Mom & Son need passion for their advert

This is a sidequel to the Lynx/Axe effect. It shows how Cassandra and Noah were so comfortable in their audition. I hope you enjoy it, and please leave some comments. Whether they are critical or praise, I read them all!

This is not an advertisement for any deodorants. Everyone involved in this fictional story is over eighteen.

Cassandra read over the email that had been forwarded from her acting coach. The tall slender woman stroked back her light blonde hair as she thought about how she could encourage her son, Noah, to join her.

It had always been her dream to be a world-famous actor. All the money she earned went towards acting lessons. She was fortunate that her husband was happy to indulge her passion by working overtime to pay for more tuition and driving her to auditions. The trouble was that despite all the money spent she still hadn’t broken through to the big time.

She was now forty-one, and she knew that, despite keeping her body in excellent shape, she needed that break soon. She looked at herself in the mirror, and admired her five foot nine inch frame. “Still got it!” she smiled, running her hands down her sides.

Standing at 34B-24-34, she worked hard to keep her body looking good. She could just imagine her face and body splashed on advertisements around the world, and if she needed to use her son to get the deal, then so be it.


“Noah, how would you like to be a star?!” Cassandra loudly announced as she pushed open his bedroom door. Walking over to the curtains, she threw them open quickly followed by opening the windows to get some fresh air in.

“Mum!” He yelled out. He tightly shut his eyes to fight the bright sunshine bathing his room.

“I don’t know how you can live in the darkness Noah. You’re eighteen now. You should have grown out of this waking up at midday phase!” Cassandra snapped, as she moved around the room collecting all the half empty drinks and plates.

Placing the large pile of plates by the door, she turned around to see her son was still hiding under the covers. He looked remarkably similar to her, tall and scrawny with a thick mop of blonde hair. The only thing he shared with his dad was his brown eyes.

It was the summer break before Noah headed off to university, and Noah was taking full advantage of not having anything to do by staying up until the early hours of the morning and not waking up until midday.

With his mum busy with her acting or at the gym, Noah would have the house to himself for a few blissful hours. Once his dad came home from work, they would chat, and usually argue, causing Noah to go out to meet friends. That was the standard day for Noah, and his mum barging in wasn’t welcome.

*Mum what are you doing? I need to sleep!” He groaned as he rolled over hiding his eyes from the sunlight.

“Come on Noah! It’s already past ten. You should be up. Besides, don’t you want to hear my exciting news?” Cassandra sung as she approached the bed and ripped the covers off him.

What happened next was a mixture of embarrassment and screaming. Cassandra, not knowing that Noah slept naked, was suddenly exposed to her son’s morning wood.

Automatically, Noah went to cover up, but paused when he saw his mum’s eyes widen. Leaving his cock softly bobbing in the cool air, he covered it with one hand knowing that his mum still had a good eyeful.

It was when he made it twitch that his mum finally broke her gaze. “Oh my goodness, I’m… I’m so sorry Noah. I didn’t realise… here you go.”

She threw the duvet over her son’s crotch hiding his cock from view. “Um right, well the reason I’m here is that I want you to star in an advert with me!”

“Aw what?! You woke me up for that? I don’t want to act. I’ve told you hundreds of times I’m not interested.”

It was true that Cassandra had tried numerous times to get her son into acting. She had thought that if he was a child star, then she could use him to get her own opportunities.

So up until he was thirteen, Noah had been forced to go to acting lessons, as well as audition for hundreds of roles. He hated every second of it, and as soon as he was outside the cute child stage, he was left alone.

“But Noah, this will be different. The role requires a mother and son, so we don’t even have to act. It’ll just be us being us!” She pleaded with him before handed him the printed off advertisement.

Noah scanned over the paper and quickly his eyes were drawn to the word ‘Lynx’. He wasn’t entirely sure why Lynx would want a mother and son in their advert, but judging from previous adverts, it would be something sexual.

“Tell you what Mum, why don’t you do some research on the lynx adverts, and then I’ll consider it.” Noah asked. He was definitely interested in the advert now, if only to see what Lynx had in mind for a mother and son.

“That’s a great idea Noah! Tell you what, why don’t we both do some research, and then we can compare notes?” Cassandra smiled

Noah limited himself to nodding his head, as he didn’t trust himself not to laugh. Lifting the duvet up to his neck, his mum took the signal, and left his room to find her laptop.


Cassandra knew that there was a good chance her son had gone back to sleep, but his idea of doing research was a good one. She would happily do anything to give her the edge in the auditions. She really wanted the role.

Opening up the internet, she spent the next hour watching and re-watching all of the Lynx adverts on YouTube. She quickly realised that there was one constant in each one. A normal looking young man sprayed the deodorant and immediately stunning women would throw themselves at him. One advert even had women run into each other exploding to create an even hotter woman just to get a spotty nerd’s attention.

