Fucked my aunt

Hi guys , I am Aarav.This is a real life account of how I fucked my aunt. I hope you enjoy it

This happened when I was 19 and got admission in a law college in kolkata.Since my mom’s brother family stayed in the city I used to visit them for the weekends.

On one such visit I gotcha know that my uncle was out of town for a business trip and my cousin had gone to friend of his for a night out.
So it was just me and my aunt.

Her name is Reena and she is 40 years old with big round ass and huge boob’s.She is a bit heavy but that only adds to her sexual attraction I had been fantasizing about her for quite some time but she seemed too modest to even try out anything on her.

That night she asked me to sleep in her bedroom so that we could save on the AC cost. I agreed readily.Late into the night I heard some strange moanings. I turned my head my head and to my surprise I found Reena masturbating. I was shocked but at the same time it turned me on.Sensing this as my best chance to fuck her I gathered enough courage to put my hand on her pussy lips.

She was shocked to find my hand on her pussy and tried to push it away.

“It’s okay. Maybe we can help each other” I tried to convince her.
“What are you doing?it’s wrong,it’s a sin”she replied
“DONT worry no one would get to know about this ”
I then rubbed her cunt with my hands, at first she tried to resist but she was too wet and horny she stopped resisting
Seeing this as a yes, I inserted my hand in her honeyspot and started finger fucking her.
“Ohh aah..do it . Just do it harder…mmm” she moaned
With my other hand I turned her face towards me and passionately kissed her.She responded with enthusiasm. Our tongue explored each other’s mouth while I finger fucked her.

She placed her hand on my cock and started rubbing it from the outside. We then separated and removed each others dress.

I caressed her big boobs with my bare hands while she stroke my cock
“Come on ,suck the nipples” she said. I immediately took one melon in my math and sucked the nipples.

She then took my 6.5 inch cock into her mouth and blowed it. I felt like I was in heaven. She deepthroated my dick.she then licked my balls like a hungry slut.

It went on for about 10 mins and I was about to come so I mouthfucked her hard and came into her mouth. She gulped down every single drop of my cumm.

“You cumm a lot.Never felt this good blowing you uncle.”
“Come on baby how could I have disappointed you.”

I made her lie down and licked her pussy and caressed her boobs with my hands.

“Ya you motherfucker…aaah..do it like that mmm…fuck you slut.

Hearing her swearing turned me on and I placed by dick on her pussy lips and started rubbing it . Then I inserted my dick inside her with one good stroke.

“Aaah…. You mother ducking asshole.. fuck the shit out of me.” She shouted.
“Shut up you slutty bitch”. I spanked her and fucked her hard in missionary style . There was the thap-thap sound when my dick went in her.Her boobs bounced with the fucking

“Yes yes yes.. fuck me.. fuck me like you whore..” she shouted.

She then had a orgasm and cummed on my dick. I took my cock outside and put it inside her mouth. She got a taste of her own cumm.

She then pushed me aside and and sat over me . She took my dick in her hand and directed it on inside her pussy.she started bouncing g on my pussy
“Ohh yeah Reena.. .bounce like a football and get your melons bouncing too..ya just like that you fucking slut..” I said
“Ohh you love it with your cock in my pussy..aah.. mm..you love me Riding your cock don’t you. You fucking.. bastard…”
We kissed like animals while fucking.
“I wanna fuck you from behind ” I said
” OHH.. Iam all your for tonight.” She replied.

We positioned ourselves in doggy style and I banged her like a dog banging it’s bitch.

“Yes yes yes..do it harder.. duck your slut bitch.. ya fuck me..”
After 12 mins of ducking in doggy style she cummed on my dick and I was about to cumm.

“Ohh I want you to fill my hole with your cumm.” She said
After a few seconds I ejaculated in her cunt and removed my dick.Her pussy was filled with my hot sperm and it was dripping.

Exhausted, we lied on the bed gasping for air and then we kissed.
“It was the best fuck I ever had. My husband could never satisfy me like you” she admitted.
” I want you to be my bitch from now on “. I said.
“Promise me you will never tell anybody about us “.she said “I promise”. We then slept naked that night.

After that night we started having hardcore sex whenever we got a chance.

I do hope you like the story.

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