Fur Fucks Sake – Al’s wildest night ever began with a knock on the door…

Counter-intuitive as it may sound, closing time was Al’s favorite time of the day . Though not for any of the obvious reasons.

Not because he was eager to finish work and head home, nor because he was looking forward to throw back a few beers with colleagues or friends after hours.

No, it was the silence.

Or rather the way the contrasting quiet enveloped the normally perpetually noisy bar like a soft blanket of solemnity when he finally locked the door of The Boatsman’s Ale House behind the last patron. For some reason the darkened and deserted locale conveyed a fuzzy feeling of comfort and tranquillity in him. The layout of the place was so familiar that he hardly needed to turn on any lights. The streetlights shining through the dirt-streaked windows from the outside combined with the softly humming neon sign over the bar provided ample illumination for him to safely navigate the premises and finish up his work for the night.

So Al took his time wiping down the tables and flipping the chairs while enjoying the calm solitude in an almost meditative state.

“It’s not like Jess is sitting at home eagerly waiting anyway,” he mumbled sarcastically to nobody in particular.

He had forgotten where she said that she was going that night – some random upscale party probably – but truth be told, he didn’t really care. Al wasn’t invited, and wouldn’t have attended even if he had been. In fact, many of her friends probably didn’t even know that she was married. She didn’t wear her wedding ring anymore because of ‘allergies’.

“Yeah right,” Al thought sardonically.

To say that they had drifted apart was the understatement of the century and, given his recent discovery, ever drifting back together was a highly unlikely prospect.

“Maybe I’m getting old,” he sighed.

It was a feeling that often assailed him as of late. The feeling of being an old man long past his prime and hopelessly stuck at a dead end, while Jessica seemed to retain all the energy and drive of a high school sophomore. Al just couldn’t keep up anymore. There was no denying that they lived very different lives, and had probably done so for a while before he realized it.

Just in that moment his depressing train of thoughts was derailed by an unexpected noise. The sound of somebody knocking softly on the front door.

He almost dropped a tray of dirty glasses from sheer surprise.

“What the fuck?” he thought to himself. “Who is dumb enough to knock on the door to a closed bar with all the lights out in the middle of the night? Like hell I’d open for anybody at this hour.”

Certain that he couldn’t be seen from the outside Al stood unmoving next to a table waiting for the knocker to give up and go away. Whomever it was would not be ignored however and kept at it with dogged persistency.

Al considered his options.

Calling the cops was of course the safest bet, but in this part of town they had a fairly long response time this late at night. Especially to incidents that weren’t emergencies. He could risk being stuck in the bar till early morning. And simply waiting for the person to get tired and go away seemed an equally long prospect, given the persistent nature of whomever was out there.

“Arh fuck it!”

He grabbed the revolver from under the desk, checked the cylinder (yep, fully loaded) and went to answer the door. The knocking finally stopped just as he grabbed the handle.

Gun in hand and ready for anything Al carefully inched the door open.

“Sorry, but we’re closed…” he started. But the next words froze in his throat.

A petite redheaded girl sporting one of those edgy asymmetric hairstyles with partly shaved areas and dressed in a black leather jacket decorated with a myriad of patches sat slumped next to the door in a widening pool of blood. She looked sickly pale and weak.

“Help,” she pleaded with an almost inaudible voice.

“Holy shit!” Al exclaimed and pocketed his revolver. “What happened here? Oh my god lass, you are bleeding bad. Come on! Let’s get you inside quickly.”

Al wasn’t a big man, but luckily the girl was unusually light, and he had no problem dragging her inside and locking the door behind them. He tried to handle her as gently as possible, but if she had been attacked by somebody, that somebody could still be out there. Getting them both inside was a priority, he decided.

The girl moaned a little as he carefully placed her on the floor, but otherwise she took it like a champ.

“I’m sorry lass, but we had to get off the street,” he apologized. “Just hang on, ok? I’ll call for help. Everything is gonna be alright. Don’t you worry.”

A slim but surprisingly strong hand grabbed his sleeve, and the the girl looked up at him with an intense stare out of a pair of emerald green eyes.

“No! I’ll be offed. Shoulder… dig it out…”

She let go of his sleeve, but kept her gaze locked on him.

“Seriously lass. This is a bar. Not a hospital. Even if you don’t want the police involved, you need proper medical care.”

“No!” she repeated in a strained but firm voice. “Shoulder – just remove that shit. Please.”

Despite the absurdity of her obvious delusion, something about her desperate plea felt genuine. Al wasn’t prone to believe in conspiracies, but this girl was clearly convinced that she was in danger from the authorities. And regardless of whether she was delusional or not, a panic attack was the last thing she needed in her weakened state. Judging from her pallor she had lost a significant amount of blood. Fugitive from the law or not, her life could be in jeopardy.

Thus Al decided to take a look at her wound himself before calling for help. Partly in the hope that he might be able talk some sense into the crazy girl after accommodating her wish.

With a little assistance from the girl herself, he managed to get her out of her bloody jacket and onto a table. Now that she was wearing only jeans and a white sleeveless top, he was struck by how skinny she was. Her richly tattooed arms were hardly thicker than the muscle and bones inside them, and when he turned her onto her stomach, he could literally feel her ribs through the thin fabric. But malnutrition wasn’t the most pressing issue right there and then.

“Sorry, but I need to cut your shirt,” he warned her.

She nodded weakly.

A single glance at the wound told Al all he needed to know. The girl had evidently been shot and the bullet was lodged in her shoulder, more specifically the posterior superior glenoid. As he began the process of extracting it, she emitted a small yelp and mercifully passed out.


The girl, now dressed in one of Al’s old shirts several sizes too large for her, devoured her burger with a voraciousness that belied her skinny frame.

“Want another?” Al inquired with some astonishment.

“Ain’t got no money.”

“Never mind that lass. Nobody ever buys these greasy things anyway. Freshly made gourmet fast food is all people want these days. You can have as many as you like on the house.”

He grabbed another prefab burger from the freezer and popped it in the microwave.

