Husband has to spank his 19 year old sister-in-law

My wife brought the subject up, as I was sitting in my armchair hoping to watch T.V. on a Monday night. I had worked a hard shift down at the factory and had also got soaked on the way home. In spite of that, I was looking forward to a top F.A. Cup replay that was kicking off shortly. However, my wife was in no mood to let sport take precedence over her need to air her concerns. So, I left the remote alone and gave her my full attention. I had been married long enough to heed the warning signs.

The subject of our discussion, as always, was her young sister. You see, Harriet, my wife, at 27 was a good 8 years older than young Molly, who she thoroughly disapproved of.

Harriet’s parents had thought that they had finished having children when they had older brother Bob and then Harriet. And, years later, having another baby daughter was unplanned and a bit of an embarrassment for them. However, Harriet, was always bitching about the girl. The circumstances being, that Molly had been unable to get a job in the run down pit village where she had been brought up in the family home, and so, at her mother’s insistence, she had come to live with us in Nottingham. I think my wife resented Molly, firstly for being born, and, secondly, for having to make room for her in our home.

Molly was 19 now, growing up fast and turning into a very attractive young lady. She was developing curves in all the right places and had a pair of legs that I had trouble keeping my eyes away from. I didn’t think she was particularly badly behaved either, but, that was just my opinion and when it came to family matters like that, my opinion didn’t count. So, I just kept my mouth shut and kept out of it as much as possible. Harriet could be a bit of a dragon, so, it was just as well to keep one’s mouth shut. That was my experience anyway. Harriet had a down on her and nothing the kid could do was right in her eyes. As far as Harriet was concerned, Molly was lazy, irresponsible, selfish, rude and cheeky. And that was just for starters. Anyway, around about that time Molly seemed to go through a bad patch in terms of keeping on the right side of her elder sister and my instincts told me that it was all building up to something. As it turned out, I was right.

The previous night, Molly came home late from the cinema, where she had been with her friends from work. (Molly worked as a shop assistant at a large department store in the town.) Well, when I say she was late. It must have been no more than 40 minutes, but, that was more than enough for Harriet to get worked up about it. For her, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“Something has to be done about her,” fumed my wife. “She’s getting away with things too easily…She has to be punished.”

“What do you mean?” I said putting down the newspaper and looking up at her.

“Well, when I was a little girl, Daddy used to spank me when I misbehaved. Bob got plenty of it too. He made sure we were punished regularly, so we knew how to behave. He was a great believer in corporal punishment and in upholding family discipline. Even poor Mum got it when she stepped out of line or displeased him. We used to lie awake listening to her screams of torment. I tell you he was a right devil with that strap, our Dad.

So, Joe, I am giving you Daddy’s old strap which I retrieved from the old house. And I expect you, as the man of the house, to use it regularly on my little brat of a sister.”

And that’s how it started.

First thing I did when Harriet left the room was to examine that strap and have a little practise swishing it about. No doubt that a man could do some damage to a sweet girl’s behind with a thing like that. The idea of unleashing it on poor Molly’s posterior greatly appealed to me. I couldn’t wait to start. It was bringing out the beast in me.

And, to make it easier for me, Harriet gave Molly such a tongue lashing that the poor girl was probably glad to give herself over to me to deal with. It was being laid out on a plate for me. All I had to do was flay her with that strap.

Friday night became punishment night for poor Molly and typically of Harriet, she cleared off to her needlework upstairs and left me to do the dirty work.

Soon after 7.00 p.m. there was a little tentative knock on the lounge door.

“Did you want to see me, Mr. Fisher?” asked Molly, apprehensively. I could tell she was worried, because, she usually called me Joe.

“Yeah, come in then Molly,” I said, gruffly, not wanting to appear too soft with her. “And close the door, please.”

Both of us were a little awkward and embarrassed, until I reminded myself that I had the upper hand here.

