I Hope That We Both Have Girls

I can’t say that I’m really surprised when Danielle handed me divorce
papers. Our lives were completely turned upside down ever since that night,
when she woke up to find me dumping my load into our 16-year-old daughter.

Lindsey had come immediately to my defense. Trying to explain, that it was
something that she wanted, that I had no blame in the matter. Her mother of
course was livid, and did everything in her power to put me away for good.
It was an absolute mess of course. And Lindsey had publicly denied all of
the allegations, that Danielle had made about sexual impropriety and

The battle lines were drawn, and the ugliness played it out before us, like
reality TV. The boys and my youngest daughter Jillian, went with their
mother, as they were under the age of consent. Since it was our word
against hers, we threatened, Danielle with promises of a lawsuit for
slander if she opened up her mouth and made any more accusations against
the two of us. Since Lindsey, was 16 years old, the Family Court judge,
gave her the choice to stay with either Danielle or myself. Lindsey of
course decided, or more appropriately, wanted to stay with her daddy.

Although my life had been completely turned upside down, I felt like I had
been given a new start. Lindsey and I walked down the steps of the local
municipality, holding hands with smiles on our faces. I almost felt like a
newlywed couple, when getting into my big Chevy truck, she scooted over,
and kissed me. Over and over again, she continued, finishing things off
with a deep passionate kiss, that in no way should have been shared by a
father and daughter.

We were free! With some money that I had tucked away, Lindsey and I
purchased a comfortable little home, up in the mountains, out of the side
view of prying eyes.

We were comfortable in our new home, and enjoying the perks of our newly
found life. We had just experienced another incredible night of bliss,
taking advantage, of our privacy. Lindsey and I lay naked under a warm,
goose down comforter. My arms were wrapped tightly around her upper torso,
and my hands, were gently caressing, her beautiful, firm, teenage breasts,
when the phone call came. I recognized the phone number immediately, a
Texas area code.

“Oh,” I said, “It’s Aunt Rachel.”

No it did not come as any surprise to me, that Rachel, would be calling me
instead of her sister Danielle. Over the years, Rachel had made many phone
calls, and received lots of financial help, from my ex wife and I, Since
the birth of her daughter Kaitlyn, over 16 years ago. It was the result of
one night, that Rachel and I had shared those many years ago, and she had
kept our secret. The secret of our daughter. No one, had ever come to know,
that Kaitlyn, was really my daughter as well.

Rachel had been in and out of relationships. She had a knack, for choosing
guys, that were total losers. And the most recent one, was no different.
Rachel had gotten pregnant, and after a very difficult pregnancy, she lost
the baby at birth. It was devastating of course, and this, and all of the
craziness with Danielle’s and my divorce, came to ahead pretty much at the
same time.

Rachel and I had always gotten along throughout the years. And even though
we only had the one time, the product of our affair was ever a reminder to
me, whenever we gathered together at family functions, when I saw that our
daughter, had her daddy’s eyes.

Kaitlyn and Lindsey, have always treated each other like best friends
whenever they had the opportunity to get together. They only had ever
known, that they were cousins. But yet these two cousins, had a special
link. A special bond.

The phone continued to ring, for what seemed like an eternity, I wondered,
if Danielle had somehow convinced Rachel, of what an evil person I was. Was
she calling, to fill my ears, with her to disgust, I thought to myself.
Had that bitch of a wife, ex-wife, of mine, also turned her sister against

“Answer the phone daddy,” Lindsey prodded.

And so picking up the phone, and bracing for the worst, I begin to have a
conversation with my sister-in-law.

“Hello, Rachel”, I said, Trepidatiously.

There was a whimper and a soft cry, on the other end of the line.

“Well.” she said, between tears, “He’s left me too. What’s wrong with me
Jackson,” she demanded. “Why does everybody leave me? I couldn’t even have
you, the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“Oh, Rachel”, I said comforting her, “You’re an amazing woman, and all
those guys,” I said, ”They were just idiots! I can’t imagine anybody stupid
enough to leave you!” I continued. “You’re absolutely gorgeous!”

“You do know what the bitch is saying,” she said referring to her sister
Danielle. “But to be honest with you Jackson,” she added, “I don’t give a
fuck, if it’s true or not. That stupid hag, never deserved you in the first
place. Needless to say,” she went on, “I’m here in town, and I really just
need to see you. I need someone that I can depend on.”

“Yeah, sure Rach,” I quipped. “Is Katelyn with you?” I asked. “I’d love to
see her too. And you know how she and Linds get along so well, so I guess
what I’m saying is we would love to have you.”

Lindsey was propped up in bed, by this time, smiling ear to ear, and
clapping your hands quietly, as I quickly gave Rachel directions to our new
place, and hung up the phone.