“Names Meiread,” she said between bites. “Call me Mei. Not Lassie. I ain’t no dog.”

“Nice to meet you Mei. I’m Al. And I’m also very curious about what happened. How did you end up outside my door with a gunshot wound? And what kind of bullet was that anyway? I’ve never seen anything like it before. It has weird engravings on it and…”

“Why didn’t ya freak?” she interrupted him. “Or is surgery with kitchen utensils what ya do around here?”

Al couldn’t help smiling at her obvious attempt at changing the subject.

“Fortunately no. You’re the first patient I have ever treated in my bar. But I am actually a doctor, so I’m no stranger to treating wounds, albeit with more suitable equipment. Talking about which, you seriously need proper care …”

“Fuck that.” Mei injected while flexing her shoulder. “I feel fine.”

“And you should definitely report this incident to the police.”

“Fuck that even harder!” she stated firmly and took another bite.

“So what’s a doctor doing in a bar anyway? How come ya ain’t out golfing and banging nurses and shit?”

Al couldn’t hold back a chuckle.

“You don’t exactly hold the medical profession is high regard, eh? Anyway, I’m retired.”

“Retired?” Mei looked surprised. “That’s early. Ya can’t be much over fifty.”

“I’m forty four,” he corrected her a little hurt. “And if you must know, I retired for health reasons. Broke down from stress basically. Turned out that the job wasn’t for me. Trust me, working in a hospital isn’t nearly as cool in real life as it is made out to look on TV.”

Al honestly didn’t know why he was explaining himself to this strange girl, but it wasn’t like he had ever made a secret of his situation. The regulars knew, and and Jessica too of course, though she had never seemed interested in talking about his problems. So why not spill the beans to this stranger? He had nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

“Ya downgraded from doctor to bartender? Bet she loved that.” Mei pointed at his hand with the wedding band.

“I don’t know what you are implying, but Jess was supportive of my decision of course,” Al said defensively.

“Yeah right! And I’m Kim fucking Kardashian.”

He was starting to get annoyed with her flippant and sarcastic attitude.

“You don’t know anything about me Mei. Maybe you should refrain from judging others.”

“I know about bitches,” she stated defiantly. “Scoring a doctor and having him swapped for a bartender? Like going from a bottle of wine to a can of stale beer.”

“You have a very cynical outlook on life Mei. Not everybody share such dour values y’know.”

“Bullshit! Saw the PI report in ya desk, when I woke up. She’s totally fucking around on ya.”

“You what?” Al almost shouted. “You had no right to rummage through my office. I put you in there to recover. It wasn’t an invitation poke your nose into my private business.”

“Hey, don’t blow a gasket doc. I was looking for food, ok? I ain’t no spy. Did read the file though. Pretty straight forward, if yer ask me. She’s totally fucking some dude and they’re working on skinning ya in a divorce. It’s all in there, if ya read between the lines.”

Al just stared at her with his mouth half open, while Mei continued her cold and objective assessment of his marriage.

“This lodger ya took in last year – John Whogivesashit – is the one fucking her, guaranteed. Yer PI may not have caught ’em in the act, but he’s definitely fucking her. Betcha. Why the fuck did ya let some rando dirt bag set up camp inside yer house anyway? Pretty dumb, if ya ask me.”

“We have a spare room and needed the extra money. Besides he is not a random person. Jess and I knew him in high school.”

“I see. An old high school buddy, eh?” Mei asked through her third burger. “Yer old buddy or an old buddy of yer wife? I’m guessing option two. An who first suggested that the bastich move in?”

He didn’t reply. There was no need to. She was right on the money.

“Lissen doc. Ya clearly haven’t gotten any since dinos walked the Earth. I can smell it on ya like cheap Cologne. And if ya ain’t fucking the bitch, somebody else totally is. Betcha anything it’s him.”

Al slumped into a chair across from Mei, suddenly feeling old and tired again. How did his life turn out like this? How does one go from an ambitious young man in medical school to a middle aged loser in a shady bar receiving relationship coaching from a street girl? Somehow he’d managed to take all the wrong turns in life.

She looked at him with an expression of slight concern.

“C’mon doc. Ya seem like a nice and forgiving guy, but bitch is clearly cucking ya big time. Either put yer foot down or kick her dumb cunt to the curb.”

“If you must know, everything we own is in her name,” Al said quietly while doing his best to avoid the analytical gaze of those clear green eyes. “The house and the bar and everything. If we divorce, I’ll lose it all except for a little cash I’ve managed to put aside over the last few months. In fact, I don’t even know why I bothered with that private investigator in the first place. This is a no-fault state, y’know. The law is entirely on her side. She can drop the hammer on me whenever she wants. To be honest, I don’t understand why she hasn’t done it yet.”

“Fuck the law. Fuck the house. Fuck the bar. Ya pride as a man’s what counts. Not all that material shit.”

Al burst out laughing in the face of her simple and youthful view on life.

“Oh Mei. How old are you? Twenty? Twenty five maybe?”

“A helluva lot older than ya probably think”, she injected drily without getting specific.

“Well, just wait till you reach my age. You will view things very differently, I assure you. It is much too late for me to start over. If I lose the bar, I lose my livelihood. And if I lose the house too, I will eventually end up destitute. Without being able to use my degree I have nothing else Mei.”

“Bullshit!”, she declared firmly. “Defeat is a choice. All ya gotta do is man the fuck up!”

Again Al couldn’t help smiling in the face of her straightforward enthusiasm.

“I wish the world was that simple, Mei. I really do. But when you are up against the system itself, there is no winning scenario.”

“Bullshit!”, she repeated. “Fuck the system, and kill the bitch. Problem solved.”

“Mei!” he exclaimed. “Are you mad? Don’t even say such a thing!”

She regarded him in silence for a few seconds seemingly considering something. Then she appeared to come to a decision.

“I’ll do it, no prob. I owe ya a solid anyway. Say the word and bitch is gone. No trace.”

A chill ran down Al’s spine. For some reason he didn’t for one second doubt that this scrawny girl was both capable and willing to do exactly what she said.