The adverts didn’t make much sense to Cassandra, but then again, she wasn’t the target audience. It puzzled her why the company would want a mum and son for their advert. Eventually, she came to the conclusion that the mum was just there to create more of a backstory for the young man.

It was now coming up to midday, so making some sandwiches and drinks; she went to her son’s room again. As she went to force open the door, an image of her son’s cock flashed in her mind. Swallowing away the memory, she knocked on the door and waited for a response.


“Noah, are you decent?” She called back.

The door opened in response, with Noah standing there in his usual skinny jeans and ripped shirt. “Hi Mum, how did your research go?”

“Well, all the adverts seem to be the same, so I think I’ve got an idea of what we’re being hired for.” Cassandra said. “I’ll show you what I’ve got over lunch, or I suppose, to you it’s breakfast!” She laughed at her joke, and made her way downstairs to the living room.

Noah followed her, and took a sandwich before slumping on the sofa. Before he could take a bite, his mum handed him a plate, and then picked up her notepad.

“So, here’s what I think the advert will look like. Its morning, and you put on the spray, and I say something like ‘that smells nice son. You’re going to be fighting off the girls!’ and then you actually have to fight off the girls! What do you think?”

“Um, actually Mum, I have a different idea of what they want. It says in the advert ‘open minded’, and we all know what that means… It’s going to be something rude,” Noah explained before continuing.

“Also, why would they want a mother and son when they could just get random actors in? They want that chemistry that only relatives have!”

It was the longest Noah had spoken to anyone in his family for months, and it shocked Cassandra.

“So… you don’t think they just want me to be your mum for a morning scene?”

“Come on Mum, they could have just found any blonde actress to be my mum. Nah, they want that bond between a real-life mum and son,” Noah said between bites of the sandwich.

He had a good idea of what Jack wanted in his advert. Most young men had thought about their mother sexually. Ever since he had seen the advert, Noah was getting more eager to see how far he could go with his attractive mum, but he wanted her to initiate it. That was the dream… having his mum come on to him!

While his mum thought about what she was missing, Noah took the chance to admire her fit frame hidden by a light summer dress. Though she was in her mid-forties, her face was still elegant and attractive.

Unlike some mothers, she had none of their mid life flab keeping her striking looks and heart stopping blue eyes. Her svelte figure was complimented by small breasts and a rounded arse that she worked on daily. Involuntarily, Noah licked his lips

“But the only other thing in all the adverts is an ugly teenager getting chased by lots of stunning woman!” Cassandra said, confused.

“Exactly, so why would they want a mother there too?” Noah said slowly trying to get his mum to understand the hint.

“You don’t think?! Surely they wouldn’t want a mum and son to… well you know!” She gasped.

“Mum and son to do what?” He asked trying not to laugh.

“You know… To be attracted to one another?!” Cassandra exclaimed.

“Well, to be fair Mum, the smell of lynx is meant to attract every woman! And you’ve got to think about it from their point of view. It’ll be really controversial, but when has that been a bad thing! All they want is to get people talking!”

Cassandra listened to her son’s reasoning, and it actually made sense. A lot of adverts she had seen for perfumes either showed a scantily clad woman or had a muscle-bound man posing to draw the attention of whoever was passing.

But incest! Surely that was a step too far even for the advertising industry. And could she really do what those women did in the adverts with her own son?! All these thoughts swirled around her head until she was interrupted by Noah speaking again.

“Just think about the publicity that the advert will get Mum! They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, so you’ll be famous, and all it will take is a thirty second advert.”

“That’s very true. I remember that girl who faked her own kidnapping, and she is still talked about. She even went in the jungle!”

“And that idiot had no talent whatsoever; whereas you are an amazing actress, so imagine how far you could go Mum!” Noah said, aware that he was fanning her ego.

Cassandra smiled at her son. Everything he said made sense. Sitting down, she began to write again.

A couple of minutes later, she stood up and handed him a part of the paper. Then, grabbing her phone, she turned on the video recorder. “Read the script and just follow what I do, okay?”

Noah scanned the paper and nodded to his mum.

“Noah wake up! You’re going to miss the school bus!” Cassandra shouted, momentarily startling her son.

“Ok mum, I’ll be down in a sec.” Noah read out loud before miming using a Lynx spray. “I’ll be late today as I’m out tonight,” he shouted, as he walked around the living room pretending it was stairs, before stopping in front of his mum.

“Look at you! Let me sort out your uniform,” Cassandra scolded as she brushed his shirt. Then with an exaggerated inhale, she looked up at her son.

“Oh Noah… you smell so good! Oh my! Wow!” She continued to sniff around her son’s neck before she brought him into a tight hug and kissed him on the cheek.

