Maid and me a lesbian affair – Part 1

My eyes opened at 7 AM. My mind was blank at the beginning. As I tried to move I felt the body of Lata on top of me. Lata was still sleeping, her breath falling on my shoulders. Her dark naked body rested on mine. I could feel the smell of her body, common to the tribal community which she belonged to. Her boobs were pressed on my boobs, I remembered she was sucking on them during the last session of the steamy sex we had last night. After that around 1 AM she lay on top of me and while engaged in deep kissing we fell asleep. And then I remembered it all, how I turned into a lesbian, with the maid.

My name is Puja and it was the time when I had just turned 18. It was the year 2001. I was studying in college with Chemistry honours. My parents were both engineers in a construction firm and were always busy with their work. We lived in an ancestral house huge in size but used only a portion of the house including a hall,two bedrooms and a kitchen. The rest of the house was kept under lock and key but opened for maintenance daily by our housekeeper Seema only in presence of mom or dad. We had some domestic help in the form of a cook Gita, a driver Raja, the housekeeper Seema and a maid Lata. Other than maintaining the closed rooms Seema also supervised the work of Lata and Gita. None of them resided at our home and usually left after their work got over.

Lata was a tribal woman residing in a ‘basti’ in our neighborhood. People from that basti used to serve as workers in the construction firm in which mom and dad were working. Lata was in her mid-thirties at that time. People from her tribe are usually dark-complexioned but Lata was probably one of the darkest among them. Her skin was really very dark, almost jet black. She had an average look but had a nice figure. She lost her husband within a year of her marriage. Being an orphan she was thus left alone in the world. In order to make ends meet she worked as a maid. She didn’t want to work in the construction firm as her late husband used to work there.
Before I tell you about the night that I mentioned in the beginning I want to share in detail all important events that finally led to that. Even since Lata started working in our house I could always feel she used to stare at me. I felt that she used to scan my body with her eyes. I noticed it but never gave it a thought, assuming it was just my imagination. But a few more incidents happened which made me think again.

Once I found that while washing clothes she was sniffing my T-shirt. It seemed really weird to see her do so. Once I was thirsty and asked Gita for a glass of water as I had applied mehndi on my hands. Lata rushed instead and brought the water. She lifted the glass to my lips and let me sip the water, her eyes staring at me all the time. As I finished drinking, she slowly put her thumb under my lower lip and rubbed the little droplet of water accumulated there. I was so shocked by this that couldn’t utter a word. I just gazed at her. She smiled just a bit and went away with the empty glass. I grew curious about her behavior and hence decided not to reveal her actions to my parents. Another day as I came out in my towel after shower, I was shocked to see Lata in my room. She was holding a glass of juice in one hand and with the other she was fondling my lingerie on the bed. As she saw me she gave a notorious smile and gazed on my towel clad body. “Have some juice”, she said with a smile. Her teeth looked very white, probably because of the contrast with her black skin. I took the glass and in the process Lata stirred her fingers on mine. She left soon leaving me in a world of thoughts.