“Lets drop this entire conversation. You can’t just go around murdering people who get in your way,” he said, forcing the shiver out of his voice.

“Why not?”

“Because you just can’t, ok?” he tried with a little more force. “Because it’s not right Mei.”

Mei wrinkled an eyebrow.

“If ya really feel that way, then what’s that gun doing in yer pocket?”

Al fished out his revolver and placed it on the table with a metallic clonk.

“Strictly for self defense. Every bar in the city has a weapon placed somewhere in convenient reach in case of trouble. So far I’ve never had to use it, thank god. I only had it in my pocket now because a stranger knocked on my door in the middle of the night.”

“Ok then,” Mei acknowledged with a slightly smug expression.” But didn’t ya just say that yer life will be over, if bitch takes all yer precious stuff? Then logically killing her is totally self defense. I mean, surely ya are allowed to defend yer life, right?”

“That’s not at all the same…” Al began, but stopped. Then he sighed and went on in a lower voice. “Listen, I see your logic Mei, but you are still wrong. This is a question of morals too. There are things that you just don’t do. For no other reason than because you just don’t do them.”

“Like killing bitches?” she asked rhetorically.

“Like killing bitches,” he confirmed.

Mei didn’t look entirely convinced, but seemed to accept his position for the time being. Al was relieved. He never wanted Jessica dead. There was a time long ago when they were happy together, and in some small way he still loved her despite everything that had happened.

“At least ya can do it too though, right?” Mei inquired catching his attention again.

“Eh, what do you mean?”

“Fuck around of course. If bitch’s allowed to get herself some, ya totally are too. Only fair.”

Mei rose slowly from her chair with cat-like fluidity and made her way to his side of the table. He felt her slim hands on his shoulders, starting to massage the weariness out of them. It felt good, but wrong.

“Whoa! Wait a minute there Mei,” he admonished her. “You don’t have to do anything like this. I did not help you for the sake of getting into your pants.”

“I know,” she whispered next to his ear. “And that’s exactly why yer gonna .”

She kept kneading his shoulders despite his protests.

“Relax doc. Ya haven’t fucked for ages, and I haven’t fucked for ages. We’re both horny as hell, so lets fucking do something about it, ok?”

“Or maybe yer wife is right? Maybe ya really are a slack jawed limp dick who deserve to get cucked.”

That last remark made Al sit up straight, mouth agape.

“Eh, what? What did you just say?”

Mei let go of his shoulders and danced away from the table as if moving to some music only she could hear. She continued talking without looking directly at him.

“Some guys are practically asking for it, ya know. Some guys simply can’t handle a real woman, so a better man must move in to pick up the slack.”

Al felt himself filling with a surge of rage and rose slowly, his voice shaking with fury.

“You’d better shut up right now or I’ll…”

“Or ya’ll do what, cuck-boy?” she interrupted mockingly and undid her jeans.

The pants dropped and revealed a small orange triangle of hair framed by a set of thin freckled legs. Mei looked him straight in the eyes and touched herself enticingly.

“Better forget it doc. Ya wouldn’t know what to do with one of these anyway. That’s why she’s dumping yer cuck ass for something better, ain’t it?”

For the first time in ages, maybe for the first time ever, Al completely lost his temper. With a voracity that would have surprised even himself if he’d had a clear thought in his head he grabbed hold of Mei, forced her to the floor and pinned her down. She was giggling like a loon while he wriggled out of his pants and freed an iron-hard erection.

Without hesitation he pushed himself inside her and started rage-fucking like a madman. Which in that moment may not have been far from the truth. He was definitely acting crazy, and with each thrust he kept cursing, almost as if he’d forgotten all about where he was and who he was with.

“Take this, you fucking bitch… and this… and this…”

Under Al’s relentless onslaught Mei was clearly enjoying her role as a bitch to the fullest. Her thin body was shaking with orgasm after orgasm while she alternately clawed at his back and the floor. Though if he noticed any pain from his streaked back, he paid it no attention and kept fucking her hard and deep like a jackhammer on jet fuel.

However even rage-filled passion has a limit.

Gradually Al’s cursing became more labored and turned into a series of rhythmic inaudible growls as his endurance started to run out. Right before reaching the proverbial point of no return, a bit of clarity seemed to wash over him, and he made a move to pull out.

Mei was having none of it however.

“Don’t ya dare,” she growled and wrapped her arms and legs around him with that uncanny strength of hers.

He felt the familiar warmth spread in his abdomen, and with a final yell plunged his cock all the way inside. As he started pumping his load into Mei, she was clinging on to him like a rock in a storm, mewling in the throes of her own pleasure.


After separating their sweaty bodies they remained on the floor basking in the afterglow. Initially Al felt very embarrassed and started apologizing for his lack of decorum and consideration for her wounded shoulder, but Mei shushed him with a finger on his lips.

“Shut the fuck up doc! What ya sorry for? Fucking the shit out of a needy bitch? Making me cum so hard I can hardly move? Besides I kinda provoked ya there, didn’t I?”

She rolled over and rested her head on his chest.

“So how do ya feel now? Manly pride restored?” she inquired teasingly.

Al couldn’t help smiling. This girl was definitely more plugged-in than she was letting on.

“I feel pretty good, thanks. Great even. Maybe you should consider a career as a sex therapist Mei.”

“Maybe I should,” she agreed with a giggle. “Or a doctor. I could totally live with playing golf and banging hot nurses all day.”

“By the way,” he injected with a hint of concern. “Are you using anything?”

“Nope. clean as a candy bowl in a fat farm. Well, I used to smoke weed, but it hardly works on me, so it was kind of a waste.”

“I mean birth control,” Al corrected. “I didn’t pull out.”

“Oh, no worry there doc. I’ve got… well, a chronic medical condition, so the baby factory is closed for business.”

Al’s first impulse was to ask her to elaborate on her condition, but his gut feeling told him to drop the subject. He decided to follow the advice of his gut.

