Mom says I dishonored the family, Sis takes pity on me

I paid the Uber driver and pulled my duffle bag out the rear door. I looked up the walkway to the family home which I had departed with so much fanfare a year and a half ago. A feeling of dread came over me as I thought about entering the house under these circumstances.

My “twin” stepsister saw me emerge from the cab and rushed out the side door to welcome me home. We called ourselves twins since we were born on the same day twenty-two years ago although half a world apart. Jill’s dad, Roger, married my mother, Delphi, ten years ago, and almost immediately, Jill and I became as close as any brother and sister.

Her more than ample tits under the flimsy tank top bounced as she ran towards me. She stands two inches shorter than my five-foot-nine-inch frame. Her wispy, thin, platinum blonde long hair blew across her face as she approached me. She tightly embraced me. I spoke first.

“Is your dad home? I’d rather speak to him first than to my mother.”

“No, he’s in London for at least another six weeks…”

“What’s my mom doing?”

“She’s in her room reading a Jackie Collins novel throwing back one G&T after another, waiting on you to show up.”

“Sis, let’s walk around to the back of the house and sit by the pool and let me explain to you what happened over the past week.”

We held hands, as usual, walking to the back atrium. We sat on stone bench and I opened the conversation.

“What has Mom said about this situation?”

“Not too much… only that you have been kicked out of the Academy for sexually assaulting your date.”

“That’s not at all what happened. I was discharged for a technical violation of the Academy’s strict honor code…” I paused to organize my thoughts, and then continued. “As you know from my letters and from you visit last spring, first year and second year Cadets can entertain blind dates on Saturday nights. As usual, a busload of local college co-eds came onto the Academy grounds to meet Cadets. These are true blind dates — none of us previously met any of the girls on the bus. The Academy vetted them carefully to assure they were of good character. As they came into our briefing room, which served as a dance hall for these events, we would introduce ourselves to any we thought particularly attractive and then sit at a table and have soft drinks and snacks. We were supposed to remain in the briefing room — there was a jukebox and we could dance but were not allowed to exit the briefing room. However, with about two hundred bodies milling around, a few of us were able to sneak out of the room with our dates.”

Jill said nothing, she listened intently and placed he hand on my shoulder. I continued my narrative. “Doris, which was my date’s name, and I walked around the parade area holding hands and sneaking a kiss from time to time. It was apparent we were connecting. We sat on an park bench and engaged in some serious smooching. I suggested we find a more secluded spot to continue — she agreed. About a mile away, is ‘Flirtation Rock’, a very large outcropping which has several nooks and grottos where we could get serious with some degree of privacy. Doris’s bus would depart at 2130 hours, but we had sufficient time to get on with what we planned. We found a small, mostly concealed grotto with a smooth rock which would serve as a seat. I sat back and Doris unbuttoned my trousers and pulled my dick out.”

Jill and I have always been forthright with each other about sex. Over the years we had been in the presence of each other nude numerous times at family baths. Jill arranged with one of her horny girl friends to take my virginity. She and I talked and laughed about that incident frequently in the years since. We often discussed our sex lives in graphic detail but never considered each other as a potential sex partner.

I continued my narrative, “Doris immediately put my hard dick in her mouth and proceeded to give me a serious blow job. As you know, my cock is not the largest you’ll ever see, but it’s usually sufficient.”

Jill interrupted, “Your dick is plenty big. It’s as long and has as much girth as any I’ve encountered…”

I continued, “I reached under Doris’s blouse and bra and massaged her titties and nipples. I felt the cum rising in my balls ready to exit — this is the first sex I had had in six month — when suddenly a bright light shinned into our secluded spot. Doris pulled away, and I swear my dick made a pop sound as it exited her mouth. I turned my back to the light, and hid Doris with my body. A loud voice said, ‘Who’s there?’ I recognized the voice as Cadet-Colonel Aaron Richardson, a fourth-year student and the biggest prick in the Academy. Keeping my arm in front of my face and Doris in my shadow, and without answering his challenge, I charged the light, took it away, and threw it down an embankment. As Richardson searched for his spotlight Doris and I hightailed it back to the briefing room with sufficient time to spare before her bus was to leave.