She was wearing a white blouse and a tight grey skirt past her knees and straightaway I was wondering how on earth she was going to be able to bend over in it, when she solved the problem for me.

“Shall I take my skirt off?” She asked, red in the face and flustered.

I blew out my cheeks and quickly considered this. Luckily, Harriet wasn’t around to advise me so…

“Yes, that’s a good idea.”

She unzipped the skirt and I gasped as I watched it fall around her ankles. In those days, even teenage girls wore stockings and suspenders and all that was on display at that moment, emphasising, what a superb pair of legs she had.

Almost immediately, I felt my cock stir. Suddenly, I realised that I was actually going to enjoy these little punishment sessions.

Harriet had even placed the low back armchair in the centre of the room, so I gestured for Molly to bend over it. When she did so, I spent a long time looking at her pert, panty clad backside and nylon stockinged legs. Eventually, Molly gave a nervous little cough and I re-focused on the task in hand. Then, strap in hand, I lashed down on my target inducing a painful whelp from Molly and a twitch of her bum.

Excited now, I gave her another lash before enjoying the splendid view of a young woman bending over so provocatively. I drooled at the shapely bare thighs on display at the tops her nylons. Wow!

I took aim and lashed her again bringing forth another shriek. How I would have loved to have a peak at her bare bum at that moment, wondering how red it was. Inexplicably, my hand reached out, smoothing sympathetically, over that lovely part of her.

“Ahem” she coughed, no doubt anxious for me to get on and finish her punishment. But, right then I was more interested in feeling her up than carrying out Harriet’s bidding.

“You’ll have to do this properly Joe,” whispered Molly’s sweet little voice, “otherwise, Harriet won’t be pleased… And I’d rather you did this than her.”

So, I lashed her twice in fairly quick succession making her squeal loudly each time.

I hope you’re satisfied, I thought, looking up meaningfully at the ceiling and knowing that Harriet would be up in our bedroom listening for the tell-tale signs of Molly’s ordeal.

Molly was red faced and flustered now from her punishment so far and I had a definite hard-on. I had lost count. So, I asked her, “how many is that?”

“You’re up to 4,” she said, wincing.

“Another two then,” I told her. “Push your bum up, higher.”

She did. I licked my lips. God she looked sexy bending over like that in her little white panties.

With eyes gleaming, I gave her two vicious slaps that made her snap up to attention like a jack knife. “Owww,” she wailed loudly. “Joe, that bloody well hurt,” she complained, ruefully.

“And it was meant to” I retorted. “So, you’ll have to behave yourself from now on young lady. And do what you’re told.”

While Molly went upstairs in tears, Harriet was straight down, pleased as punch. “Well done” she beamed. “That will give the little bitch something to think about.”

“From now on she’ll get a dose of that every Friday night.”

I went to bed that night well pleased with myself. I had rather enjoyed using the strap and was looking forward to using it again. As a matter of fact, it had been the only bit of sexual excitement I had had for weeks given that the marital bed had grown rather cold as of late and Harriet never seemed up for sex of any description.

But, on the plus side for me, Harriet made damn sure her sister’s punishment carried on. So there was that to look forward to. There was always a list of misdemeanours or indiscretions to be accounted for and I was quite happy to do the honours, especially, now that Molly had gotten into the habit of taking off her skirt each time.

Then came the Friday night that Harriet had to go out; to visit a sick friend, she had said, but, she had been acting rather strangely recently and I wondered about that. At the time, however, I didn’t care, because it meant I had the lovely Molly to myself; and it was her punishment night.

She knew Harriet had gone out and that we were alone. But, if she thought I would go easy on her, she was going to be sadly mistaken.

“Skirt off,” I growled impatiently and it was all I could do to wait until she had stepped out of the thing and thrown it to one side.

“I want your panties off too,” I ordered my voice like gravel. “In fact, while you’re at it, take everything off…except your stockings and suspenders,” I added as an afterthought.

She froze not quite believing what she had heard.

“No…Joe…that’s not…allowed.” she finally spluttered.