“And cut!” She announced in his ear, pulling away from him and picking up her phone. Sitting down again, she watched the clip back and immediately began to criticise.

“Noah, there’s no emotion on your face at all! Can’t you pretend to be confused or happy? Give me something!”

Slouching over to his mum, he pulled the phone from her grip and watched the film. “Hey, it’s not just me Mum. You’re incredibly wooden Mum! You look like a robot!” He laughed. “You’ve seen all the Lynx adverts. Since when do the men just get a kiss on the cheek?”

Cassandra thought over what her son said, and he was right. The adverts were far racier than what they had just done.

“Okay, from the top then.”

They quickly ran through their lines. Soon, his mum was sniffing him, and Noah couldn’t help but smirk as she pulled him into a hug. She pulled away slightly before she leant in to kiss him on the lips.

As soon as her soft lips touched his, Noah let his hands drop to get lower back to pull her in closer. The kiss lasted longer this time. Eventually, his mum pulled away and went to inspect the footage.

“Well, that’s better.” Cassandra announced as she watched it. “But it’s still not right. There’s something missing…”

“Well, you are supposed to be lusting over me Mum. Maybe that’s what’s missing?” Noah suggested, as he watched the clip over his mum’s shoulder.

“You know what Noah, you’re right! Okay let’s go again!”

Quickly, Noah found himself holding his mum. This time he let his hands drop a bit further until he could feel the waistband of her panties through her thin dress. He heard his mum moan into his mouth, and instinctively he let his tongue slip out to lick at her lips.

Immediately, Cassandra pushed her son away. “What do you think you’re doing?!” She cried.

“Sorry Mum, I was trying to show some passion!”

Cassandra looked at her son incredulously, stunned by his explanation. Finding her phone, she watched the clip back. “Well… actually it does look better.” She relented.

“Oh wow, you look great in it, Mum!” Noah crooned.

“Okay, we go again and this time I’ll take control!” Cassandra declared, putting the phone on record and waiting for her son to take his position.

Noah didn’t need the script now, and quickly ran through his lines before his mum came into his arms.

This time, she kissed him harder than before, opening her mouth to flick out her tongue. As their tongues duelled with one another, Noah took the opportunity to rest his hands on her muscular bum. He lightly squeezed and heard his mum moan in response.

The kiss lasted longer than their previous attempts and Noah was becoming more and more emboldened. Tightening his grip on her arse, he pulled her closer causing them both to groan. He could feel his erection straining inside his pants. There was no way his mum didn’t notice it. Before anything could be said, the doorbell rang.

Pulling away from each other, Noah noticed his mum looked flushed. His mum got herself together and marched off to the door.

She came back moments later and dropped a package on the sofa, before picking up her phone and studying the last video.

“Oh, that’s perfect! It really looks like there’s passion there. You’re such a quick learner!” She beamed at her son. “Now, let’s try one more take without an interruption.”

Soon his mum was holding him again, her soft lips crushed against his. His hands had a firm grip of her luscious arse squeezing her firm cheeks. As the kiss continued in intensity, Noah dared to lift up her dress.

He felt his mum murmur in his mouth, but not wanting to break the scene, she didn’t move away. With her skirt now bunched around the curve of her bum, Noah let his hands drop down. He gasped when he felt her bare flesh.

‘She must be wearing a thong’ he thought, and that realisation made his cock twitch violently.

“Mmm, ok and cut!” Cassandra said when she pulled her face away. She had to repeat herself to get Noah to move away. Straightening her skirt, she checked the video.

“Noah, you were brilliant! Although, next time I don’t think you need to pull up my dress…That might be going a bit too far.” She admonished him, as she watched the clip again with satisfaction.

She left the room, leaving Noah with a painful erection. He hurried to his room and grabbed a sock to erupt into.


With his dad around for the weekend, Noah didn’t have any chance to practice the advert with his mum. It seemed to him that his mum was taunting him by walking around the house in her skin tight leggings.

Monday came, and he was woken up by his mum hammering on his door. “Come on get up! We need to practice before we go to the audition.”

Groaning Noah rolled out of bed and pulled on some trousers before opening the door. His mum thrust his toothbrush in his face, then turned and went downstairs shouting: “You’ve got ten minutes!”

Sighing, he brushed his teeth and had a shower then put on the fresh clothes his mum had placed by his door.

“There you are! I’ve added some more lines to the script so it feels more organic.” She trilled, as heard him come down the stairs. Thrusting the script into his hand, she said: “From the top.”

Noah acted out the scene, all the while he stared at his mum. Today, she was wearing a tight black dress which beautifully emphasised her arse. He soon found her in his arms, and her deep red lips coming closer towards him.

