Innocent wife convince to do sex

Hi , I am danish from benglore, I am really fan of erotic stories, here I am sharing true experience that happen to me last year.

I have crush on my friends wife for a very long time , let me introduce anjali, she is sex bomb , let’s start with here dazzling eyes which any one can attract towards her, She has figure to die 34/28/38 , her luscious lips are making me crazy, also she got curvy ass to die for.

I have always talk with her from last 3 to 4 year, we have great bonding and we share most of our life to each other , I have never had any wrong intentions towards her until she started complaining about her husband and I thought this is the right time to give her possible support to get what I wanted from long time.

I have started with normal flirting with her for couple of months and one morning I have decided to go little further so I have ask about her sex life and she started complaining about her husband that he is so hornet and he never like to do foreplay and straight into fucking and all.

So I have praised her that your husband is such a crazy to not spend much time with your body as u have great body any men can spend hours to do forplay with you.

That day we have started talking in double meaning and I always request her to send some pictures of her and all , one day I have started convince her to do phone sex and she keep denying because of her kid. And one morning I was so lucky and she convinced with phone sex. And I was all blushing around.

And on that day I have make her so wet and she said to me I love to do this again and again with you. After that day I have plan to catch up at her place when her hubby was on business trip and we decide the day and time and I was eager to wait for that day.

When I went to her place , she wore in tight T-shirt and shorts, she greeted me with big smile and also offer me drinks.

After that I have sear next to her start touching her hair and I can see she is really enjoying it, than I have try to touch her neck and give her all of a sudden lip kiss and she didn’t respond at first but than she started enjoying it, and it lasted more than 10 minutes,

After that I have started touching her boobs and she started touching my dick and she is so happy with dick which I can see her in eyes, after that I have take her to her bedroom and naked her also I have take off all my clothes, first I have started sucking her pussy lips and she is moaning like a pro. She told me please fuck me now but I wanted to tease her to make even more hot sex with her.

After 20 minutes of foreplay she is please me to fuck her. I have try to set her in missionary position and fuck her for more than half and hour and she was moaning like hell and telling me to do that half and hour she came twice and I am not done yet.

And than I ask her which other positions do I like and she said doggy. So I have set her on that trying to push my dick from behind and Spank her like anything, her bum turns into red tomato colour and fucking her like anything, while I was about to come I said to her can I throw my cum into your mouth and she happily said yes to me . And she said thanks for giving me best sex of my life and than we went to shower together and while taking shower she told me I have never agreed to get my husband come in my mouth but I have agreed with you. You must know how to give best sex to women .

So when I was about to leave she also give me blow job and tell me I really need you in my life .

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