Even I started to become curious about Lata. I too stared at her body whenever she was doing the household work. Our eyes began to meet now, staring at each other. I could sense a hunger in her eyes for me. One night in a dream I saw myself in a deserted place. Nobody was around and I was starting to feel afraid. Just then I saw Lata walking toward me. Seeing her I ran and hugged her and said,” Latadidi I am all alone help me please.” As I looked up she was smiling and said,” Of course I am here to help you out.” She placed the palms of her hands on my cheeks and pulled my face to her. As our lips met I closed my eyes, feeling Lata’s lips on mine. But the dream was over right then because my alarm started to ring. I got up and tried to remember what had happened. It was a wild dream but was it an indicator of my subconscious feelings? Slowly and steadily I started to accept this, that I had feelings for our maid. I didn’t feel myself perverted even for a bit,for feeling such attraction towards another woman, double my age and also a tribal maid. I was just eighteen then mind you, it was like an adventure to me. As days passed I grew a bit bolder and decided to make some advances. Everyday Lata after the day’s work used to change her clothes and hung the work clothes in the rope. Once when nobody was watching I took hold of her blouse and sniffed it. The raw pungent smell of tribal sweat engulfed my senses. I sniffed once, twice… ten times, even more. As I did so I felt a strange sensation in my pussy. It was getting wet and I was breathing heavily. Before anyone could come and notice anything I rushed back to my room. The body odour of the maid had filled my senses. I just loved it! The very next day after my lunch when Lata brought juice for me I asked her to drink the juice first. She was surprised by this and said, ” How can I drink it Puja? It’s for you.” But I insisted,” Latadidi you work so hard the entire day and you haven’t eaten anything since breakfast. I think you deserve a glass of refreshing juice. Please have it.” Lata smiled and winked at me, and then started sipping from the glass, her eyes fixed at mine. As she drank half the glass I held her hand and moved the glass towards me. I put my lips exactly where Lata’s lips were before, and sipped the remaining juice, holding onto her hand in the process. Lata was clearly shocked by this advance by me but she was very pleased indeed. As I finished she like always traced the little juice accumulated under my lips and this time sucked from her finger. We smiled at each other. Just then I heard that Gita was calling Mom and Dad to eat which means they had arrived for lunch break. Lata hurried off the room and got busy in her chores. From then on everyday we used to share the juice from the same glass. One day imitating her I traced the juice droplet below her lips and sucked my finger too. But we were always in a constant fear of getting caught and hence couldn’t do anything more.

Our days were passing like this. We didn’t get much time together because I had to leave for college in the morning along with my parents who went out for work. When I used to come back for lunch my parents too came for lunch. I had tutorial classes in the afternoon for which I had to leave with my parents again when they went out for second shift of work. So, we only managed one or two stolen moments of naughtiness together. By this time Lata’s attraction towards me had grown a lot which I understood by the following incident. Lata and me made a habit of exciting naughty juice encounters since this was the only time we got alone to each other. Once I was busy finishing an assignment and hence didn’t realise when Lata had come with the juice and waiting. She didn’t call me,just waited while I was so busy that didn’t even turn my back to notice her arrival. She was naturally frustrated as she had other work to attend and time was running out. Finally she placed the glass beside me with a thud and went away. She became so angry that she avoided me for the next two days. Even she sent Gita with juice to me. I was frustrated but couldn’t find any chance to make amends with her. Whenever we had eye contact my eyes pleaded to her but she wouldn’t care. Finally on the third day she came with the juice. She wasn’t even looking at me as she said,”Juice for you.” I said,” Latadidi why are you doing this to me? Please I am sorry. I didn’t notice you that day because I was busy with my studies. Please.” Lata sternly looked into my eyes and said,”I am not to be avoided,do you get me? This is the only time we find some space, a mere matter of minutes and you just gave it away.” I held her hand and said,”I won’t do it ever again Latadidi please forgive me.” “Ok”,she said,” But on one condition. Sit on the chair and open your mouth.” I did exactly what she told me to do. She then did something I wasn’t expecting at all. She sipped the juice and then while holding my chin started to pour the juice from her mouth to my open mouth! As I gulped the liquid I shivered in excitement. She repeated the process till the glass was empty. Oh this was the tastiest juice ever for me. The feeling that I am actually tasting her mouth made my pussy wet again. These things were happening for the first time in my life and at that age I was naturally excited. In order to make sure that no liquid spills on my cloth Lata drew her mouth quite close to me. I could feel her inches from me, her body odour as always captivating me. Her excited breath fell on my face, eyes fixed on my eyes. I was trembling in excitement. The fear of getting caught by Gita or Seema or my returning parents couldn’t lower my thrill in it. As I gulped the liquid I slowly moaned,”Mmmmm” and Lata was full of smile again. We were lucky that we were unseen that day even with Gita and Seema around. After I finished the juice Lata slowly bent down, kissed my cheeks and left smiling. She later apologised to me having taken such a big risk. But I was in seventh heaven that day and despite the risk felt extremely happy. Our days were passing like this with occasional holding of hands, stare, smile and of course juice sharing. But both of us were itching to take a bigger step. Well, that opportunity too came one day.