Neither of them could muster the energy to get up, hence they remained on the floor in the empty bar, just enjoying the mutual closeness in silence. It felt so relaxing that Al started to doze off.

Until he suddenly felt himself brutally pulled out of Orpheus arms by a loud scream.

“What on Earth was that?” he exclaimed, immediately fully awake, and turned to Mei.

But no reply was needed because Mei was buckled over in obvious pain. Al reacted swiftly, his training as a doctor kicking in. He put an arm around her shoulder to prevent her head from hitting the floor in case she was having a seizure.

“Can you tell me where it hurts Mei?”

“No! No! Get away from me,” she wheezed through clenched teeth. “Leave! Run!”

“Not an option lass. I’m not going anywhere. Do you know whats wrong? Can you tell me something? I can help.”

But Mei was clearly not inclined to cooperate with his efforts.

“Ain’t nothing ya… can do…” she groaned. “Wards… depleted. Scram!”

Al was beginning to get agitated. He wanted to help her, dammit!

“You make no fucking sense Mei, but I am not going anywhere. And that’s…”

The remainder of the sentence froze in his throat when he noticed that Mei’s tattoos were glowing faintly and some of them seemed to be visibly throbbing, almost as if something living was slithering around under her skin.

Al couldn’t help but recoil in shock. During his former career he he had seen and experienced numerous facets of human pathology, but what he just saw defied everything he knew.

Mei lifted her head and locked eyes with him for a second. Her face was contorted in pain, but her clear green eyes conveyed a deep sadness.

“Seriously doc,” she whispered with obvious effort. “Can’t fucking hold it. Get away. Please.”

Next thing he knew, she jumped up like a deer and bolted through the bar and inside his office at the far end of the room. He saw the door slam shut, and heard the key turn in the lock.

Nonplussed Al grabbed hold of a chair and pulled himself up with considerably less grace than Mei had just demonstrated.

“What the hell is going on here?” he mumbled to himself. “Maybe we are both delusional or something.”

His mind was feverishly working on creating a context that would help make sense of Mei’s sudden reaction. But so far all he knew was, that this crazy naked girl was suffering from some kind of weird seizure and had locked herself inside his office after fucking him. And despite knowing about his medical qualifications, she vehemently refused his help to the point, where she deliberately fled from him.

Well, he was gonna help her whether she wanted him to or not, Al decided. Normally it wasn’t in his nature to impose himself on people, but this was one situation that he simply couldn’t let go. The girl had obviously lost it and could possibly even be a danger to herself.

With firm resolve he grabbed the spare key from the cash register and knocked on the door.

“Mei? Hang on. I’m coming in!”

The only reply was a soft moan and some thrashing as if stuff was being pushed around on the floor.

Resolutely he unlocked the door and entered.

At first he was unsure of what he saw. There was a shape on the floor vaguely resembling Mei, but it was contorting and moving in ways that no human body had ever been capable of. There were crunching and popping sounds like joints and bones being pulled apart, and something dark and gooey was flowing over her skin slowly encasing her. Al grabbed hold of what he assumed was an arm, but it writhed and bulged in his hand so he was unable to hold on to it. There was a faint electric tingle too.

A wave of terror and helplessness washed over him, and he staggered backwards to the couch. As a doctor he had seen, or at the very least heard of, most of the worst diseases that humans could suffer from. But what was happening right here on the floor in his office made absolutely no sense to him. For the first time in ages Al felt completely baffled, and that realization scared the hell out of him.

He briefly entertained the idea of calling an ambulance, but what could a paramedic possibly do that he couldn’t? He was supposed to be a fucking doctor for Christ sake! They’d be even more useless and add to the panic and confusion. And the police was a definite no. He’d had his fill of gunshot wounds for the night.

So he simply sat passively on the couch staring at the thing that used to be Mei, but now increasingly resembled a slimy beanbag chair.

“At least this night can’t possible get any more fucked up,” he thought darkly.

His inner monologue was proven wrong almost immediately though, when the strange thing ripped itself apart and the shape of something that shouldn’t exist slowly rose from the sludgy debris. A shape well known to any fan of horror fiction, yet never seen for real in this world. It was at least 6 feet tall, lean but heavily muscled and covered in coarse brown fur. Like a beastly and grotesque caricature of a female bodybuilder.

“A werewolf,” Al sighed and facepalmed. “The lass is a goddamned werewolf! But of course she is.”

And then he threw his head back and started laughing manically.

The werewolf turned to look at him. It’s head resembled a hybrid between a wolf than human and didn’t lend itself well to expressions. But he could swear that it looked perplexed.

“Well, first my wife turned out to be a complete bitch,” he stammered. “And now the first girl I’ve ever cheated on her with turns out to be a bitch too… literally. Tell me that isn’t funny.”

Al cracked up in another fit of hysteric laughter, and the werewolf huffed with a sound that could be interpreted as laughter too.

“Ya really do have the best luck doc,” it said with a rougher and deeper version of Mei’s voice.

That got his attention!

“You… you talk?”

“Well, duh,” the werewolf replied with faked indignation and flexed a hand sporting inch-long claws. “Whaddaya expect? Can’t exactly type ya a letter with these, now can I?”

“Seriously? That is really you Mei?”

“Yeah, all me doc. Probably a lot more me than ya bargained for, eh? Sorry bout this. Totally didn’t want ya to see me with hairy legs on our first date, but the fucking ward crapped out on me. Getting my ass shot and having my brain fucked out on the same day was probably too much for the poor thing.”

The werewolf stopped for a second as if considering something.

“By the way, why don’t ya freak? Most dudes totally would by now.”

“Are you disappointed?” Al enquired with a smirk. “Ok, here goes: Help! Help! A werewolf! Oh God! Help me! Somebody call the dog pound!”

He started laughing again and the werewolf joined him with more huffing. The sheer absurdity of the situation was not lost on him, but he was beyond giving a shit about anything. Including his own life.

“So whats going to happen now Mei?”

The werewolf tilted her head questioning.

“To me, I mean,” he elaborated. “Are you going to kill me or eat me or something?”

