My best friend’s mom

Hello readers I’m kevin, this story here is my fantasy and reality it’s a mixture of them both. So sit back and keep you tissues ready but not for this part, you will have to wait till the second part.

This is a long story and i hope my readers would be patient enough to understand the feelings of an writer and read it.

Well introduction is an must i guess, so as i said earlier I’m kevin ( I’m 19) and my friend’s moms name is swapna (probably in her 30s) my friend is an year older than me but it doesn’t matter here.

The beginning
Well I’m not sure when this began, but i was always attracted to older womens from a young age, but we all had restrictions because of our age. Swapna was an north indian women who was modern and was pretty cool with me as i was his close friend, so i always had an j saw swapna with wrong eyes but eventually stuffs changed not sure when it started but it my feelings towards swapna started changing.

Whenever she used to clean the house or do household works i used to check her out and was never caught, because I’m atleast good at that. I thought i could control my feelings and get rid of this thought from my mind, but day by day ma feelings for her kept increasing it was this feeling that i wanted to own her all by myself, her eyes, her smile, her smooth body everything tempted me.

Now if i talk about her husband, he was like a father to me. He treated me as one of his own and he was quite build up and the only thing i noticed was their disagreement on things and and fights were often not serious ones though. I thought i had a chance.

But i was scared to make a move as i know her quite well she would get angry at this and would make a scene, so i did not know how to make a move. All i used to was enjoy in every way as possible, i used to enter their washroom and take her used panties and jerk off with them. I used to do this on a daily basis untill i was caught. Yes, i was caught i wouldn’t say it was bad to be get caught because things turned out good even though there were issues at first.

Me and swapna were close and shared most of the stuffs, even if i had a gf i would talk to her about it and she would tease me with those girls. She was good at head massages and when her soft hands touch against my head, i would have a boner she noticed it and she said that

Swapna: it is quite common among boys and u shouldn’t be embarrassed about that.

Me: i wasn’t in a situation to hear those, i was feelings her soft hands against my head and having dirty thoughts about her, i did not pay attention to her words and was in my own world.

I was always jealous about my friend that he had her as his mom, i wished she was some young women, so atleast i had a chance to try on her.

So let’s hop into the story where it all began,
As usual i got into into their washroom and picked up one of her used panties and smelled it, it had a fragrance that i never smelled before and was craving to have her.
And i started jerking off with her panties and smelling her bra, the only mistake i did was that i forgot to lock the door because i was in a hurry to release the cum.
My eyes were closed and i was jerking off as i heard the door handle sound i did not mind because i thought i had locked the door and swapna entered in and i wasn’t aware of it she literally starred at my dick for few seconds and yelled my name loudly , and avant( my friend) came running asking her why did she yell.

Swapna: kevin was using the toilet and i just entered without knowing

I was freaked out but she made up a story to rescue me and my mind was working properly and acted accordingly
I yelled from the bathroom

Me: I’m sorry, i forgot to lock the door

Avant laughed out loud and went back to his room.

I was nervous about facing swapna again and i did not have any excuse or reason that i could give her because she saw it with her own eyes.

I wasn’t prepared but i had to go out and i stored up my courage and came out of the washroom, and i was taking steps slolwy because of my nervousness.

I move into the drawing room and i see swapna sitting there with a stern look and watching the tv, i was scared to approach her but i had to, imagining things would get worse later.

I slolwy moved towards her and she paid no attention to me, i slowly sat down near her and called her out she looked at me into my eyes and i wasn’t able to make eye contact she and all of a sudden i felt her hands on my cheeks, well it was not her being kind to me it was her slapping me.

I was shocked and wasn’t able to come up with a word and i stood up and walked off, i left from there and went back home. The night i couldn’t sleep thinking about what i have done, the next day i did not visit her house and few days passed by and questions were raised by avant and uncle that why wasn’t i coming over to their house.

I had excuses saying i have a lot of work and all, nd later avant called me and asked me to come over to his house and he mentioned that swapna has specially asked me to come over or else she would cut off every relation with me.

I wasn’t sure if i should go, but swapna left me no choice and i did go over to her house that night, everyone greeted me and swapna still had that stern look towards me, all sat down for dinner and swapna kept feeding me, and patting my head as i ate.

Later all separated doing their own work and it was just me and swapna in the drawing room, i tried to explain but wasn’t confident enough and then swapna broke the silence and asked me, if it was intentionally done or ii wasn’t at my right mind, i dint want to lie and get things worse.

So i said her the truth that

Me: I’m not sure when it started but i started growing feelings towards you in every aspects, just not by lust but emotionally too.

Swapna starred at me with a surprised look on her face
She spoke up

Swapna: I’m sorry for reacting like that, i wasn’t able to control my emotion when i say you in that state and i felt it was wrong.

I nodded my head to everything she said

She asked me to look into her eyes and and she held my face and gave me a peck kiss , i was surprised and couldn’t move because of what has happened.

She smiled after a very long time and i was happy about that, and she hugged me tight forcing her body onto mine and i could feel her tits being pressed against me and her nipples were hard, i dint know if i should have made a move but i hugged her back tight and kissed on her neck and she did not react.

So i proceeded by slowly moving my hands groping her tits i started feeling her hard nipples and all of a sudden she stopped me and said this was wrong to do and i couldn’t force her, i look down and nodded.

And she asked me to be like how we were, it took me time but it was back normal between us.

But tht wasn’t the end, i did not know that my life would turn upside down within a day, so i was going over to her house and i always had an spare key to her house, as it was noon i did not ring the bell, i knocked on the door and usually they open the door, this time i waited for few mins but i received no response.

I opened the door with the spare key i had and it was all quiet inside, as i looked through all the doors i found no one at home and saw the master bedroom was closed as i walked towards it i could her slight moans coming from the room.

I opened the room as quiet as possible, and i found swapna and uncle having sex, she was riding on his face and as i opened the door she saw me and she did not respond and kept starring at me as she was riding on uncles face, this turned me on.

I took my dick out and started jerking off, i wasn’t sure where did i get this confidence from but i was bold enough to do it, and swapna was starring at my dick as she was riding uncles face this made me more horny and uncontrollable and started to increase the speed she bit her lips as she was starring at my dick.

I let her know that i was close and she pointed to the table that there was a plate and she asked me to cum on the plate, i found it weird but i dint want to disobey her so i did as she saidand i kept the plate back on the table, she asked me to leave as she was about to end it.

I did as per she said, i had inner happiness and was nervous for some reason.

Wait for the part 2 it will be out soon
You people can write to me regarding the story or people who would love to talk.

[email protected]

Well you don’t have to wait too long for second part, and next time you should be ready with your tissues.

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