Due to the death of a reputed leader our college was declared holiday after first period. I came back home early that day. As I entered the house and changed my clothes after a shower, Seema came into my room and said,”I need to go to the market for something and will return in some time.” I was very happy to hear that and said,”Ok no problem.” So Seema left and Lata came into the room. Gita was busy cooking at that time and hence we had plenty of time to ourselves. Lata was wearing a saree. Her underarms were sweaty and sweat marks could be seen on the blouse. We hugged each other, my arms running on her back, my nostrils filled with her sweaty tribal smell. We have closed every gap between our bodies. Lata was whispering in my ear,”Baby I was so desperate for this moment, I have passed sleepless nights thinking about you, oh baby my darling.” Her words made me crazy and we started to kiss. It was the first kiss of my life and so I was naturally excited as hell. Our lips brushed with each other as we hugged tighter. Lata started to suck on my lips,her hands grasping my ass. My hands moved on the maid’s head, stroking her hair. Saliva from both our mouths were getting mixed as we kept on kissing. I nipped my teeth on her cheeks as we learned on the wall kissing. She threw me onto the bed breaking the kiss for a second. Then she got on top of me and the kiss continued. She kissed my cheeks, my neck to my collar bone. About 10 minutes we kissed each other then Lata broke the kiss. I wanted more of her but she said,” Wait baby, Gita might come and ask you for food or something. We should be careful. Also I have work left let me clean your room.” I was disappointed but understood what she said was true. Lata adjusted her pallu and started to sweep the room. I sat on my chair enjoying her curvy black body as she swept the room. We giggled as our eyes met. Just then Gita came over and asked me about food. I said,”Ok Gitadi I am coming to the kitchen in a while.” As Gita left I hugged the sweeping Lata from behind and kissed her neck, down to her spine and waist. Lata moaned lightly. It was taboo for her being a maid and to be able to seduce her owner’s daughter. I kissed her up and down, my lips moving on her dark back. I could smell and taste the sweat accumulated on her body due to the day’s work and it was driving me crazy. My pussy was getting slippery and wet. I was inexperienced in kissing but tried hard to please her. Lata leaned against the wall and enjoyed my kissing. I turned her towards me and kissed her throat. I came down to her belly and kissed there too, paying special attention to the belly button. Lata was feeling exquisite and moaned in pleasure.But again in an anti-climax we had to stop as I could hear Gita calling me from the kitchen to have the food else it will be cold. Who will tell her that I was having a great hot food in the form of Lata! But obviously I had to leave and Lata started working again.