“You heard, girl, I want you naked. Harriet thinks you are getting off too easy.”

“Ohhhhh!” She whined, stamping her foot…”it isn’t fair.”

“Yes, it is, because, I say so.” I said angrily. “So be quick about it, or I’ll double up on everything you’re gonna get.”

Reluctantly and muttering her very evident discontent, she took off her bra, blouse and panties, her face red with embarrassment. When she had finished, she stood uncomfortably before me, with one arm across her very ample breasts and the other blocking my view of her pussy. Anyway, I’ve got to say she looked fantastic, standing there in just high heels suspenders and stockings.

“Over the chair, and legs apart,” was my next instruction.

“It’s not right…it’s not right,” I heard her grumble. But she did it all the same.

She got a quick lash which cracked off her smooth skinned bum.

“That’ll teach you for being so flaming uppity,” I seethed. “When I tell you to do something girl, you’ll fucking do it. And it’s Sir from now on, by the way.”

“Is that understood?” I asked, giving her another hard swipe with the leather strap.


Then I gave her another.

“Oww, yes Joe…I mean yes, Sir.”

“So, I’ll get no more arguments about you stripping off in future, then?”

I slapped her viciously, to make my point. She didn’t like it. Nor did she like the next one, delivered in quick succession.

“Oww…No…No…I’ll do whatever you say…Sir.”

That’s when I started taking real liberties with my teenage sister-in-law: My hand deliberately feeling the curves of her pert young bum and taking my time about it.

She coughed. “Joe…Sir…please?”

“I could whip you all night? Would you rather that I did that?”

“No,” she whispered in defeat.

“All right, then, keep those legs apart” I said assertively, pushing my hand up between the backs of her thighs and touching her vagina for the first time.

“Ooooh,” she gasped, in surprise; her mouth open wide with shock.

She gasped even more when I then pushed a couple of fingers deep into her pussy. That’s when I found out that Harriet’s little sister was no longer a virgin.

She confessed all to me, in between her sobs and painful slaps of the belt. I got enough details to convince me that this innocent looking teenager was no stranger to sex. A few drinks at a party and some randy old bugger had nailed her on her way home. He had spotted her walking unsteadily down a farm track and had dragged her into a field. She was befuddled with alcohol and he’d taken full advantage. It had been her introduction to fucking, but, she had not known much about it, apparently, I was the only one whom she had told. I chuckled inwardly, knowing that I now knew something about Molly that Harriet and her Mum were not aware of.

“Please don’t tell Harriet,” she pleaded. “I’ll never hear the last of it.”

I laid down my conditions. She was going to have to let me fuck her now and more or less anytime I wanted. Otherwise, Harriet, was going to get to know about her little “indiscretion” and her life would be a misery.

I gave her a hug and dried her tears. Then I followed her up the stairs to her bedroom. Oh God, that pert, delightful swaying arse drew me up like a magnet.

I quickly got out of my clothes and grabbed her by the hips. Then lust just took over, as I covered her thighs, bum and breasts with my frantic kisses. Her skin was ultra-smooth and sexy, as my hands glided all over her luscious young body.

“Joe…Joe…you shouldn’t,” she ventured, as I continued to ravage her. By now we were on top of the bed and my cock was fully erect and throbbing. Spreading her legs wide, I kept on kissing the soft insides of her thighs and fingering her hairy sex, noting with growing pleasure how moist her pussy was becoming to my probing fingers.

I fucked her then; fucked my 19 year old sister-in-law, good and proper. I will never forget that delicious moment when my cock buried its way deep into her young vagina. Then with lust and desire continuing to spur me on, I gave her a right seeing to, with piston like thrusts…on and on and on…

She had been reluctant at first, but now she responded, thrusting back at me and moaning, seemingly enjoying every minute of our lovemaking. If Harriet had come back suddenly, she would have caught us red handed, but, in the heat of the passion that ensued, neither of us had any thought to that possibility. As it happened, she didn’t come back while we were “at it” or even just afterwards, so we had plenty of time to sort things out and get back to a semblance of normality. I looked at my watch then and realised that she had been out for some time. Who had she gone to see? Whoever it was I was grateful that she hadn’t spoiled our fun.