When her lips touched his, Noah groaned. It had been too long since he had her in his arms. Once more, his hands dropped to her arse, but he stopped himself from pulling up her dress. After the warning from last time, he didn’t want to piss off his mum.

All too soon, his mum stopped the kiss and pushed him away.

“That was really good, Noah. Next time, you need to be a bit more passionate, though. We want to impress the director.” She said as she watched the video. “I want to get there early, so we’re leaving now.”

An hour later and Noah was sitting in the lobby of an office block, watching his mum pace up and down.

“Where is he? Are you sure that he’s definitely coming in today?” Cassandra berated the unfazed receptionist.

“Madam, as I’ve told you several times before, he will be in shortly, and as soon as he is ready, I’ll let you know.” The reception calmly responded.

Cassandra huffed, but relented and sat down on the seat next to her son. Moments later, a young man hurried into the office and up to the receptionist. After a quick conversation, he briefly caught Cassandra’s eyes before he walked away.

As Cassandra went to get up to ask a question, the receptionist put up her hand. “Yes madam, that was Mr. Davis, and he will be ready soon. I have a sheet of names and when I call yours you can go through.”

Frustrated, Cassandra waited for her name to be called.

“Ms Cassandra Kane.”

Pulling out her son’s earbuds, she dragged him along to the receptionist.

“Please knock on the door before entering. Its office 256, down the East wing corridor. Good luck.” The receptionist smiled.

Quickly, Cassandra made her way down the corridor towards the office. Reaching the door, she knocked and without waiting for an answer, she pushed it open.

Inside the office, she got a good look at the young man who would be casting her. She caught him eyeing her body. She smiled like a shark would at his prey.

“Good afternoon, my name is Cassandra Kane and this is my son Noah Kane. We’re here to audition for the part of mother and son in the Lynx advert. I take it you are Jack Davis. Now, I have been taking acting lessons, but my son hasn’t. However, unlike all the people before us, we are actually related, so we have that natural bond that can’t be faked!” She said this all in one breathe.

“Um… yes. Right, well then.” Jack responded, stumbling over his words. “So, the scenario is a mother waking up her son who is using Lynx.”

“If you’re not out of bed in five minutes, Noah, I’m going to come up there and drag you out myself!” Cassandra shouted startling Jack.

They then proceeded to act their rehearsed scene. With Cassandra miming cooking breakfast Noah pretended to put clothes on and then picked up the Lynx spray on Jack’s desk. He looked at in with wonder before sprayed himself.

Immediately after using the spray Cassandra began to sniff the air.

Noah then mimed coming down the stairs when he called out. “Bye Mum! I’m off to school. So, I’ll see you later.”

Jack watched intrigued, as Cassandra hurried over to her son and gripped him in a tight hug. “Bye darling.” She said then pushed her face into his neck, breathing heavily. “That new cologne smells good… so very good!”

She looked at Noah, and then kissed her son with an exaggerated moan. Noah responded eagerly and, knowing she couldn’t admonish him, he dropped his hands to her arse and slowly began to lift up her dress.

Jack couldn’t tear his gaze away from the scene in front of him. It was clear that Cassandra and her son had done this before, and judging from how comfortable they were in each other’s arms, they had done it a lot.

He watched as Cassandra ran her hands along her son’s back, whilst he continued to tug her tight red dress up her toned legs.

It was when her tight arse cheeks came into view that Cassandra seemed to snap back to reality and quickly shook her son off. She took a moment to retouch her lipstick before talking.

“What did you think Mr. Davis? I came up with the idea, but it was my son’s idea to have us kiss to show that Lynx is irresistible.” Cassandra said unaware her son was adjusting his pants behind her.

“Well, I must say I’m very impressed with your initiative.” Jack began, his own pants uncomfortably tight around his boner. “But, I’m afraid that I can’t give you an answer immediately, as I saw some other very good actors. I have your number and I will be in contact.”

Shuffling his papers, to show that the meeting was over, he was oblivious to the murderous look on Cassandra’s face.

“Noah, go wait in the car. I need to have a word with Mr. Davis!” Cassandra ordered, causing both of the young men to jump. With a loud groan, Noah managed to tear his eyes from his mother’s figure long enough to find the door, leaving Jack alone with the older lady

“Now, Mr. Davis, what exactly is it that you want in your advert? We will make those changes. I will be happy to get Noah some acting lessons, if you think that he needs to improve?” She asked testily.

“I’ll be honest with you Ms Kane, there wasn’t too much wrong with your performance, but it was lacking that passion I’m after. It didn’t seem like you were lusting after Noah, do you know what I mean? It felt forced, not natural.” Jack blabbered, trying to find the right answer for the intimidating woman to leave.

Cassandra took in his words with disbelief on her face. “Lacking passion?! What bullshit! I ooze passion.”

