Lover got my vagina

I lost my virginity a week ago as my mom Urwashi come to know about my mental stigma of being virgin is not pressurising me as I went college after 3-4 days of break,my lover Anuj have called me several times but I have never received his call.I am wearing a short skirt as well as crop-tops to cover my body as my maximum parts of thighs are visible,my sexy ass moves like a spring in a G string panty and my clevage is easily accessible to my nude legs have put high heel sandals also,I reached my class room on time as I sits on third row of classroom with my friends but my eyes are looking for Nikhil as well as I moved my eyes ,I can see Nikhil sitting with my lover Anuj and lastly ,Anuj see me in anger but I our lectures started ,I am well concentrated on study and three classes in row ends with lunch I walked towards college canteen with my friends ,I can see Anuj eyeing me and I left my friends for while and walked to him……

“Anuj how are you ?
(Anuj)fine ,want to talk you
(Swati)ok say what you want
(Anuj)come with me in canteen
(Swati)no Anuj ,you have cheated me as you are in relationship with Shaifali
(Anuj)will you give me sometime to convince you about it
(Swati)ok but after lunch hour.” And I walked to canteen as we friends ordered for some snacks and coffee,as our lunch break is near its end ,I walked out of canteen as I called Anuj………

“Hi Anuj
(Anuj)Swati now are you free?
(Swati)yes but out of college premises ,we can meet
(Anuj)I will reach parking lot in a minute ,so wait for me there
(Swati)no near Bus stop.”

As I walked towards college gate and reached bus stop ,I am waiting for Anuj to reach there ,after sometime,Anuj came there in his blue Santro car as I frisked inside and sits on front seat.Anuj is driving the car on ring road as it’s 1:15 afternoon ,traffic is too low and he is driving the car fastly as I asked him…….

“Anuj no need to drive long ,so we can talk near PVR Saket coffee shop
(Anuj smiled)Swati you are too angry with me ,isn’t it ?
(Swati )why not ?if you have preferred Shaifali instead of me
(Anuj)no way .”

And he stopped the car near Malviya Nagar as he walked to a wine shop and came back after a while with a plastic carry he put it in car’s back seat ,he is driving the car at a greater speed towards army cantonment area.I have lost virginity to Nikhil 4 days back as my vaginal parts become smoother as I fingered my pussy for all three nights and now I am not going to wait for marriage ,as my body have started demanding love with a hard tool.Swati Jain ,a 21 years old gal with nicr face ,lovely pair of boobs ,figure of 30-24-34 and sexy ass is impressive as my dress is too little and my upper parts of thighs are also visible as my some portion of boobs are visible ,it’s it clevage that can be seen.we reached in green forest zone near army’s cantonment as Anuj stopped the car there and looking at me ,he smiled…….

“Swati now we both are there ,where we started our love making process
(Swati)oh I see ,but why you have been with Shaifali ?
(Anuj)I am sorry but she asked me to give him company and as I think you can also talk to any guy .”

As we both came out of car and Anuj took out a plastic carry bag out of sitting on grass ,my dress have made me vulgar as my short skirt moved upto my upper thighs ,my G string can be seen Anuj took out bottle of beer as he sits infront of me, opened the bottle and put beer in glasses as he gave me a packet of cigarette with a lighter ,now I lit the cigarette as I am drinking beer while smoking cigarette.anuj is eyeing my nude legs to thighs as my G string is visible ,he moved forward and put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing his palm on feeling horny as Anuj is moving his palm towards my pelvic zone and lastly he put his hand on my G string and hold my labias flesh on panty as he pinched it”ooh aauch Anuj don’t pinch it” and he throws his empty glass as he took me in his while sitting on his lap with my legs wrapped on his waist ,I put my empty glass on grass and he hold me in his arms as he is kissing my face to lips and I am brushing my boobs on his we both are in clothes ,Anuj lifted my short skirt upto my waist and started rubbing my sexy ass ,as my lips are on his mouth ,he is sucking it wildely and my hand is rubbing on his back.later on ,I put my tongue on his lips as he opened his mouth and took my long tongue in his mouth to suck.He is sucking my tongue as I put my hand on waist and unhooked my G string ,now it’s not out of my pelvic zone but it have given space to Anuj for love and he pushed his long finger in my vagina as I have put my ass in air just above his he is fingering my vagina while sucking my tongue ,my hot and horny body is curious to enjoy his dick in my cunt and than I pushed his face back and stood in front of Anuj,now I removed my G string as I stretched my legs wider ,Anuj knelt in front of me as he lifted my short skirt upto my waist ,now looking towards my vagina ,he is kissing my vagina and while standing ,I put my fingers on it to widend its hole ,he is licking my cunt as I am screaming in joy…..

“oohh uumm Anuj fuck my cunt fast.”

As he is rolling tongue in my deeper vagina ,my legs are shivering and lastly he left my I sits on grass ,holding my G string and throwing it on his nose as he hold it and smelt it harder ,now I put my hand on his trouser as I am unzipping it but Anuj is in too hurry to remove his trouser as his lower parts are nude with his undies going to his legs .I hold his semi erected cock and removed it’s skin ,now put it’s glans on my nose and smelt hard as Anuj is lifting my tops upto my neck and he is pressing my breast on my I took his glans in my mouth to suck ,he put his hand on my hairs and started pressing his penis hard from below in my mouth and I opened my whole mouth as I swallowed his long cock and started sucking it fastly while Anuj is pressing my breast with his other hand now going on my ass ,he is rubbing his fingers in my ass crack.I am sure he will finger my cunt as I am sucking his dick fast ,my mouth sounds better”oohh aahh ” and Anuj lastly pushed his long finger in my vagina as he is fingering it fastly and making my vagina breasts are getting the massage and lastly ,I took out his cock as my tongue is rolling on it and Anuj is fucking my vagina with his finger ,I took his penis again in my mouth as I sucked it till my vagina poured cum inside and now I left his cock but Anuj moved to my back as I am like a bitch on grass ,he is licking my cunt to taste it’s cum.

I am too horny as Anuj as well as me is sitting on grass and he took out other bottle of beer and we both are drinking it ,after a while ,we both walked to car with our clothes and frisked inside it ,in back seat,we both are sitting as Anuj switched on the A/C and now it’s going to be a fuck session for me ,still confused about my mind to say him about my losing of virginity with Nikhil .now Anuj removed my skirt as our lowers are nude and I am sitting on seat as my head is on window glass ,he widend my legs as he is knelling infront of my vagina.looking at me ,Anuj hold his cock as he is pressing it inside my wet cunt and his 1/2 of penis is inside vagina as he hold my waist and fucked me hard”oohh aahh Anuj it’s too hard
(Anuj)kya teri chut
(Swati)no your lund.”

And he is giving me a hard fuck as my vagina is full of cock ,his penis is brushing it’s wall and it’s my first intercourse for pleasure as Anuj is fucking me with speed and power ,I took out my tops and brassiere ,now completely nude with Anuj fucking me like a strong guy ,now my cunt is dry as I am shouting”oohh aahh Anuj my vagina is in fire ,please rain inside.” But he is still penetrating my soft vagina hard and after 7-8 minutes of hard pounding ,he shouted…….

“oohh yes my bitch have my cum .”

And his penis poured cum in my vagina as it’s well brushed ,now he took out it from my vagina and we cleaned our sexual organs and rested for we both spent some more times and left for our home.

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