between her legs.

“What? Oh… sorry… no, you were doing great, keep going…” she mumbled.

I felt a flare of jealousy spike in my chest as she moved her hand away, leaving her clit bare for me to resume. However, caught up in that moment of jealousy, I decided to move up and shove my dick into her — even if Logan had a much bigger cock than me, it was me who still got to fuck Natalie and I was going to show him that.

“Oh! Okay, getting right to it then…” Natalie quipped, surprised by my sudden transition to missionary. I stared into her eyes while I inserted my cock into her, mainly to make sure she was looking at me instead of Logan, and started slowly pumping in and out of her.

After a few moments of penetration, Natalie pushed me off, much to my surprise. She got up off the bed and told me to sit up-right on the side of the bed. As I did what I was told, she turned around, backed her ass up on my lap, and sat on my cock as she faced towards Logan…

Now, his bed was parallel to mine and only a few feet away so this meant Logan was getting a top-to-bottom view of Natalie’s naked body as she slowly rode my cock.

I sat there, partially paralyzed, partially jealous at Natalie’s sudden desire to show herself off in-front of Logan. She was moaning and grabbing her tits, squeezing them in each of her hands as she rode my cock. It certainly seemed like she was being more enthusiastic than usual… I couldn’t see Natalie’s face since she was facing away from me but I could see Logan’s… and he was looking right into Natalie’s eyes as he stroked off his cock. I started having flashbacks to all the moments where I knew Logan was hitting on Natalie when I wasn’t there and my jealousy started bubbling up inside of me. I placed my hands on Natalie’s hips and made her ride me faster, a sudden wave of horniness rushing over me accompanying the jealously…

I was perplexed at the mix of emotions I felt in that moment but I didn’t have much time to process them as, suddenly, we heard a car drive by outside our dorm room and its headlights illuminated our dimly lit room through our window — the beams of light washed over Logan’s side of the room, giving Natalie and I a very clear view of Logan’s cock for the first time…

It was ginormous…

Both thick and long, with bulging veins and a very defined, round, bulbous tip. The light reflected off of his shiny pre-cum dripping down his shaft and he had quickened his tempo while jerking it.

Natalie paused riding me for a moment as soon as she saw his cock.

“… oh my god…” she softly whispered.

I felt her move her hand to her clit again and started rubbing herself while resuming riding my dick, quickening her pace as well.

Logan stroked his humongous dick even faster in response, a slight smirk forming across his face…

My jealously raged through my chest when I heard my girlfriend moan those words as she looked directly at Logan’s cock and, to my bewilderment, I became so ridiculously turned on that I immediately felt an orgasm building up inside of me…

“… goddamn Logan… you are hung like a horse…” she whimpered with a very obvious tone of admiration.

My body completely lost control as my girlfriend’s words pierced me like a stake, making me feel things I had never felt before as her words echoed in my head. I immediately came inside of her, moaning and groaning to my girlfriend’s thrusts.

“Wait… are you cumming already?!” she confusingly asked.

I fell back on the bed after my quick orgasm, laying there in a mixture of embarrassment and humiliation. I was so confused as to what had happened, but then, eventually, my confusion turned into anger as post-orgasm clarity hit me — I started recalling how my girlfriend was seemingly getting herself off to the sight of Logan’s cock… how she said he was “hung like a horse” while being fully aware that I could hear her…

“Get off…” I muttered, pushing her off of me “I’m going to bed…”.

Natalie immediately looked worried, seemingly realizing she had fucked up by letting those words slip out of her mouth. I got under the covers and pretended to go to sleep, facing away from her. In reality, I was seething, replaying her words over and over again in my head as I tried to figure out what to do or say to her the next morning. All I knew was that, in that moment, I didn’t want to face her and Logan.

“Oh… okay babe… sleep well… I love you…” I heard her concerningly whisper to me but I didn’t reply. Instead, I kept my back towards her, continuing to pretend that I was falling asleep.