Harriet pulled her mackintosh tightly around her, as her high heels click-clacked and echoed down the street. She also bit her lip in shame, knowing full well, that what she was doing was wrong: Her, a married woman off to meet her boss in a secret rendezvous. It wasn’t so much meeting up with him that was the cause of her shame, but, that underneath her coat she was completely naked. It was something that she had never, ever, done before. She closed her eyes and again felt the rising excitement that her lewd and shocking behaviour had induced. She felt that everyone she passed knew that underneath her coat she wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing. Her heart was thudding hard; she had never known a feeling quite like this. And, it was sexually exhilarating.

She felt guilty sneaking out of the house and avoiding Molly and Joe. She had a good husband, but, sexually, they had never quite hit it off, hence her affair or sexual relationship with her boss Jeremy Rand. Since her appointment as his personal assistant, he had never stopped trying to get into her panties. She had resisted for months, but, he had finally got his way with her at the office Xmas party and had been fucking her regular ever since. He was married, but then of course, so was she. Neither of them had any intention of leaving their spouses, because, apart from work, sex was the only thing they had in common.

Thank goodness it was dark and that the coat covered her from the neck to her knees; well, just about to her knees, four inches short of her knees, in fact. It had been his idea, the dirty sod. He had wanted to leave his dinner party and meet her in an alley for “half an hour of pure unadulterated sex.”

She looked at her watch, as she turned into the darkness of the alleyway. It was a place where they had had sex before and somewhere where they knew they wouldn’t be disturbed.

He was already there. She could see his cigarette glowing in the dark.

First thing he did when he had her against the wall was unbutton her raincoat. She heard his low growl of lust when his hand felt the shape of her naked body inside, knowing that in spite of his outrageous request, she had done exactly what he had told her to do.

He couldn’t wait, in fact, to get his hands inside her coat, to explore her curvy, naked, body as he pleased; roving hands that rubbed and fondled her superb figure. And, inevitably, those hands were drawn to her firm curvaceous ass, usually hidden by tight skirts in the office and driving him crazy. It was what he had been looking forward to all day. So unbelievably sexy and desirable. He took his time, savouring every touch. Let those fucking guests wait, he thought. He had promised himself a decent shag and he was determined to have one. But first to familiarise himself with her outstanding body. Minutes later, he had his fingers inside her sex and worked her pussy hard.

The light drizzle of rain was having its effect. But both of them ignored it. He had worked her up to a frenzy and she was ready for sex. Her blonde hair was sodden and plastered to her head, her coat soaked, but, she didn’t care. Instead, she concentrated on his big cock. It was out of his trousers now and she had hold of it. It was totally erect and she loved the feel of it.

“In your mouth,” he grunted, and, in a trice, she was kneeling and complying with his wish.

“Oh yes,” he groaned as her soft lips enveloped the head. Then her tongue licked the length of it, making him harder still.

“You bad bitch,” he growled. “You deserve to be fucked.”

And fuck her he did, as his cock manoeuvred into the moist fleshy depths of her cunt.

“Oh, Oh, Oh,” she sighed in ecstasy as he thrust his cock, manfully, in and out.

Harriet leaned her head back against the wall and moaned. It was what she had come for, to be ravaged and fucked by her lover and that was why she had dressed like a slut.

Now they were getting down to some serious fucking…

He fucked her hard up against the wall. He had known she would be O.K. with that. He knew from personal experience that his pretty married assistant “liked it rough.”

It was incredible sex, but, it didn’t last long. Inevitably, it finished in a messy conclusion.

One last kiss and he was buttoning up and walking away. “We’ll do better next time,” he promised. “See you tomorrow.”