“Huh? What kinda stupid question is that? Ya totally watch too many shitty movies doc. Anyway, I’ll be on my way. Thanks for tonight doc and thanks for not freaking…”

She suddenly froze mid-sentence and sniffed the air a few times. Then she stared at Al with a definite look of surprise. Or at least the werewolfy equivalent of one.

“No doc, ya truly ain’t freaking. Not even a little bit. Wait! what? No way! Holy crap! I don’t fucking believe it.”

Now the werewolf was definitely laughing at him.

“Yer horny as hell ya pervert! Yer horny for me like this? C’mon doc. Ya can’t be fucking serious?”

But the problem with being naked is, that you can’t hide certain bodily reactions. Al had always harbored a secret fetish for muscular women, and apart from the claws, the fur and the misshapen head, Mei’s wolf-body was definitely muscular. She even had big boobs in this form, which didn’t exactly dampen his lust either.

He tried in vain to cover his protruding manhood, but there was no fooling the predatory senses of a werewolf.

“Now that’s an offer I’ve never had before and never expected to ever get,” the werewolf stammered between huffs. “But if ya seriously wanna give it a go, I’m totally game.”

Without further hesitation the werewolf grabbed his feet with her powerful hands and pulled him down from the couch so he ended up on the floor on his back.

“This time I get to be on top, cause I’m an apex predator ya know. And I want foreplay.”

She positioned herself above his head and slowly lowered herself until she covered his face with her pelvis. Al took some time desperately digging around in the long fur for something to administer foreplay to, but eventually he succeeded in locating what he was seeking. Relieved to discover a set of slightly enlarged but otherwise perfectly human genitals, he went to work.

It soon became evident that werewolf-Mei was just as sexual as human-Mei.

In his younger days Al had often been praised for his tongue technique, even by Jessica back when they still had regular sex. So it didn’t take long before he got to experience his first ever werewolf orgasm.

Despite her size and bulk, werewolf-Mei proved highly sensitive to stimulation in the appropriate areas. So Al mainly concentrated his cunnilinguistics on the area around her sweet spot, carefully edging her ever closer to climax. Not until he sensed, from her frantic movements and her rapid breathing, that she was ready for take-off, did he finally attack the swollen knob directly with rhythmic suction.

The result could best be described as explosive.

With an inhuman scream the werewolf pushed herself down and started grinding on his face. Al did his best to prevent himself from ending up with a broken nose by pushing up with his hands, and on a whim he also decided to plunge his tongue as far inside her as it would go. A decision he soon began to regret when he felt the incredible power of her contractions and felt thick jets of juices squirting into his mouth and plaster his face.

With a final moaning howl the post-orgasmic werewolf deflated on top of him and covered his face in soaked and sticky fur. He couldn’t breathe properly and she was way too heavy to just lift off, but luckily she quickly recovered enough to roll off him right before he passed out from asphyxia.

“Holy shit doc! That was totally rad,” she wheezed.

Al checked his nose. Nope – not broken. Just soaked in sticky werewolf-juice like the rest of his face and most of his upper torso.

“Yeah, definitely intense,” he agreed.

“But now, time for the real stuff,” she added while sliding a furry hand down his stomach and carefully tickling his thighs with claws that could fillet him like a fish.

Not that he actually needed any foreplay. In fact, Al was so excited that he could hardly speak, and his cock couldn’t have been harder if it had been encased in concrete. A fact that wasn’t lost on the werewolf.

“Doesn’t look like ya need any help down here doc,” she pointed out with obvious delight. “I’ll just saddle up then.”

Al had been vaguely worried that she might have been too lubricated to feel anything, but when she mounted him, he realized that she had amazing vaginal control. As soon as he was all the way inside, he felt her tighten around his cock like a slippery vice.

The feeling was awesome.

He leaned back and allowed himself to be swept away on a wave of pleasure while the werewolf gyrated on top of him in a slow and deliberate grind. He glanced up at her furry muscular form, and could tell that he wasn’t alone in enjoying himself. The werewolf had her eyes closed and was breathing heavy with streaks of saliva dripping from her jaw, obviously lost in pleasure.

Her black leathery nipples stood out like sticks from her furry boobs, and Al felt an irresistible urge to lick them. Sure, she may have been an apex predator, but he was a man. And a man want boobs dammit. So without further ado he sat up and started sucking and biting at one of the enticing knobs.

Once again his oral skills proved surprisingly effective.

At first the werewolf seemed a little taken by surprise. Maybe she hadn’t expected him to do anything except letting her ride him to completion. But she was clearly loving his unexpected initiative, and began fucking him faster and with more urgency.

This time Al had planned to make it last for a long time, but the intense movements and the feeling of her nipple in his mouth caused his control to evaporate like water on a hot stove. He felt the familiar tingle in his loins, and to his dismay realized that there was a genuine risk of premature ejaculation in his immediately future. Given the fact that blowing your load too soon is a surefire way to piss of a human girl, god only knew what would happen, if one were to do it in a werewolf.

Desperate to save his honor as a man, if not his life, Al began biting, sucking and kissing the nipple more aggressively. In addition he cupped her ass and started thrusting up against her.

This strategy earned him his second werewolf orgasm.

With another inhuman howl, the werewolf wrapped her powerful arms around him and fucked him so fast and hard that for a moment he almost feared that she would rip his cock clean off. Only for a moment though, because almost immediately he was pulled along with her passion and said cock started pumping inside her quivering and throbbing pussy.

This time the werewolf remained on top of him for a while after they had collapsed in post coital bliss. She was certainly a lot heavier than human-Mei, probably by around 150 pounds or so, but Al didn’t mind. It actually felt good holding her like that. Like cradling a very big and very deadly teddy bear.

“That was fantastic,” she whispered next to his ear. “Thanks doc.”

“Any time,” he replied and meant it. “If I had known that werewolves are so great in bed, I’d have fucked me some a long time ago.”

“Oh?” she replied in mock indignation. “Know a lot of werewolves, do ya? Should I be jealous?”