I heard her go the washroom to presumably clean out my cum from her pussy and, eventually, felt her slip under the covers and lay next to me, trying to cuddle up to my back that was still facing her. She kissed the back of my head while she attempted to cuddle with me but I continued to ignore her and stew in my confusing thoughts…

Why was I so turned on? Why did I cum so quick?

After awhile of laying there trying to wade through the jealousy and horniness I was still feeling, I started dozing off for real…

A half-hour passed.

And then, I felt Natalie nudge me.

“Pst… babe… are you awake?”

My mind groggily woke up from the slumber I was dozing off into but I didn’t move nor say anything to her. I didn’t really want to since I was still mad and wasn’t in the mood to talk to her so I pretended I was still asleep.

A few moments of silence went by.



“Babe… you awake?”

At first, I was annoyed but then I realized she probably couldn’t sleep because she felt bad about what she said and wanted to talk to me about it, to make me feel better…

But then, I heard her slowly get out of bed…

I heard her slowly walk across the room…

And then I heard Logan’s bed creak, as if someone was climbing into it…

Stunned, I quietly turned around without making any noise. I noticed that the moonlight had shifted towards Logan’s side of the room, completely masking me in darkness as I peered over at his bed…

And what I saw, made my stomach plunge.

Logan had apparently passed out with his dick out and Natalie was in his bed, kneeling in-between his legs, staring at Logan’s cock…

I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing.

Natalie had a look on her face like she was in complete disbelief of how big Logan’s dick was. Somehow, his dick was still hard from jerking it, maybe because he was so drunk? She briefly glanced over at me to see if I was still asleep, making me shut my eyes in horror thinking she might have noticed me watching but when I slowly opened my eyes again, I nearly doubled over at what I saw.

My girlfriend was stroking his cock with both her hands…

I was completely at a loss for words. But, nothing could have prepared me for what she did next.

She lowered her face close to his cock, took one look at Logan, who was still fast asleep, and then immediately swallowed his dick into her mouth. She held his cock in her mouth like that, completely stationary, and just savoured his taste for a moment, closing her eyes and slightly moaning. Then she slowly inched more and more of his shaft down her throat and, eventually, started bobbing her head up and down the top half of his dick. She gripped the lower half with one hand and massaged his balls with the other while she sucked him off in his sleep.

It didn’t take long for Logan to start stirring awake as Natalie enthusiastically sucked his cock.

He opened his eyes and looked down, suddenly seeing his dick going in and out of Natalie’s mouth.

“…wait, wha–” he began but Natalie immediately covered his mouth with her hand and whispered “Shhhh! You’ll wake up my boyfriend…”. She slowly removed her hand and resumed sucking his cock, much to Logan’s dismay.

“He’s right there! He could wake up any moment!?” Logan frantically whispered.

“Hey, relax… he’s a very heavy sleeper. Trust me, we’ll be fine…”.

Logan looked over at me as I was submerged in darkness and then looked back down at my girlfriend, sucking his cock. “… Damn… you just couldn’t resist my cock, huh? Couldn’t take your eyes off it earlier too”.

Logan pulled his cock out of Natalie’s mouth, pulled her up to his face, and kissed her. She moaned and kissed him back, hard.

“…I had no idea you were this big…” she said in-between kissing him, “like, holy shit, my boyfriend is so small compared to you…”.

Logan stifled a laugh while I wanted to yell and scream at them both. However, my boner raged harder than ever as I watched Natalie continue to stroke Logan off while complimenting him on how big his cock was.

“Your dick is the same size as my forearm! Like, what the fuck, Logan…” continued Natalie as she placed her arm side-by-side his cock. Logan moved her arm away and pushed her head back down onto his dick, forcing Natalie to start sucking his cock again. She obeyed and got to work on his dick, slurping and bobbing up and down as much of his shaft as she could take. He tilted his head back in bliss while Natalie attempted to deepthroat him, but she didn’t get far without choking and gagging on his cock.

“Fuck… I’ve never had a dick that made me choke that easily… I fucking love it.” whispered Natalie, as she started kissing his dick.