We were both desperate to make love to each other but no opportunities were coming by. She once told me to bunk college and visit her in her basti as she lived alone in her house. She would take the day off from our house. But there was a big risk in that since the construction workers residing in the basti knew my family very well. So this idea was also snapped. One day during juice time we had just started kissing when suddenly Seema yelled from the kitchen for Lata to go there for some work. Lata was very upset but had to leave the room. She got so angry that she took leave the next day and didn’t appear for work. I was naturally sad and felt that the day would be bore. But actually Lata had other ideas. As soon as Raja dropped me near the college and left Lata came out of nowhere. I was thrilled to see her. She said,” Listen Puja, this is the reason I didn’t show up at work. One of my friends has gone to the market for an hour and asked me to look after her house for this time. Let’s go to her house. It’s nearby your college. Already half an hour have passed. After half an hour you can attend classes. Just bunk the first class.” I had never bunked my classes ever before but also knew this opportunity couldn’t be missed. So I agreed and went with Lata. My heart pounded fast as I walked with her. I was nervous but also excited as we would get some time to make love. I asked,”Latadidi I always wanted to know this. Why are you so attracted towards me?” Lata smiled and said,” Who won’t be attracted to a beautiful girl like you?” I blushed at the word beautiful. Lata continued,” To answer your question, since the first day I saw you, I fell in love with your beauty,your simplicity everything. I said to myself this girl is only mine. I need her fully to myself.” Lata’s words created a stir in my mind. I felt as if I am the luckiest person on Earth. Before I could say anything Lata asked me,” May I ask you why did you reciprocate to my advances? After all I am also a woman, a low caste and below your level person, working as a maid in your house. You can’t even say I am beautiful. See my complexion? I am like charcoal to your milky white body.” I said,” Please don’t say such things. You are for me the most beautiful person ever. We are opposites but opposites attract. I don’t consider you as my maid, you are my lover. I love you Latadidi.” Lata held my hand and said,” I love u too darling.” While talking we have reached our destination. Not much time was left for us. As Lata unlocked and let me in the house we started to kiss. Lata’s breath was hot, her tongue rapid as she owned my lips. We were madly licking and sucking each other’s faces. The room was small and had an untidy bed in it. As our kisses deepened the layers of clothing came off our bodies. We stripped to our lingerie and piled on one another in the bed. It was pre-decided that we won’t be fully naked as it would be quite risky provided Lata’s friend returned early. Our lips salivating with lust just couldn’t stop eating each other. She kissed me all over, ate all of my face as if I were a dish. She applied all her body pressure on me to pin me down. Lata kissed my cheeks, lips, throat and cleavage. She kissed me hungrily, unleashing all her pent up desires. I moaned in pleasure as she came down to my belly kissing all the way through. She kissed everywhere possible. I looked towards a mirror that was kept in the room and saw the visible contrast in our skin tone. The dark skin of Lata mingling with my white one. The bed was shaking as we vigorously kissed each other. Lata started to bite my belly and I squealed in pleasure as I felt her teeth sank into my skin. She said,” I have put my mark on your belly with my teeth.

That’s my trademark,you are all mine now. My copyright on you.” As she bit me again I held her head and moaned,”Oh Latadidi I am always yours, forever yours.” During those days a lesbian relationship was an extremely rare thing. Even I didn’t know the term ‘lesbian’. I didn’t know anything what a woman could do to another woman while making love,and I didn’t care. I just wanted to enjoy every moment with my lover Lata. So we kissed, we cuddled and kissed again. I kissed her, sucked her, licked her as if there was no tomorrow. We were panting and all sweaty due to the heat. The room was filled with our moans and deep breaths. Lata came up to my face and said,” Darling I once saw you sniffing my sweaty blouse. Do you like my sweaty smell?” I blushed as I didn’t know she saw it that day. I said,” Yes Latadidi it drives me crazy. I love it. I wish I could sniff your smell everyday. ” Lata smiled and said,” Let me reward you then.” She pulled her right arm up and leaned on my body, pushing her armpit on my mouth. It was hairy and sweaty and at first I was hesitant for a split second that whether it was possible for someone to lick a person’s armpits. But my passion subdued the reasoning of my mind. I kissed the armpit, I sucked at it, I licked it. I moaned as the tribal sweat of the maid drenched my tongue. Lata was moaning heavily too. Even in her wildest dream she would have never thought this moment to be true. She, a tribal maid had a girl half her age, that too the daughter of her employer licking her armpits. I licked for quite some time and then changed the arm and kissed and licked the left armpit. We were both in ecstacy but suddenly a look towards the clock made Lata realise not much time was left for her friend to return. So I washed my mouth and quickly dressed up. As I was about to step out the house Lata pulled me back in and started to kiss my lips again. She put her tongue in my open mouth and I readily closed my lips on it. I sucked at her tongue as Lata’s hands wandered in my body. The maid’s saliva filled my mouth and chin. Our kiss continued while our hands explored every inch of our bodies.After about 5 minutes we broke the kiss and I left for college. I wished I could stay more but it wasn’t possible. The entire day I thought about Lata’s body, her smell, her touch, her lips… I couldn’t concentrate on my classes at all. We had taken a big leap together that day. My pussy was all wet and I wanted more of Lata. After reaching home while changing clothes I gently touched her bite marks on belly. Lata owned me now, she was my lover and I loved her very very much. That night I couldn’t find sleep. I wanted Lata badly with me. I cuddled my bolster pillow assuming it to be Lata. I kissed my pillow as if I am kissing Lata. I knew Lata in her basti would be doing the same.