“Oh yay daddy!” she squealed, “I love Auntie Rachel! And Katie and I are
just the best friends ever!” She said excitedly, and throwing her arms
around me pressed her nakedness close to my body.

“Did you know,” Lindsey went on to say, “that Katie, was my first ever
kiss! We were just messing around, when we were about 13 years old. You
know,” she said , Talking about boys, the cute ones the ones we liked, and
Katie kind a like, just asked me if I’d ever kissed anyone before.” “Well I
hadn’t,” she said, “and so Katie told me, that we could just practice a
little! Let me tell you daddy! That was one of the most amazing kisses, I
have ever had!”

Then Lindsey went on telling me, about how she and Kaitlyn had made out for
at least 20 minutes. And how they had touched each other‘s bodies and kind
of just explored each other a little bit.

“So,” I said joking, “kissing cousins huh!”

And then pushing her on her back to the bed, I forcefully kissed her,
passionately, our tongues twirled in perfect rhythm, and our hands,
explored each other‘s naked bodies.

“What would Katie think us now!” I laughed.

“Oh daddy!” she said looking at me with an evil grin, “Katie would think
that you and I, were so naughty.”

With that Lindsey‘s head disappeared, under the sheets. I could feel her
soft mouth, wet with saliva, as she began to bob her head, up and down my
erect cock. She ran her tongue up the length of my prick, making gurgling
sounds as she continued, to manipulate my stiff member.

“Oh God, baby!” I groaned, “Oh, fuck yes Lindsey! That’s amazing!”

“My god daddy!” She continued, “I just love sucking on your beautiful
cock,” she slurred, trying to talk with the head of my dick moving in and
out of her pretty little mouth.

I grunted even more intently, and she forced my cock completely down her
throat. Choking, and spitting, she held her self down to the base, by
grabbing the backside of my ass, and keeping herself down for about 20
seconds. Then slowly she pulled her mouth off, sucking in, every drop of
her saliva, and my pre-cum.

“Cum all over my tits!” she commanded! “I want your seed all over my tits!”
She demanding satisfaction.

And then grabbing my cock with one hand, she begin to stroke out, my spunk
all over beautiful teenage chest. I moaned loudly, pitching my head back,
and shooting stream after stream of beautiful white semen all over her
wonderful tits.

She laid back laughing, rubbing the gooey mess all over her body, and then
pulled me close for a passionate kiss. We lay there, for a few moments
longer, filled with excitement, at the prospect that our first visitors
would bring.

Several hours had passed, and Lindsey and I shuffled around to make
preparations, for our guests. I felt like a newlywed again, as we chased
each other around the house, tickling each other. I would smack her ass
really hard, she would let out a yelp, and then grab me by the dick,
telling me how she would make me her bitch. We loved each other in so many
different ways. We were truly happy! I really couldn’t have asked for
anything more.

More, however, was definitely in store. And that would catch both of us by
surprise in different ways.

It wasn’t long, before Rachel and Kaitlyn we’re knocking on the thick wood
of our cabin door. Smiles, followed by long embraces and laughter filled
our ears, as we welcomed them and invited them into our new home.

The girls, threw Katie’s things, in a room that Lindsey had set up, to
look like her own. Then they ran, holding hands, laughing, down the hill to
the lake.

“Well,” I said, “it looks like the girls should have some fun. And now that
we’re alone, I added, why don’t you tell me what’s going on Rachel.”

I grabbed her sweetly, by both of her hands, and sitting her down opposite
me, on the sofa, she began to spill her story. We talked for several hours,
about her and her failed relationships, about the baby she had lost, and
all about the many adventures that Kaitlyn and she had been on. We also
talked about the disaster, that had unfolded between Danielle and I.

And then looking me in the eyes, and pulling me closer she asked, “Is it
true? And I want you to know Jackson,” she said calmly, “that I would never
judge you. I just need you to tell me the truth.”

“Listen Rach,” I explained, “first of all, I want you to understand, that
this was nothing, that I intended to happen. It just kind of did, in the
moment. Just like you and I all those years ago. You know, That I would
never do anything to hurt my daughter.” I recounted her the story, and how
Danielle had woken up, just as we were finishing our deed.

“And you know,” I continued, “how Danielle is. It didn’t go well at all.
And honestly Rachel,” I went on to say, “I didn’t expect it to go any
differently. But Lindsey and I talked after things settled down. It just
felt right. I felt like I was at home, and it didn’t matter that she was my
daughter. Don’t give me wrong, the sex is amazing. I feel like a young man
again. Just like when you and I…”

“Well that’s how the story goes,” I said, “Lindsey and I have decided to
make a life together. Danielle knows, that she will have a massive lawsuit,
on her hands, if she tries to pursue this. So we feel pretty safe.”

“Do you think you have room for two more?” Rachel asked smiling.