“Holy, you’re so horny… I’ve never seen a girl kiss my dick before” Logan quietly laughed.

“Well yeah I’m horny, my boyfriend fucked me for like three minutes and then just went to bed…”.

Logan quietly laughed. “Ah, so basically what you’re saying is he didn’t take care of you. Well, I can fix that.”

He then got up and re-positioned himself behind Natalie, who was on all fours with her ass sticking out, ready to take his dick.

Natalie looked back at him with a scared look on her face. “Oh god… To be honest, I’m so nervous about taking that huge cock… I’ve never taken one as big as yours…” whimpered Natalie as Logan rubbed the head his dick up and down her pussy lips.

“Really? That’s what you’re nervous about?! Not the fact that your boyfriend could wake up any minute and see us fucking?!”

“… just shut up and put it in… and be quiet so we don’t wake him…”

Logan chuckled. “Why don’t you ask a bit nicer? How bad do you want this dick inside of you Natalie?”

Natalie looked at Logan and hesitated for a second. She stared at him and then, after a few moments of feeling Logan tease her pussy with the head of his cock, said “Please, daddy… teach me how to take a big cock like yours. You always hit on me when my boyfriend isn’t around — here’s your chance to fuck me better than him!”

I wanted to die hearing those words as Logan took her up on her begging, slowly forcing his thick huge cock in-between her pussy lips.

Natalie squirmed and squealed, trying her best to stay quiet as Logan attempted to penetrate her with his huge member. She grabbed a fistful of the bedsheets just as the head of his cock slipped in, putting her head down in Logan’s pillow as she braced herself.

“Ughhhgh fuck!!!” Natalie squealed, trying her best to stay quiet, “Wow… okay… you’re totally going to have to cover my mouth if you want me to be quiet!!!”

Logan covered her mouth with one hand while grabbing her neck with the other. He started inching more and more of his huge cock with each thrust, deeper into her widening pussy as he held her mouth closed. Finally, his whole cock was in her and he started pistoning in and out of her, causing Natalie to tremble and shake with each thrust — her moans were muffled with Logan’s hand but they were still audible, even as she desperately tried to keep her voice down.

She removed Logan’s hand and whispered with a trembling voice, “oooh my godddd, Logan… I’ve never felt so full in my life… your cock feels so fucking good!!! Pound me daddy!”.

I nearly came in my pants right there and then as I watched Natalie get pounded by Logan, his bed creaking under the weight of his thrusts. Natalie’s moans and whimpering were getting louder despite Logan’s hand covering her mouth so he pushed her face down into the pillow, muffling her a voice bit better than his hand did.

“Oh fuckkk, I’m gonna cum on your cock Logan!” my girlfriend moaned through the pillow and Logan quickened his pace, ramming his thick huge cock in and out of her. I saw Natalie convulse all over as she had a massively powerful orgasm, his pillow absorbing the brunt of her muffled screams. She kept thrusting her ass back onto Logan’s dick in unison to his forward thrusts, intensifying her orgasm as she held onto the pillow for dear life.

After what felt like entire minutes of her cumming on Logan’s dick, she eventually started to soften her moans and slowed down the pace of her thrusts as she came down from her orgasm’s high.

“… holy shit Logan… I’ve never cum so quick and so hard in my life…” she cooed as she looked back at Logan behind her, his dick still deeply lodged in her.

Logan chuckled. “Guess your boyfriend hasn’t been giving it to you properly, huh?”.

I felt a massive pang of humiliation mixed in with rage and horniness all wrapped into one. I laid there, mortified and turned on beyond anything I’ve ever experienced as I gaped over at my girlfriend and my roommate, who were now cuddling and making out.

Natalie passionately kissed him and stroked the side of his face. “Seriously… your cock feels so much better than his… We should do this every night while he’s asleep so you can fuck me proper.” Natalie suggested.

My gut heaved at her suggestion as Logan laughed.

“Why don’t you just break up with him then?”