“The next morning at roll call, Richardson, who is Cadet Deputy Wing Commander, asserted that if the Cadet who engaged in PDA, or Public Display of Affection, at Flirtation Rock the night before does not come forward he would cancel all further first- and second-year Cadet date nights. He then moved into the ranks and came face to face with me, and in a loud voice asked, ‘Cadet-Captain Wilson, was it you I spotted engaged in PDA?’ I immediately answered, ‘no sir’, but as soon as the words were out of my mouth I realized I had fucked up big time and instantly said, ‘I wish to remain mute to your question, sir.”

“My initial answer, ‘no sir’, was a lie and a possible violation of the Cadet Honor Code. Richardson said he knew it was me and it was too late to stand mute answer to his question. He further stated the Honor Committee would question the young lady I was with to get at the truth. Rather than allow that to happen, I confessed it was me he encountered at Flirtation Rock.

“I was confined to quarters for two days then faced the Honor Council. After only twenty minutes they decided by a six to five vote I violated the Cadet Honor Code and ordered me to vacate the premises within six hours. That was yesterday evening, so here I am today. I better face my mother now.”

I rapped softly at her bedroom door and received her command to enter. She was standing by a floor to ceiling window and in the subdued light her beauty was on full display. Her red hair was brushed back, 1980s style and she posed for my benefit in a peach colored, floor length negligee which emphasized her figure. My mother’s beauty leaps out at you when you meet her. She is as beautiful today as she was as an 18-year-old First Runner-up in the Miss Texas Pageant.

I spoke first, “hello Delphi, you’re looking good…”

“So, you decided to show your face around here… How could you do something like forcing yourself upon a young lady…”

“Mom, that’s not what happened…”

“Shut up. I know exactly what you did. The Superintendent of the Academy called me, but wouldn’t say any more than that you had been expelled, but a very nice classmate of yours, a Mr. Richardson, called later and gave me the sordid details… How can I ever face my friends again? Our family name was one of the most honored in this county. Your father graduated from the Academy and was killed in a Middle East war; your grandfather graduated from West Point and served with distinction in Vietnam; your great-grandfather graduated from the Naval Academy and served in World War II…”

“Yes, mom, I know all about the illustrious history of the Wilson family… and I don’t know what that jerk Aaron Richardson told you, but I was bounced out for a technical violation of the Honor Code; not for forcing myself upon that young lady…”

“I don’t really care what the details are. Just stay away from me — I cannot bear to look at you right now. You can stay here as long as you need, but you need to consider your options.”

I walked out of her room shaking with anger. Jill was waiting in the hallway and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Come on Doug, let’s get in the pool — that will calm your shattered nerves.”

We undressed and waded into the outdoor “bath” — actually a shallow pool in the courtyard. Jill was born in Japan and grew up there with her dad and late mother. Their family frequently bathed together in the nude as is the custom in that country. After Jill’s dad married my mother we continued the family nude bathing tradition. Delphi enjoyed showing off her artificial boobs in the family baths and at neighborhood swimming parties in a skimpy bikini. My mom is a beautiful woman but I never thought of her as somebody I’d like to fuck.

Jill and I sat in the warm water and my tremors subsided somewhat. We reminisced about our good times together and talked about the future. I was feeling better after a half hour in the pool with my sister.

After a pause in the conversation, Jill spoke, “Doug, get over on the padded bench by the cabana and let me give you a massage. A good rubdown will calm your nerves.”

I lay on my stomach while my sister got a jar of massage oil and went to work. I experienced an erection from Jill’s message. After completing my back side, Jill told me to turn over.

“Sis, I better not…”

In a playful guttural voice she ordered, “I… said… turn… over.”

I complied and could see my dick sticking straight up. Jill didn’t take any notice of my erection and commenced an oily massage of my front side. She worked my arms, chest and abdomen, then skipped to my feet and legs. I had my eyes closed wondering what she would do. She put more oil in her hands then stroked my twitching cock and rubbed my balls. Sis and I had never before engaged in any type of sexual contact with each other, so this was a major surprise. She backed away and admired her handiwork.