“Oh Rachel,” I said happily, “I’m sure we would love it! And I’m sure that
I speak for Lindsey, when I say, that she would be thrilled! The girls get
along just great anyway. I just need to know,” I continued, “that we can be
completely honest with each other. I know that you haven’t told Kaitlyn,
that I’m her father yet, And Lindsey certainly doesn’t know either, but we
can’t start a relationship off in a lie. The girls, must know everything,
if this is going to work. I mean everything Rachel, Katie’s gotta know,
about Lindsey and me also”

“Oh thank you! Jackson!” She cried. Then pulling me close, she kissed my
cheek, pressing her very large breasts, tightly against me. I could feel
her nipples harden, as she squeezed her body against me, and then I felt
something wet.

“Oh Jesus! Jackson,” she yelped, “I’m leaking all over you! It’s been a
long trip,” she replied, “and my tits are just full of milk!” She said
laughing, and crying.

“They still haven’t dried up, after losing the baby and all.” “Well,” she
said, “let me just take care of myself, and then we can tell the girls the
news.” “But Jackson,” she said quietly, “if it’s all right with you, I’d
like to ease them into it. I promise, we will tell them everything. I just
need some time, to do it on my own terms.”

Lindsey and Kaitlyn, had gone running down the hill, screaming and laughing
as they went.

Lindsey, was about 5 foot nine, she was a swimmer, with muscular, golden
brown legs. Her wavy, sandy brown hair, was even more nicely accentuated,
by a lovely smile, and her perfect, perky, teenage breasts. She was an
amazing creature to look at.

Kaitlyn, stood a little bit shorter, just like her mother, with a cute
little freckled face that made her look thirteen. Standing about 5 foot
five, with thick, auburn hair, that just passed her shoulders, her big
tits, made her slim waist look even smaller, as she shook perfect little
ass, when she ran.

“Come on let’s go!” Shouted Lindsey, and she took Kaitlyn by the hand. “I
know the perfect place!” She laughed, “where nobody will see us! We can go

There was a lovely secluded beach around the bend, just a little ways, away
from our cabin. The rocks jetting out, formed a small peninsula, and the
cove, curved in, giving us our privacy. A number of tall pine trees had
fallen in the water, making it virtually impossible for anyone to access
the beach, except from our property.

Lindsey, got to the water first, peeling off her tank top, and frayed denim
shorts, as she ran. She didn’t have a bra or panties on, and jumped
shamelessly into the cold water. Kaitlyn, was right behind her, she had
managed to get out of her shirt, and leggings, and stood, with her toes in
the sand, squirming around a bit, just outside of the water, in her lacy
bra and tiny little G string panties.

“Come on Katie!” Lindsey yelled, “Get your ass in here,” she shouted. “The
water feels great!” And then Lindsey began to splash water relentlessly in
the direction of her cousin.

“Are you sure no one can see us?” Katie asked.

“Oh God, Katie!” Lindsey squawked, “Don’t be such a prude!” “And yes,” she
shouted, “I’m 100% sure!”

“Oh!” Katie yelled back, “I am not a prude! “ She said. “I just don’t want
anybody else to see these fat tits except you!” She laughed, as she whipped
off her little panties, and cute little bra. With her big tits, and her fat
little ass bouncing around, she jumped into the water pushing Lindsey down
as she laughed hysterically.

The two girls, continued on, splashing for a bit, and wrestling each other,
trying to get the other one to say uncle!

Then Lindsey got quiet, and swam carefully next to her cousin. Lindsey, was
standing on her toes, as Katie paddled in next to her. Then with a serious
look on her face, and placing her hands lightly on her shoulders, so as not
to push her under, she spoke softly.

“Listen Katie,” she said, “I’m so sorry, about your baby sister. It’s just
horrible,” she went on tearing up a bit. “Your mom just must feel awful.
And you too,” She said, as she brushed Kaitlyn’s hair, back out of her

She looked into Katie’s pouty eyes, and sensing her need, pulled her cousin
in closely, their naked bodies, pressing together, in a tight embrace.

Lindsey, couldn’t help but think how nice, it felt, to have another girl’s
soft body pressed up against her own. Even though the water was cold, she
felt warmer.

“It’s OK Linds,” Katie said stifling some tears, “honestly,” she said, “it
was probably for the best. That guy was just a real jackass. And he
probably would’ve left us anyways.” Then Kaitlyn, began to cry again, a
little bit more earnestly. She sank her head onto Lindsey shoulder, and
pulling her in even more tightly, she could now feel, her own large
breasts, mashing, against her cousin’s, perfect body.

Then pulling herself together, she gasped, laughing, “My God Lindsey!” she
exclaimed, “Your nipples are so hard, you’re cutting into my boobs!” She

“Well,” Lindsey screamed back at her, “I told you the water felt great, not
that it was warm!” She said giggling.