“Nah, you’re my first. Not my first bitch though.”

The werewolf huffed in that characteristic way that he now knew was laughter and rolled off him. In the process his wet member slid out of her like a cap from a bottle, and a gooey trail of fluids sprayed onto his stomach. She dutifully bent down and cleaned it with a few licks.

“I still can’t wrap my mind around how you can grow like several times your normal lean body mass within a span of a few minutes,” Al pondered. “You are truly a biological impossibility Mei.”

The werewolf seemed to find this amusing.

“Please professor I-just-got-fucked-by-a-supernatural-mythological-monster. Do lecture me about science some more, will ya?”

“Nobody likes a smart-ass werewolf,” Al pouted and slapped her in the rear.

After a few more minutes of banter and small talk, the werewolf reluctantly got up and walked over to the window. She carefully lifted the bolt up with a claw and pushed it open.

“Well doc, it’s been awesome. Best evening I’ve had for a long time, hands down. Worth getting shot even. But it’s time I get my furry ass in gear. Got some werewolfy shit to attend to before daybreak.”

“Will I see you again Mei?”

The werewolf paused for a second.

“Ya wanna?”

“Oh yes,” Al blurted out and meant it.

“Got ya self a date doc,” she promised and shot him a wolfy wink.

And with a mighty jump powered by supernaturally strong legs the werewolf leapt out the window with the agility and elegance of a ballet dancer and disappeared into the night without making a sound.


When Al finally arrived home at 3 in the morning Jessica’s car wasn’t in the garage.

“Guess she’s still enjoying her party,” he thought to himself, and realized to his surprise that he truly didn’t give a shit.

Normally he would have been irritated on mere principle, but maybe his crazy night with Mei had done something to him. Right there and then he simply couldn’t care less about what Jessica did or where she was. Almost as if all his concern about his bad marriage had been flushed out of his system by the events of the past few hours. Thinking about it, he had even kinda started to view the looming divorce as a ticket to freedom rather than a loss. It was all a matter of perspective really.

“Maybe my luck isn’t so bad after all,” he thought to himself and smiled.

His elation lasted for the duration of his walk up the to the house, where he suddenly found himself staring into the barrel of a gun.


Al was strapped to a chair in the middle of his own living room, and he was not happy.

“Have you lost your damned mind Jess?” he sneered angrily at his wife. “What the fuck is this?”

“Shut up asshole,” John replied. “We’re the ones asking the questions here.”

Al scowled at his former friend and nodded in the direction of the third member of the evil trio, a large balding guy with a bushy beard brandishing a gun of a make and model he didn’t recognize.

“And who the hell are you supposed to be?”

But John interrupted.

“Forget about him Al. He’s just here to assist in case you refuse to be reasonable.”

“Oh don’t worry. Of course he’ll be reasonable,” Jessica purred seductively. “Wont you babe? Please? For me?”

Al shook his head in anger.

“I have no fucking idea what you guys want me to do, but whatever it is, you’re not getting away this. I swear.”

“But we aren’t even here,” John pointed out with a mirthless laugh. “Did you see Jess’ car anywhere for instance? No you didn’t, because right now we are attending a party with several witnesses who will swear that we never left. Unfortunately you are less lucky old pal. Because while we were out, you experienced a vicious home invasion robbery by unknown assailants, and your injuries were too severe for you to survive.”

John leaned forward and lowered his voice.

“Of course that scenario doesn’t need to happen, as long as you are reasonable.”

“Cut the Godfather act John. I’m not impressed. What is it exactly that you want from me?” Al sneered in response.

John sat down in the chair across from him.

“We aren’t stupid you know. We are aware that you started liquidating some assets as soon as you found out about me and Jess. Probably a mill or so judging from the low savings accounts and the recent mortgage. Jess simply wants her fair share. That’s all.”

“I deserve it Al,” Jessica added. “It’s not fair that you take all that money for yourself. It’s my money too. I have the right to it.”

“What money? I don’t have any fucking money,” Al almost shouted. “But even if I had, you guys were fucking around on me for months. And on top of that, you planned to strip me of everything I own and leave me with nothing. How dare you talk to me about fairness? Do you take me for a god damned fool or what?”

John rose slowly with a tired expression.

“Guess you aren’t willing to be reasonable after all Al. Too bad, but trust me – you will talk eventually. We’ll just have to do things the hard way instead. Jess, maybe you should go to another room and put on some loud music. This could get ugly.”

With a volcanic rage rising inside him Al watched his wife give John a kiss on the cheek and leave the room without a glance in his direction. If he’d had any doubt about her feelings before, he now had definite proof that his marriage was long over. She knew perfectly well what was going to happen to him, and she not only didn’t care. She was part of it. Maybe even the instigator.

Al stared daggers at John, wondering why he didn’t feel afraid at all. These two men were clearly preparing to torture and murder him, yet all he felt was a pounding rage. Not a hint of fear. Not a trace of apprehension. Only anger and a rising desire to tear them limb from limb in a bloody carnage.

“Ok,” John declared. “Time to get this show on the road. Shoot out a kneecap Carson.”

Without hesitation the bearded man lifted his gun and Al heard a loud crack followed by a flash of the most excruciating pain he had ever felt in his life. It was as if somebody had just crushed his knee with a mallet, which in a way wasn’t far from the truth.

He screamed and screamed as his world slowly faded to gray.

It hurt so bad… more than anything he thought possible… not just the knee, but all over. Every cell in his body was on fire and the rage kept building and pushing to get out. He screamed again and again like a lost soul being dragged to Hell while getting pulled asunder and burned alive at the same time.

After what felt like an eternity he started to regain some of his awareness behind the red wall of pain. He was sitting on a chair in a room and there were voices.

“Motherfucker! What the fuck is happening to him? What is this slimy shit? What the hell did you do Carson?”

“Nothing boss. Just kneecapped the guy. I don’t know why he’s flipping out like that.”

