His Sister’s Friend

His Sister’s Friend
By August

Allen Stein was 16, and he had a 12 year old kid sister named Sandy. He always thought she was a bit of a pest. She had a best friend named Kiyana, also 12. One Friday night, their parents were out at the movies. Kiyana slept over, and they were in Sandy’s room playing.

It was 7pm, and. Allen was in the bathroom at the mirror. He had just started to shave. His stepdad recently taught him how. It was about time, as his face was getting a bit scruffy. His shirt was off, exposing his skinny teen chest. He was wearing jean shorts. He cut himself, as he often did, on the right cheek. “Oh shit!” he said.

At that moment, Kiyana opened the door and casually came in. She was black, 5ft tall, and had shoulder length curly hair. She was wearing a short purple skirt with a BTS t-shirt, and was barefoot. Allen always thought she was pretty, for a little girl anyway.

“What are you doing here?” he exclaimed. “Oh, don’t mind me,” she responded. “ I just have to pee. Is that okay? I gotta go really bad.” “Well, okay, I guess it’s okay. I’ll be done in here in like a minute.” “No, I gotta pee now! You don’t have to look.” He nodded yes. He was excited by the idea of seeing her naked, but thought he would try not to.

She walked over to the toilet, pulled her skirt and white panties down, and sat on it. Then she started to piss. He heard the noise of the stream, which surprisingly turned him on. He wasn’t able to resist looking, so he tried to steal a glimpse of her. He saw her little cunnie slit, which had a few hairs on it already. He even got a brief glimpse of her little butt hole. He saw the last of the piss coming out.

Allen’s teenage cock started to get hard. He had fantasized about her for the past year, and now he could actually see her semi-nude. Kiyana looked over at him, and noticed him looking at her. She wasn’t bothered by it one bit. She was actually hoping he would look. She also noticed his boner.

She asked, “Allen? Do you like what you see?” He nodded yes. “Yeah,” he said. “ I mean, you’re like really pretty.” “Thanks!” she responded. “I’ve always thought you’re really handsome too.” He was so happy and excited to hear that she felt that way. She started to wipe herself. He kept looking, as she wiped the toilet paper around her pre-teen pussy.

Then she asked, “Allen, Can I ask you something?” “Sure,” he responded. “Anything.” “Well, are you a virgin?” He was a bit surprised by the question. Yes, he was still a virgin, but he wasn’t sure whether to tell her. “Well, I…” “I thought so,” she said, laughing. “It’s okay. I am one too. I mean, with boys anyway.” He was shocked. Did that mean she messed around with girls, at her age? His erection grew some more. He didn’t make any effort to hide it from the little girl.

She went on. “I mean, I haven’t gone all the way yet. Just Sandy and I have made out and done stuff a few times.” He thought, what? His own sister? She was into that too? He started to fantasize about the two girls, doing whatever it was they did together. He had never thought about Sandy in a sexual way before.

Then she said, “I see you got hard.” He nodded in affirmation. He then answered, “Yeah. I mean, seeing you naked and peeing and stuff. It really turned me on.” “Really?” she said. “I turned you on?” “Yeah. You’re a hot babe.” She was so happy to hear the sweet compliment.

“Kiyana,” he asked, “Can I see more of you? I mean, do you have boobs yet?” “Well, kinda. I have something there.” She pulled her t-shirt over her head. She had the beginning of developing tits, big pointy nipples. He was really turned on now. He wanted to touch her, but he was still playing it safe.

Then she said, “So, it’s your turn. Show me your dick.” With the permission given, he unzipped his shorts and dropped them. Then he took his white brief underwear off, freeing his hard cock

Her eyes got wide open as she looked at the now naked boy. “Wow. You sure have a big dick.” She got up from the toilet and walked up to him. She took his cock in her right hand. She got on her knees and started to lick it. Then she put it in her mouth, and sucked it.

Allen closed his eyes. He couldn’t believe it. His first blow job, and it was from his sister’s hot friend! She really knew how to suck cock. He took his right hand, and started fondling her pussy. Then he inserted his pointer finger inside of it, finger fucking her. She moaned a bit.