She walked around the desk and twisted Jack’s chair until he faced her, then slowly; she began to sway her hips, running her hands up and down her body.

Turning around, she pushed out her arse, feeling her dress stretch around her taunt cheeks. With each swing of her hips she got closer to his lap, before she was inches away from sitting on top of his hard prick.

Then, as Jack let out a frustrated groan, Cassandra sat down and began to grind her pert arse along his hard cock.

“Your little friend here seems to think I have the right kind of passion!” She purred. “I bet if I keep doing this, you’ll have a little accident, ruining your nice trousers. Just imagine all those sexy milfs coming in here and you’re sat there in your cum filled trousers!”

She continued to move around on top of him, hearing his groans each time she pushed down on his cock. She knew she had him, but she wanted him to say it.

Getting off his lap, Cassandra turned around to face him. Looking in his eyes she pulled up her dress until Jack could see the beginning of her thong. Walking forward she mounted him again, and with a sultry look, she leant forward and whispered in his ear. “I bet you would do anything to cum right now?”

Not trusting himself to respond to this seductress, Jack just nodded.

“Don’t you want to cum? I bet it would feel really good. All you need to do is say I have got the part, and I’ll make you feel so good.” She said, softly flicking his ear with her tongue whilst deftly undoing the zip on his trousers, unleashing his swollen prick to the cool air of the office.

Cassandra gave a little gasp of delight as she saw it. “Oh, such a big cock, but it looks so painful. Don’t you want me to make it feel better?”

Jack groaned in frustration as she trailed her fingernails up his length. He was desperate for relief, especially after the teasing lap dance he’d just received.

Cassandra knew what she was doing. She had done the same thing many times with boyfriends, bosses and her husband to get what she wanted.

“Just give me what I want, and I’ll give you what you want.” She whispered seductively in his ear.

“Please… I’m begging you please. The job is all yours, just please help me. I need to cum.” Jack gasped, his cock oozing precum, wetting his bunched trousers.

Cassandra gave him a wicked smile. Moving off him, she spat on her hand, then gripped his hard dick and began to wank him off.

“Oh, such a big cock, cum for me baby. Feel how good my hand feels around your fat prick. Oh yes, that’s it cum for me big boy.” She cooed in his ear as Jack bucked his hips feeling her soft hand massage his shaft. He couldn’t hold it and. far too quickly for his liking, he came.

“Fuck, oh fuck yes! Fuck!” Jack called out as rope after rope of spunk coated his shirt.

As soon as he had cum. Cassandra removed her hand and left him in his cum covered clothes.

Opening her bag, she took a tissue and wiped her hands clean before heading back over to the desk. After a quick rummage of the papers, she soon found what she was looking for and, with the contract in hand; she picked up the pen and handed it to Jack.

“Just sign here, and I’ll leave you recover.”

Meekly, Jack filled out the contract, his mind still in a post cum haze. When he had finished, she looked over the papers. Satisfied, she ripped off her copy and handed the original copy back to Jack.

“I look forward to seeing you in two days, Mr. Davis, and don’t worry; I intend to practice with Noah. I take pride in my work.”

She left the room, leaving Jack there sitting in stunned silence. It took awhile for him to recover, when there was a knock at the door and the next couple came in.


“Have a look at that, Noah!” Cassandra grinned, as she got in the car and thrust the contract in her son’s face. “Your very first acting role and it’s all because of your Mum. Now you can’t let me down on this, so we are going to be rehearsing as soon as we get home.”

Noah just nodded in response, his mind preoccupied with how he was going to get to see more of his mum.

“Are you ok, Noah? You’ve been quiet… well quieter than normal anyway.” Cassandra asked as she parked the car at their house.

“Um, yeah, I’m fine mum I’ve just been trying to think of how we can get this passion that the director said we lack.” He answered sincerely. “And I think I have an idea, though it’s probably a bit more method acting than you’re used to.”

“Now Noah, you know I will try anything to get the perfect performance. This advert will be shown all around the world, so I need to act perfectly, and if that means method acting, then I’m ready to do it.” Cassandra replied.

“Well, okay then. So, I remember watching a show called Inside the Actors Studio and the actor was saying that, when they were doing an intimate scene, she and her partner spent time in their underwear, so that they are completely comfortable around each other.” Noah explained, not daring to look at his mum to see her reaction.

“Really… I suppose it does sound vaguely familiar.” She said slowly.

“I’ve actually got the article here Mum. Have a read while I get us a drink.” He passed his phone over to her and went inside their house. Noah had found an article saying how two famous actors had rehearsed naked together. What he hoped his mum didn’t notice was that the article was published on April Fool’s Day.