Natalie paused before answering. “Because… he’s really sweet and I do love him… it’s just… I don’t love his dick…” giggled Natalie.

She then pulled Logan off the bed and dropped down to her knees. She looked up at him while kneeling on the floor and started enthusiastically sucking his cock again. Logan tilted his head back and stroked the side of my girlfriend’s hair.

They were only about two feet away from me as I pretended to be a sleep. The moonlight still fell on the pair of them, illuminating my girlfriend as she hungrily sucked my roommate’s dick right in-front of me, oblivious to the fact that I was watching her.

“You wanna cum in my mouth? Or on my face?” she whispered to Logan.

I couldn’t believe what I just heard her say — Natalie never let me cum in her mouth or on her face, despite knowing it’s something I’ve always wanted to try… she told me that cum tastes gross and its demeaning when a guy cums on a girl’s face…

“Where do you want me to cum?”

“Mhmmmm… in my mouth please.” Natalie moaned as she kept energetically sucking his cock.

It didn’t take long for Logan to start cumming as Natalie was aggressively deepthroating the top half of his huge dick while furiously stroking the bottom half with both her hands. Logan announced he was about to finish and covered his mouth as his knees buckled, shooting load after load into Natalie’s eagerly waiting mouth. She purred and moaned as he filled her up with cum, helping him by continuing to jerk his dick into her mouth.

After a long, deep exhale from Logan, he finally finished cumming and Natalie looked up at him, her mouth open, showing off his huge load to him. She swished it around her mouth with her tongue, causing some of it to spill on her tits, and then swallowed his entire load in one slow gulp.

Logan looked at her in amazement and then reached down to her tits — “Looks like you didn’t get all of it” — and he wiped his cum off her tits with his finger, offering it to Natalie.

Natalie looked at him seductively and licked his finger clean.

“Mhmmmm… to be honest, I only let you cum in my mouth because I know how much guys like that… but… your cum actually tastes good… I think I want some more tomorrow night…”

I was floored. Completely wrecked as I laid there in complete darkness. My loving girlfriend, whom never let me cum in her mouth, was revelling in it with my roommate. My boner was twitching, essentially on the precipice of cumming as it seemingly begged me to touch it but my anger and humiliation was overwhelming me, paralyzing me as I remained frozen in my bed watching them.

Natalie got up from her knees and passionately kissed Logan for awhile. They were still standing only two feet away from me and my girlfriend’s ass was at eye-level with me as I laid on the bed. Logan was squeezing her ass-cheeks as he made out with her, right in-front of my face…

“I don’t know why…” Natalie said in-between kissing, “but, fucking in front of my boyfriend, knowing he could wake up any minute and catch us, made everything so much hotter…” Natalie giggled, aggressively grabbing a handful of Logan’s limp cock. “You better fuck again tomorrow night. I’m not ready to give this up yet.” she said as she squeezed his soft dick, still massive in her petite feminine hands despite not even being hard.

Logan smirked, agreeing to fucking her again the next night and they eventually broke away, plopping into each other’s respective beds. Natalie cuddled up against me and even kissed me on the cheek — I could smell Logan’s cum on her lips and my boner ached with how rock-hard it was…

It wasn’t long till she fell asleep and my boner died down, letting me fall asleep too as the whirlwind of emotions and replays in my head were drowned out by sleepiness.

The next morning, I woke up and groggily rubbed my eyes, squinting around to see if anyone else was awake. Natalie was sleeping beside me still but Logan’s bed was empty and made. He had early morning classes today.

It wasn’t long until Natalie started stirring awake too — my heart started beating a million miles per second as the events of last night started to trickle back to me as I watched my cheating girlfriend wake up next to me…

“Mhmm…. hey babe… morning!” She gave me a groggy kiss on the lips.

I tasted Logan’s cum again. Jealousy, rage and horniness swelled up inside of me.

I don’t know what came over me but I immediately kissed my girlfriend back again. Hard.

She squirmed. “Mhmm, someone’s feisty this morning…”.