“Now you do me,” she commanded.

I stood up while she lay on her stomach. I commenced an oil massage on her neck and back, skipped her buttocks and worked back up from her feet. I put a generous amount of oil on my hands and kneaded it into her beautiful ass — her perfect ass: neither too fat nor too skinny. I lingered massaging her butt crack. I poured additional oil on my middle finger and inserted it into her anus and twisted — she audibly moaned.

When I finished her backside, without a word she turned over onto her back. I had seen her titties often over the years during family baths, but never this close up. They were large yet perky. Her pink areola was about the size of a quarter and her nipples, also pink, protruded a half inch or so. I massaged her neck and chest and then went to work on her boobies. My dick was getting harder and I leaked pre-cum onto her leg. If she noticed, she said nothing. I did her stomach and then worked the feet and legs, up to her pussy. Observing Jill from several feet away during family baths, I assumed she had almost no pubic hair, but seeing her from this vantage I realized she possessed an abundance of thin, blonde pubes matching her natural hair color. Up close, it looked more like fuzz than pubic hair. I rubbed oil into her pussy and inserted a finger into her fuck hole. At this point I thought I should ask, “Sis, are you on the pill?”

“Do you think you’re about to get lucky or something — finish my massage. To answer your question, yes, I’m on the pill.”

I rubbed additional oil onto her, and without asking I put my face into her pussy and straddled over the bench with my dick in her face. She immediately placed it in her mouth and commenced a fabulous blow job. I worked my tongue around her pussy, sucking on her lips and clitoris. I could feel my cock slipping deeper into her throat and I reciprocated by inserting my tongue as deep as I could in her vagina. This continued on for a time, until I raised my head and exclaimed, “Sis, I’m about to come.” She continued unabated and I felt my groins pump copious amounts of cum into her mouth. I felt her shiver, obviously experiencing an orgasm. My dick slowly went flaccid, so I eased it out of her mouth.

I twisted around and kissed her, tasting my own cum. She spread her legs and guided my erect-again cock into her wet cunt. I eased into her but as I penetrated, I could feel her undulations seeming to pull my cock deeper into her pussy. I pushed until our pubic areas touched — I moved slowly and Sis matched my rhythm. I went faster and faster, our bodies slapping together loudly. I continued to kiss her — pushing my tongue as deeply as I could in her throat. She responded, pushing my tongue back and filling my mouth with hers. I felt her finger penetrate my asshole — I almost shot my load then but managed to hold back.

She told me to let her on top, so we switched positions. She bounded up and down and her ample tittles swayed. I grabbed each of them and pinched the rock-hard nipple. Sis held her arms above her head to emphasis her boobies.

I knew this was a pity fuck, but I didn’t care. I was going to savor this experience.

She continued to bounce faster and faster. I could feel her pussy juices on my balls. Cum was making its presence known in my groin so I told Sis, “I’m about to come — I can’t hold back any longer.”

She didn’t answer and continued to bounce. Just as my balls were emptying themselves into my sister’s cunt, she shook and squealed with her orgasm. She collapsed onto me, with my dick, still hard in her pussy. After a few minutes, the erection abated and my dick eased out, leaking cum and pussy juice onto me and the bench. We fell asleep with Jill continuing laying atop me.

It was after sunset before we awoke. Sis eased off me. We waded into waist deep water in the bathing pool and washed off each other. That activity caused my dick to rise. Sis stroked it, while I rubbed her pussy. She suggested we go to her room to continue our activity.

We dried off each other, then got into her bed. We smooched for a time, but I was already leaking pre-cum, so we promptly got down to business. She lay on her back and I entered her. We quickly got enthusiastic. I pounded her pussy and our bodies slapped together loudly. She rolled me over and took the superior position while I massaged her bouncing tits. I felt her stiffen as she experienced an orgasm. I rolled back to the top position and we kept the pace we had set. I felt her experience another orgasm just as I was emptying my cum into her pussy. We rolled over and fell asleep again.

