Hope he will fuck me

Swati Jain is now addicted to physical love as her age of 21 years makes him vulnerable ,her physical appearance’s seems best as it’s measure 30-24-36 and my squared dome shaped ass is shaky whenever I put a G string on my waist.my friends wear short dress as they want to show her body ,looks vulgar and always enjoy sex with their boyfriends or liver.my too many friends have lost their valuable virginity also but my vaginal hymns are still intact as it’s a nice weekend.as I have planned for a physical love session with my lover Anuj ,I took bath in the morning as I have my breakfast and than put a tops as well as leggings on my body,I have already clarified my mom about my day’s affair but that’s a lie for my secret sex affairs.It’s 10:15 am as I put my purse in shoulder and took my mobile ,as I put a sandals on my legs ,walking out of my home towards a nearby market area.my sexy ass is shaking as I am walking fast on a path leading towards market ,now my mobile started ringing as I received it……

“hi Anuj I am near to market
(Anuj)ok I am waiting for you.”

As I reached there and I can see him standing out of his car ,I walked to him as both are inside car.while sitting on front seat ,he drove the car towards outer ring road as we both are going to anuj’s farmhouse near Badarpur border.as I am mentally prepared to cross the border of physical love today ,losing my virginity is my priority today.looking at me ,Anuj asked……..

“Swati how you got permission for a day to live outside home
(Swati)told my mom lie but Anuj keep it secret till we get married
(Anuj)sure my darling .” And after 35-40 minutes of journey ,we reached there as Anuj stopped the car inside farm house ,I am bit shy as caretakers are there but I walked inside his farmhouse with anuj.I am sitting in dinning space as a lady maid came inside with bottles of water and put it inside refrigerator as Anuj said……..

“prepare lunch for us also
(Maid)ok sir
(Anuj)in your kitchen.” And she left as Anuj put the door closed ,now he is sitting near me as he kissed my face……..”darling I have bought some dress for you ,you can put it on your body
(Swati)ok where is it ?
(Anuj)on bed ,in that bedroom.”

As I walked to bedroom ,I can see two dress for me as I took one to see …..a red brassier with G string and stockings …..second one is a black little dress.so thinking about my dress ,I took lingerie only and started removing my clothes fastly.as I put red brassiere on my boobs and than put G string on my waist as I put stockings in my legs ,covering upto my thighs.so I walked to dinning space as I am well surprised to see my lover cum boyfriend holding his long penis as he is masturbating it fastly.I walked to him as he have put two glasses on table with a bottle of beer,he is drinking it as I am standing there.anuj hold my waist as he pulled me on his thigh,now sitting on his strong thigh ,I put my arms on his shoulder and kissed his face with his long erected penis in my hand.while kissing my lover’s face ,I put my lips on his lips as I asked…….”if I am here ,why are you masturbating your cock?
(Anuj rubbing my back)want to make it fully erected.”

And I pushed my tongue in his mouth as he is sucking my tongue ,my left breast is on his chest as my hand is holding his penis tightly.after a while ,Anuj pushed my head as my tongue is out of his mouth and I took glass full of beer and started drinking it as Anuj is rubbing my back.I have my drinks complete as I am feeling drunk and while sitting on his legs ,I hold his penis and took it in my mouth to suck.my mouth is full of his penis as he is pressing my breast hard on my brassiere ,now my mouth is giving his cock a nice jerk as his other hand is on my back ,opened the strings of brassiere and my both boobs are nude.as I took out his long cock from my mouth ,tongue is licking it’s saliva and Anuj is massaging my breast as he is screaming in pleasure…”oohh aahh uumm Swati lick my cock fast ,you are a nice sucker.” As I rolled my tongue on it and than opened my mouth to out his penis in my mouth ,sucking it wildly as he is pressing my breast hard.after a while ,I took out his cock from my mouth and stand infront of Anuj.
Anuj walked to washroom as I sit on sofa ,wearing a G string with stockings ,I am like a hot blonde with my tits nude.as he came to me ,I ask him…….

“Anuj now love my vagina dear
(Anuj knelt infront of me)have you washed your vagina after urinating
(Swati)it’s too clean .”

And Anuj put my both legs on sofa as my ass is on its corner ,he put his nose on my G string as he smelt it and now put his lips on my thighs to kiss but he is moving his hand on my waist to open the lock of my G string.as he got the hook of it ,he unhooked it and his face is inbetween my thighs as my vagina is nude and he put his lips on my vagina.now Anuj have put his mouth on my vagina as my legs are in different direction and he is kissing it as my body is in sensation ,Anuj have made me nude as stockings is only covering my thighs to legs ,but it doesn’t matter if your boobs to vagina are nude.anuj have put his fingers on my vagina as he widend its hole and I can feel his tongue licking my vagina as I am screaming in joy….

“oohh aahh Anuj lick my cunt fast oohhhhh .”

And his tongue is tasting my vagina as my mind started thinking of losing virginity and Anuj licked my vagina for a while as he took my both labias in his mouth to suck.my breast is getting the hard press as he is sucking my cunt ,as I shouted……”Anuj I will cum soon ,suck it fast.”

As Anuj mouth’s love is making me horny ,my cunt become juicy and he tasted my cum as he is licking it with his tongue to taste it’s cum.we both are now going to enjoy intercourse as Anuj sits near me and put beer in his glass as he started drinking beer ,I lit a cigarette to smoke.now looking at anuj’s long penis ,I moved to his legs as I removed it’s skin and started putting my lips on his penis.after kissing my lover’s penis ,I started moving it’s glans on my face to lips as it’s reddish and like a hot iron rod ,I opened my mouth as I took his glans and 1/3 Rd penis in my mouth to suck.anuj is drinking beer as he is moving his hand on my hairs and than he hold my hairs tightly as he started fucking my mouth with his penis from below.my deep throat is getting the hit of his soft glans and I am on peak of sexual climax as my vagina is feeling the vaccum ,waiting for his cock ,after sucking his cock for 4-5 minutes ,I tried to put away my mouth but Anuj forced me to suck as he is fucking my mouth with his penis fastly and later on ,he screamed louder……”oohh aahh have my cum in your mouth , drink it you bitch.”

And his penis ejaculated sperms inside my mouth as I drink it and got the taste of it ,I took it out but licked it’s cum.we are too exhausted.

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