Having got the first taste of each other’s bodies had only ignited more passion, more hunger for each other. We were unable to remain away from each other. Both of us prayed to God everyday to let Lata and me make love freely and without any fear or hesitation. Soon our prayers were to be answered. One day my parents had to leave town for a week’s conference. They were naturally worried for me. I couldn’t go with them since I had final assignments to write and submit. My parents asked my uncle living in another town if they could come over but they too couldn’t since my cousins had exams. So, mom and dad asked Gita,Seema and Lata to look after me for the week, while Raja was given the week off. Both Gita and Seema had a family and so they had to leave for home after work. But since Lata lived alone hence she was asked to stay at our home for the week. Both of us were overjoyed knowing that we would have the entire night to ourselves, not for a day but a week! It was a dream come true for us. Finally our coveted day came. Mom and dad boarded the train, after having given repeated instructions to Lata, Seema and Gita to take care of me. We came back home from the station and Seema and Gita left for the night, bidding us goodbye. As soon as Lata closed the door, I ran to her and hugged her tightly to my body. Our hands hastily explored each other’s bodies, our lips met in a seemingly everlasting kiss. We didn’t break the kiss and moved inside my bedroom. My hands stroked Lata’s hair as her mouth devoured mine. She then broke the kiss and whispered in my ears,” Time for the clothes to go off darling.” I giggled and took off my skirt, top, bra and panty. Lata took a minute adoring my body. She bit her lip and said,” You are beautiful my love.” She slowly pressed my boobs and I moaned. First time I was fully naked before someone and I felt butterflies in my stomach. Lata lowered herself and took one of nipples in her mouth. “Oh God!”, escaped my lips as she sucked at my nipple, while her fingers slowly twisted the other. My pussy was dripping and I was moaning in pleasure. Lata played with my boobs for sometime and then took off her saree, blouse and petticoat. She wasn’t wearing any innerwear and thus she stood before me, stark naked. I gasped as I saw her boobs and her hairy pussy. I was looking at a naked woman for the first time in my life. Her figure was beautiful, a black beauty. Lata grinned and said,” Hey darling, this feast is all yours. What are you waiting for?” I smiled and pulled her to my bed. I got on top of her and started to kiss her neck, to her collar bone, as I came down my lips brushed on her black skin. I reached her boobs. They were quite huge compared to me. The dark aerolas were so tempting that I plunged in them. I sucked at her boobs biting them occasionally, and inter-changing my mouth and hands on both of them. Lata was moaning,” Oh baby, oh darling today we have finally became one. Lick me suck me kiss me, let us utilise every second of us together.” Sliding from her boobs I tried to go to her armpits but she pulled me back to her lips and we kissed for sometime. Lata with a wicked smile said,” You are not going to get the pleasure of my armpit so easily my love. You have to earn it.” I said,” Oh no Latadidi you know how much I love your armpits. I want to sniff it, kiss it lick it, please allow me.” Lata kissed my lips again and said,” Of course you will get it but only if you please me otherwise.” I said,” Ok Latadidi I will do whatever you say.”