The room was full of light when I awoke spooning my sister. I had no idea as to the time of day. I was experiencing a morning hard-on and my dick was planted firmly in Jill’s butt-crack. I moved my hand to her left tit and felt the nipple harden — Jill giggled, turned to face me and asked, “Are you ready to do it again?”

She squatted over me and guided my dick into her cunt. She bounced slowly, but after only a short time her rhythm increased. I needed to pee so badly I knew I would not be able to come, but after only a short time I felt Jill’s pussy tighten around my dick and felt her experience another orgasm. As soon as I could get her off me, I made a quick trip to the toilet. My aim was off since my dick was still rigid. Jill was standing behind me amused by my difficulties directing my pee stream into the bowl. She held my dick and led me to the basin. With a warm, soapy wash cloth she cleaned, first my dick and then her pussy. I suggested we find something to eat since I had not eaten since the day before yesterday.

We donned workout suits and walked across the courtyard to the kitchen area in the main house. We drank strong, dark-roast coffee while Jill fixed bacon, eggs and toast. After scoffing down breakfast we shed our outfits and wadded into the bath pool again. We smooched some more — my dick was getting hard again. Jill suggested we retire to the chaise lounge next to the pool.

She said, “That sixty-nine we did yesterday was fun. Let’s do that again, but this time, I’m on top. Okay?”

I lay back and Jill eased her pussy onto my face and bent over and put my rigid dick into her mouth. Jill’s pussy was almost smothering me, but I continued to lick her. Just as we were getting into a rhythm I heard loud footfalls and an “ah-hem”, the sound of someone clearing their throat. Jill rolled off me and I looked over and saw my mother standing about six feet from us. Jill crouched behind me and I held my hands over my privates as I faced my mother.

Delphi was attired in a western outfit: western boots, a blue denim calf-length skirt, a red and white blouse and a western hat. She was president of the Fort Worth Historical Society, so I assumed she must have been on the way to a meeting when she came upon us.

“You two seem to be getting along fine. I watched your performance yesterday by the bath pool — were you not aware we installed security cameras in the courtyard?”

“Mrs. Wilson, please don’t tell my dad…”

“Mom, it wasn’t sis’s fault, I seduced her…”

“Both of you shut up. I’m not telling; you both seemed to be having such a fun time, now, I wonder if we can get together in a ménage à trois? By the way Dougie, when we finish this I have some news for you.”

Mom didn’t undress, rather she pulled her skirt up and I saw she was not wearing panties. Her pussy, always hirsute when the family bathed together in the pool, was neatly trimmed. She told me to lay down on the chaise lounge and without undressing, she straddled me her western boots on each side of my hips and eased my cock into her cunt covering my groin area and abdomen with her skirt. She ordered Jill to sit on my face, facing her. Jill complied. Mom moved slowly up and down on me while I proceeded to eat my stepsister’s pussy. Mom’s pussy was not very moist when I first entered her but as we progressed she became more and more wet and her pussy juices were finding their way onto my balls. I tried to reach up and feel her tits through the shirt and bra, but she moved my hands away and said, “Don’t touch! You’ll mess up my outfit.”

Jill’s pussy was leaking juices onto my face and I could feel her approaching an orgasm. Mom was bouncing more rapidly on my cock and both she and I were nearing a climax. Mom grabbed Jill by the neck and pulled their faces together, passionately kissing. I tried to warn Mom I was about to cum, but Jill’s pussy on my face kept me from calling out. I felt both Mom and Jill spasm with simultaneous orgasms and mine followed close behind. Mom came off me and dripped cum and pussy juice on the chaise lounge. She took a tissue from the shelf and wiped herself, then straightened her clothes. Jill found a couple of damp cloths for her and me.

As Mom was about to leave for her meeting, she said, “Oh, by the way. The superintendent of the Academy called this morning. You have been reinstated. An Undersecretary of the Air Force reviewed your case and said the Honor Court had misapplied the Code. Your immediate statement that you were standing mute should have been accepted. They are giving you five demerits for the PDA, but there will be no other punishment.”

I was anxious to return to the Academy but planned to get home as often as possible.

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