How I satisfied unknown women in Bangalore

Hi, my self Kiran (name changed) about myself am well-built body with good-looking fair in color and height 5feet 9inches am 26yr old and my tool size is 6.5inches and am running my own business in Bangalore, about my angel (Monica name changed for privacy purpose) She was about 32yr old with figure 36-32-40 fair in color and height around 5feet 2inches this all about our small induction.
And this my first story am sharing in this…

So let’s come to the story of how I satisfied unknown aunty, so one day I was sitting in the office I got a call asking Shankar the voice is so pretty I thought maybe girl around 25yr old, so I replied sorry the wrong number and disconnected the call, again after 30min I got miss call from the same number, so I just check with my phone my true caller showing unknown as Monica, so I just neglect it and I continue my work so the day was run and at the night on the same day I got What Sapp text saying hi, I just opened and I saw there is no DP, profile its blank, so I replied who’s this

She: myself Monica I give a call in the afternoon so would you remember me.
Me: yes, tell me, madam.
She: sorry for disturbing you.
Me: nothing like tell me.
She: I liked your voice and the way of replying because nowadays if any girls voice heard they will take advantage and miss beehive and Even I checked you by giving miss call but you didn’t reply, so I like your behavior.
Me: Thank You so much. (I got a butterfly in my heart)
She: you welcome.

So like that we chat every day and at the 5day of our chatting we started sharing our personal life story and I got to know that she was married, and she had 5yr old daughter so my heart was broken and I didn’t reply to her for 1day even I have my work on the 7th day she replied, you became so busy, after knowing am married.
So then I replied nothing like that so again she started sharing her personal life that her husband was a businessman, and he always keeps on traveling all the day only 2days in week will be in home, and he was too busy And my married life was not satisfying and even my desires are burning every day.

So by earning this again, I got butterflies in my heart, so I replied so sadly.
And she replied it’s my bad luck no one can change, and we ended the chat on that day, in the next day I think on Friday she texted me saying shall we meet for the dinner tonight I asked about her husband she replied my husband, not in the city will be back on Monday, so I was happy and I asked her where shall we meet she told me to come president hotel in Jayanagar
at 8 pm. , so I was there around 7.30pm and am waiting at the outside I got a call Where are you I replied am outside of the hotel.

Ok wait up there will be reach at 5min my heartbeat gets faster and around 5min one lady drop from the taxi I thought maybe she is their lady because I never I saw her and I never used to ask her to send picks so. She turned and Call me Kiran I was in 7th heaven by seeing her she was in red saree with sleeveless blouse with red lipstick was stunned by seeing her, and she came near me and say hi, I replied hi shall we move in, so she started moving I just followed her, and we reach the table, and we started chatting, and we ordered some food by the middle of the dinner she broke the normal chat to sex chat about asking what type of girls would u like and some naughty question she asks. And even I ask about her sex life, so she sadly told about her that she didn’t get satisfied with her husband, and she had a lot of sexual desires with she will want to explore it, but she didn’t get any chance, and she told even about her naughty things by earning that my tool became hard and I controlled it…it’s about to finish the dinner so waiter as getting me the bill, but she refused to pay me, so she paid the money to leave the hotel.

we came outside and ask about how u manage to go she smiles and replied am going with u baby by earning that I was surprised and very happy, so I go and get my car, so she gets into the car by the mid-way of traveling we continued ours. Stopped conversation about sex life and my tool peeping outside my pant she clearly noticed my bulged pant, and she scares on it I noticed her and it’s about to reach her home and I stopped the car in front of her house she invited to me to her house.

I managed to park the car and get into independent house the area was calm and silent so get in her house, and she locked the door and I sat on the sofa in living room I was searching if anyone there she asked me what you looking at, for I say nothing, and she told that her daughter went to her cousin home so no one there in the home only me and you by earning that my tool and butterfly in my heart. So she went to the room and got fresh up and change with nighty you know guys how she looks like an angel, and she brought me a glass of water from the kitchen and gave me and sat beside me again my tool peeing outside my pant and I can’t control this time and even she noticed. Finally, her eyes catching my eyes, and she suddenly holds my hand then I hug her we make lip lock for ten minutes on that time both of us hand move all over the body and finally we broke the kiss. She pulled me to the bedroom she just laid on the bed I stared kissing her from fore head next I came to neck her breath getting faster and one hand on her pussy it feels like already wet and I come to boos I bit her boos above the bra it’s like soft melon I came down kissing stomach and leg and finally she out of control and, she made to remove her nighty, so we both stud up I take her nighty from bottom and stared removing it I noticed she wears red panty and red Bra, and she was looking a damn pretty and so hot my dick get out my pant, and she removed my tees and pants being in jockey and I removed her bra and go down and removed her panty almost off the panty became wet I can smell it and I kiss to the pussy, and she was moaning and I make her to laid on the bed and make her leg wide I started lick her pussy by pressing boobs on other hand she moan louder and I fuck her from my tongue for around 15min, and she makes an organ by loud moaning, and she pulls me to her face and stared kissing and make lip lock and after she pulls out my jockey to find my dick, and she shocked by seeing dick and hey it’s too long compare to my husband I feel it inside me, baby.

Then she stated sucking my dick it was heaven I can’t forget it, and she asked me to please go inside and then I make her to laid and start inserting my dick her pussy is sooo wet and tight too but it’s heaven I stared hammering she moan louder like Ya Ya Ya Ya fuck fuck fuck baby like she screaming, and she pulls me and make lip lock again and again it’s time to cum I asked her shall I cum outside, but she told make inside and I do it after she wakes up and take my dick to her mouth and taste my cum, and she told me that your cum sooo tastes full dear and I smiled, and we laid for 1hour and till mornings another 3session will get over in the morning around 7 am she stared touching my dick inside the blanket so my dick already erected and I make her doggy style and fuck one more time and half an hour later I make her bring oil she brought it, I make to sleep and I started pouring oil on her body and stared gently massage her she enjoying it and even I stared my body to rub her body, and she like it sooo much and I insert my finger into her pussy and find her g-spot and make pressing it and start rubbing it faster and faster she was moaning like anything and finally she squirts all over me, and she was in even I can saw from her face half close eyes and feeling her happy inside and again I star kissing her body she pulls me out and kiss me and said my life is complete now and I never forget this in my life I love you. By earning this I was too happy that she was satisfied, and we both managed to have bath, and we have one more session, and we complete the day finally when I am leaving she brought me something in hand I don’t know what it is and after she handed over to me I can feel it’s a cash and I return to her and tell am not need in it I respect to please take it back, and she smiled and ask sorry, and she laugh once again and kiss me and say love bye take care, so I just walk out of the house…

This how I satisfied unknown lady in Bangalore, and we met whenever we have time but after 6months she settled in abroad, so we ended with all connections. I know guys you will enjoy my story and if any mistake please don’t mind feel free to send feedback

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