A couple of minutes later and with an orange in his hand, Noah went into the living room to see his mum still looking over his phone.

“Oh my gosh! You were right! I can’t believe that Sandra Cow would actually do something like that. Though I definitely believe Russell Sparrow would!” Cassandra laughed. “You know what? I think it could be a good idea.”

“Excellent” Noah said a little too eagerly, as he pulled his shirt off. He was fumbling with his trouser buckle when his Mum stopped him.

“I’m sure you don’t want to show off your nasties to the whole street, do you? Why don’t we do it in my acting studio?” Cassandra asked.

Her studio was the converted garage. It had been a present from her husband. It was painted entirely white with a mirror covering one wall. In the middle was a large leather chair.

Leaving his shirt on the floor, Noah followed his mother to her studio. Once inside, his mum turned on her laptop and activated the cameras that surrounded the room. As she checked the screen to make sure they were working, Noah began to tug off his jeans.

“Don’t do that Noah, you’ll rip them! No wonder I’m buying you new clothes all the time.” Cassandra scolded, quickly moving over to him and slapping his hands.

“Here, it doesn’t take long to undo the belt and button, does it?” She said as she grasped the belt buckle and undid it, before undoing the button of his jeans. Feeling his mum’s breath on his chest, Noah felt his semi hard cock begin to rise.

He tried to will it down, but when he felt his mum’s soft fingers touch his skin as she gripped his jeans, he gave up. He felt his mum pull down, but his jeans didn’t budge.

“Sorry Mum, you’ll have to undo all the buttons.” Noah said apologetically. His skinny jeans were skin tight on his thin frame.

With a sigh, his mum unbuttoned the remaining four buttons. Noah could feel her hands press against his erection as she struggled with the stiff buttons. Looking up, he saw himself in the mirror. With his mum bent over, he could see the bottom of her perky arse cheeks.

He stifled a groan and looked up to stop himself from getting too turned on.

Cassandra finished with the buttons and once again gripped his jeans and gave them a sharp tug. This time it was a success. Unfortunately for her, she accidentally pulled down his boxers too, so that his erect cock bounced out and slapped her forehead as it bobbed up.

They both froze, Noah’s cock swaying in the open, as they decided what to do.

“Umm… It’s ok Noah, um these things happen.” Cassandra stuttered, as she quickly pulled his boxers back up, covering his cock, but failing to hide the thick erection.

She stood up and turned away, wanting to hide her embarrassment.

Noah didn’t know what to say. He was wondering if he should apologise, but then his mum might decide the whole thing was a bad idea. So, deciding to go all in, he stepped behind his mum and gripped the zip to her red dress.

Without giving her the chance to reconsider, he pulled her zip all the way down and pushed the dress free of her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.

Staying behind her, he looked over her shoulder into the mirror and drank in her firm body.

Her black strapless bra pushed her small breasts together. She wore a matching sheer black thong which was as good as see-through in the front, showing off her shaved pussy. To finish off his wet fantasy, his mum was wearing black stockings attached to a garter belt.

“Oh my fu- god! You look amazing Mum!” Noah drooled, as he leaned back to get a view of her tight arse.

“Why, thank you Noah. That’s very nice of you to say.” She smiled before turning around to face him. “So, shall we get started?”

Noah watched as his mum walked to the corner of the studio and pretended to cook. With each step her muscular arse bounced causing the teen to groan.

He desperately wanted to touch his rock hard cock, and it was made worse when his mum bent over to inspect the imaginary oven. He could see her thong straining to keep puffy pussy lips and arsehole hidden.

“Noah!” Cassandra shouted. Startling her son out of his lust filled state. Quickly, he reeled off his lines eager to get to the part where he could hold her.

“Okay, I’m leaving now! See you later.” He called. With his back to his mum, he heard her walking towards him sniffing loudly.

“You smell good!” She purred, causing Noah to turn to face her. Immediately, his eyes dropped to her body. Ignoring his gaze, she pulled him towards and hugged him. She was about to kiss her son when she realised his hard cock was pushing against her stomach.

Once again, she ignored it, and pushed her lips against his, kissing her son hard, groaning in his mouth as she did. She felt his hands take their customary place on her arse and squeeze her cheeks. As the kiss lasted longer, she could tell Noah wanted to make another move.

Using the grip on her arse, Noah lifted his mother off the floor. She squealed in his mouth, but didn’t want to break the scene. Maybe this is what the advert needed, she thought.

Cassandra let out a loud moan as felt his hard shaft slip between her legs and slap up against her panty covered pussy. She felt him grip her harder and she was finding that she was enjoying it.

Ever so slowly, Cassandra began to move her hips, letting her pussy rub along his thick shaft. It felt so good. It felt natural.