I was frustrated as I badly wanted to lick her sweaty armpits but deep inside I was curious what Lata had in her mind. Lata said,” Good girl. My armpits are your prize which you have to play to earn.” She lay down on her back and said,” Ok now kiss me from head to toe. Start from my feet.” I sat near the end of the bed and bent down to put my lips on Lata’s feet. I kissed her toe fingers and her soles as Lata moaned. I started to move towards her knee, my lips brushing on the coarse black skin. As I reached the right knee I immediately changed to the left knee and kissed back down to her feet again. I kissed her left feet too sucking and licking her toe fingers. As I kissed I imagined myself doing this. Kissing and sucking the feet of my tribal maid. Six months ago anybody would have told me this I would have blasted that person. But now it seemed my destiny to do it. I loved every bit of it, running my tongue on Lata’s black feet, kissing them, sucking them. After some time I went up again reaching her powerful thighs. I kissed and licked them, her hairy wet pussy inches from my mouth. As her moans increased the smell of her sexy aroused pussy filled my senses. I knew that was the centre point of a woman’s desire but being inexperienced didn’t know what to do with it. So I moved up, kissing her belly, inserting my tongue in her belly button, feeling the shivers in her body as I did so. I reached her boobs and after sucking them both, went up to her neck. My lips went up to her chin, cheeks, lips, nose, eyes and forehead. I planted one last kiss on her lips and said,

“Latadidi was I good?” Lata smiled and said,” You did excellent my love. But the job is half done. What about my back? Show me your skills again. Start from the top this time. ” She turned on her belly,presenting her black naked rear to me. I started my kisses on the neck, slowly and steadily moving my lips down her spine, making sure my lips touch every inch of her back. I ran my tongue along the little bumps of her spine. I came down kissing to her waist and then stopped a bit near her powerful buttocks. Her big black ass glistening with sweat was before me in full display. As I was thinking Lata moaned,” Don’t stop my love. Kiss them,they are all yours.” I hesitated a bit, but the sexual drive got the better of me and I put my lips on the maid’s ass. I kissed the ass cheeks tasting salty sweat and a new kind of smell in addition to the sweaty smell. I spent time kissing those powerful ass cheeks as Lata grabbed the bed and moaned loudly. I slowly came down kissing the back of her legs down to her feet. I kissed her below the feet as well. It had been about 20 minutes since I started kissing her and I was now panting as I kept kissing her feet. Finally Lata asked me to stop and hugged me saying,” Oh my baby you are the best. Now let me reward you for your efforts.” She held one hand up and with the other hand drew my face to her armpit. It was full of sweat and I started to lick it, causing Lata to moan. She ran her fingers through my hair as my tongue traced all the sweat on her hairy armpits. I repeated for the other arm as well, making sure I didn’t leave an inch. After 10 more minutes of vigorous licking and kissing I lay down, trying to catch my breath. My lips, my tongue and my jaw had stiffened. Suddenly i found it somewhat shameful that I had put my mouth on her ass. I wasn’t disgusted but wasn’t sure that I actually liked it either. I loved smelling her armpits that was another thing. But i never thought i would go as low as kissing her ass. The heat of the moment made me do it. As I was engulfed in thoughts Lata patted on my head and said,” O my darling you did your absolute best. You are tired I know since it’s your first time. Soon you will get adjusted to all these. Let’s have our dinner now baby. We will be back in action after that!” I agreed and washed my mouth. We had our dinner in the dining table, with Lata sitting on it for the very first time. It was her idea to exchange our plates, so I ate in her plate and she ate in mine. While eating Lata said,” Baby you know today was your first day so I rewarded you but actually you had missed a part of my body while kissing.” I was surprised and asked,” Which is that Latadidi?” Lata pointed to her pussy with a grin on her face. I said,” But Latadidi can I put my mouth in there? It’s such a sensitive place.” Lata laughed and said,” Didn’t you kiss my ass today?” My cheeks turned red and I said,” Latadidi I am not sure if I liked kissing your ass.” Lata looked concerned and said,” Why baby don’t you love me?” ” I do, a lot ” I replied,” But…” Lata interrupted me,” No buts no ifs in love darling, my entire body is yours. You shouldn’t be specific about any part my baby. Don’t worry we will work on that so that you are comfortable.”

