Maid from Heaven – Part 38

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 37 ). Now let’s continue

I said “oh yes then Rizwan would have come”. She burst out laughing at this, she said “oh yes, now my tailor will also deliver my groceries”. Now again after getting beaten to my own guesses, I asked “then who else came”?

In Uma’s narration from here:

After you left Raja called and said Aslam is busy so he requested him to attend to me. My mind was stuck on that grocery thing only so I said “fine please come quickly”.

After disconnecting the call, it struck me that Raja was the same guy who came with Aslam the first time. He had felt me up and made me orgasm too and in return I had given him a blowjob.

Thinking quickly, I rushed to my bedroom and changed into my conservative Punjabi dress. Raja came in about ten minutes. He behaved like a perfect gentleman understanding my list of items.

He did not even hint at what happened between us earlier. Then he left, I felt mixed reactions because if he would have asked for a blowjob today I would have given it to him, after some drama ofcourse to make him feel like I was doing him a big favour.

He came back in forty minutes and I had finished cleaning the house and was profusely sweating. He carried everything to the kitchen and I helped him too.

He noticed that my dress had turned almost transparent because of sweat. I was practically in my underwear in front of him. He said “madam like last time I will give you the items and you organise them as per your preference”.

I said “ok”, he pulled up the short step stool I used the last time and I got on it. He gave me the items one by one and waited while I put them in the respective containers.

While I was busy doing this, his hands were lingering on my butt and inner thighs. As expected this triggered my arousal but I tried to remain calm trying my best to not show it.

My shalwar (Indian pajamas) was already wet with my sweat but now it was getting wetter with my leaking juices. Now his knuckles were frequently brushing against my crotch and I was sure he was able to feel my “real” wetness.

He said “madam looks like you are sweating a lot because of the heat”. While he said this I felt his nose nuzzle my armpits from behind. I said “yes Raja today it is very hot in here”.

Just as I finished my sentence he said “madam, then why don’t you take off your clothes and get comfortable”? By now his one hand was cupping my boob gently fondling it while his other hand was giving my pussy a hard knuckle massage.

I knew I would not last very long before my steadily growing orgasm would hit me. So I still tried to put up a brave face and said “how can you even say this Raja, do you know who you are talking to”.

He said “madam you remember last time, I felt you up everywhere. So why are you feeling shy now”? Before I could digest his answer and think of what to say, he reached out and pulled the strings of my shalwar.

My shalwar fell to my feet and I shrieked at what he had done. To stop me from moving he hugged my thighs from behind burying his face in my buttocks.

He said “sorry madam, please don’t mind. I could not see you suffer like this just because of my presence”. His grip was so strong that I could not move an inch.

His nose was touching the base of my pussy crack. He started moving it such that he was rubbing my pussy and butt hole alternately. This was where my impending orgasm crashed thru me giving him the treat he was looking for.

I quickly tried to get myself together but his tongue was already lapping up my freely flowing fluids from over my soaked panties. I resigned letting him enjoy himself knowing well that it was too late now.

After he was done, he said “sorry for that madam, I did not want to let your tasty juices go waste like last time”. Faking a stern tone, I said “raja this is enough, now you please leave. I will manage”.

Ignoring my words, he got me down from the stool and raised my hands. He buried his face there taking in the stink of my sweat. Then he put his mouth to my armpits licking over my clothes like a dog would lick something tasty.

I don’t know why but his licking my armpits aroused me again like crazy. I was unable to stop his actions mentally because my body was betraying me and begging that he doesn’t stop now.

Raja went on for a while and with just this arm pit thingy he got me close to my next orgasm. He said “madam did you know that the aroma of your sweaty armpits is very intoxicating and your sweat is so tasty. If I could I would smell and lick them all day long”.

I smiled at him and turned to resume my work. Raja said “madam why don’t you take off your top also because you are still heavily sweating. It will make you will feel a lot better”.

I turned to look at him astonished by his direct statement. Again he stepped in front facing me and began pulling up my kameez (top). As if under his spell, I too raised my hands helping him remove it completely.

As if trying to drive his point home, he asked “now are you feeling better madam”? I smiled thinking what other tricks he has up his sleeve. Then he repeated himself bringing me back to present and I nodded yes.

Now I was bloody aroused and desperately wanted some real action with him at any cost. So I looked at him and said “well Raja you got me undressed to feel better in this heat but why are you still struggling in your clothes”?

He gave me a wide grin while unbuttoning his shirt. He said “madam I wanted to do it but was not sure how you will react”. He was quickly down to his boxers which had a prominent tent because of his erection inside.

We resumed the original work we had started, Raja said “madam I heard that the bra makes women sweat the most, is it making you sweat too”? I looked at him and shyly nodded yes.

He said “then removing it should make you feel even better right”? I again smiled and nodded yes. He made me step down from the stool and came behind me.

His erection inside his boxers was already half way between my buttocks. I said “please unhook my bra Raja”. He tried and took a long time, I didn’t know if he was doing this on purpose or otherwise because his hard cock was feeling great against my cunt lips.

Finally, he had undone my bra. I thought if I let him remove it completely then he will need to disengage from my butt, so I grabbed it and threw it next to my other clothes.

I don’t know why he stood still now without doing anything. I reached behind with my hands and found his trembling hands hanging by the sides of his thighs.

I don’t know why I held them and brought them to my tits cupping them. I said “Raja can you please wipe the sweat from my boobs please”? His hands started roaming over my tits while he still stood the same way.

Even his chest was not fully touching my back. I reached behind holding his hips and pulled him closer till our bodies fully made contact. I said “now this will be much easier for you”.

His hard cock was knocking on my engorged clit now. Any man would have started dry humping naturally by now but he didn’t. So I Instinctively I began rocking my bottom against his cock giving him the hint.

But he still did not do anything. So I said “Raja can you feel the sweat between my legs”? He excitedly said “yes madam, you are sweating down there like flowing water”.

I said “can you please help me with take care of that”? He said “yes madam, right away. But I will need to remove your panties to do it properly”. I said “remove it then”.

Raja knelt in front of me and slowly pulled down my panties. I put my hands on his shoulders for balance while I stepped out of them. He put his hand there feeling my dripping wetness while I opened my legs more to help him.

I said “use your mouth Raja, it will be more effective”. He brought his mouth to my cunt while I put both my thighs on either sides of his head exactly the same way I do when you Krishna insist on drinking my fluids.

Raja had a big fat tongue, so when he was eating my pussy it literally felt like a cock was rubbing against it. After a few minutes I lost it and firmly impaled my cunt on his mouth because my next orgasm crashed thru me.

To be continued….

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