Then the door opened again, and Sandy walked in. The two tween girls looked at each other and smiled. Allen knew he should stop everything, but he was so caught up in the moment. Sandy walked over to her friend, and gave her a kiss on the lips.

Sandy pulled her yellow blouse over her head. He saw that she had even less on her chest than Kiyana did, just two red dots. She pulled down her jean skirt and white panties. No pussy hair yet. She spun around, showing off her little ass.

Then Sandy said, “Kiyana, do you need any help there?” “Sure, there is plenty to go around.” Sandy started licking her brother’s cock, and then they alternated sucking it. He was in heaven.

Then Kiyana looked up to him. She said, “I think you know what comes next.” She put her hands on the sink, and stuck her ass out. Allen was frozen for a moment. “So,” she teased, “Are you gonna fuck me or what?”

He did it. He brought his cock to her pussy, and slowly stuck it in. She screamed, “Oh shit! It hurts!” “Should I stop?” he asked. “No! Stick it all the way inside me.” He entered her more and more, until he couldn’t go any further. Then he started making fucking motions with his waist. He was really enjoying his first fuck, and so was she. Sandy and Kiyana started making out, as he was doing it. He didn’t last long. After a minute, he came, and came hard, spewing into her.

He pulled out. His cock was covered in blood, and it went down. Then he said, “I’m gonna rest now.” He sat on the bathtub. He couldn’t believe what just happened.

Then Sandy said, “I have to go to the bathroom.” Kiyana responded, “We’re in the bathroom, you doofus!” Sandy stuck her tongue at her. “You know what I mean. I have to pee.” “Okay, take a piss. Just do it on me.” “Oh okay, that sounds fun.” He couldn’t believe it.

The girl squat, and positioned her pussy over Kiyana’s face. She quickly let loose her piss stream, all over her. Kiyana opened her mouth, catching as much as she could. She swallowed a lot of it. The rest of the piss dripped down to her puffy titties, and then to the bathroom floor.

Kiyana started to lick and eat Sandy’s pussy, tasting her piss and pussy juice. Sandy moaned, “Oh fuck. You know just how to eat me out.” Sandy took her right pointer and finger fucked Kiyana.

Then Sandy said, “Hey, let’s try that thing again. You know what I mean.” “Sure, that sounds like fun!” Kiyana lay down on the bathroom floor. She took her hands, and opened her ass cheeks. Sandy started eating her ass out. Kiyana moaned even louder this time.

Allen watched the girls for about ten minutes. It was so exciting for him, and he got hard again. Of course they noticed this happen.

“So Allen,” Sandy said. “I see you’re ready again. Is it my turn?” “Oh, I don’t know,” he answered. “You’re my sister. It wouldn’t be right.” Sandy walked over to him on the bath. She said, “Fuck that. Sister or not, we’re gonna fuck!” He couldn’t argue with that.

She took his cock in her hands. She climbed aboard him, and lowered herself down. When her pussy was right over his cock, she took a deep breath. Then she did it. She went all the way down on it. She started fucking her brother, bouncing up and down on him. He grabbed her ass with his hands as she was doing it. Kiyana said, “Wow, that is so fucking hot.”

Once again, the boy didn’t last long. He came inside his sister. Then he pushed her off of him. He was exhausted. She nearly fell to the hard floor.

They all rested for a few minutes. “That was amazing, “ he said. “Yeah,” Sandy responded. “Thanks for taking our virginities. Now we’re real women.”

He suddenly had to pee. He then had an idea. “Hey girls, stand in front of me.” The naked girls did as he requested. He started to piss all over them. They were surprised, but really enjoyed it. He made sure to get some on their faces. They drank down some of it.

Then he asked, “Oh Sandy. Can we do this again some time.” “Oh yes. I want to fuck some of the other boys, but I will always come back to you.” He was happy with the response. Then Kiyana said, “Hey, what about me?” Allen kissed her, to assure her that they will be long time lovers too.

Their lives would never be the same again.

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