I didn’t answer and started aggressively making out with her. She reciprocated and tore my t-shirt off. I ripped her bra off, then her shorts, then her panties as we passionately frenched each other. She tried getting on top of me but I pinned her down and whipped out my cock. I rubbed it up and down her pussy and she tilted her head back, moaning and purring each time the head of my cock brushed against her clit.

“Oh fuckkk, just put it in already!” she moaned.

I inserted myself and could noticeably tell she felt looser than usual. Much to my surprise, this turned me on even more and I fucked the absolute shit out of her. It didn’t take long for me to cum after having been so worked up from the previous night but I got hard again quickly and we had even more sex after I came. The thing is, she didn’t cum at all during our sex session, but for some reason, she was acting the most passionate and energetic I had ever seen her… except for last night when she was fucking Logan…

After we finished, we got the rest of the day started which consisted of lectures, studying at the library, getting food from the dorm cafeteria, etcetera. But the entire time, I couldn’t focus. My head was spinning between the anticipation of watching her cheat on me again tonight and feeling extremely angry and betrayed by my girlfriend. It was obvious Natalie could tell something was off with me as she kept asking if I was okay but I kept brushing her off, having absolutely no idea how to navigate the feelings I was having, let alone how to talk to her about them… Plus, she was acting super sweet to me for some reason, touching me, giving me back hugs, kisses on the cheek, saying she loves me… it was all messing with my head.

Later that night, I pretended to go to bed early. As I laid there in bed with my eyes closed but anxious with anticipation of what was about to happen, It didn’t take long for Natalie to try to poke me and see if I was asleep or not. Of course, I pretended I was and my girlfriend wasted no time jumping into Logan’s bed, waking him up with his dick in her mouth just like she did last night.

They fucked for much longer this time — at least 2 hours — and she even let him cum in her mouth again, all while Natalie kept admiring and praising his huge cock. She constantly made comparisons between Logan and me, rubbing it in how he was so much superior in bed than I was. I felt crushed every time she did but it made me uncontrollably horny at the same time…

The next morning, Natalie and I fucked like animals again. Her pussy felt even more stretched out and she never did cum with me but it was some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had…

This pattern pretty much repeated every night — I’d pretend to fall asleep and Natalie would fuck the shit out of Logan right next to me, having orgasm after orgasm on his huge cock while trying not to wake me. Then, the next morning, I’d ravage her the moment we were both awake (as long as Logan had left for his early classes by then).

One of those days however, took an unexpected turn of events. The night before, Logan had cum in Natalie’s pussy, much to my horror. I started to question whether I was letting this get too out of control but the sheer amount of being turned on after witnessing him filling up my girlfriend with his cum was something I had never experienced. And then, the next morning, Natalie did something she never did before…

I woke up the next morning feeling something heavy on my face, smelling something that smelled awfully familiar… I groggily opened my eyes and saw Natalie was trying to ride my face, her pussy planted right on-top of my mouth.

I panicked, instantly remembering Logan had cum in her pussy the night before but the smell of her cum-filled pussy was intoxicating, overwhelming my rational thoughts as a huge wave of horniness came over me — I succumbed to my girlfriend’s offering and immediately started eating her out.

“Mhmmmmm, that’s a good boy” Natalie moaned, stroking my hair with one hand and pinning my arms down with the other.

She rode my face as I ate her out, my boner on the edge of exploding. Natalie reached behind her towards my cock and felt my excruciatingly hard boner — she smiled and started jerking me off while grinding her pussy on my face.

I didn’t last long, cumming only minutes later…

Natalie did this to me nearly every morning after fucking Logan. On the days where Logan didn’t cum in her pussy, Natalie and I fucked like rabbits the morning after instead of her riding my face.

I had no idea how Natalie was keeping up with the both of us as she got her brains fucked out by Logan at nighttime and then ravaged by me the morning after, but she was by-far the happiest I had ever seen her in my life. Me, on the other hand… well, I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about all this, but, so far, I haven’t missed a single night of watching my girlfriend getting wrecked by my roommate’s huge dick…

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