Love Becoming a Cuckold

I have been in an extremely happy relationship for over 10 years. I knew from the beginning that the woman I was with was very sexual. She had a wild past, and was eager to always try new things.

For the first few years we did everything a couple could do sexually together. Tried all the different positions, role-playing with her being dominant and then submissive, toys, and different places. We would always talk very nasty during sex, and even at times we would watch porn while eating dinner, and talk about the porn scenes. It was during this time that we started to explore the “hotwife” or “cuckold” scenes. We talked about it, fantasized about it, and finally even set down some rules. She was the only one who was allowed to fuck other people, I was allowed to watch and participate as he or she desired.

There were no secrets, complete honesty was the most important thing. She decided that she was going to do men of all ages, races, and body types. We weren’t going to be picky, she wanted to experience a variety of things. I got so turned on as we would watch these porn scenes, that I would just start eating her pussy while she described what was happening in the scene. She would sit on my face and grind her pussy into my mouth, getting my tongue deep in her hole and then letting me slide it into her ass. She would tell me that she wanted to get fucked doggy style with me underneath her and the guys dick sliding into her with my tongue licking her clit. I would eat her out til she had amazing orgasms, and then I wondered if after her orgasm she would still be really willing to do this. So one day after she had gotten her orgasm, I immediately asked her, do you want another guy for real now. Shockingly (although now not so shocked) she said “hell yeah, I wish one was here now.” I said well we need to go online and find someone. So she set up the profiles and placed the ads, letting me read what she wrote, but not letting me edit anything.

It was amazing the amount of responses that came flooding in from her profiles and ads. I would say we had 50-75 emails within two hours. Her profiles and ads, all said to read them fully and if they sent email the subject line had to be their name and they must include at least a picture of them or their cock. So we deleted any email that didn’t comply with the demands she had. So that left about 30 people who fulfilled all the requirements of the ad. So we sat together and looked through each email and picture, she decided she would respond to them all, even if it was a no thank you. So she rejected about 20 of the people due to either distance or availability. Which left us 10 guys that were serious contenders. She emailed those 10 asking how close they were, what their availability was, and then wanted them to describe any experiences they had, or how they imagined the first time together going. All 10 of them responded back within minutes of her emails. She carried on while I was nearby an email conversation with them for the next few hours. Exchanging pictures, stories, details, kinks, fetishes, and more.

I could tell she was getting worked up, so I got down on floor and climbed between her legs and started eating her pussy as she was typing these emails. She would read what they were writing, and what she was replying. And finally she said that this one guy lived just a few blocks away and while he didn’t have the best cock or best physical body, he seemed quite open-minded and was able to fuck her now. I looked up from her pussy and said are you sure, which she replied why not, it is only sex and I love you. So she got his number called him, while I am eating her pussy and asked him if he was really able to come over right now, he said hell yes!!! So she told me to get up and get ready, cause this was going to happen.
She changed into a pair of crotch-less panties and a see through teddy and had me put on t-shirt and boxers. She told me I would answer the door and bring him into the bedroom, then i would sit down and watch things happen. The anticipation was killing me, I was so turned on, my balls were aching from being so hard, and I asked if I at least got sloppy seconds, to which she replied you will get what I tell let you have. Which even made me more turned on. Because the guy lived so close it wasn’t that long before we heard the car pull up and the door close. She had a hot wife porn movie playing, and we heard the doorbell, which got my heart racing. I walked to the door, with my cock tucked away so not as to be poking straight out, and answered to door to my future as a cuckold.

The man was latino, in his mid 40’s, a little taller than me, and a little out of shape when I first looked at him. But he was super polite, asked he if had the right address, if Jenni was here, and if I was David. I said yes you got the right place, and then he said well then from here on do what I say and take me to your wife. I led him into the bedroom and sat down where she instructed me to. I saw her eyes as he walked into the room and could tell that she was eager to get fucked and make me watch. She said to him (Juan) are you ready to have fun? Juan replied I am ready to treat you like the whore you want to be, his demeanor became more confident and I could see from her reactions that she was going to enjoy this. She slowly caressed herself as he began undressing, he removed his shoes, socks, shorts, and shirt. Leaving only his boxers and while we had seen the picture of his cock, we both were eager to see it come out of the boxers. He walked over and told me to remove his boxers, I looked at Jenni for reassurance and she said in a dominating tone, well do it already. I grabbed the waistband and pulled them down and we both finally got to see this rock hard cock spring out, with these huge balls. As soon as I got the boxers removed he took over.

