Mom gets drunk, we have sex and enjoy it

Once in awhile my mother and some of her old college friends go out for a night on the town. They always take a taxi because they get shit faced and can’t drive. One of those nights I was watching a movie and someone knocked at the door. When I opened it, there was the taxi driver. He said my mom was so drunk she passed out and he wanted her out of his taxi, so he helped me and we got her out of the car. I carried her to her bed and pretty much dropped her on the top of the sheets.

She was wearing a skirt that came just above the knees and when I put her down it rode up. My mother has nice legs and I don’t mind saying I stood and stared a long while. She moaned and started to roll over, she was near the edge of the bed and I was afraid she was going to roll off so I grabbed her and rolled her to the middle of the bed. Much to my surprise she threw her arms around my neck and pulled me down on top of her. She started kissing me, and I don’t mean the mother/son type of kiss. This was a deep and passionate kiss. Being in my mid twenties I couldn’t help it, my cock started growing hard.

After a minute of this kiss I just said “what the hell,” and started running my hand over her tit. I expected to get a push away and a slap on the face, but she just moaned and kissed me harder. I got off her, sat her up and took off her blouse then reached around her and took off her bra. She pulled my t shirt off and I took my pants and underwear off. She lay back down on the bed smiled and in a drunken way said “what are you waiting for?” I pulled her skirt and panties off, of course she helped by lifting her hips.

I kissed her and then started sucking on her nipples. They were hard and about half the size of my thumb! I was feeling kind of weird knowing this was my mom, but my cock had taken over and was driving the show at this point. She grabbed my hand and shoved it between her legs. I didn’t need anymore hint than that. I started rubbing her pussy lips then slipped my fingers in and started rubbing her clit. When I put my thumb on her clit and started rubbing, her hips came off the bed and she started rocking her hips up and down. I dipped a finger, then two into her now very wet pussy.

When I started finger fucking her she started moaning and gritting her teeth. I started slowly at first, then started going faster, every time I brought my fingers out, I tilted them up and rubbed her clit. That brought very loud moans and grunts, the sounds were driving me crazy. Her pussy was so wet there were squishy sounds, and she was moaning and giving little yips when I shoved my fingers as deep as they would go.

I couldn’t stand it any more, I pulled my fingers out and shoved them in her mouth. She sucked them so hard I thought she was going to swallow them. I got on top of her, her pussy was so wet and slippery my rock hard cock didn’t have any trouble slipping right in. I started pounding hard right away.

She arched her back and screamed through gritted teeth, “oh yea. Keep going just like that!” I pushed myself up on my arms and started really pounding her. Every time I would push to the hilt there would be a squishing type of sound. After a few minutes of this hard pounding she was almost screaming. She kept saying “fuck me like you mean it! I want it hard and deep!”

With so much stimulation I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. All of the sudden she stiffened and let out a steaming moan. Her pussy got so wet there was almost no friction. I couldn’t hold back any longer and let fly. I thought my orgasm would never stop!

After my cock stopped pulsing I rolled off her and lay back. We got under the sheets, she curled up next to me and we went into a very sound sleep.

When I woke she wasn’t in bed, but I did smell coffee. I got up, went into the kitchen and saw her at the counter with her back to me. She was wearing her robe that went from her neck to the floor. I came up behind her put my arms around her waist and kissed her neck. She pulled away from turned and said, “what happened last night was a mistake and it will never happen again.”

She has always dictated things in my life and I decided right then that was going to change.

I stood in front of her, reached around and grabbed a handful of hair. I pulled her face up to mine and kissed her, hard. I started running my hand up and down her side then over her tit and started rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. At first she resisted, then slowly gave in and started kissing back. I pulled back and looked at her. I told her, “I liked last night, and so did you. I don’t see why we can’t continue to enjoy ourselves.”

Then I untied her robe and reached in to feel the warm flesh of her belly and then up to her breast. This whole time she looked me straight in the eye, when I reached her nipple she smiled.

I turned her around, leaned her up against the counter and said, “you know what I want.” She reached down and pulled up her robe, exposing her round firm ass, and her pussy. I freed my cock from my shorts and rubbed it up and down her pussy. I was a bit surprised, but not much, that her pussy was already wet. I didn’t have any trouble sliding my cock in.

As I started fucking her I whispered in her ear, “you belong to me.” She answered, “anytime you want me.”

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