And with that the two girls, continued interrogating one another, about
each other‘s lives. After some time, they dried out, and gathering their
clothes, got dressed, and made their way back up to the cabin.

It didn’t take long before the two girls, were barging through the door,
with their hair dripping wet, laughing and smiling the whole way.

Rachel and I had returned to the couch, and were sipping on some cold ice
tea, as the girls carried on, explaining what a great thing, it was to be
back together again.

“Well girls,” I began, “I guess since you’re having such a great time,” I
said, “Now is as good a time as any to give you the good news.

“We’re moving in!” Rachel squealed out jumping the gun, and then she
grabbed her daughter by the shoulders, jumping up and down! Exclaimed,
“Uncle Jackson, has offered us a place to stay here with him and Lindsey!”

“What…!!” Screamed Kaitlyn and she grabbed her cousin by the shoulders.

“Really daddy!” Lindsey asked excitedly . “That’s the best!” she shouted
and then the three of them begin jumping up and down in celebration. It was
a sight to see! Three sets of the best tits, I had ever seen bouncing up
and down, right in front of me! Then the three of them tackled me to the
ground, covering me with hugs and kisses.

“Well,” I said, “I guess it’s settled then, am I to take it, that this
means you’re happy,” I said sarcastically.

And so the joyous celebration continued, Rachel and Kaitlyn began unpacking
their things. From the looks of it, Rachel must’ve been planning this all
along. They had brought everything with them except the kitchen sink.

As the turmoil continued, I took Lindsey my daughter, carefully by the
hand, and led her outside so that the two of us could go on a walk.

“Lindsey sweetie,” I said, “this obviously means, that things between us
will have to change. But only for a little while. “

“Yeah dad,” she replied, “I kind of figured that.”

“Don’t worry baby,” I continued, “it won’t be like this forever. You see, I
said, “your Aunt Rachel and I, came to an understanding.

“What like, you mean, she knows.” Lindsey asked.

“Well yeah,” I said, “I mean your mom, has obviously been talking. So Aunt
Rachel, had already heard pretty much every thing there is to know. She
just needed to know for sure, from my mouth.”

“My God dad,” Lindsey said now concerned, “I mean like, what did she say?
Does she think I’m some little homewrecker now? Does she think I’m a little
slut now?”

“No honey,” I replied, “It’s nothing like that. She thinks your just
absolutely adorable! But things are a little bit more complicated than

Then I started from the beginning, sharing the whole story with my young
daughter. Explaining to her, that her Aunt Rachel and I had, had, an
illicit affair, all those years ago, and that nobody knew anything about
it. And how Rachel had gotten pregnant, pretty much, within a day of when
she Lindsey had been conceived.

“You mean I have another sister!” Lindsey screamed, “You mean Katie is my
sister! This really is the best day of my life,” she said. And then she
planted another passionate kiss on my lips, as we held each other, sobbing
with joy.

“Daddy,” she asked, “Do you love Rachel?” She questioned.

“Listen,” I said, “Rachel is an amazing woman. What we had back then, was
just a fleeting moment. It just wasn’t meant to be. And of course I love
Aunt Rachel.” I said, “but Lindsey,” I added, “this doesn’t change anything
between you and I. I love you now more than ever before, you sexy little
girl, and then I ground my hardening prick into her crotch lustfully.

“But what about Katie,” she continued, “Does she mean anything to you?” She
asked, “I mean, she is pretty hot dad,” Lindsey continued. “Would you ever
want to…?”

“Of course I love Katie,” I replied, “she is after all my daughter. But I
want you to know, Lindsey, that you are always my priority. Things are
different between us. And I promise,” I said, “No more secrets. And I want
you to know that I would never do anything, that you didn’t want me to do.
We just can’t tell Katie, not just yet. Aunt Rachel, wants to do it in her
own way.”

“I love you too daddy,” she said reacting to my advances, “I just couldn’t
be any more happy for Aunt Rachel and Katie! I’m just so glad that we can
be a family! And that my best friend is my sister!”

We made our way back home, and when we walked in Rachel had already started
making stirfry and orange chicken for dinner. Kaitlyn was lounging on the
couch, scrolling through the DIRECTV guide for something to watch.

“I think I’m gonna like this,” Lindsey exclaimed. “Chinese is my favorite!”
She added winking at her aunt Rachel, with a big smile on her face. “Do you
mind if I help?” She asked.

“That would be great honey,” Rachel said, “Here, why don’t you start on
this recipe for the orange sauce.” The two of them continued in the
kitchen, until the meal was prepared. We all sat down that night, and
enjoyed the best night that I can remember in a long time.

After dinner, I made room assignments. Rachel, would obviously sleep in the
guestroom, and for now, until other arrangements could be made, Lindsey and
Kaitlyn would share a bed.