After dinner as we came to bed together Lata said,” Darling you know that you are still a virgin and I cannot take your virginity. It won’t be good for your future life. So I am not going to do anything to your pussy other than some rubbing and touching. You on the other hand can do everything with me.” I nodded at her words but also added,” You are my lover Latadidi,who else should take my virginity?” Lata smiled and said,” Ok baby we will see about that. Come in my arms my love.” My body melted in Lata’s arms as we made love again. She sucked my boobs and kissed me passionately. At around 1 PM she lay with her full weight on my body and slept. With my hands on her back I too fell asleep soon. We didn’t have actual sex that night. This followed the narrative that was in the beginning of the story. I woke up at 7 AM to find myself still crushed under a sleeping Lata’s body. Since I hadn’t studied a bit last night I needed to go and write my assignments. So I whispered in Lata’s ears,” Good morning Latadidi. Time to get up.” Lata opened her still sleepy eyes and as soon as she saw my face she started to kiss my lips. I too responded to the wet kisses as the sounds ‘slrp slrp’ filled my room. After some time of intense kissing I said,” Latadidi let me get up now I need to study. Besides Gita and Seema might come sooner than expected since they know I am alone. Please get up.” But Lata won’t listen to me and kissed me more and more. I begged,” Please Latadidi my love my jaan please. Later on I will be available for you fully.” Lata stopped kissing and said,” You know Gita and Seema won’t come before 8. Let’s enjoy some time more baby.” She kissed me madly again. Struggling to speak between her kisses I said,” But I need to study Latadidi. I have to write assignments. After Seema and Gita leave I will be all yours.” Lata said,” Ok darling, as you say. But you owe me one for this. You will do a task as I say during our love session. Promise?” I promised Lata that I would and with a final lip kiss she got up from the bed. The day passed uneventful. Lata came with the juice as usual but we didn’t do anything naughty. I struggled to write my assignments due to the fatigue of last night’s sex session and even fell asleep once. At evening 6 PM both Gita and Seema left. We were left to ourselves. Since I was unable to write the assignments during the day properly so I was writing now. Lata, fully nude came in my room and sat beside me. “Baby, Gita and Seema had left, now come to me let’s enjoy”, she said. I said,” Of course Latadidi but let me write for sometime then we shall have the whole night to us.” Lata drew me to her,” Oh no darling I can’t wait any longer, I want you badly. We will take a break in the middle when you would write. Now come to me let’s make love.” Saying so she started to kiss my neck and lightly bite my earlobes. I became weak and submitted myself to her charm. She stripped me off my clothes and took me to bed. After some saliva mixed intense lip kissing Lata turned her attention to my boobs. She circled her tongue around my nipples causing a moan escape my lips. She started to tease me, licking my nipples, biting by boobs and her hands wandered in various parts of my body. My body shook as immense passion overcame me when she slowly teased my pussy with her fingers. and I moaned loudly grasping the bedsheet. She kissed my neck and went to my ear and whispered,” Remember your task darling, you promised me isn’t it?” My replied with body arching in pleasure,” Yes Latadidi I will do anything that you say.” Lata went to the fridge and took out a pack of chocolate ice cream. She said,” You love this flavour don’t you baby?” I said,” Yes Latadidi it’s my most favorite.”

