Fucked By My Computer Sir: Part 1

Hello friends my name is Kiran. I am 26 years old and I live in Rourkela, Odisha, my height is 170.18 cm and my figure size is 36-32-38, I am fair in appearance.

This is about 2019, April, when I took admission in a ABSOFT computer coaching center in my area, and I was doing a two-year course, I knew the basics of computers very well, but my computer teacher Manoj said me to do from starting.

And frankly, I find the basic of computer very boring, I used to go to coaching 8am and come back home at 9:30 am, then one day my computer teacher told me,

Manoj Sir: – Kiran, since tomorrow you come to class in the afternoon, okay.
Me: – Why teacher?
Manoj Sir: – Because new students are joining from tomorrow.
Me: – So what will I do from tomorrow?
Manoj Sir: – Tomorrow you practice typing and writing notes.
Me: – Okay, teacher.

I started getting computer coaching in the afternoon from the second day and I used to stay alone during that class, only computer teacher was with me, so I was not assuming to learn typing, that’s why I was typing indiscriminately.So Manoj sir saw me and came to me and said to me,

Manoj sir: – You are typing incorrectly, I will have to tell you again.
Me: – Sir, I get confused a little while typing.

And Manoj sir grabbed my hands and put me on the keyboard and I started teaching the right way of typing, I quickly understood how to type,I told Manoj sir,

Me: Sir, now I can do it myself, I get it.
Manoj Sir: – Okay, you do typing, I see.

And I started typing, Manoj sir was sitting next to me, that’s why I was not making any mistake, after tapping for a while Manoj sir told me,

Manoj Sir: – You are going right, but you have to give time.
Me: – Okay sir, I will give time and keep practicing.
Manoj sir: – That’s good, okay, for today this is enough, I have to go home now.
Me:- okay sir.

So I stood up to go but I had to go to the toilet, that’s why I went to the toilet and when i came out, Manoj sir told me,

Manoj sir: Come, I leave you till your house.
Me: – Okay, sir.

Manoj sir used to come to class on the bike, so I sat in the bike with sir and kept a little gap, though I used to live nearby, but after coaching I used to go to meet my boyfriend,My boyfriend and I used to meet in a hotel near the railway station and then have sex.

And at the time of evening I used to come home, nobody knew about this at my house, but one day my father came to my coaching center and started asking Manoj sir about me, I was very nervous.After talking for a while my father left and after class again Manoj sir told me,

Manoj sir: – Where are you going Kiran?
Me: – I am going home, sir.
Manoj sir: – But you do extra classes, don’t you?

I started feeling a little nervous at that time, because I had a lie at home that I do extra classes in the coaching center,I said to sir,
Me: – Sorry sir, I lied at home.
Manoj sir: I know that is why I lied to your father too that, Kiran really does an extra class.
Me: Oh! Thanks sir for saving my life from my father.
Manoj sir: – So what did you go to do at the railway station, will you tell me?

I was ashamed to tell, but I dared to bid sir,

Me: – I used to go to meet my boyfriend.
Manoj sir: – So you used to go only to meet or do anything else?
Me: – What do you mean sir?
Manoj sir: Your father said that you come home in the evening, you leave coaching at exactly 12:30 and reach home in the evening, so long do you talk to your boyfriend only?

Slowly I started to feel very strange about sir and Sir was questioning me in a way, I found his words very awkward, so I told sir,

Me: – I have sex with my boyfriend.
Manoj sir: Oh, this is the matter, but from today you will not go to meet him or else I will tell everything to your father.
Me: – Please sir, I will not meet her only after meeting today.
Manoj sir: – It seems that you are thirsty for sex, that is why you are so stubborn.
Me: – No sir there is nothing like that.
Manoj sir: – That’s it, wait, I call your father.

I got scared and started saying,

Me: – No sir no, just let me meet him today, after that I will not meet him.
Manoj sir: – All right but on one condition.
Me: – What kind of condition?

Manoj sir stood up and closed the door and then closed the CCTV camera and told me,

Manoj sir: – You have to make me feel happy and if I am happy, then you can go to meet your boyfriend everyday and I will keep this thing to myself.
Me: – Sir, you are taking advantage of my strength.
Manoj sir: Whatever you understand, but the key to your freedom is inside my pants.

I had no other choice, so I took off my bag and went close to sir and sat down on my knees and opened the button of sir’s pants and then zip, and then sir got up and shoved his pants down,sir was standing in front of me only in briefs, sir said to me …
Manoj sir: – You know what to do next, now don’t be late.
I pulled sir’s briefs down and sir’s big penis was in front of my eyes, I was shocked to see sir’s big black penis and big testicles,Then I caught sir’s penis and started caressing, I was thinking in my mind, “How thick is sir’s penis, I don’t know what will happen to my vagina”.

Sir’s penis was completely erect and I was thinking, “Should I now insert sir’s penis into my mouth”, as sir started rubbing the penis pink top on my lips,And then I took sir’s penis in the mouth and started sucking,

Me: – Uuummhh … Uuummhh … Uuummhh.
Manoj sir: Oh! Yes … iiissshhh that’s like a good girl Uuufffff.

