Granny need sex

Once a woman reach a certain age is like society believe she is no longer a woman, is a granny, and for them grannies are not allowed to have a sexual relation, they have to dedicate to their grandchildren and die but you know what fuck that.

I don’t care if the call me the granny whore If I want to be a sexually active granny I will and no one can stop me, that is why today I decided to try something so I when to the patio wearing a yellow see-through dress with no bra and the smallest panty I have.

I may be old but I am in a decent shape with a pretty big ass, youngster still turn around to look at my ass and comment about it, so I took the hose and started showering in the patio, I knew my neighbor son will see me from his room, so I started playing with my granny old pussy and tits, yes I am a horny granny but I don’t care.

After a couple of minutes I stopped and headed to the house door and just before going inside I turn around and invited him to come down with a hand sign and went inside, took off my panty and sat in a chair pointing to door with my legs open and started counting: 1,2,3…20, only twenty seconds passed and he was already in front of me.

He was going to say something but I stopped him and told him you will only use your lips and tongue to give pleasure to this granny pussy so come down and start licking my old pussy boy, as he started I grabbed his hair and told him don’t worry I will make it up to you like no young teen have ever done to you.

After 5 minutes we switched places and I told him now is my turn before you fuck this old pussy of mine let me give you pleasure like you have never received in your life, I went down to suck this young boy fat and erect cock, I can tell you he never experienced before something like what I did to him, he was trembling while I was sucking him dry, he just couldn’t hold it for 5 minutes as I let him drop his cum in my mouth and I just swallow his cum, yes I am also a cum swallowing granny.

As he was looking at me in disbelieve I grab his hand and drag him slowly to the bedroom to give him time for the second round, once there I throw him to the bed, told him to close his eyes and covered them with my yellow scarf, licked his right ear while gently masturbate him.

Once he was ready I mount him reverse cowgirl that way if he decided to take a peak he would focus on my big ass, unfortunately for me he didn’t last long only a couple of minutes, however the feeling of his warm cum inside my granny pussy was heavenly.
I then let my body drop over his and told him with slowly in the ear, “we will work in your stamina”, now go and bring me some juice, also there is a set of extra keys in the kitchen, take them and don’t be afraid to bring a friend whenever you want.

I will let you imagine how this is working out for me since that day. 🙂

Added by Nelida

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