Honeymoon trip

It’s a true incidence as I got married 04 years back with a smart guy Ankit,he is a 27 years old guy as he is posted in a govt.office in pune.after my marriage ,I come to know about pleasure of physical relationship as I have never enjoyed sex prior to my marriage.my hubby Ankit have planned for a week honeymoon trip as we both are going to see historical places in Jaipur as well as Udaipur.I am Rima ,a 22years newly wed gal as my white complexion with height of 5’6 feets make me special ,my boobs are just.

Orange shaped with a browenish nipples as my physical measurement is 32-24-36 ,my sexy ass looks great as I put a G string on it ,not covering the whole ass and both parts swings as my vagina is hairless with both labias some how distracted due to fuck with my hubby for a week.as we both left our home with our two luggages for airport in Pune to board a flight for Jaipur,my hubby have gifted me a modern outfit of miniskirt as well as sleeveless tops to make my appearances hot.now we both are in airport lounges as I have put a high heel sandals on my legs ,my legs to maximum parts of thighs are nude as I can see too many people eyeing my beauty.we both reached Jaipur in the afternoon as we reached a three star hotel ,now we both have ordered for lunch but I can see Ankit looking for fun there.In a luxurious room ,I opened the bag to have my clothes after bath ,he came closer to me as he hold me in his arms from my back as Ankit is wearing a Bermuda ,I pushed him back…….

“Ankit door is open
(Ankit)oh means service guy will see us making love
(Rima)yes let him come with ordered items as we can than enjoy love.”

And I walked towards Washroom with my gawn and towel.as I have pushed the door of Washroom ,I removed my tops and skirt ,now I am in my undergarments only as I can see a bath tub in the corner of washroom.so I walked towards bathtub as I put my legs inside and lastly I am inside bathtub full of clean water,now I put gels in water as I am inside water wearing my brassiere as well as panty.I am wet as I can see my hubby coming inside washroom with a glass full of wine as he is smoking cigarette also ,looking at me Ankit smiled and have wine fastly as he put empty glass on floor and than moved inside bathtub.we both are under water that is mixed of gels and foams have covered our body as he hold me tightly ,his lips is kissing my face to lips as our face to head are out of it ,it’s normal and than Ankit is in bathtub with his wife Rima on his top and I started kissing his lips as my back parts are getting the massage of my hubby.I am dominating inside bathtub as I took his lips in my mouth to suck and I can smell ankit’s mouth full of alcoholic taste.I am sucking his lips as his hand is rubbing my back as I am pressing hard my boobs on his chest and Ankit opened the strings of my brassiere as I put my long tongue in his mouth ,he is sucking it wildely and than I took out my brassiere from my shoulder as my upper parts are nude.my small tits are brushing on his wide chest as his hand is on my soft ass ,after a while ,he pushed my head back as my tongue is out of his mouth.now I can feel ankit’s hand on my ass as he is kissing my lovely face and than his hand unhooked my G string as he is rubbing his finger in my ass crack.

He is in Bermuda but I can feel the bulge of penis touching on my waist as he pushed his long finger in my vagina and started fingering it ,I am screaming……..

“ooohh Ankit finger it for a while only need your erected cock in my vagina.”

As he smiled ,I am bit shy ,never used words like VAGINA in front of my hubby as his finger is screwing it and than we both walked out of bathtub.now I am nude infront of my hubby as my body is well covered with gels ,he is looking at me and while putting my hand on his Bermuda ,I pulled it down to legs.His long hard penis is in erection as I took no time to be on my legs and than hold his long cock as he opened the tap of cascade ,now I put my lips on his penis as I am kissing it and than his soft glans is moving on my face and lips.I opened my mouth as I took my hubby’s long penis in my mouth ,I closed my mouth and started sucking it as my hand is on his waist.my hubby Ankit have hold my hairs as he started fucking my mouth with his dick ,his glans is hitting my deep throat as I have never got the fuck of penis in my mouth.He is fucking me hard as his mouths sound louder

“oohh aahh my sexy wife ,have my penis for an hour ,I will cum in your mouth ”

Ankit is fucking my mouth as I pushed his waist back and his long thick penis have erected like a hot rod.now I hold it again as I put my tongue on it to taste my mouth’s own saliva and while licking my hubby’s penis with tongue ,my hand is on his ass.now I stand infront of him as I hold him in my arms and while rubbing my back ,Ankit kissed my neck and asked……..

“need a fuck or blowjob
(Rima)as you wish but I am bit curious to have deep penetration.” And we both have a nice bath as we both rubbed our body with towels and walked to bedroom.now Ankit as well as Rima is on bed as he is kissing my boobs and than I pushed my breast in his mouth as Ankit is sucking my breast hardly.my vagina have ejaculated cum in washroom as my breast is in his mouth ,he sucked it and than moved to my legs.I have lost my virginity a week ago as I felt too many brushes inside smoother path but pleasure is on peak as he fucked me and now Ankit put a pillow under my ass as he made my legs wider ,now he put his face on my vagina as his lips are kissing its labias.my whole body is in sensation as I put my fingers to widend my glory hole and my hubby started licking my cunt with his tongue as I am shouting………

“oohh aahh uumm Ankit now fuck me dear ,I am not going to wait for it .”

As he licked my cunt for a while and now I can see kneeling in between my thighs and while holding his long penis ,he started pushing it slowely.I can feel my vagina getting the hard penis as his 1/2 of cock vanished inside ,he hold my waist as he fucked me hard and I shouted”oohh aahh too hard my hubby be polite with my vagina ” and he again fucked me hard as my cunt have swallowed his long penis inside ,he is fucking me “its not your vagina darling ,it’s mine and I will fuck it when I have desires ” as his penis is moving fastly in my vagina ,I can feel it’s friction in it as it’s thickness is making my vagina some sort of pain and I am screaming in pleasure “oohh now fuck hard my hubby ,I will never deny for your penis in my cunt ” as he smiled and leaned on my top .now Ankit is fucking me hard as his penis is making my soft vagina dry and firesh but I started bouncing my ass as his body weight is on my top.like a matured lady ,I am bouncing my ass fast as we are at the climax of physical love and after 8-9 minutes of deep penetration ,Ankit shouted…….

“oohh aahh Rima I will pour cum have it .”

As his penis ejaculated sperms in my vagina ,he is sleeping on my top with his penis inside my cunt for 10-15 minutes and our honeymoon trip begins in Jaipur.

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