It all started when we played Doctor

I’m Chris I’m 63 years old I live in Denver Colorado and have a very high sex drive for my age

I haven’t had sex in eighteen years I have becum so freaking horny I becum curious about having sex with another males

I love sex willing to try new things when having sex including going outside of my comfort zone

I been thinking about my first time I had sex with my first love late wife mother of my son

It all started when I was thirteen years old

My dad Army buddy cum to visit for a week he had a daughter named April she was the same age as me

I had a big tree house in my backyard

The first night that of them being there I was taking a shower playing with my cock until it got rock hard

I started masterbating myself when April walked in

Her mouth drop to the ground and stared at my cock for a few seconds and said sorry and left

I was a little embarrassed and brush it off

That night after everyone was in bed I started to masterbate I looked to the door and April was standing there masterbating herself watching me

I acted like I didn’t see her and keep masterbating

I few minutes went by and I couldn’t take it anymore

So I got up and walked over to her and grabbed her head and we both looked at each other

She grabbed my cock and started masterbating me

I reached down and started rubbing her wet pussy

I lead her to my bed she laid down on it

Spread her legs and said eat my pussy

My face was getting close to her pussy when she took her hand placed it on my head and pushed my face right into her sweet wet pussy

I started eating her she was quietly started moaning I was really getting into eating her sweet wet pussy after about five minutes she started moaning and squirt in my face

She started licking her juices off my face

Then she spread her legs and said fuck me big boy

I got on top of her sliding my cock in her tight wet pussy she saying it hurts

So I took my time pushing it in her finally got it all the way in her

I slowly started fucking her as I pushed it in her she was pushing her hips into me.

I started fucking her faster his was moaning I just fucked her brains out when she started moaning I’m cumming she cum and her being so freaking wet I started to cum

I started moaning I’m cumming too

She said pull it out and shoot it in my mouth

I pulled it out she grabbed my cock stuck it in her mouth by that time I shoot my load of seed in her mouth and she swallowed it all

I noticed her leg was wet I turned on the lights and seen she was bleeding

I said well sweetheart I think I busted your cherry we both laughed

I took her in my bathroom and cleaned her up

The got dressed she went back to her bedroom

The next morning we looked at each other and smiled

Her dad asked her what are you so happy about this morning

April I’m just happy

That evening the parents were barbecuing and getting drunk

We sneak off and went to my bedroom

We both ripped our clothes off and jumped in the bed

We started fucking our brains out both of us moaning loving every moment of it

She started screaming I’m cumming and then just laid there

She rolled me over and started sucking my cock and she was good at it

After a few I couldn’t hold it in I told her I was cumming and she started sucking harder until I blow my load of seed in her mouth and she swallowed every last drip

It was time for her to leave she hugged me and said I will write you and give me a kiss on my cheek

I watched them drive off

I’m nineteen 6ft weight 170 32 waist rock hard chest and abs

At the breakfast table my dad said April and her parents are coming next week

I smiled from ear to ear and said great

Dad said you a little excited I said yes I liked her

It was a hot Saturday afternoon I was only wearing a par of shorts cut to short

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