Kaitlyn scurried to the girls room, as Lindsey and I said our good nights.
I pushed Lindsey, against the cabinets, tucked in the kitchen, our mouth’s
opened, and our tongues went to work. She reached her hand down and grabbed
my cock firmly, as I lifted her up, pawing at her breasts, and tweaking her

She moaned in my mouth, saying, “Daddy this is going to be soooo hard.”

“You have no idea,”I laughed, “I’m sure you can feel just how hard I am.”

I could see Rachel, out of the corner of my eye. That old familiar look up
lust, that should gave me so many years before, flashed across her face as
standing there, she bit her lower lip. Her hand dropped, momentarily,
dipping inside of her panties. And then for a fleeting moment, disappeared
into her room.

This was, going to be hard I thought. Hard to keep my hands, off more than
one woman.

With one last slap of her ass, and biting my lip as she pulled away,
Lindsey disappeared into the room with her sister.

Katie had already made herself comfortable on the little twin bed. It
wasn’t big, but it was certainly enough to accommodate two skinny girls.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Lindsey said to her cousin, “but I only sleep in
my panties.”

“Oh good,”Katie replied, “so do I. I was a little bit worried on what you
might think. We will be as snug as two bugs!” she chirped playfully!

“Yeah,” Lindsey said and giggled, “it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked
already! And geeze, Katie,” she continued, “you have the most incredible

“Not as nice as my moms,” Katie replied dreamily, “they’ve gotten really
big now, because of all the milk.” She said, unconsciously licking her lips.

“Oh my god, yeah!” Lindsey said, “they are huge!” And then she paused,
“Have you ever touched another girl’s boobs,” Lindsey asked curiously.

“Well,” Katie replied, “I kind of felt yours, in the lake earlier, when you
were hugging me.” She said laughing. Then she continued getting kind of
quiet, “And my moms.”

“Ha ha ha, yeah, well,” Lindsey replied, “It doesn’t really count, if it’s
your moms. I mean everyone has touched their moms, when they were little. I
mean you know, you got to eat! Right!” Lindsey said.

“Well,” Katie continued, “It wasn’t like that really. Can you keep a
secret?” she asked, now kind of biting her lip.

“Oh juicy!” Lindsey teased, “Of course, she said, “After all, we’re
practically sisters.” she said winking.

The two girls were facing each other, talking closely, as they whispered.
Their own breasts, we’re practically touching, as they closed the space
between them as if to get more privacy, sharing, a conversation, that had
now turned somewhat intimate.

“Well to be honest,” Katie said, “Ever since she lost the baby, mom and I
have kind of been sleeping in the same bed. She’s been doing a lot of
crying lately, and it seemed to help, when I stayed the night with her. At
first, I was really, kind of just curious. I mean, she’s got those huge
jugs and all. Those things are always leaking, and I had been lying in bed,
kind a wondering what that milk tasted like. It was kind of embarrassing at
first, because she caught me looking so many times. So this one time, after
she interrogated me, she asked if I wanted a taste. Boy did I ever, and so
I did! It was absolutely amazing! I sorta got carried away with the
squeezing, and her breasts were so full of milk, but by the time we were
done, the sheets were saturated. We were literally rolling around in the
milk, her milk! Needless to say, well, one thing led to another, we’ve kind
of been messing around, ever sense!” Katie said blushing with embarrassment
as she finished her story.

“Holy shit!” Lindsey exclaimed, “That was intense! I’m getting wet, just
thinking about it!”

“To be honest,” Katie said “it’s going to be really hard, you know,” she
said, “not sleeping with my mom. I just don’t want Uncle Jackson to freak

“You’d be surprised,” Lindsey commented, “Dads pretty cool about things,”
She said “But until we figure out things with him,” Lindsey added with a
sultry voice, “Maybe I can help out…”

Lindsey reached over, and began to softly caress Kaitlyn’s large breasts.
Closing her eyes Kaitlyn, relaxed, letting out a big sigh, as her cousin,
carefully played with her jutting nipples.

“God Katie,” Lindsey said “Your tits are so nice and firm, and your nipples
are so hard. They’re really big,” she said, as she took one of them,
between her lips, pulling it, nicely. “Mmmmmm,” She let out, “You taste
amazing, Katie,” she said.

Lindsey, scooted herself, between Kaitlyn’s open legs, moving her hands, to
the sides of her cousins massive tits, and pushing them together, slowly
circled each one of her protruding nipples. Saliva, now dribbled out of
Lindsey‘s mouth, wetting Katie’s breasts, as she continued to suck gently,
each one of the two massive globes of flesh.