Lata had a smile in her face as she said,” Ok darling your task is you are going to lick this ice cream from my body.” Being horny as hell I readily agreed. But Lata had other ideas. She leaned against the wall with her behind towards me, arching her back a bit so that her black powerful ass was in display. She said,”Kneel on the floor baby and as I smear this ice cream on my ass, lick it and finish it off.” I said,” But Latadidi…” She interrupted me,” No darling no but only butt! Think of the ice cream, how delicious it is. You told me that you weren’t comfortable kissing my ass so I decided to make you comfortable. Come on darling.” Lata started to smear the ice cream on her buttocks. Rational thinking left my mind again as I kneeled behind Lata, my tongue starting to lap the ice cream from her big black ass. I licked and Lata kept smearing the ice cream, providing directions to where my tongue should be. I kissed the ass, lapped the ice cream, my ears listening to Lata’s moans,” O darling, my wildest dreams are coming true, lick it baby yes yes go up, now come down don’t stop keep licking O baby!” I licked sideways and updown in every way possible covering the entire ass. Finally only a small amount of ice cream was left in the pack which Lata applied in her asshole. She spread her ass cheeks a bit unhiding the pink puckered hole. It had tiny bits of hair on it and of course the smeared ice cream. I helplessly stared at Lata as she had turned towards me. She said,” Darling time to lick the ice cream from my asshole. Don’t think about anything just enjoy yourself. You will like it I know.” I knew I had no choice so I decided to do as she says. my tongue ran up her asshole, tickling the sides of each of her black ass cheeks. I tasted ice cream with a new salty taste. as my wet tongue touched her tiny little hole. It must have been quite a scene then, the maid leaning on the wall protuding her ass, and the owner’s daughter kneeling obediently behind her, tongue lovingly exploring the asshole. “Oh my God!” She groaned as my tongue moved in small circles inside her asshole. I could feel Lata’s feet shiver as she felt my tongue in her ass. I started to lick up and down, swabbing her asshole with long wet strokes as she put her hand between her legs touching her pussy and moaning constantly. I increased the intensity of my licking and wiggled my tongue up her ass.

The ice cream was long finished but my mind wasn’t working anymore and like a robot I was licking the maid’s ass. The smell of her asshole had filled my senses and captivated me entirely. Suddenly her asshole clenched around my tongue and her body shook violently. She had reached her orgasm and she sat down on the floor, panting. She told me,” See darling how comfortable you were today. Go and wash your face and then study for some time. Later on I will make love to you.” I asked,” Latadidi what did you do to reach your orgasm?” Lata laughed and said,” I will show you everything. But not now go and finish your assignments first.” I washed my mouth and started writing. Lata was busy watching TV in the meantime. About half an hour later she came into my room and kissed my lips. She asked,” Would you like some juice?” I said,” Yes Latadidi I want some.” She brought a glass of juice and said,” Lie down my darling.” I lay on the floor and Lata lay on top of me. She sipped some juice and then poured from her mouth to mine just like the other day. The only differences were that we were naked now and also in a lying position. I gulped the juice as Lata kept pouring on my mouth. During the last sip Lata spilled the juice on my face and extending her tongue licked my face. Her tongue traced the liquid from my face as her boobs pressed on mine. She kept lapping my face as my pussy became wet again and I moaned in pleasure. After some time Lata got up and said,” Ok darling now go and complete your writing.” I washed my face and and started to write again, but all these steamy sex sessions were taking toll on my mind and also being left without an orgasm didn’t help much. I couldn’t write much after that and fell asleep on the table. Lata woke me up for dinner. She said,” Hey darling you were asleep? Weren’t you busy writing?” I yawned and said,” Just got tired I guess.” Lata winked at me and said,” How can you be tired now baby the night still remains for us to play. Let’s go and have our dinner.” We ate our dinner, not on the table but sitting at the floor. Then we came to our bedroom and started kissing. My body was still a bit tired and hence was unable to keep up with the quick pace and intensity of Lata’s kisses. Lata asked me,” What happened baby you don’t seem to be in the mood?” I replied,”Sorry I am awfully tired Latadidi.” Lata with a concern on her face said,” Of course my love I should have understood it. Lie on your bed and relax, try to find some sleep.” I did as she said, while Lata gently kissed my naked body. Soon I had fallen asleep and Lata as usual got on top of me and slept.

(To be continued)

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