The pain gradually gave way to a sense of clarity. The seething rage remained, but Al felt his body and mind adapting to it somehow. Like a warm flood rushing through him and filling him up. It was an odd feeling, but somehow he had never felt better. Stronger. More powerful. Even his destroyed knee was no big deal anymore. Hardly worth noticing actually.

He looked down at his bulging furry arm and vaguely registered that he was strapped to a chair with zip-ties. Almost casually he broke free with a flex of the wrist and rose from the chair. Two men (who were they again?) were recoiling in terror. In the far end of the large room a female with a vaguely familiar scent came running through a side door and fell to her knees screaming hysterically when she saw him.

One of the men pointed a gun at him and fired. He felt the bullet hit, but somehow his body rejected it.

“Well, that was mildly annoying,” Al thought to himself. “Shooting people is so rude.”

Irritated he lashed out at the man and gutted him from groin to sternum with a clawed hand. With a gurgling cry the rude man collapsed in a bloody pile of his own intestine while the other fellow took off frantically running towards the main door. Al was conflicted. The corpse smelled delicious, but chasing the fleeing man could be fun too.

“Hungry,” Al decided and turned towards the bloody remains of the dead man.

Just in that moment a skinny redheaded girl with a punkish hairdo came running in the same door that the fleeing man had just exited and grabbed on to him. He knew this girl. He liked her. She smelled like family. Like an ally. Like a mate. Her scent triggered a pleasant tingling sensation in his abdomen and between his legs.

“Get it together doc,” Mei said firmly while holding on to his face and shaking it back and forth. “Control it. I know yer in there. Talk to me.”

Somehow her words and the timbre of her voice cooled the fire a little, and Al began to regain his ability to think coherently. He was… Alcide McCurdy… retired physician and bar owner… this was his house…. his home… and that skinny lass in front of him was…

“Mei?” he groaned in a raspy voice.

“In the flesh doc. I’m so sorry bout this.”

“What is this? I am… seriously… a… werewolf?”

“Really really sorry doc. Musta passed it on to ya. Didn’t know I could.”

Mei looked like she was about to cry, but Al gently placed a clawed hand on her shoulder

“Don’t be sorry Mei. This is a very odd experience, but I actually feel great. For a sexually transmitted disease I’d say this is quite a rush.”

He caught an unfamiliar scent and looked down.

“And there is a corpse right here on the floor… wait, did I do that?”

“Totally doc. Ya gutted the bastich right before I walked in. He tried to shoot ya though, so fuck him. By the way, if ya wanna go back to being human, ya gotta eat the suckers heart. Don’t ask me why, but that’s how it works.”

The very thought of eating a person should have repulsed him no end, but somehow it didn’t. With mild amusement Al realized that he could easily eat this guy and thoroughly enjoy the meal. Must be a werewolf thing, he decided. Maybe his brain had changed too.

“Ms Foghorn over there is yer wife?” Mei asked unimpressed in the direction of the hysterically sobbing Jessica.

Al nodded. “Yeah, that’s Jess alright.”

“My sympathies doc. So what’s the plan? Let her go or?”

“Well, I do recall that Jess promised me her heart at the engagement,” he mused.

“Ya planning a divorce by werewolf?”

Al’s distorted face broke out in a vicious werewolfy grin.

“Probably cheapest that way.”

“Yer call doc. While yer having yer wife keep ya company for dinner, I’ll wolf-out too and take care of the fucker who ran away. Might as well clean the plate, right?”

She blew him a kiss and ran out the same way she had come in.

Al prowled calmly across the room towards the shaking form of Jessica, now the only living human left in the entire house, given the fact that he himself didn’t quite qualify as human in his present form.

“So you were prepared to watch me die Jess?” he growled menacingly. “Having your fuckboy and his friend torture me to death for a bit of money? On top of betraying me for years, degrading me at every opportunity and playing me for a fool?”

She stared at the hulking horror that used to be her husband with panicked eyes, barely holding on to her sanity.

“No Al! I love you… only you. John forced me. I never meant to hurt you. Give me a chance. We can make it work.”

Jessica’s words triggered a deep resentment in Al, born from the years of anger and humiliation. It made the raging fire inside him flare up with renewed intensity like a white-hot explosion, and he felt his self control and humanity start to slip away.

He let it.


Al woke with his head in Mei’s lap feeling a little sore in his muscles, but well rested.

“Rise’n shine,” she purred. “A new day is ready to be seized.”

Al sat up and shook the sleep out of his head.

“Oh, morning Mei,” he greeted her and glanced down his own body. He was relieved to notice that everything looked perfectly human. He also ran a hand over his face and hair… yep, everything was back to normal.

“Interesting how the hair is perfectly restored,” he mused. “You even got your femi-nazi hairstyle back. How on Earth does this work?”

“Hell if I know doc. Just does. Maybe magic or somethin… Hey! Who the fuck ya calling a femi-nazi? Ya need an ass kicking or what?”

Then Al’s gaze fell on the half-eaten remains of Jessica, which immediately caused him to buckle over in a violent fit of vomiting.

“No way… I can’t believe that I… oh God and Jesus in Heaven no…”

Al vomited some more, while Mei patted his back in sympathy.

“There, there. Ya’ll get used to it doc.”

“I sincerely doubt that,” he answered in a choked voice desperately fighting his nausea.

“There are perks though,” she pointed out cheerfully. “A turbo charged physique that’ll take care of that beer-gut in no time for instance. Ya’ll look and feel younger too with super strong health.”

“Too bad the pain is absolutely excruciating,” he countered weakly. “I don’t know if I can endure that again Mei. Man it hurt.”

“No worry Doc, cause ya won’t need to. I already contacted my pack shaman. She’ll get ya warded asap. Yer’ll get better control and wolfing out wont hurt like shit no more.”

“Warded? You mean the tattoos? Like the ones you have?”

Mei nodded.

“And regarding this pack-business. Am I joining some crazy werewolf cult or something?”

“Nah, don’t worry doc. Not a cult or a club or anything like that. Pack’s basically a network of the occasionally furry in this region. No obligations or rules, except ta help each other out in case of trouble.”