Between moans of pleasure, Katie, dipped her fingers, underneath Lindsey‘s
lacy panties, and finding her wet hole, moved, two fingers slowly in and
out of her cousin’s tight folds. Finding her sensitive clit, she began to
tickle and tap her finger, slowly manipulating, groans of pleasure from her
cousins mouth.

“Oh God, Katie! That’s the spot!” Lindsey gasped, “Oh yes! Keep doing
that!” She continued, “Katie! Oh Katie! That feels so good!”

Lindsey sat up, as Katie, continued working her fingers in and out of her
beautiful cousin’s wet cunt. Arching her back, Lindsey, let out small cries
of pleasure, moaning each time, Katie would tweak her hardening clit. She
pulled feverishly at her own nipples, pinching them forcefully between her
fingers, and then kneading her breasts, she began, rocking gently, fucking
back, on to Katie’s working hand.

“Ugggggh God!,” She managed out, as the muscles of her sopping hole, now
tightened on her cousins hand.

“God! Oh fuck yes!”Lindsey bellowed, as she rode Katie‘s hand through an
orgasm. “My God! Katie!” She panted, “You really know how I like it!”

Lindsey, slumped down, after her climax, and Katie reaching up, pulled the
back of Lindsey‘s head, towards her open mouth, mashing her tongue, kissing
her, with great urgency. Their mouth‘s danced, in beautiful symmetry while
each girl, pulled at each other’s hair, like a mess, but also like the
beauty of art.

Katie now forcefully, pushed Lindsey to her back, and scissoring their two
bodies together, their wet pussies met, they filled the air with moans of
pleasure, as the two of them gyrated their bodies, pressing their
femininity against each other. They groaned with pleasure as they continued
their act together. Leaving inhibition to the wind, they gave no concern
for those, who might be able to hear them.

Rachel, hearing, what sounded like whimpering, and crying, tiptoed quietly
to the girl’s room. She carefully cracked the door open, and peered in.
Kaitlyn and Lindsey, were sprawled out in a naked mess, over the twin size
bed. Rachel could see, their bodies, twisting, and rubbing violently, their
eyes closed, and their mouths open as they continued to twist in a frenzy
of pure unadulterated bliss. The girls came violently, and continued
slipping their juices together in intense heat.

Rachel, stood watching, unaware that, I had crept up also to witness the
scene of revelry. Wrapping my arms tightly around my younger sister in
law, and grinding my now stiff cock into her ass, I leaned over whispering
into her ear,

“Isn’t that beautiful”, I said smiling, “It looks like they’re enjoying
themselves. What’s to stop us, from doing the same!” I added, nibbling
carefully on her earlobe, as I ran my hand up her shirt, gently squeezing
her beautiful milk filled breasts.

“Oh Jackson,” she sighed, “It’s been too long,” she replied grinding her
ass, back into my crotch. “But before we do this,” she said, “I have a
confession to make.”

“Secrets,” I said smirking, “I didn’t realize we had any of those,” I said
chuckling , “Well, do tell.”

“It’s been very difficult for me,” Rachel explained, “especially after I
lost the baby. It seemed like I was always crying. “And,” well she added,
“Katie has just been great.” “You know,” she said, “I would be there in the
middle of the night trying to cry myself to sleep, and Katie you know, she
heard me. So she just started sleeping with me at night. I was just lonely,
and she, well she was curious. Things just, kinda happened. My tits were so
full with milk, getting ready for the baby, and I needed relief, in a big
way. And well Kaitlyn, was my relief. We’ve been very intimate, ever sense.
I don’t want you think I’m some lezbo freak, Jackson! I’m so embarrassed!”
She said turning flush in the cheeks.

“I’m the last person to judge,” I said leaning in, and continuing to kiss
her neck, “and if I’m being truthful,” I said, “it really kind of turns me
on. Just take a look at those two right now!” I continued. “You can’t tell
me, that it’s not making you hot right now, just watching them.” “And
Katie, doesn’t even know, that she’s fucking her own sister!” “Oh yeah,” I
told Lindsey, “We don’t have anything between us. And besides, she respects
you, and thinks you’re gorgeous!”

“You just need to know, that if we do this,” I said, “That Lindsey will
always be my number one priority. And moving forward, I don’t think that
should be a problem.”

“I think,” Rachel hissed, “That there will be plenty of you to go around!”
And grabbing my cock, she led me forcefully, down the hallway to the master

I could hear my daughters, now even more vocally, indulging themselves, as
Rachel, pushed me back onto the bed and quickly, started to pull down my
pants. Her eyes, we’re full of desire, as she continued to peel back, the
layers of clothing which now inhibited us. It had been 16 years ago, that I
had taken the flower, of the beautiful woman, that now devoured me with her
eyes. And the fruit of our loins, was now, just a few doors down the hall,
having her way with my lover, my other daughter. Rachel straddled my now
naked body, with my prick, aching and throbbing, to feast on her delicious
cunt. Sitting up and tearing her shirt over her head, undoing the clasp of
her flowery bra, out popped, two straining full, beautiful breasts. I could
see the milk, beginning to leak from her nipples as she quickly scooted out
of her pants. Our nakedness now moved against each other, and I reached up
to squeeze her tits together. Milk began to freely flow out of the ends of
her nipples, covering my face and spilling into my mouth, as she rubbed her
sex deprived cunt along my hardened pole.

