Married sister Tony :part-03

We both have a nice as well as pleasurable journey as we both enjoyed physical love like a hot couple (Read prev story Married sister Tony 2). We both are exhausted as we reach Ujjain in the morning and my brother-in-law was waiting for us in we reached there ,he prepared coffee for us and than I am in a room as I took refreshment and slept on bed.I am too tired as I am sleeping peacefully and than ,after 3-4 hours of fast sleep,I wake up as I walked to washroom for I walked towards dinning hall as there is complete silence in home but I can see maid cleaning utensils in I walked to my sister’s room as I can see him sleeping on bed and I touched her nude legs……

“Tony leave your bed ,need a cup of tea.”

As she opened her eyes and wake up,looking like a hot blonde in her gawn ,she left bed and walked towards kitchen as I am sitting in balcony .after a while ,she came with cup of tea as we both are drinking it,looking at him…….”your hubby have disturbed you in the morning
(Tony)no I slept for 2 hours and than prepared breakfast for him and again I was sleeping
(Mohit)feeling too tired
(Tony)yes have you got any pill for it
(Mohit)sure but you will get it after maid leave our home.”

And she walked away with empty cup of I am thinking about Tony’s body massage with oil as I am feeling too tired also and it’s 10:20 am as I can see it in my I walked to dinning hall as I can see maid near door putting his sandles on legs.after she walked away ,I moved to close the door and now I am looking for my married elder sister tony.she is on her bed as I moved inside her room…….

“no preparation of lunch
(Tony)I will call for it to a local food plaza.”

As I sit near him on bed ,she is looking nice in her night gawn as it’s transparent with no brassiere on her boobs ,even her nipples are visible and her nude thighs to legs are making me hot .so I put my hand on it lashes as it have front faced lock and opened it ,now her gawn’s is in parts as her nude body is uncovered.slowely I took out her gawn from her body as she is wearing a panty only to cover her vagina.she is bit shy as she put her palms on his boobs to cover and I put my hand on her thigh as I am rubbing it .now tony is feeling the touch of my palm on her thighs as she wake up on bed and both walked towards dinning hall.she put a bed on floor as I took one pillow also and she moved to kitchen as I can see her sexy ass in panty.she came back with a bottle of oil and sits on bed as I am also there,now she slept on bed as her legs are wide spread.looking at Tony ,my penis started my 26 years old sister is nude as her rossy lips are Charming,her nude boobs with long nipples on it are inciting me for sex .as her flat tummy got fleshy after her marriage ,her smooth thighs as well as legs are glittering like I put oil on her boobs as I dropped it on her tummy to waist,my palm hold her sexy boobs to massage as her tummy is getting rubbed with my palm.tonys upper portion of body is full of oils as I am giving him a nice massage with my hand as well as palms.she is screaming………

“oohh aahh Mohit ,my cunt is itching massage it also.”

As I took a pillow and put it under her sexy ass ,now I opened the strings of panty and removed it from her vaginal zone.she spread her legs wide as I can see her shinning vagina with my face down to her red hot I put my lips on Tony’s vagina as I am kissing it while Tony have hold my hairs tightly just pushing my face towards her vagina.I am smelling her vaginal odour as I can see Tony’s fingers widening the vaginal hole and I started licking her cunt as my hand is on her my penis is erecting like a hot iron rod as she is screaming………

“oohh you dirty guy ,massage my vagina with your penis not tongue.”

She is asking for fuck as I licked her cunt and than put lips on her thighs to legs,now my sister’s hot body is nude as I am giving her a massage and I can see her face reddish as well as eyes closed.looking at him ,I pulled down my Bermuda as my cock is fully erected and leaned on her body to kiss her face as well as lips.she is rubbing my back as I took her lips in my mouth to suck and slowly ,she pushed her tongue in my mouth as I am sucking it with my chest getting her boobs touch on it.we both are hot as lying on her top with his tongue in my mouth have made us hot and Tony pushed my head back as his tongue is out of my mouth.she is kissing my face to lips and now I left her body as I turned her body.

Tony is lying nude with her round dome shaped ass in front of my I leaned my face on her upper portion as I am kissing it and going down towards her I put oil on her body as my both palms are massaging it ,her soft body is getting the massage as I put my lips on her nude ass, kissing her ass ,I spread it’s parts as I put my tongue in between her ass to lick it.she is screaming in joy………

“ooh Mohit fuck me soon dear .”

As my body is in sensation and now I made her bitch on bed as I started licking her ass hole with my tongue.later on ,I put oil on her bum as well as inside her ass hole ,my long finger is inside her hot ass as I am fucking it and now my penis is rock hard .I put oil on my penis and pushed it in Tony’s vagina as my 2/3 Rd penis is in her cunt ,I hold her waist and fucked her hand is on her waist as I am fucking her fastly as she is shouting……

“oohh uumm Mohit fuck me hard your sister need fuck for a day.”

As my oily penis is moving fastly in her vagina she is swinging her ass I hold her breast as I pressed it hard and my penis is moving smoothly inside her glory hole.she is moving her buttocks fast as her whole body is full of oil ,I am fucking her with speed as well as power.after a while ,she is shouting……

“oohh my brother ,my vagina will cum soon.”

As I can feel her hot dry vagina turning into a wet I took out my cock as I put my tongue in my sister’s vagina to lick it ,I am tasting her vaginas cum as my penis is still in Tony walked to washroom as I slept on bed and she came to me and started putting oil on my chest to waist.she is massaging my body as her hand is on my thighs ,my body is oily as my erected penis is in her hand ,now she is kissing my penis as it’s glans is on her lips and than she took my cock in her mouth to suck.tony is sucking my penis fast as her mouth have hold it and a nice jerk is making it long and thick.tony is good in sucking cock as she is going fast but later on ,she started rolling her tongue in my penis and licked it for a while.our position changed as Tony slept on bed and I am sitting in between her thighs ,now pushed my long cock in her wet cunt as I am fucking her hardly while holding her oily breast.I am penetrating her vagina fast as my hand is massaging her boobs and than I slept on her body as I am fucking her while sleeping on her top and she hold me tightly as her lips are kissing me and she started bouncing her sexy ass .we both are hot as I am fucking her cunt but after 10-12 minutes of fuck ,I shouted……

“oohh uumm Tony I will cum.” And her cunt is full of sperms as I took it out and put it in her mouth ,she sucked my cock to taste my cum.

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