I was sucking sir’s penis slowly but vigorously so that sir’s sperm would come out quickly, but sir was having fun, i was sucking sir’s penis in a bad way,Then I took sir’s hanging testicle in my mouth and started sucking and licking them too, sir was holding my hair and he was telling me,

Manoj sir: – Aaahhh … iiissshhh, you suck so good, Kiran, iiissshhh I am enjoying it.
Me: – Uuummhh … Uuummhh … Uumhh … lllluummm.

I continued sucking penis for more than 15 minutes,Then sir took me to the computer room and said to me,

Manoj sir: You keep the clothes off, I come with a mattress.

And sir went to bring the mattress, I did not feel right, but there is a saying, “All is fair in love and war”, so I took off my shirt and jeans and when sir came and saw me half naked,he got excited.

sir spread the mattress on the floor and laid me on the mattress, first sir removed the arm from both my boobs and pressed and sucked both my boobs one after the other,

Manoj sir: – Uuummhh … iiissshhh are the right pair.
Me: – Aahhh … Sir, don’t press so hard … Ah! .. iisshh
Manoj sir: – What to do, your boobs are gorgeous, uuummhh … lluummhh.

And then sir, after sucking my boobs started licking my belly and navel, I was sobbing and then sir spread both my legs and started licking and sucking my vagina without taking off my panties.

Manoj sir: – Uuummhh … Lllluummm … Uuufffff … Very cool smells of your cunt … lluummhh.
Me: – Aaahhhh … iiissshhh … Sir, hurry up, whatever you have to do.
Manoj sir: – Looks like you are in a hurry, shut up and let me taste it, Lllluummm … lluummhh.
Me: – Iiissshhh … mmhhhh .. Uuff.

The way sir was licking my vagina, my panty was completely wet, and then sir removed my panty and spread my naked vagina with his two fingers and started licking clit of my vagina with his dirty tongue,my sobs were starting to get faster.

Manoj sir: – Lllluummm … lluummhh..Slup- Slup-Slup-Slup.
Me: – Iiissshhh … Uuuhh … mmmmhhh

And then sir licked my vagina for a long time and made me wet and then sir wore condoms in his penis and put both my legs on his shoulders and started rubbing penis on my vagina,And sir gently inserted the penis into my vagina,

Me: – Ah! … iiisshhh … Please do it slowly, sir.
Manoj sir: – Oh! … I will do it comfortably.

And sir was moving his penis in and out of my vagina, slowly, and I was feeling sir’s penis in the depth of my vagina,And then sir started moving the penis in and out of my vagina with a little speed and then I,

Me: – ah! .. ah! … iiiisshhh sir do it slowly ah! … iiisshhh.
Manoj sir: – Gradually, it is not fun.

And sir was passionately inserting penis into my vagina and pulling it out, sir’s testicle was hitting my hips and thop-thop-thop … the sound was coming,And the filthy smell was coming too, sir had sticky my vagina and after 25 minutes sir spread both my legs and gave 12 consecutive shots in my vagina.

Me:- Aaaaahh… Aaahhh… iiissshhh
Manoj sir:- Oh,yeah … yeah … iisshhh…So juicy cunt you have i couldn’t stop myself.

I felt sir is now tired, but sir brought me in doggy style and spread my hips with both his hands and put his face between my hips and started licking and sniffing my anal hole.

Me: – sir, no … mmhhhh … you shouldn’t do that … aahh … iiisshhh
Manoj sir: – I liked the smell of your hips, that’s why I became uncontrollable, llluummmhh … uummhh … Iiisshh … mmhh

Then I understood how dirty sir is, and after that sir spit in my anal hole and he was about to enter. I started to refuse him,

Me: – No … no sir not there, it will be very painful.
Manoj sir: Oh! Okay, ever again.

And then sir inserted penis into my vagina and grabbed my thick skin of my hips with his hands and started to fuck me in a rude manner and I,

Me: – Aaaaahh … Sir, slow … Aaahhh … Uuuhh
Manoj sir: – Bear it… Hunk! Hunk!
Me: – I am not able to bear, sir, aaahhhh … iiissshhh

I lay down on the mattress and sir lay on top of me and kept fucking me with continuous shots and i

Me: – Ah! … aaaaahh … mmhh!
Manoj sir: – Hunk! Hunk! … Ah! … iiisshhh

Then sir pulled out condom and showered hot sperm on my hips,And then sir said to me,
Manoj sir: – I had a lot of fun today Kiran, keep on doing sex with me like this and I will keep your secret.
Me: – Okay sir, I am going now 3 o’clock.
Manoj sir: Oh! Ok ok ok, students will come in some time.
I did not go to my boyfriend after that, because I was in a bad state, my body smelled dirty and I was tired,Manoj sir like this, after class every day and kept fucking me for 8 months.

Since then I have not been to ABSOFT Computer Coaching Center, because I used to go to Manoj sir’s house and there he gives me class and also fuck me.

I will tell the rest of the story in Part 2.

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