“Oh Jackson,” she whimpered, “How I’ve dreamed of this reunion,” she said
kissing my chest, and running her tongue in my mouth, she moaned
delicately, “Oh how I have missed, this cock!”

She smashed her fat tits, into my chest, now sliding in the slippery
breastmilk, as I pulled her, Into a firm embrace, the tip of my dick found
her soft velvety love hole, and I begin pushing in and out with wild
abandon. She moaned, sensuously, as I pushed my hands on her hips, driving
myself deeper, Into her beautiful womanhood.

“Oh God, Oh my God!” She wailed, “Your cock is so huge!” Rachel, sat up,
bouncing violently up and down on my fat prick, taking me, almost, Into her
womb. I met her urgency, with each thrust of my own, in upwards heat, as I
now pounded my cock, past her cervix and deep into her body. Now the pitch
of her voice, became even more frantic, digging her claws, into my sides in
delirium. And calling out my name, hissing, and clenching her teeth
together, she mounted into a breathtaking orgasm.

“Nnnngggh…… “ she wheezed, As her body went limp, against my increasing
pace. She lay folded down against my body, as I continued, pummeling her
fuck hole, with my steel rod. As I rampaged her limp body, she covered my
chest, whimpering, with little kisses, lapping up the generous amounts of
milk that had puddled between us. I didn’t know how much longer, I could
last, this was a different kind passion then what I was a custom to with
Lindsey. Rachel, was more experienced, and fluid with her lovemaking, it
almost seemed like a dance that ebbed and flowed, with a reunion that was
once forgotten and now seemed like it had never ended.

Then Rachel, started again, hissing, as she worked through, another mind
numbing experience. With one hand, I grabbed her by the throat pushing her
up into a seated position, I began to squeeze her by the neck. Her eyes,
rolled back, and she began to cough, screaming my name, as if though a
pillow. She mashed, her big breasts together, and milk sprayed out in
streams, as she writhed, her body through the next orgasm.

I pulled myself up, lowering my head onto her shoulder and pressing into
her drenched upper half, and grunting, with my eyes now crazy with passion,
emptied myself into her spasming, pussy.

Now having completely spent myself I looked up to see the figure of two
young girls standing, naked in the doorway.

“Well hello daddy,” Lindsey said beaming with a smile on her wicked little
face. “I sure hope you saved some for me!”

“Mom! Uncle Jackson!” gasped Kaitlyn, “Wait a minute,” she said now
looking, at her cousin, “What did you just say!? Holy shit!” She piped
again, “I’m so confused, what the fuck is going on! I guess, I was feeling
so guilty, and here all of this! It’s just so overwhelming!” “Lindsey, she
said again looking puzzled, “Did you just ask your dad to fuck you?!”

“You heard that right Katie!” Lindsey replied with a delicious smile,
“We’ve been lovers, for a bit now. Why the fuck do you think that bitch
left us To begin with! We showed her!” “And now,” she told Katie looking
into her eyes, “We can do whatever we want!”

“It’s OK baby,” Rachel told her daughter, “He knows everything. And he
loves you, just as much, as we all love each other. Now why don’t you two
come over here and help me clean this mess up!” Rachel said with a grin.

“My God, you two are so beautiful,” I remarked, “You’re just perfect, so
different, but yet so incredibly alluring!”

My dick, sprung back to attention, as Lindsey and Kaitlyn mingled their
naked bodies, with ours, carefully and meticulously, they began lapping up
the milk, juices, and spunk off our two glistening bodies.

Lindsey filled her mouth, with the mixture of fluids, and slowly begin her
descent, taking my cock into her mouth, spilling the contents, which
dribbled down the sides of my fat prick.

Katie had already found her way and now was sucking voraciously, on the
ends of her mothers massive teats. Between, gulps of milk, and the
slobbering indulgence of my cock the two girls, met intermittently just
slightly above my throbbing manhood, to exchange kisses, their tongues
swirled about, and Katie spilled her mothers milk into Lindsey‘s mouth as
they sucked at each other‘s tongues and played, with each other‘s breasts.
While they exchanged, kisses with each other, Rachel would resume with what
Lindsey had left, moving her mouth expertly, down the length of my full
cock, and holding her self at the base, she used her tongue to tickle the
underside of my straining, ball sack.

