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Hi, my name is Ajay a freelancer and sex lover from Bangalore. To read my previous encounters please go to this link. The story is about how I was contacted by a lady in Bangalore and ended up licking her in all possible ways. The story is more of foreplay and licking.

So if you are looking for hardcore fuck then I guess this story won’t help with that. As it has very soft passionate content. People usually contact me after reading my sex stories over here. Some guys do ask for sharing the contact details which obviously gets ignored.

There was a lady named Rachana who badly wanted to experience a pleasure. I usually respond late to the messages thinking they are all fake guys wanting to get contacts. But this lady turned out to be a little patient and the following was how the conversation went on.

R- Hey there I read your story. It was a nice one.
Me- Thank you so much, I hope it did make you wet.
R- Yes it did but it would have been better if the foreplay was little more.
Me- I shall improve that next time (though I was offended little)

After this, I did not get any message from her. I just dropped a message saying.
Me- Where are you from? ASL? (Age sex location)
After a week or so I got her message.
R- Hey you there?

After 30 minutes,
Me- Yes, of course, I am here.
R – Well I m 37 and I am a divorced single parent staying in Bangalore.
Me- Bangalore that’s nice! I am from Bangalore too.
R- I know that’s why I messaged you.

After this message, I realized that she is a real lady. Maybe I could get a chance. And after gradual chatting, I realized that she worked for a small firm and was divorced for the past 4 years. We had not yet exchanged our pics. We just spoke on call once to make her wet the same night.

After a few days, I got the message again from her.
R- Hey are you free to chat?
Me- Yes, what’s up?
R- Is it possible for you to meet me? You seem to be a decent guy and you pretty made me comfortable with you last time.

Me-Sure we can? Where do you want to meet?
R- At your place?
Me- Well I m sorry I don’t have a place!
R- I thought you must be having. Then where did you have your previous experience?

Me- The ladies usually invite me to their place or we book OYO rooms.
I asked her what does she like for which she responded
R- I want to have very passionate foreplay. I want to be loved like I am still a virgin and a bride.

Me- Well we can do that. Maybe I will give you a massage and foreplay that you shall never forget!
R- Let’s meet then

After this, we decided to meet at OYO. But she stayed pretty far away from my place so I had to leave an hour before her. After that, I called her and asked where is she? She sent me the location of OYO room and told me to come to her soon. I went to the room and knocked on the door.

She opened the door and then I saw her. To be honest I am not gonna boast like others that she was a bomb or something. She had worn specs and had chubby fat around her waist. Her arms were pretty normal. She wore a green T-shirt and blue jeans. Her assets would have been around 36-34-36.

She welcomed me. She sat on the bed and I sat on the chair. I asked her, “Are you nervous?” which I usually do to all my clients whom I meet. I asked her to lie down with her t-shirt removed and not to worry about anything. She looked hesitant about me holding my phone as if I was recording her.

I guess she had her own insecurities and worries. But then I made her comfortable. I switched off the lights. Placed two candles on either side. And I just went and sat next to her. I took off her glasses and I whispered in her ears, “Rachana, just close your eyes and imagine the hottest guy you have ever dreamt of.”

After saying this I clicked and licked her ear lobes. I start rolling my fingers over her body. I could see she was getting goosebumps. I could see that she was starving for sex for a very long time. She started moaning with just my hands going on her bare back.

I took edible oil and poured it over her back and started squeezing her neck. She had already started moaning. 10 minutes passed and I took her pants too. I saw her huge thighs which almost were bouncing when my hand was rolling over them. Her breathing started becoming heavy.

Her chest was literally moving up and down. I moved her and kissed her. She didn’t respond well for which I said.
Me-Hey babe, relax just close your eyes and feel you are kissing your lover.
R-Hmmm, ok.

I placed my lips over her lips again. She didn’t respond again. Then I pushed my lips more and put my tongue in her mouth. Now she started showing her real inner slut. She took her hands and wrapped around my neck and started kissing me wild. We both had become crazy lovers.

We were kissing as if it was the last sex. I grabbed her melons and started squeezing them even more hard. Her moaning now turned into screams. I took her entire boobs in my mouth and sucked them. Then I brought my inner dog to action. I started licking her entire body.

My tongue was rolling all the way from her underarms to her underwear. Then moving across that v line. I immersed my entire face in her navel and rubbed it. Having pretty long hairs she held me and was pushing me on her. I knew I had done my job and I could see that she was enjoying it.

After my previous encounter, I have got this habit of carrying honey and choco syrup to all my clients. So I took off honey and poured it exactly over her pussy on her panty and started licking it. The amount of pleasure a lady gets when someone is wanting to lick her pussy.

I had made all her panty wet with the repeated amount of honey pouring over it. She kept moaning. She then took a pause and said, “Lick my pussy now. I can’t wait.” I usually make the woman go crazy and become so desperate that she should beg for it. I took off her panty and saw her pussy nicely.

It didn’t look like it was used ever. It looked like a virgin pussy only to me. I kissed her pussy and to be honest I have never kissed such a sweet pussy out of all my experiences. When you get a tight pussy I guess we men should make use for it. I started kissing and smooching her lips as if she was my first lover.

She was already dripping as it started tasting salty. I then took the honey in my fingers and finger fucked her for almost 30-40 minutes. And then kept licking her pussy for another 30 minutes. Trust me I can keep licking for hours together.

While I kept doing this, not even for once did Rachana tell me to stop. She was enjoying herself and I love it when I make a woman enjoy. I kept licking her pussy and she was moaning. Then she used to press that pillow with her hands moving her head to either side enjoying my warm tongue and fingers inside her pussy.

After some time she told me, “I’m tired. I have already cum enough, ajay Fuck me now,” she screamed hard I took my 6-inch dick and gently placed it in her warm pussy. I fucked her for around 10-12 minutes. Then I told I wanna cum. I took my shaft and exploded over her boobs.

Though I fucked her just for 10 minutes it was pretty intense. I asked her did you enjoy it. She with a long breath said yes. And then she said I am tired now. After some time we had a nice lunch and departed as she had to go home by 5.

I have been working as a masseur and sometimes just for pleasing women in the bed across Bangalore for a while now. Not necessarily for sex but also for passionate licking, sucking and foreplays. Any woman or couple interested in trying me can contact me
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