My dirty mind

It’s a cold winter as I am alone in my house of an hubby have left for office as I feel some sort of fun….but who will give me company? ,My mind is dirty as our society permits married ladies sexual relationship with their hubby’s only but I am thinking out of it.Its 12:30 afternoon as I made call to security desk and asked for Ishan as he is a security staff on gate but I have made him my personal servant also for my households work as I pay him also.Ishan is a 28-29 years guy with a nice physique and his height of 6’1 feet makes him special as he received call ,I said……….

“Ishan Bina madam speaking
(Ishan)yes madam
(Bina)I have some work inside my house ,so if you get time for an hour come here
(Ishan)sure after half an hour in lunch time.”

As I am wearing a long woollen gawn upto my legs ,I have put a scarf on head to cover it ,it’s a December last foggy season as dense fog have made visibility low and I am sitting on sofa in dinning space as I took out a bottle of wine from my hubby’s I am drinking wine as I want to make myself horny as well as semi unconscious to enjoy physical love with a stranger while drinking wine ,I am thinking about my way to put proposal infront of him as I got idea and I walked to door as I opened its lock and just put it like closed and sits on sofa waiting for Ishan to come.a 26 years married lady with her nice figure of 32-26-36 is feeling the heat inside her vagina.myself Bina Mishra is a renowned cheater for her hubby Anish as I have put my brassiere and panty out of my gawn,later on door bell started ringing as I shouted……

“come in door is open.”

And Ishan came inside as he locked the door from inside ,I have put my both legs on table while sitting on sofa as he came ,I asked…….

“actually maid is not here and I have little pain on my legs as I slipped on washroom’s floor ,so please massage my legs with oils.” As Ishan walked towards kitchen and came back with a bottle of he is sitting on floor as looking at me ,he put his hand on my leg and started lifting my gawn gawn is upto my knees as he put oil on my legs and started rubbing it on my legs ,I am showing him some sort of pain as I am screaming……

“oohh yes press your hand hard ……rub it Ishan.”

And he have put oils on my both legs as he is rubbing it with his strong palms,he is busy in giving me a nice massage on legs as I am lifting my gawn slowly towards my pelvic zone but now it’s on my thighs and looking at me ,Ishan smiled……..

“madam jee Dard Kam hua
(Bina)thoda jaangh tak ki maalish kar do lagta hai pair mein moch aa gaya hai.”

And I can see Ishan now putting oils on my thighs as I lifted my gawn upto my pelvic zone ,I have put it on waist but my vagina is still well Ishan is rubbing his palm on my strong thighs as my vaginal itching started growing and he is moving his hand upto my waist but not inbetween my thighs as I have given him a green signal for love,rest depends upon I can feel his one hand moving towards my vagina as he lifted my gawn and made my vagina nude and I have stretched my legs wider……..

“madam iske andar bhi Dard hai kya
(Bina)thoda thoda hai Ishan.” And than things started changing in favour of me as he have put his hand on my vagina just rubbing it with his hand.

I am too hot as well as horny as my lower parts are nude and now I removed the front lashes of gawn as Ishan now put my both legs on hand ,while holding it ,he inches forward and now started kissing my vagina as I took out my gawn from my body.I am a complete nude lady infront of security guard Ishan but posts don’t matter ,it’s a penis that will make me love and he started licking my vagina as I have widend its hole with his hand massaging my boobs and Ishan is rolling tongue in my vagina as I am screaming in pleasure……….

“oohh aahh uumm Ishan now suck my cunt .”

As he took my vagina in his mouth to suck and his hard hand is pressing my breast hard and lastly he left my vagina.
Ishan is now sitting on sofa as I started removing his shirt and trouser,after a while his long thick penis is nude as I am sitting on his legs ,looking at him……..

“go to Washroom and wash your lund.”

As he walked to washroom and I make drinks in two glasses as I am drinking wine as Ishan came and got the drink ,now he is sitting on sofa as he is drinking wine and now my hand have hold his long thick penis.I put my lips on his penis as I started kissing it and his soft glans is giving me a nice touch on my face but took it soon in my mouth to I am sucking it hard as his hand is pressing my boobs hard and my face is moving fastly as I am feeling his 9-10 inches long and 3 inches thick cock in my mouth.after sucking Ishant’s dick for 2-3 minutes ,I left his cock and now sits on sofa as he is kissing my face and lastly ,I asked……..

“Ishan now show your penis strength in my vagina.”

As I am like a bitch on sofa ,my ass is on sofas corner and looking at him ,I can see him pushing his cock in my vagina.I can feel his 1/2 of penis in my cunt as he hold my waist and fucked hard as he fucked hard again and I shouted in pain……

“oohh Ishan your cock is too hard.”

As he is fucking me with speed and power ,my elastic vagina is full of penis as I am feeling like it will tear it but it’s Bina Mishra’s cunt and now I am enjoying a long cock as I started swinging my ass ,he is pounding hard while I am screaming in joy……..

“oohh Ishan fuck me hard ,aahh be fast.”

And he is pounding my vagina as I am a dirty whore ,now I screamed…..”aur Tej chodo Ishan ,meri but se Paani nikalne waali hai.”

And he is fucking me hard as my vagina got wet ,now he took out his penis as he is licking my vagina for a while.
I walked to washroom as I urinated there and have refreshment,feeling some brushing in my soft vagina ,any how came back as I took a glass full of wine and Ishan is also drinking it while his hand is on my breast ,I asked him……..

“Ishan have you fucked any lady of this appartment’s flat
(Ishan)Bina madam now stand like a four legged animal ,I will reveal names also ” as I am standing on legs with my arms on dinning table ,Ishan is behind my ass as he is pushing his cock in my vagina ,his 2/3 Rd penis is inside my cunt as he hold my waist and fucked me hard “oohh you bull fuck me hard and fast ” and Ishan is giving me a nice fuck as he is penetrating hard ,I started swinging my ass like a body is in sensation as I am on the peak of mountain ,sexual climax is at height and Ishan is giving me hard fuck with his hand holding my breast.looking back at him ,I smiled……

“Ishan your cock is too long and thick ,will give you chance weekly.”

As he is fucking me for 12-14 minutes ,I am feeling the heat as my cunt is dry and in fire ,now I screamed……

“Ishan meri bur mein aah lagi Hui hai ,jaldi se aage bujha do
(Ishan)ye le be Randi teri but mein mask jhaad Raha hoon.”

And his sperms ejaculated in my vagina as I walked to washroom after Ishan put his dress and left my home.

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