Mother’s lust at work

my name is raj and i live with my mom sheela im 20 years old and she is 43 years old her figure is 38-32-36 the best milf there is in my society.

After my parents divorced my mom got to keep me with her but we disnt have had much money with us so we had to leave the house we were living in and started to live in a studio apartment with one kitchen and bedroom.

My mom used to sleep on ground and i used to sleep on bed and everything was doing fine until we started to have money problems. my mom started to work as a house maid in the previous society we lived in.

There was a mr. sharma there who hired mom for most of works and was father of my good friend rahul, my mom use to cook, wash clothes and clean house there and worked as whole day maid and got good money for the work she do.

After three weeks passed mom began to come up late and very tired from there house and used to sleep directly, i began to notice her dress won’t be proper as she use to go, her neck had some red marks, so i asked mom but she didnt saod me a thing.
after a few days like this, i couldnt hold on and went after my mom and sneeked into rahuls room, as i looked into the window i saw rahul naked on bed and 2 legs were straight up around his body, and he was jumping on it, then i realized he was fucking someone, i couldn’t see the face of the girl he was fucking but her moans made me hard and horny for her and rahul as well, rahul began to push his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy and she was moaning loud.

i pulled out my cock and began to fap then i saw rahul pulled her on top of him and she began to ride his cock her back was against me and i could say she was older than us both a lot, she fucked his cock hard and jumped on it like a pro, moaning aahh ahhh faster faster, i began to fap my cock more harder then she turned around rahuls cock and i saw her huge boobs bouncing over rahuls face and her shaved pussy was white and red as it was spreading too much.

then after intense masturbating i was about to cum and i saw rahul pull the lady close and saying ohhh yeahhh sheela makke mee cumm and cleared her hairs from her face and i saw my mom naked that time and my cum came out in seconds seeing her face and then i saw rahul pulling my mom down and cumming all inside her pussy hard, my mom gave him deep kisses and washed him and herself then i saw uncle come inside and paying my mom money for fucking rahul and went away.
i ran home as fast as i could and was upset about what i saw, half an hour later my mom came home happy and tired she went to bathroom straight and washed herself and came out, said to me that tomorrow is rahuls birthday and she needs to go to work again near 11 to serve and prepare food for guests, i wanted to see what will she do now so after she went i went after her 10 mins later, as soon as she reached there home, she striped into a transparent nighty and began to cook good food for guests.
all the guests were my classmates from my old school and my mom welcomed them inside with her huge and ass and boobs visible, she then served them food and drinks by the time she did that others spanked her ass and gropped her boobs and she wasn’t doing anything but smiling, there were 4 guys in the room, Rahul called my mom inside his room they kissed a long and passionate kiss then Rahul took mom to the drawing room again while he grabbed her ass and spanked it hard, everyone gave rahul a gift and he kissed sheela and told her to put it inside she did the same.

she came out and Rahul sprayed cold drink all over her body and her nighty got fully transparent, her boobs and ass were wet and rahul tore her clothes and said let’s share the return gift, everyone pulled out there cock and without wasting any second all the cocks were inside her pussy and ass she began to cry in pain but no one stopped and they fucked her hard.

first they mercilessly gangbanged her and then they fucked her one by one, then in pairs and as final they gangbanged her again ripping all her holes and covered her body with cum and red marks of spanking and lovebites hickey, i felt humiliation but i had masturbated 6 times watching them fuck her hard.

i went home and she came back late, came close to me and hugged me tightly and i could smell so many cums off her body and she was the happiest she ever had and kept saying good things about rahul and rahul, only rahul was allowed to cum in my moms pussy and later she got pregnant and when her reports came i didnt knew at first and later when i caught the reports i came to know that rahul was the father of that child, due to a child in moms pussy her boobs had milk in them and i would catch rahul drinking milk from her boobs daily

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