I slept with my cousin sister

My name is Bjorn and I am 28, my cousin’s name is Mandy and she is 25. We both grew up together however we wasn’t close because we have our life, work, she has a bf and I have a gf. She is petite size and I adore her lovely body shape whenever I see her wearing tight shirt from Insta posts and stories.

It all started with a gathering with other cousin, Kelly, three of us, we rented an appartment for house party, it was a good catch up session overall, we were all high and tipsy. I remembered well it was around 1am, Kelly received a call from her friend and she decided to leave us for second round party.

I knew at that moment I had the golden oppprtunity to have a good time with Mandy. We were drinking in the bed so I initiated my first move by putting my hand towards her waist, because we were all tipsy and I wanted to try my luck, she did not resist, did not say anything. We looked at each other in the eye, by reading her eye contact, it just sounds like her saying: Look, we both aware we have a partner but we are open to cheat and have a good time.

I started french kissing her, our tongues were fighting and it was intense. We undress each other, like I imagined, she has a good looking pair of boobs and she shaved too. Our body rubbing against each other and my hand quickly reached out to massage her boobs gently while she remained passive and moaning. I did not prepare any condom but we kind of skipped that conversation, next thing I know I was thrusting her pussy. We did missionary 10mins, doggy 10mins, reverse cowgirl 15mins. We had 3 rounds that night, 2 more rounds in the morning, gave me plenty of heads. We acted like a slut to each other in the bed, as soon as outside of bed, we are cousins. We meet each others partner sometimes act like nothing. I remembered once we went to Karaoke, I held Mandy’s hand by my left and my gf’s hand by my right for a short period of time, got to love the adrenaline rush.

After that day, we did it quite frequently like twice a month. We told each other we will keep fucking each other no matter what, to us, it was the adrenaline rush because is taboo and pure ‘sex’ trade.

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