The cabin, was filled with moans of pleasure, the smacking of lips, and
the feverish exploration of female tongues.

The two young 16-year-olds, whispered together, as they continue their are
sinful exchange. Then Lindsey gave her sweet cousin, a smile and nod, as
she guided

nod, as she guided her small hand to the base of my cock, carefully pulling
her mother off, with a gentle nudge, my young daughter Kaitlyn began
stroking me, with fervor.

“Oh, Uncle Jackson,” she whimpered, “Your cock is so thick,” she continued,
“My God!” she gasped, “How are you ever going to get that monster, inside
of me!” she whined.

Taking her cues from her daughter, Rachel, settled back, into a nest of
pillows, and taking Lindsey’s hand, and interlocking her fingers, began to
help her niece, knead her fat milky tits. Taking her freehand Rachel,
plunged three fingers, into her own drenched hole. Lindsey, dove, onto
Rachel’s other milky breast, I could see her cheeks, moving and working, as
she gobbled up for Aunt’s wonderful feast.

“Jesus! Aunt Rachel!” Lindsey squealed, “This is heaven!” Milk dribbled out
of the corners of her mouth, and when she spat large amounts of breast milk
spilled down covering Rachel’s dripping hole. Lindsey laughed and diving
into to her Aunt’s love hole, began taking large gulps as she fed from the
soft slit. Rachel simply, lay back, and tensed up, with another massive
orgasm, as Lindsey’s tongue tickle her sensitive clit.

Rachel and I lay next to each other as the two girls found pleasure in our
bodies, and we in turn explored them as well!

“Oh please, Uncle Jackson!” Katie begged, “Oh God please, I need that thing
inside of me! Fuck your beautiful cock, inside your niece’s virgin pussy
she pled!”

She still doesn’t know, I thought to myself, I shot a look over to Rachel,
and then up, to my daughter Lindsey, as if to ask for permission, to tell
her. They both smiled, and sort of nodded almost simultaneously.

“Take her, Daddy,” Lindsey purred.

Immediately, and I grabbed Kaitlyn, by her little hips, and flipped her
over on her back.

“Are you sure Katie?,” I asked, “Is this what you really want?” I

“Oh God yes!” She whined, “Oh God please!” She continued, “Fuck that thing
into me, where it will do you some good! Don’t hold back!” She screamed!

My cock, was already slick, and the tip of it’s head, found his way into
her virgin cunt. I paused, and looking into her eyes, whispered, “Just one
more thing,” I said, “You can stop calling me Uncle Jackson, your mom and
I, have been keeping a secret, I’m really your dad.” I said smiling. And
with that news, plunged, my fat prick deep inside, my new daughter’s cunt.

Katie‘s eyes, widened, as her father’s cock, found its way, to the very
bottom, of her wet hole. Her eyes teared up, and she reached up to softly,
to caress my cheek.

“Daddy?” She asked, and then looking over at her mother for validation,
began to cry, when Rachel, shook her head softly in affirmation. The two,
mother and daughter, clasped hands tightly, amidst the sexual orgy.

“Oh daddy!” Katie said, looking into my eyes, “Oh God daddy!, I’ve waited
to know for this, for so long! I love you….,” she whispered, “I love you
so much…,” she said and then looking over at her sister Lindsey mouthed
the words, “I love you too.”

Bearing down, now I begin to fuck her in earnest. A beautiful reunion, and
revelation, as I pounded, my manhood, into my daughters young, 16-year-old
pussy. She squealed, choking, as she gasped for air! I seemed to be fucking
her breath away!

“Yes daddy!” She cried out, “Oh yes! Give me your big daddy dick! Fuck your
little girl! Oh, oh shit! You’re so fucking big! Oh God, yes!, Daddy! I
love this so much!”

I continued, driving my dick, into her with primal abandon, her body shock,
beneath my weight, and her thick tits bounced, with each thrust. I was
going to give her everything, every last drop of my seed!

She grimaced, to accommodate my girth, in her tight virgin pussy.
Continuing my attacks, I grunted, panting, as I felt the mounting, of my
impending release. Katie’s young body, thrashed as she experienced her
first orgasm as a new woman, I could feel her muscles, milking my cock,
begging, for her own drink.

“Oh God baby! Oh God! I’m going to do it! I’m going to give you my seed!” I

Tightening the grip on her mother’s hand, and reaching up to caress my
face, as I continued, to fuck myself into her, she began to softly cry, and
moaning and she muttered over and over again, “Oh daddy, Oh daddy…..”

And with one final burst, I lunged forward, grunting, and emptied my life
inside of her….

Several months later, the two sisters, whisked their way, carefully down to
the waters edge, holding hands, as they walked, naked, with their bellies
slightly showing. Lindsey looked over at Katie, and said quietly, but
simply, “I hope that we both have girls…”

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