Suddenly, his dick caught her clit. Snapping her legs together, she trapped his cock in between her soft legs. Rather than stop her son, the extra tightness spurred him on.

She could feel his hips pick up pace, smacking against hers. He was groaning in her mouth as she continued to kiss him. Then she felt him cum. His dick jerked against her lips, soaking her pussy as it spurted jet after jet of spunk.

“Oh fuck!” Noah grunted, pulling his lips from his mum’s, desperate for oxygen after his intense orgasm.

Realising he had been tightly gripping his mum’s arse, he released his fingers and fell back stumbling as he did from his weak legs.

Cassandra looked at her son. He had found the chair and was slumped in it, breathing deeply as he recovered. She was torn between disgust that her own son would cum all over his mother, and desire that it would happen again.

Somehow, her son had managed to lose his boxers and his cock hung, long and thick, between his legs. It was covered in cum and shone under the bright studio lights. Involuntarily, she licked her lips as she imagined it filling her wet pussy up.

“Um… Well…” She began.

“Do you think that was passionate enough?” Noah quipped.

Cassandra caught his eye and couldn’t help but laugh. Immediately, the tension in the room was lifted.

Noah had never cum so hard, which was unsurprising, seeing as it was his mum that had made him climax. He noticed that his mum was staring at his dick. He twitched it and saw her gasp. He had to have her!

“I think we should go again and keep that intensity in our performance!” Noah said as he got to his feet and walked to his mum, pointing at her sodden thong. “I think this might need to come off though.”

Cassandra did what he suggested, wondering where this new confident version of Noah had been before. Unclipping her bra, she let it drop, before she peeled off her thong.

Briefly, she felt self-conscious, then she looked at her son’s face and all she could see was unbridled lust. She blushed; she hadn’t felt this needed or this desirable in a long time.

Unlike her husband, who had a black book filled with the numbers of high class escorts, Cassandra had never strayed. She had never been tempted to sleep with any of the men. Teasing and a handjob was as far as she went, but seeing the hunger her son had for her was firing her need for cock.

“We’ll start from the beginning, okay?” She said as she went back to the corner and repeated her performance of bending over to check the oven. Knowing that her son was watching, she bent further than before and held the pose.

She heard Noah groan, which only turned her on more. She had to fight her hand from dropping back to her soaking pussy. Knowing how she looked, she slowly edged her feet further apart, enjoying how exposed she was to her son.

Behind her, Noah walked towards his mother almost in a trance. The smell of her cunt was intoxicating, beckoning him to get closer until he was right behind her.

Pushing against her, he felt his shaft slip in-between her pussy lips. This time his cock didn’t have a barrier and her puffy lips wrapped around his length.

“I need you now!” He said. It was more of a command than anything else. Cassandra swallowed thickly. Finally, her needy pussy was going to get what it craved.

She felt his hands grip her waist and easily move her so that she was facing the mirror. She could see her flushed face and the wanton look in Noah’s face.

“Please fuck me Noah! I need to feel your big cock in my pussy.”

She placed her hands on the mirror for balance, causing her arse to push out towards her son, inviting him to take pussy.

“Fucking hell!” Noah groaned at the sight that his mother presented to him. Pushing forward, he missed her soaked entrance and slid between her lips. He tried again and again, each time letting out a moan of anguish.

“Oh dear, I think I’m too wet for you to slide in!” Cassandra giggled. “Let Mummy help you” She grinned wickedly; taking hold of his prick, she directed it to her steaming pussy.

With the tip of his cock enveloped by her wet warmth, Noah pushed forward until he was buried inside her.

“Jesus! Oh fuck it feels so good. Fuck!” Noah cried. He was thankful he had just cum, as he wanted to enjoy the tight, warm, wet pussy enveloping his cock.

“That’s right, fuck me baby.” His mum moaned huskily. His prick felt so big inside her. It felt so fucking good pulsating against her pussy walls, but she needed to be fucked. “Fuck mummy good. I want to cum over that big cock!”

Hearing his mum beg like that made his cock swell inside her. Taking hold of her narrow hips, he slowly pulled out until just the tip was left wrapped inside her lips. His mum immediately tried to get his length back inside but Noah held her still wanting to let her know who was in control.

“Please Noah. I need that fat cock back inside me!” Cassandra whimpered looking in the mirror at her son. ‘God he’s turning me into a slut for his cock! I fucking love it.’ She thought.

“Fuck! Oh yes that’s it!” She screamed as he thrust forward into her clutching warmth. His strong hands gripped her tighter as he began to pick up the pace, slamming into her pussy with powerful thrusts.

The sound of his hips slapping against her firm arse echoed around the studio, adding to the noise of the moans from mother and son.

The room seemed to heat up quickly. His sweat splashed from his brow to her back as he pounded her slutty pussy. The condensation dripped from the mirror, making Cassandra struggle to keep grip.