Juan walked toward the bed and reached out and grabbed Jenni by the hair and while pulling her toward his cock, said “show me that your a cocksucking whore”. I had a close up view just being a few feet away as she moved without resistance toward his cock and looked at me right before opening her mouth and swallowing this rock hard cock deep into her throat. He began a relentless face-fucking of her mouth, making sure to tell me how good my whore wife was doing, and he would hold his cock in her throat for a while, then pull out and start a fast fucking where I could see and hear his balls slapping her face. He told me while he was fucking her mouth to take off her panties, which I did without hesitation. It was during this moment that I could see how wet her pussy already was, and I had never felt this feeling of sexualness before.

As he pulled out of her mouth, he looked at her and said are you ready to be fucked, to which Jenni replied, “I hope you fuck my pussy harder than you fucked my mouth.” I was taken back by the statement, cause I hadn’t ever seen a face-fucking as hard as he had just done, and yet she was wanting even a rougher fuck. She winked at me, and climbed into the doggy position, Juan got down and licked her pussy for a moment before Jenni said “fuck me already.” Juan was eager to take charge and I could see he didn’t want to disappoint her, or leave her wanting more, he obviously wanted to be someone that we would invite over more and more. Which I believe is why he fucked her harder than he had ever thought a person could be fucked. Juan would grab her hair and pull her into him as he was thrusting these long hard strokes into her wet pussy, the sounds were pure raw sexual in nature. Juan’s balls slapping against her clit made her moan and scream, her ass slapping against his body as he would grab her hips and pull himself deeper into her. This went on in this position for a good 20 minutes, I could see Juan sweating, and knew that Jenni had several small orgasms.

They switched positions with her riding him, which was a great view of the cock sliding deep into her pussy and her tits bouncing up and down. I could see the pure joy on each of their faces. She rode him like she was trying to break his cock, with speed and power that left her breathing hard, and him in utter joy. Juan grabbed her by the breasts and pushed her down into a missionary position and began fucking down the road to cumming. Jenni looked at me and said see how a man can fuck me, its been 45 minutes of her pussy being pounded and she was still wanting more. Juan told her he was close to cumming and where should he cum. Without missing a beat she said, you have to cum as deep in me as you can, I want to feel that hot liquid hitting the walls of my pussy, and oozing out for David to clean up.

This revelation that he was getting to cum inside her put a smile on his face bigger than he already had. Juan began a pounding of her pussy that was epic, as his balls would slap against her ass, and I could see her fingering her clit, I knew she was ready to explode, and then Juan got that look that everyone knew was coming, and he began to thrust and finally just left himself buried inside her hot wet pussy lips as his cock shot its cum deep into her pussy. As his first load was beginning to explode so did her orgasm, and she cried out as he let out a grunt and their juices filled her pussy to overflow. He pulled his cock out, and looked at Jenni and said thank you, to which she replied, “no thank you!” Then Juan just got up and got dressed leaving her there with her pussy filled with his cum and her juices. He said good night and left, I walked him to the door, locked it behind him, and came into the bedroom. Jenni said well you got a mess to clean up so you better get started. I ripped off my shirt and shorts, climbed into bed and she sat on my face and let all those mixed juices come rushing into my mouth. I eagerly devoured her pussy and could see that it was swollen and at times tender, as I was sure it was clean, she said I am sore as hell but I got enough in me for you to fuck me. She climbed onto my cock and began this slow, romantic motion, making sure I knew that when she was fucking me it was a loving thing, but with Juan (and soon many more) it was just a physical act. I was so turned on that I came in no time as she had her last mini orgasm.

As we laid there in bed, I thought wow I am now a cuckold, and I couldn’t wait for the next experience. Then Jenni said to me, we must do this again and again, I didn’t know I needed that hard fucking until I was getting it. So that is how I came to be a cuckold, out of love and respect for my wife.

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