She too buttoned her raincoat and followed more slowly. She watched him walk away quickly across the other side of the street, before she lit a cigarette and made her way back.


I sat in my car for at least 10 minutes, staring at my mother-in-law’s front door. Then I picked out the leather strap from the glove box, got out of the car and walking determinedly towards it. I had thought about this, off and on, for a long time, before, finally making up my mind to do it. Ironically, it had been Harriet who had put the idea into my mind when she had told me about her old man taking his strap to his wife, Lena, and making her scream late at night. The possible sexual connotations of this had not escaped me as it had Harriet. But, then again, a daughter wouldn’t necessarily think along dirty lines, it being her own mother and all.

But, I had given it a lot of thought and the strap had been itching in my hand for action. I had visualised Lena’s naked, perfectly shaped mature arse, pushed up and out, just begging for the punishment, taking lashes it so richly deserved. Even at 47, Harriet’s mum had a great figure; it has to be said, with long…shapely legs, great tits and an ass that I had lain awake thinking about. And she had made enough negative remarks about me to make me want some kind of revenge. I was not good enough for her precious daughter and all that. It was enough to justify to myself as to what I was about to do. I told myself she was well used to the sort of harsh treatment I had in mind and that I had a reasonable chance of getting away with it.

She answered the door with a bath towel wrapped around her and a puzzled look in her wide open green eyes. Clearly, I had taken the bitch by surprise.

“Hello, Joe…What are you doing here?” She managed to say before she saw the strap in my hand and something like panic swept across her face.

Things seemed to happen quickly after that. I stepped inside and grabbed the towel. It came away from her, as she dashed for the stairs. But, I was right behind and managed to land a heavy swipe across her naked backside, as she scampered up the stairs trying to get away. “Owww” she screeched in terror, as I caught her up on the landing and landed another vicious crack. My aim was perfect. Another second or two and she might have locked herself in the bathroom, but, I was much too excited to let that happen and got my foot in the door.

“Joe,” she pleaded “what’s come over you? Please stop!”

In response, I grabbed her arm and yanked her out. Then I pushed her into the main bedroom; the scene of so many of her past humiliations.

“I’ve brought an old friend back to see you,” I grinning wickedly, holding up the strap. “Because, it’s time for it to get re-acquainted with your ass.”

“No…no…”she pleaded. “Please Joe…don’t”

But, I made her bend over just the same. And tellingly, she chose the position, using the end of the bed as a rest for her hands and elbows as she stood, docile and waiting, legs apart, with her delightful arse pushed up high.

I got in four or five vicious swipes at her beautiful target before she even grunted through gritted teeth. Her will was strong and I guessed that she was out to defy me and show me she could take it.

“You won’t break me you bastard,” she shouted, “no matter how much you whip me.” Later, I realised that her show of bravado was just to egg me on. Because, she loved that strap and the pain it produced. This woman loved to be whipped hard and have her arse on fire: It was really turning her on: And God, how I gave it to her, holding nothing back. Lash after lash after lash. Her arse was just a mess of ugly red stripes and blotches. But, she was a big girl and she could take it.

Finally, her bravado collapsed like a pack of cards; her resistance caved in. “Please Joe, stop. I’ve had enough, now…I’ll do anything you want…ANYTHING!”

It was music to my ears.

That’s when we started fucking on her queen size bed. We were both frantic for it and she was oh so wet and ready for sex. Off and on, I must have had my cock in her cunt for most of the morning. Fucking my mother-in-law was at least starting to make up for the pathetic response I was getting from Harriet in the bed department lately. And now that I had started to have sex with Molly too, things were definitely looking up for me.

Over a cup of tea, Lena, confessed that since her husband had died she had missed the strap and all the pleasure that spanking gave her, including lots of sex when he had finished. And now that I had latched onto her secret, I promised that I would regularly use it on her. Implicit in that arrangement was the certainty that I would be fucking her at least once a week.

Exciting days lay ahead.

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