Gradually Al started to recall more details from the night before.

“By the way, what about John? What happened to that asshole?”

Mei smiled demurely and burped. They both laughed.

“The other piece of shit has been wiped too by the way. I couldn’t sleep, so I did some cleaning for ya. I’ll get rid of yer marital leftovers too, no prob.”

Al immediately started vomiting again.

“But I totally ain’t cleaning up yer puke doc. Go get ya self a bucket or something. Jeez.”


A few hours later the house looked as pristine as it had the day before, with the exception of one missing chair. More specifically the one that Al had exploded out of when he had his debut as werewolf. It was broken beyond repair, so they threw it out.

After a light lunch they relaxed on the couch with a cup of coffee. Al briefly considered the absurd idea of enjoying a coffee break in a room where two people had died violently only a few hours ago. But that thought immediately made his stomach churn, so he forced it out of his mind.

“So what ya gonna do now doc? Guess yer bar is saved, eh?”

He put down his cup.

“That depends on you Mei. Have you ever wanted to run a bar?”

Mei looked confused.

“Yer offering me a job?”

“No, a partnership. But not here. Not in the Boatsman. Now that Jess has mysteriously disappeared without a trace, I’m thinking about selling everything and starting a new business somewhere else. Somewhere tropical. Like Bermuda or Hawaii or something like that. I’m sick and tired of this city and the shitty weather. What do you say Mei?”

“Before I answer, I need ta ask ya a couple of important questions doc. Celine Dion or Death Metal?”

“Cel…” Al started, but Mei interrupted him.

“Don’t say it! Moving on. Are ya familiar with Harleys?”

“The ex girlfriend of The Joker?” he offered.

“Jesus doc. What the hell have ya been doing with yer life? Do ya even have a license?”

“Of course. I’m qualified to practice medicine in two states,” he bragged.

Mei looked like somebody at the end of her rope.

“I mean, a motorcycle license fur fucks sake!”

“Oh I see. No I’ve never actually driven one of those things,” Al admitted

“That does it, doc!” Mei stated firmly and grabbed on to his arm. “From today I’m sticking to ya like glue. Ya got serious problems, and I’ve gotta fix ya.”


The two women relaxed with a cold drink in the patio overlooking the beach. It was about that time where the day was on it’s last leg with the sun lighting the ocean on fire in a breathtaking display of orange and yellow, and the tropical magic wasn’t lost on them.

Their colorful robes and bathing suits clearly identified them as members of the transient tourist population of Wakaku Island.

“Ohh, I just looove this place!” the matronly brunette exclaimed with enthusiasm. “So authentic and picturesque. No big hotels and no noisy clubs. Only wooden cabins and endless gorgeous beaches. A true tropical paradise. It’s like a miracle.”

Her slimmer but equally touristy looking friend leaned in and lowered her voice conspiratorially.

“Actually it’s because most of the land on Wakaku is natively owned. And they have stubbornly kept real estate developers from getting a foothold here. Apparently they have flatly rejected mass tourism in favor of retaining their traditional way of life.”

“Really? How interesting,” the brunette exclaimed.

“I know, right? That’s why there are so few amenities on this island. People come here for the real tropical adventure and authenticism. Not big hotels with room service and night clubs. In fact, did you know that until about three years ago Wakaku didn’t even have a medical facility. People had to travel all the way to the mainland, if they needed a doctor.”

The pudgy brunette looked astonished.

“Really? But what about this place? The Medicine Shack?”

Her slim friend continued with enthusiasm, clearly enjoying the opportunity to flex her gossip muscles.

“It opened for the first time three years ago. The owners, a charming young couple, bought the old mission and turned it into this combined restaurant and medical clinic. It was a great idea. The place has become indispensable for both tourists and the locals.”

“Oh I dare say!” the brunette exclaimed enthusiastically. “Just imagine if we’d had to travel to the mainland to get Dave’s wound treated. Losing a big chunk of our vacation time just because he scraped his leg on a stupid reef. Not to make light of his injury of course, but it’s really not major thing. A few stitches and some antibiotics at the most.”

She paused and took a sip of her drink.

“Now that I think about it, he’s been in there for a good long while, hasn’t he? Wonder how long he’ll be?”

“Excuse me miss!” she called out to a slim girl with bright red hair tied into a ponytail who was just passing their table with a tray.

“Certainly,” the girl inquired with a radiant smile. “Can I help ya?”

The rotund homely brunette couldn’t suppress a pang of envy over the girl’s slender and youthful athletic body, prominently on display since she wore nothing besides a small bikini and an apron.

“Yes please. My husband is having a wound looked at. Dave Colson. Can you tell me how it’s going and, if possible, how long he will be?”

“I’ll go ask the doc for ya right away,” the girl offered. “Just a sec.”

“Such a sweet girl,” she declared when Mei walked away from their table. “Pretty and sweet. What a blessed combination.”

Her friend agreed wholeheartedly.

“Yeah, her and that handsome doctor McCurdy are a super cute couple. Did you notice that they even have matching tattoos? How romantic is that? Swoon!”


After finishing with the last patient of the day, Al sneaked into the kitchen where Mei stood by herself concentrating on arranging a large plate of fruit and local specialties. She knew that he was behind her of course, but she still yelped in surprise when he slapped her ass.

“Doc! What ya doing? I almost dropped the plate.”

“I’m sorry,” Al said insincerely and leaned over to bite her earlobe.

“Mmm… I forgive ya,” she purred.

“Are you up for a romantic moonlight stroll tonight?”

“Anytime, anywhere, anyhow doc. Whaddaya have in mind?”

“Well, there is a rumor going around, that a city lawyer and his partner are in the process of conning a village out of a large piece of prime beach property. Apparently he bribed some local official or something. We should welcome them properly to the island by having them for dinner.”

“Oh, that’s so thoughtful of ya doc. What’s on the menu?”

“I was thinking, hearts.”

Mei giggled.

“Hey, do lawyers even have hearts?” she asked with a smirk.

“No idea,” Al replied. “Lets find out…”

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