After a hard thrust from her son, Cassandra found herself pushed up against the glass. The cool surface felt electric against her swollen nipples. Not needing her hands for support anymore, she reached down and began to rub her clit. She was so close to climax. Her son’s relentless fucking was so intense; she couldn’t focus on anything but the pleasure.

She felt him move his hands between her chest and the mirror. He found her hard nipples and gripped them between his fingers, gently squeezing them causing Cassandra to moan.

“Cum for me Mum. I want to feel you cum as I fuck your perfect body. I want to hear you scream out my name. Cum for me!” Noah demanded in her ear. His confident voice unleashed something within Cassandra. Her whole body tensed up. She pushed her arse against her son, wanting him as deep as possible inside her.

“Noah… Noah… Oh fuck!” She moaned as her orgasm took hold. Her whole body quivered violently. Her pussy juices dripped to the floor. Unable to take anymore pleasure, Cassandra let out a feeble cry and felt her body go limp.

Noah held his mother’s twitching body, stopping her from falling as she came down from her intense orgasm. His cock was still painfully hard and he needed to cum, but he wanted to see her look in his eyes as he planted his seed inside her.

His cock left the warm confines of her pussy and he slowly turned his mum around so that she was facing him.

“Noah, baby that… ” She said only to be cut off by Noah kissing her, his tongue invading her mouth as he wrapped his arms around her back. Showing off his strength, Noah picked her up and carried her over to the leather chair. Placing her down, Cassandra immediately spread her legs eager for her son to carry on fucking her moist cunt.

With his body on top of hers, the chair went into the recline position, allowing her son to bury himself deeper inside. She gazed up at him and saw the animalistic look in his eyes. The intensity of it lit another fire inside her.

Wrapping her legs around him, she pulled him deeper. Her hands moved to his neck and forced him closer until she could kiss him. Hungrily their lips met, both of them groaned in each other’s mouths.

Their hips ground together forcing her clit to rub against her son’s groin. She moaned loudly as she felt his cock flex inside her pussy, hitting a sensitive spot she didn’t realise she had.

“Oh fuck, do that again Noah! I can feel your cock deep inside. Oh fuck yes!” She breathed in his ear, enjoying the sound of her son’s guttural grunt in response.

Noah couldn’t speak; everything in his body was focused on cumming. He began to fuck his mum harder, his orgasm getting closer and closer.

“Look at me baby.” His mother breathed. Noah forced his eyes open to see his gorgeous mother looking back at him. She sucked her fingers before moving them to her clit and rubbing the nub furiously. “Cum for me!”

With a roar Noah tensed up, burying his prick as deep as it could go inside his mum. He jerked violently as the first massive load of cum erupted inside her pussy.

“That’s it baby, fill me up! It feels so good. Using your mummy’s pussy as cum dump.” She growled exciting herself with how filthy she sounded. With each sentence, she felt her son unload more thick spunk inside her, the explosion of warmth adding to her moist juices.

“Yes… fuck yes” Noah grunted as he finally felt his prick finished shooting. The euphoria of his orgasm was still there

He looked down to see his mother continue to rub her clit. His cum was oozing out of her pussy and she was using it to rub her pussy faster. Dropping his hand, he pushed her fingers away and took control. Finding her clit, he pinched it before moving his thumb on top of the nub. Pressing down he let his thumb rub and grind down.

“Harder baby… rub my clit just there! Oh Noah…” She cried out and came again. It was the same intensity as her first one, but then nothing could compare to your first orgasm with your son.

For Noah, there wasn’t anything hotter than having an incredibly attractive woman underneath you that you have just fucked and dumped a massive load of cum inside.

What made it even better was that it was the woman of his dreams that he had just ravaged. The realisation of all of that was such an intense sensation that he felt light headed and had to drop on top of his mother.

Cassandra felt his weight fall on top of her, his cock still twitched softly as it gradually lost its stiffness. With a little wiggle, she managed to turn him onto her side, allowing her to get to her feet.

She stood up hesitantly testing out her legs after two orgasms and the rough fucking her son had given her. She looked down at him and giggled. His eyes were closed and he was still trying to regain his breath, but he had a stupid smile on his face that showed utter bliss.

Taking a step towards the door, she felt a thick wet dollop of cum trickle down her legs. Dropping her hand to her pussy, she scooped up a load of it and lifted it to her mouth, sucking her fingers clean, groaning softly at how dirty it all was.

“Fucking hell Mum, that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!” Noah croaked as he gazed at her with sheer lust.

“Now mister, we need to do some more rehearsals, and if you’re good then I might reward you again.” She winked as she scooped up more cum and swallowed it. Noah’s cock twitched in response. He wanted that arse next!

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