Forced then blackmailed

e had just got our own place when my hubby jack had to start working doubles. He didnt like me being home by myself with the baby so he asked his dad to come stay for awhile. I didnt really care for him he would always stare at me with a grin. I had no choice but to agree
The next afternoon after my hubby got off work his cousin pulled up behind him at the house.and asked if he could spend the weekend. Ofcourse jack said yes cause we hadn’t seen him in a long time. After We sat around watching movies and had dinner. it was time for me hubby and the baby to go to bed as we had to get up early for my hubby to go to work.

The next morning jack woke me by pulling off my panties and sliding his dick into me. We only have time for a quickie and be quite.after we were done I got up with hubby got his lunch done and him off to work. After he left since the baby was still asleep I went back to bed. I’m not sure how long I had been back asleep but I was woke up with someone on top of me.

It was steve My hubby’s cousin. I attempted to push him off of me but he was stronger than I. I screamed loud hoping my father in law would come in and help me your wasting ur time its just the 2 of us here. He told me to be quiet and let him do what he wanted. I screamed get off me and pushed him back He said don’t fight it just enjoy it I know I will. He was kissing around on me my neck my chest. He attempted to kiss my lips and I turned my head he kissed my cheek instead. I slapped at his face pulled his hair. He sat up still between my legs and punched me in the stomach. I said dont fight me. As i gasped to catch my breath steve rammed his cock into me and began ramming it in and out hard and fast. I tried to push him off me with my leggs but he grabbed them and put them on his shoulders and leaned over on me more as he tried to kiss me again i turned my head
That’s when I seen someone outside my bedroom window. It was my husband dad. My father in law was standing outside my window watching his nephew fuck me. I swear he was smiling.

As steve pumped his dick back in forth inside me his uncle stood out there staring. I could tell steve was getting close to coming. I could feel his cock swell and throb as he pushed all the way in and held it still for a minute His breathing was ragged and heavy. He pinched and twisted my nipples and began pumping his cock in me fast and hard The more he pumped my little pussy the faster and harder he went. After just a couple minutes and came and groaned as he slumped down on me. As he went to get up he told me how good I was and how much enjoyed our little encounter. He stood up took off the condom he had on and went into the restroom. As i layed there tears rolling down my face in utter disbelief what had just happened
He came out a couple minutes later and told me he was gonna have to go. He asked me to let my hubby know he was sorry but he had something come up and had to leave but he’d see us soon. . Right after he left I hear the door open and close. I hadn’t realized that my father in law was no longer at the window at this point until he showed up in my bedroom doorway. He came in the door and closed it behind him. He looked over at me and said “now it’s my turn”. He said We’re gonna have some fun now. I said No to which he told me I would do what he wanted or he would tell jack exactly what he had just witnessed. And that i didn’t fight i let it happen and enjoyed it. He told me it was my choice; give him what he wanted or deal with consequences. Knowing I didn’t have a choice meant I had to do what he wanted. He told me to sit up on side of bed and put my feet on floor. He stepped in front of me and told me to spread my legs open. He then pulled his pants down to just above his knees. He was standing in front of my with his legs in between mine. He wrapped his hand around his dick and began playing with it trying to get it hard. I asked what he was planning and he said to start with your going to suck my dick. He lifted his dick to my lips and said open your mouth. I said NO he slapped hard and back handed me .He pushed against my lips gently at first and then harder till I gave up and opened my mouth. He pushed his penis into my mouth hold it at end shaft. He started moving his hips back and forth going in and out of my mouth. He was fucking my mouth and moving his hand around on his dick. He then went to put his other hand on the back of my head but I pushed his hand away. He tried again to put his hand against my head but I pushed it away again and went to pull my head away. He told me to be still and let him finish. He then put his hand down to hold his pants partially up. He told me to move my head back and forth as he was moving. As I started slowly moving my head he became faster and rougher. He said move faster. I put my hand up to brace against his movement and it just made him try to push his dick farther into my mouth. Within just a minute or maybe to he told me to stop moving my head but he didn’t slow down. He just kept moving faster until he came in my mouth.

He stepped back as I ran to bathroom to spit it out and clean it out of my mouth. As I walked out of our bathroom I seen him still in my room. he told me that we were not done. I told him he had gotten off so therefore we were done. He waled over to me His answer to that was yea but head wasn’t all he wanted. That now he was going to fuck me and I would let him or else. He said come to the bedroom and I told him NO as i turned to walk away he grabbed my hair yanked me towards my bedroom i pulled away and he pushed me into the wall as i was getting up from the floor he pushed his cock back into my face and said open your mouth you little cock tease your gonna suck it hard. I turned my face away. He stepped back I stepped over towards the bed and sit down to grabbed my hair and dragged me to the bedroom. He picked me up you can either suck me hard or i fuck that tight little ass. As I took him in my mouth he said thats what i thought. He began ramming his dick in my mouth and pushing in as far as he could i gagged. He pulls me up to my feet he told me to bend over the bed. He was going to take me from behind. He wanted doggy style but I wasn’t sure if I’d be able. As I bent over the bed and put my hands down I felt him step up behind me. He started rubbing the head up and down against my pussy lips. He could get his dick in that way cause I wasn’t getting wet. Next thing I knew he was spiting on his fingers and rubbed it on my lips. He pushed himself inside of me forcibly. Before I knew it he was in me and pumping back and forth. He made no attempt and being gentle or easy. He was fucking fast and hard. I tried to tell him he was hurting me but he just said “we have to hurry. Didnt relise how late it was”.

The more i moved around He kept slipping out and having to stop to reinsert. He mush have finally got irritated because he told me to turn over onto my back. I got on my back and he stepped in between my legs. He put his knees onto the bed and put his dick inside of me. ” if jack finds out your dead” if jack finds out we are all in for it including you. and began moving. He lifted my legs up higher and put them together began pumping his dick in and out of me rapidly. He was breathing heavily as he held on tightly to my legs. He was grunting and moaning lightly as I could feel him jerking inside me. His dick was throbbing as he was getting close to coming. He pushed inside me hard as he let go of my legs and pulled his dick out and came on my stomach. I pushed him off the bed and I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. As I was cleaning up I heard the bedroom door shutting and him walking down the hallway. That was fun we will do it again and next time i expect less fighting.

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